Federal Judge Rules Tennessee Must Recognize “Gay Marriages”

Federal judge rules Tennessee must recognize out-of-state gay marriages
Federal judge rules Tennessee must recognize out-of-state gay marriages


A federal judge has ruled that Tennessee must recognize three “gay marriages” of transplants who were “married” in New York and California.

Judge Aleta Trauger, who was born in Denver, made the point to add that “all signs indicate” that, “in the eyes of the United States Constitution,” Christian marriage in Tennessee and other Southern states will soon become “a footnote in the annals of American history.”

GOP State Senator Mike Bell is “saddened” by this ruling. He meekly hopes that “higher courts” will overturn the ruling:

“I am saddened that a federal judge has chosen to, at least in a narrow way, overturn the will of over 81% of the people of the state of Tennessee who devoted to define marriage as between a man and a woman.” he said. “I am hoping the higher courts will overturn this activist judge’s ruling.”

In February, a federal judge ruled that Kentucky had to recognize out-of-state gay marriages. He later ruled that the Kentucky Constitution and laws that ban gay marriage “violate the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution, and they are void and unenforceable.”

In Virginia, Texas, and Oklahoma, federal judges have already struck down the gay marriage bans in those states. The SPLC has challenged Alabama’s gay marriage ban and the ACLU has filed a similar lawsuit in Florida. Similar lawsuits have already or will soon be filed in the remaining Southern states.

Just as we saw when Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina tried to pass laws to crackdown on illegal immigration, the existence of the Union is the reason why “gay marriage” is being imposed on the South. The futility of trying to “Take Back America” by electing Republicans to pass laws like the “Defense of Marriage Act” was exposed when the Republican majority on the US Supreme Court gutted DOMA in the Windsor decision and incited the present round of challenges in the federal courts.

It is a waste of your time to vote for duplicitous Republican politicians. If you oppose federal judges imposing “gay marriage” on Southern states, join us on April 5th at the Virginia State Capitol in Richmond.

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  1. Someone we vote into office in this political climate will not fix things.
    We could start a Southron party, heck, maybe it’ll garner as many votes in the south as the libertarian or constitution parties. But that’ll just dilute the republican vote and democrats will continue to win. They’re both the same party but who can disagree that most dems are worse than most republicans?

    In my humble opinion, we only have two options:
    1) we wait for the Empire to crumble
    2) we secede

  2. Rule by courts, against the will of the people, is a dictatorship. Rule by courts, who are foreign ethnically to the majority, is a Dictatorship by a foreign government.

    Why is that simple fact not stated in response, very often?

  3. What’s so bad about this is the courts can be overruled. The legislature can determine “what the courts can rule on”. For example with a 50% vote they can rule the courts no longer have supervision of marriage at all in the States. If the courts get the message that the only things they are going to rule on is water issues and grazing rights they will back off. Now we just need politicians with the balls to follow through.

  4. BrPeterson writes:

    “In my humble opinion, we only have two options:
    1) we wait for the Empire to crumble
    2) we secede

    JR responds.

    Many. Many more options. Publicize the names, home and work addresses of traitorous Fed judges who make up the laws to dictate homosexual marriage equality. Then widely publicize where these unelected judges hang out – they can and must be publicly humiliated, shunned, forced to have 24/7 body guards. Don’t fight with guns and bombs. Fight with water balloons filled with vile liquids. Hire little children, teens, youfs to harass these terrible traitors. Make their live a living hell.

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