The White Man March Was Successful

White Nationalists demonstrate against White Genocide
White Nationalists demonstrate against White Genocide

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The SPLC and the Mainstream Media are having lots of fun mocking the White Man March, but the event was a success for the following reasons:

1.) This was the first time in years that the White Nationalist movement, as opposed to the sporadic actions of groups like the NSM and the Klan, has attempted to launch any kind of coordinated action in the real world.

The importance of the event lies in the fact that it was a break with the status quo. Sometimes inertia can be your greatest enemy. There was already such a low bar to White Nationalist activism that a strong argument can be made that the White Man March on March 15 easily cleared it.

Like the League of the South’s Uvalda rally in August 2013, the full significance of the White Man March might become apparent only in hindsight. It could be a watershed moment where White Nationalists start to feel emboldened and begin to “come out of the closet” and reengage with the real world.

I’ve noticed that a new White Man March has already been scheduled for April 19th. This indicates to me that the White Nationalists who participated were emboldened, not discouraged by the turnout and media coverage, and have “gotten a taste” for activism and want to do it again and improve on their previous performance.

2.) In the South, White Nationalists in Birmingham, ALHarrison, AR, Branson, MO, Knoxville, TN, Richmond, VA, Harrisonburg, VA, New Orleans, LA and Florence, KY participated in the White Man March. Someone drove around Texas with a “Diversity = White Genocide” banner on the back of a transfer truck.

In the North and West, White Nationalists in Centralia, IL, Olympia, WA, San Diego, CA, and Oregon participated in the White Man March. I’ve also seen some reports of activity in New York City and Tempe, AZ. Elsewhere in the Anglosphere, I have confirmed that White Nationalists in Auckland, New Zealand, Birmingham, United Kingdom, Canterbury, United Kingdom, Darwin, Australia, Brisbane, Australia,  Cairns, Australia, and Sydney, Australia participated in the White Man March.

The SPLC reported on their activities … and, surprise, rather than being struck down by lightning by some omnipotent ZOG, nothing happened. Even in the most tense reported confrontation in Knoxville, there was no violence. The importance of this lies in the fact that the reigning taboos were explicitly violated in a public space and there were no negative consequences to the participants who were able to act on their beliefs and overcome their own fears.

3.) It is true that two Klansmen showed up in uniform at the Florence, KY demonstration, but it is clear this wasn’t planned and the organizers of the event had strongly encouraged the participants to dress in business casual. Even when mistakes like this happen, the organizers gain experience and should be better prepared to respond to the hijacking of their event next time.

4.) Immediately, some of the flaws of the White Man March are obvious from the negative media coverage – wearing masks, event hijacking, posting stickers in toilet stalls, some of the signs were poorly made – and constructive criticism is already being used to come up with practical solutions to these problems.

5.) Finally, this is the most important thing: a decision was made that Whites were going to explicitly organize as Whites and stand up on behalf of White interests in the real worldIn other words, there is a possibility that this White Man March could become a regular event, and that White Nationalists can start using the internet properly to build real world social networks that confirm and validate their belief system.

The importance of these real world social networks cannot be exaggerated. Kevin MacDonald scratched the surface of this in a January essay:

 “Encounter: Rambo notes that close personal friendships in the conversionary group are important: “personal relationships are often important in the validation of a new belief system. … Even when a conversion is intellectual in content, the presence of friendships or a system of support provides a critical milieu in which the person can explore intellectual and spiritual issues” (109–110). In coming out as a White advocate, it certainly helped that I had formed friendships with people like J. Philippe Rushton as well as others at various conferences and events.

Interaction: Encounters lead to interactions, which Rambo describes as an “intense and critical” part of the conversion process. Unlike the stereotypes promoted by the media, I found that a great many of the people I was now interacting with were warm, well-adjusted, intelligent people, resulting in relationships that are very personally rewarding. Without these relationships, I very much doubt that I ever would have made a public commitment to White advocacy. Living in a highly populated area like Southern California where the negatives of diversity and White displacement are starkly apparent, many of us look forward to regular social events at the local level with like-minded others.”

It is not enough to “educate” people with abstract ideas, slogans, and memes on the internet. In order to complete the conversion process, real world social networks are necessary for the “converted” can seek out new associates who validate and confirm their new ideas, which allow them to discard their old belief system.

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