Rainbow Confederates: Kentucky Racial Attitudes


Here’s an except from the chapter “Kentucky Unionism” in Kent T. Dollar, Larry H. Whiteaker and W. Calvin Dickinson’s book, Sister States, Enemy States: The Civil War in Kentucky and Tennessee:

“Although the average mid-century Kentuckian may have been ambivalent about slavery, he was not ambivalent about blacks. Swayed by racially motivated concerns about an uncontrolled African-American population, Kentuckians never considered championing political and social equality for the emancipated slaves. Such concerns also likely contributed to their continued susceptibility to the rhetoric proffered by the state’s proslavery element.”

Note: It is hard to believe this needs to be pointed out, but there are some people who cling to the misguided notion that race relations in the antebellum South and the Confederacy mirrored modern America.

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  1. What I find misguided is your notion that race relations in the antebellum North and the Far West mirrored modern America. They didn’t.

    In the 1860 U.S. Presidential election Lincoln only garnered 40% of the popular vote nationwide and in his home state of Illinois won by a bare majority of less than 51%.

    In Oregon he snagged all 3 electoral votes there with only 36% of the popular vote. A state I might add that wisely prohibited Negro immigration at the time. In California he got all 4 electoral votes with a measly 32%, barely eking out pluralities slightly greater than both Douglas and Breckinridge in both states. Indeed in California he only won by 1/2 of a percentage point over Douglas.

  2. That’s a straw man, Rudel.

    In 1860, blacks were citizens in only five states: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. You’re right that blacks were prohibited from settling in Oregon. Illinois too.

  3. We might have won Kentucky to our side for real except that for the fact that at the battle of Perryville, in Kentucky..our armies were led by the all time incompetent general of the CSA..Braxton Bragg. It’s a bit ironic that he’s buried in Magnolia Cemetery in Mobile, Alabama, the same cemetery in which my great-grandfather is buried in…my great grandfather was an ordinary private..his tombstone reads “…E Company, 3rd Alabama Infantry. My great grandfather was blessed with serving in the Army of Northern Virginia with Rodes’ Alabama Brigade.. He was wounded in the charge at Chancellorsville when Jackson charged the federal flank..Thankfully he never served under Bragg..who has a modern US Army base named after him. oh if you read this..Dixie Girl and Butzhead..do we qualify as NW Europeans? The great great grandparents came from Ireland and settled in Mobile in the 1830s..Sorry , they were the Catholics you hate…they didnt much care for you snake handlers either

  4. They didn’t much care for you Yankee NW Prod abolitionists either like Henry Ward Beecher and his anti south daughter Harriet Beecher Stowe..or the rest of the sanctimonious Northern Protestant abolitionists..just fed up with your self serving anti catholic crap…when you don’t know ..about american history.

  5. @Reynauld de Chatillon

    Who converted to Roman Catholicism?

    Anyway, even if your ancestor was an Irish Catholic, which is highly improbable—exceptions don’t make the rule.

  6. @ “….The great great grandparents came from Ireland and settled in Mobile in the 1830s..Sorry , they were the Catholics you hate…they didnt much care for you snake handlers either…”

    I understand your frustration, but it’s nothing personal. Legal rules about genocide apply to ethnic and religious realities. Latinization is a REAL and huge issue in the u.s. Surely, you see that? Latin culture is NOT northwest euro prod culture, and sub-groups have a right, (legally) to exist…

    Well…in SOME arenas they have a legal right to form groups, neighborhoods, RESERVATIONS even, to organize and so on. (As a black man may do in Harlem, or an Indian on a reservation, or the Chinese in L.A., etc). Try finding English restaurants, (or German or Scots) in your average american strip mall (where you can only get “pan-asian,” italian, fancy or pizza, and mexican). The founders descendants cannot even get their own FOOD now, in other words.

    It’s nothing personal. The name calling is laughable, btw. Absolutely no snake handlers in my history, not a one.

    The reality of latinization has destroyed many historical northwest euro protestant and baptist enclaves in the u.s. Technically, that really would be genocide. To (by policy and monetary deals for “development”) to willfully disrupt local cultures.

    Seriously: if wasps were animals, peta would have been on them like white on rice.

  7. And Reynauld,

    The Irish question is off-topic, but an interesting one. Imo, they are a greatly conquered people, who —in an attempt to evade the crown— rushed headlong into the arms of Rome, and became highly Latinized.

    So, genetically, they are northwest european, yes. But, they were conquered by the Ideological “doctrinal” rules of a foreign people (romans). Having said that, they will say that the non-catholics are ideological jews. (That’s the usual response).

    It seems sometimes that the non-irish north westerners maintained their local culture, while claiming “christianity,” just like the romans did, as their kind of christianity is highly roman, (their cultures like ancient rome, even today). This is why many americans experience the Latin areas as LIKE ancient rome (like the changes in sports as the country “latinized” to non-national, no longer tied to “home teams,” buying-and-selling players, huge gladiator style arenas and stadiums, etc. That’s just one example.)

    To some people, seeing the irish is probably sort of like seeing white muslims, I imagine. Their status as a border people (tied to a foreign southern euro culture, ideologically) made them problematical, (obviously) since they “fight” for the latin world (they ARE latin, ideologically).

    So, it’s just hard to see where they stand, sometimes. They are genetically northern euro, ideologically south euro.

  8. All the young Irish twenty-somethings (from both Ulster and Eire) that are now flooding into the West Coast in search of work since the Irish economy collapsed, just as they did 30 years ago, are unchurched urban hipsters quite like the native young one finds in most other American and European cities.

    Being used to the cold water of the Northeast Pacific I’m planning a surfari to Donegal next year. Western Ireland has awesome surf and good beer by all accounts.

  9. “here’s a SOUTHERN blog for you”

    And what a crock of shit that site is. Along with Bell Beaker pottery, R1b is the signal haplotype of the Celtic race:


    As to the erroneous statement about Germans one finds a preponderance of R1A among those of Prussian, Pomeranian, Silesian, and Brandenburg descent. Ever been to Berlin? It even FEELS Slavic in a way that Munich, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, and London do not.

  10. DixieGirl stated: “Imo, they are a greatly conquered people, who —in an attempt to evade the crown— rushed headlong into the arms of Rome, and became highly Latinized.”

    Omg what history did you read? The Irish were never conquered by Rome, only sporadically by the Norse and Danes, then conquered them. Only the English conquered the Irish beginning with the Tudors, and that due to the weakness of the ancient Gaelic system in which the Irish High King was in continual dispute since the time of the Normans and the last undisputed High King of Ireland, The O’Connor Mor. Furthermore, the Irish from the beginning of their conversion always recognized the Pope in Rome as their chief pastor and the authority of their local bishop along with the local Abbot since Irish Celtic Christianity was highly monastic in orientation as organized by St. Patrick. The Irish have never been “Latinized” since the principal language of the island has been Irish Gaelic until more modern times in which English, through very severe oppression of the Irish, has replaced the Irish native language. In other words, the Irish were Roman Catholic from the time of St. Patrick in about AD 420 or so.

  11. Statements about the Celtic, Germanic or Anglo-Saxon races are generally only useful in determining what ethnic or national histories people identify with. I’m not aware of any modern scientists that advocate the existence of such races. Celtic and Germanic are both loose ethno-linguistic grouping terms that do not even denote unified national traditions much less races.

    It is true that certain y-chromosomal haplotypes are the majority or predominate in particular areas where one or the other of these ethno-linguistic categories once held sway. It is also true that areas within the British Isles that contain populations that have or have recently spoken a Celtic language are overwhelming R1b. To say though that Celtic language zones within the British Isles are large pockets of R1b is a very different statement however than to say R1b equals the “Celtic race” or even to say that everywhere R1b exists it marks areas of Celtic ethno-linguistic traditions.

    If people would like to understand this issue better I recommend they go to Eupedia and read their section on R1b DNA and if they have time to also read the other haplotype sections as well.


    Upon arriving at the Eupedia R1b section you will notice that at the top of the page it has a banner picture that says “Haplogroup R1b” along with pictures of artifacts from the past that should be associated with R1b. The picture on the right side of the banner is a replica of the Sutton Hoo Anglo-Saxon warrior helmet the original being discovered in Suffolk, England in 1939.


    Once you proceed to read through the remainder of the article on R1b you note that R1b can be broken down into numerous different subclades all of which are most certainly not associated with Celtic language areas of the British Isles and one subclade especially is far more strongly associated with Germanic tribal language areas. The U106 subclade of R1b is associated with the distribution of Germanic language tribal bands including their expansion into the British Isles.


    The following text is a quotation from Eupeida’s section on R1b U106,

    “The principal Proto-Germanic branch of the Indo-European family tree is R1b-S21 (a.k.a. U106). This haplogroup is found at high concentrations in the Netherlands and north-west Germany. It is likely that R1b-S21 lineages expanded in this region through a founder effect during the Unetice period, then penetrated into Scandinavia around 1700 BCE, thus creating a new culture, that of the Noridc Bronze Age (1700-500 BCE). R1b-S21 would then have blended for more than a millennium with preexisting Scandinavian populations, represented by haplogroups I1, I2-M223, R1a-Z284 and to a lesser extent N1c1, which evolved into a relatively unified whole during the Iron Age, the first truly Germanic culture and language, although spread across many tribes. R1b-S21 became the dominant haplogroup among the West Germanic tribes, but remained in the minority against I1 and R1a in East Germanic tribes, including those originating from Sweden such as the Goths, the Vandals and Lombards.

    The presence of R1b-S21 in other parts of Europe can be attributed almost exclusively to the Germanic migrations that took place between the 3rd and the 10th century. The Frisians and Anglo-Saxons disseminated this haplogroup to England and the Scottish Lowlands, the Franks to Belgium and France, the Burgundians to eastern France, the Suebi to Galicia and northern Portugal, and the Lombards to Austria and Italy. The Goths help propagate S21 around Eastern Europe, but apparently their Germanic lineages were progressively diluted by blending with Slavic and Balkanic populations, and their impact in Italy, France and Spain was very minor. Later the Danish and Norwegian Vikings have also contributed to the diffusion of R1b-S21 (alongside I1, I2b1 and R1a) around much of Western Europe, but mainly in Iceland, in the British Isles, in Normandy, and in the southern Italy.”

    As to R1a DNA I do not recall ever in my life making any statements or writing on the internet about its distribution within eastern Germanic tribal bands nor do I see how it relates to subject of western Germanic tribal bands which would have been primarily responsible for migrations into the British Isles.

  12. Excellent comment, and very good blog, Anglo-Protestant American.

    Kenneth, Maewyn (‘Patrick’) never ‘set up’ and ‘organised’ Romanism in Ireland. That’s just Roman propaganda.

    Re: ‘the Irish from the beginning of their conversion always recognized the Pope’:

    Christianity existed in Ireland, as in Britain, BEFORE Romanism began to impose itself, and since then NOT EVERYONE of Ireland has always worshipped the Beast. ‘We will never bow in subjection’: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LxEjzSlbHvY

  13. Mosin, Ian Paisley is the Fred Phelps of Northern Ireland. I sincerely hope both of them will have found forgiveness for the hate and bigotry they spread before their deaths.

  14. Gerry Adams and McGuinness are now major boosters for Nigerian migration to Ireland.

    The relatively bloodless war in Norn Iron (think Detroit) kept the two sides healthily xenophobic.

    Now Adams can’t move niggers quickly enough into his apartment portfolio. Sinn Fein is a sick fucking excuse for a nationalist struggle these days.

  15. What Scots Irish see’s Paisley like that? Honestly. He’s bit of a cunt but overall any Protestant hailing from there knows that he’s part and parcel of what is known as Ulster.

    In many ways the troubles delayed the influx of fuxxation too. Troubles tend to make blacks clear out and stay shy.

  16. Ian will remain a hero, admired by many white people in the fatherlands and the states — and by the way, I oppose the false teaching that one can ‘find forgiveness’ in ‘Purgatory’.

    Ian and Fred Phelps had few similarities. Fred Phelps was inconsistent (involved in civil rights litigation in his early days as a lawyer), emotional and frequently abusive. Nevertheless, he sometimes hit the bull’s eye — such as when he wrote a letter to Saddam Hussein, praising his relative tolerance for Christians and asking permission for Westboro Baptist Church to preach the Gospel in Baghdad for one week. Permission was given and they came and preached and protested against homosexuals and Bill and Hillary Clinton, for one week, on the streets of Baghdad.

  17. The lying priests and congregants of Babylon are going to be disappointed when Purgatory doesn’t save them, if they even believe in it.

  18. MN writes:

    “Ian and Fred Phelps had few similarities. Fred Phelps was inconsistent (involved in civil rights litigation in his early days as a lawyer), emotional and frequently abusive. Nevertheless, he sometimes hit the bull’s eye — such as when he wrote a letter to Saddam Hussein, praising his relative tolerance for Christians and asking permission for Westboro Baptist Church to preach the Gospel in Baghdad for one week. Permission was given and they came and preached and protested against homosexuals and Bill and Hillary Clinton, for one week, on the streets of Baghdad.”

    JR responds:

    Agreed. I tend to like all the losers in the Middle East -Saddam, Shah of Iran, Maronite Christians and Orthodox Syrian Christians, British and French colonial rule, especially beautiful White French Pien Noir in Algeria, now, all gone. Anti Soviet Whitie American Conservatives can’t understand any of this. Oh well.

  19. Mosin, Fred Phelps committed horrible acts of abuse against his own family. That’s why four of his own children and several of his grandchildren and greatgrandchildren were alienated from him at the time of his death. If you admire such dysfunctional human beings, I fear for your sanity. Read this and try to recover it. http://blank.org/addict

  20. I don’t know much about Phelps, but as I said before, he was obviously inconsistent, emotional and frequently abusive. But I don’t suppose he was much more abusive than your average priest. No comparison to Ian Paisley.

  21. Thanks, Capt John, I hadn’t noticed that sympathetic treatment: ‘Nobody could ever claim Phelps shied away from the glare of publicity. It has long been rumoured that if an idea for an outrageous demo was dropped into his ear, he was more than happy to oblige. Since then Phelps’ media career and the fame of the Westboro Baptist Church have gone from strength to strength. Regiments of indignant and delighted TV and print journalists have given national publicity to the “demonstrations” of a group that has rarely numbered more than half a dozen. He was banned from entering Britain. He was involved in numerous lawsuits. Inevitably the church fell under the eye of the Anti-Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Centre’!

    The Occidental Observer article also contains pictures of his followers carrying anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist protest signs, though he was apparently NOT a consistent WN. Well, neither is Annie Barnhardt.

  22. Protest ‘stunts’ like those Phelps frequently engaged in sometimes work miracles, so to speak — like a friend of mine who picketed every day (all alone, because I didn’t know about it sooner) outside a ‘go-go’ (lewd dance) ‘club’ that was opening in our small town, and thanks entirely to his persistence and eventual media attention, the outfit decided to close. He ‘got a bad rap’ from his ‘church’ for doing it, too!

  23. Theroux is an odd fish. He’s clearly a liberal but on a completely different level he’s actually confirming much of what the MacDonald’s of the world say.
    Law and Disorder in Johannesburg is a brilliant accidental expose of post apartheid South Africa.

    When a lefty is in stunned silence all the way through a docudrama like that you KNOW that he is seeing what you are seeing. Delightful.

  24. Mosin-Nagant…so why do you use as your name here the principal rifle of the Communist Soviet Union??

  25. Kenneth…good response…it;s such basic history that I can’t believe people like Dixiegirl don’t even know it…then again I can..she is a troll just trying to divide whites..what a joke,,the Irish were the one people in the islands who who were not conquered by the Romans..as for Butthead…what have you done lately for the white race??

  26. Dixiegirl..what in the world makes you think I’m in favor of the latin…no its the Mexicification of America..I hate it,,,i oppose it…and yes my rotten catholic church bishops are in favor of it,,but so are your mainstream protestant denominations.

  27. Everyone’s a troll save mee and thee, and sometimes methinks thee a little trollish….

    DixieGirl is no troll, de Ratillon.

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