Richmond Southern Marriage & Family Defense Rally (Richmond, VA – April 5th)


Virginia State Flag

As some of you probably remember, Virginia’s ban on gay marriage was struck down on Valentine’s Day by a black federal judge.

The League of the South is going to protest this at the Virginia State Capitol in Richmond on Saturday, April 5th at 9 AM. This will be our sixth rally since August. Since this is a case of judicial tyranny, I expect this event will probably be more along the lines of the Tom Watson protest in Atlanta.  

I’m not sure if I can make this one yet (you can help cover our travel expenses), but I am going to try to be there. I used to live in Charlottesville and hate seeing this rammed down the throats of Virginians. I also expect that we will be protesting the same issue here in Alabama and Georgia when our turn comes around in a few months.

In any case, if you oppose federal judges imposing gay marriage on Virginians without their consent, come out and stand with us on April 5th.

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  1. I live in Chesterfield County and may try to attend. By the way, there’s sad news today: it appears Dr. David Yeagley has died.

  2. This is an excellent issue for us/Southern Separatism.

    The unelected, Federal Judge for life, making up laws based on trendy pop culture and then putting in some ridiculous Constitutional Justification confusing the Declaration of Independence with the Constitution – plus it was all done by an incompetant affirmative action Black female judge.

  3. I support states’ rights, and detest what the Feds are doing to them.

    I also know the jews practically orgasm over this infighting.

    Some battles are not worth fighting when a war is at stake. I don’t do pyrrhic victories. Would that my White people didn’t either. Our people in Europe, the northwest don’t. Not one country we anglo celts come from is willing to die for this stupidity.

  4. Having permanently left South Africa, I will be in Virginia next month before moving on to my final destination. I’d love to attend. I’d be dependent on family for transport, and so far I’m getting no enthusiasm, but I’m going to keep on working at it. Hope to meet some of you there.

  5. I’d love to attend.

    We’d love to have you. I think most Southern nationalists feel a special bond with South Africans.

  6. This is just another step in a long line of perversions allowed by law. First it was interracial marriage (Loving vs. Virginia, btw), now homo marriage. Next it will be polygamy. Then it will be who knows what-perhaps you can marry your brother or sister or even (your) kids. I know that sounds patently horrible, but I don’t see this getting any better.

  7. My gmail address was hacked and it ties in with my Facebook account, so I am trying to close these accounts.

    Hunter, if you get anything weird, vulgar, incitement to illegal activities supposedly from Jack Ryan, it ain’t me.

    It’s this troll, who apparently is an OD reader.

  8. Long Live Dixie says:

    ‘We’d love to have you. I think most Southern nationalists feel a special bond with South Africans.’

    I doubt it.

    Most of the SN’s on this have shown little interest or concern for Whites outside of their circles whether in this country or anywhere else in the world.

  9. NY Yankees, there wouldn’t be any infighting if everyone understood that handing over a foundational element of your civilization in order to “be nice” is not sound strategy, and is a tacit admission that you weren’t nice to begin with.

    The call to abandon the traditional social issues is the call to finally abandon our civilization.

    Do not vote for any Republican who refuses to stand up for the social issues. This is the essence of who we are, and we are being asked to let them go. You let them go and you have lost the ability to define yourself as a people. If you can’t define yourself as a people you will be lost forever.

    It has been made to be seen as hokey and fuddy-duddy to give a shit about the social issues, but we cannot back away any further on this. I can’t stress this enough. We gave them abortion, we gave them diversity, we gave them no borders, we gave them pornography. We give them marriage, we will be lost in the wilderness for a thousand years. And we will damn well deserve it.

  10. I doubt it.

    Most of the SN’s on this have shown little interest or concern for Whites outside of their circles whether in this country or anywhere else in the world.

    Not true. SNs marched last May in Washington with a South African flag. One of the guest speakers at last year’s League conference spoke about South Africa. The League has had a pro-Afrikaner stance for as long as I can remember.

  11. I like this site; truly, I do. The content is well-written and the editors are well-informed. And mostly, I agree with the opinions. However, I see so much dilution of our forces against what I consider trivial things like gay marriage and abortion. The most important issues, as most of us probably see it, are: immigration/border control; the black menace and their agents; and redistribution of wealth to pay for the invaders and the blacks. If the borders are locked up and blacks are no longer paid to breed, there will be less crowding. Less crowding means fewer abortions for traditional Americans, and because homosexuality is nature’s response to overpopulation, it means less of that too.

    Again, this is just a suggestion; I like your site and I’d still like it if you change nothing.

  12. So it was overcrowding of Sodom and Gomorrha that led naturally to nature’s response, and it wasn’t really a choice to disobey God’s natural order, after all?

    Re: ‘The most important issues, as most of us probably see it, are:
    (1) immigration/border control;
    (2) the black menace and their agents; and
    (3) redistribution of wealth’:

    The Tea Party already opposes two of those three evils. Are you sure you’re not missing something? OD treats Whites north of the Line as the fourth, worst evil — and almost ignores another enemy.

  13. Restrictions on abortion is important because it’s an elemental part of self- government and the progress of civilization.

    “In Sex and Culture (1934), Unwin studied 80 primitive tribes and 6 known civilizations through 5,000 years of history and found a positive correlation between the cultural achievement of a people and the sexual restraint they observe.[1]”

    Restrictions on abortion and marriage are how Western Civilization has traditionally practiced sexual restraint. I would say restrictions on pornography would be the third part of the plan of restoring Western civilizational health.

    Gays will join us or they won’t. It doesn’t matter. But allowing the cultural marxists to use them as their battering ram of this decade doesn’t mean they’ll stop once they succeed. They’ll just come up with something else next. I’m thinking private property owners will be the next “haters.” So it’s too bad we end up having to draw a line somewhere, but draw the line somewhere we must.

    We’ll never gain the cultural integrity to draw and protect lines on a map or in our own communities if we’ve been convinced we can’t even draw lines and enforce community expectations of our own behaviors. Everything else good is the fruit of the selflessness of these personal and community expectations and the protection of these spiritual commons.

    Sexual restraint = self respect = sound family = community = cultural integrity = self government = borders/segregation/deportation = stability/wealth = the good life/room to roam = nobody cares what you do in your bedroom

    No sexual restraint = no self respect = disintegrating families = destroyed communities = cultural collapse = government from without = wide open borders = no longer a people defining themselves = a foreign parasitic race decides to define you according to what you do in your bedroom = your people are treated by the power structure as useless degenerates and there is nothing you can do about because you are not allowed to practice (in law) community sexual restraint and behavioral expectations.

    It’s too bad we can’t have our cake and eat it too, but social conservatism is the only way out. We can learn that now or our grandchildren will learn it on their own when they rebuild on the ashes of our civilization.

  14. Andrew Anglin offered an interesting defense of Fred Phelps:

    No one drew media attention like Fred, and he kept it in the collective consciousness of the masses that somewhere there is someone who thinks this is all wrong and evil.

    The man is dead, but the message is not.

    God Hates fags and He hates the Jews. And He always will.

  15. More on Phelps above. I’ve been trying figure out why I can’t bring myself to fully dislike Phelps. The author of the above article articulated it for me.

    while the theology of Westboro Baptist may alienate many people, I can’t help but consider revulsion towards American culture, no matter how impolitely expressed, as healthy

  16. Lew, Phelps was a civil rights lawyer for years. After the tornado in Joplin, Missouri a few years ago he held a sign that read “Pray for more dead kids”.

  17. LLD, I mentioned in my response to Dalton (the one who brought up Fred Phelps here) he was involved in ‘civil rights’ in his EARLY years as a lawyer, and was inconsistent, emotional, abusive and NOT WN — though he was on the right side of SOME issues (his preaching and protest tour in Iraq, for example) and always a fearlessly active gadfly.

    Let’s give our attention to more important things.

  18. Mosin, Phelps may have been involved in civil rights work, however he hated blacks. The only reason he took up civil rights work was to poke the political establishment in Topeka in the eye. He was mad at them because no one with a sound mind would accept his screwy behavior. He just used blacks as a battering ram before he got disbarred for his misconduct.

  19. I expected he had a ‘reason’ like that. I said was he was inconsistent. I don’t have time to research the life of Fred Phelps in detail. At least he was never timid.

  20. I too live in Chesterfield, and while I may not be able to attend, I will support in Spirit, a Fight the Power!

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