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Here’s a response to a critic of the League on Debating Southern Nationalism.

1.) The League of the South is a Southern Nationalist organization. The purpose of the group is to advance the cause of creating a Southern nation-state to ensure the survival, well-being, and independence of the Southern people.

Among other things, the League of the South is not 1.) a Neo-Confederate group, 2.) a heritage organization, 3.) a “redneck pride” organization,  or 4.) a White Nationalist organization. The defense of Southern heritage is a legitimate cause (see the “Stand With Tom Watson” protest in Atlanta in November 2013), but in light of current demographic predicament, it is not and should not be our primary focus.

The Southern Nationalist movement IS NOT synonymous with Confederate nostalgia. We’re not trying to “restore” the Confederacy which only lasted for four years in our collective history. We’re a modern political movement motivated by contemporary issues, not antiquated issues like slavery, which no one advocates restoring. We’re oriented toward the present and future, not the past.

The Confederate Battle Flag IS a traditional symbol of the Southern people. It belongs in a museum alongside other relics and artifacts of the Confederacy. It should only be displayed at ceremonial occasions or at heritage related events. It DOES NOT symbolize the present Southern Nationalist cause and movement. It SHOULD NOT be displayed at immigration rallies where its presence would be inappropriate.

In the last fifty years, the Confederate Battle Flag has been debauched as a symbol and has taken on a negative meaning which it didn’t have half a century ago. It has become a “redneck pride” symbol. It is worn on tacky bikinis by tasteless women. More than anything else, the way in which the flag has been abused is demeaning to the generation who fought and sacrificed so much for it, which is the primary reason why we choose not to use it at some of our events.

2.) The League of the South doesn’t believe in “working within the system.”

By “working within the system,” we mean the idea that we can “Take Back America” by participating in the mainstream political process. White Southerners are a permanent minority in the United States. We are governed badly because we are a permanent minority in a system based on non-Southern majority rule.

This position doesn’t preclude participating in state and local elections. If the League’s agenda can be advanced in the South through participating in state and local elections, say, raising awareness of secession in the mainstream, then we are for it. At the same time, we don’t see any reason to participate in federal elections because we are not interested in being “represented” in Washington.

3.) As the Southern Nationalist movement grows, it will attract a new generation of leaders and promote them from within our own ranks.

4.) The League of the South is opposed to “gay marriage.” We want to preserve the traditional definition of marriage. We’re not “anti-gay.” Homosexuals exist in every society and would continue to exist in an independent South.

5.) If there are any Jews or homosexuals in the League, I have never seen or met them. I can’t answer this question because I don’t know who is allowed to join. I know there are groups like the National Alliance and Klan which don’t allow them to join.

6.) Like the various European nationalist movements, Southern Nationalism is based on history, culture, and ethnicity, which is narrower and felt more strongly than allegiance to abstract racial categories.

7.) Because of America’s debt load and welfare state obligations, the future of the US military is an escalating series of cutbacks. Southerners love the US military because it is the employer of so many of them. They won’t be so fond of it when it shifts towards drones and becomes unaffordable down the road.

8.) So what? It’s true that lots of Southerners support Israel which is aggressively deporting unwanted racial minorities. We’re not opposed to “Zionism” or the idea that the Jews should move to Israel and live in their own homeland.

9.) If political power were synonymous with demographics, then “the Jews” wouldn’t be “controlling” us, right? After all, Jews are only 3 percent of America’s population. How can 3 percent of America’s population dominate the other 97 percent which is non-Jewish?

10.) The League’s present focus, the purpose of the recent street demonstrations, is to protest what we call “Southern Demographic Displacement.” Thus, no one can say we are ignoring Third World immigration. We don’t see any other solution to that problem but disunion because the federal government won’t tolerate reform.

11.) I don’t want to bash White Nationalists, but there were more of us in Tallahassee than than there were of them who participated in the worldwide “White Man’s March” last weekend, so I wouldn’t look to them for solutions.

12.) The “Golden Circle” concept was nothing more than a historical inquiry into the origins of the culture of the Lower South. I had always planned to research other aspects of Southern culture like the Scots-Irish migration to the Upper South or the settlement of Cajuns in Louisiana or the Texas Revolution.

13.) As I noted above, Southern Nationalism isn’t about Confederate nostalgia or “restoring” the Confederacy. Southerners were divided over slavery, but that has been a moot issue for 150 years now.

14.) There is a growing Southern Nationalist vanguard which has attended multiple rallies, but new people have showed up at every event we have held so far. In Atlanta, the Klan recently used the Confederate Battle Flag, named the ZOG, and avoided using our “preppy” middle class attire, so I would say the people who prefer the style and substance of their views over ours should join the Klan.

15.) Patriotic Flags, not the League, sells the Southern Nationalist flag.

16.) The League would take social issues like gay marriage bans, anti-miscegenation laws, and civil rights out of the hands of federal judges and return them to state and local governments where they could be decided through self government.

17.) Instead of whining impotently about “Jewish control” in anonymous comments on the internet, the League believes that White Southerners should organize to advance our own ethnic interests which would naturally offset their power.

18.) Black crime is a legitimate issue. If an occasion arises like the Trayvon Martin case, I have no problem with organizing a protest. I had considered protesting the murder of Christopher Lane, but it was just impractical to travel to Oklahoma.

19.) The League’s Facebook group shouldn’t be used as a platform by malcontents who are hostile to the League and Southern Nationalism. In my experience, one of the many benefits of having a real world social movement, as opposed to an internet based, purely anonymous movement like White Nationalism, is that disruptive individuals are weeded out of our ranks much more easily.

20.) I’ve never heard of Ray McBerry.

21.) The League has evolved into an ethnonationalist organization. some people have adopted a more racialist perspective, that’s good news.

22.) Whether it happens through secession, revolution, or social collapse, the League’s long term objective of disunion necessarily requires power, which is a function of numbers, organization, leadership, money, and influence. Instead of fantasizing about a future “ethnostate” with anonymous people on the internet, the League is focused on building its political base in the real world and taking practical steps to marginally increase our power in a regionally defined geographic area.

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  1. Keep the pressure on your reps in congress. Giving 11 – 30 million (nobody knows for sure) criminal lawbreakers legalization pure insanity. Plus, they could sponsor their relatives; that would bring the total up to about 50 million aliens in our midst. Of course, these new citizens will vote for the vile democrats and their socialist giveaways. Most of them will be unskilled, uneducated, low IQ etc. Stop this outrageous bill now. Don’t sit on the sidelines.You are not wasting your time. The American people don’t want this bill. You have to do all you can do to stem the third world assault:
    – Contact your 2 US Senators and rep in congress.
    – after biz hours, leave a message on your DC rep’s voicemail. All US Senators have multiple offices so it would be a good idea to hit all of the. Remember, be civil and don’t threaten
    – go to NUMBERSUSA then go to the take action button. You will be able to send faxes to your 2 US Senators and congressional for free. (I also gave a $50 donation).
    – use Business Reply envelopes to state your opposition to America’s insane immigration policies and the proposed amnesty. Don’t give the parties any money.
    – join an immigration group like FAIR. Strength thru numbers!
    – go to the RNC & DNC sites to email them.
    – Use the media: call a talk radio program; write a letter to your local paper. If the media outlet is liberal, then talk about economic impact of massive third world immigration.
    – text everybody in your cell phone queue now.

  2. Southern nationalism doesn’t strike me as a present or future movement only, but something that has been going on in the South since Reconstruction. Southerners have used a variety of methods of resisting Northeastern control and maintaining some degree of independence.

  3. There is not a religious or sectarian qualification to membership in the League. Religious affiliation is not listed as a question on the membership application. Also in the Q&A section on Dixienet is this section.

    Q: Is the LS a Christian organisation?

    A: While we have no religious requirement for membership, as an organisation we do recognise the legacy of Christianity and the universal sovereignty of the triune God. Most League members are Christians, and we base our movement on Christian principles. Trinitarian Christianity can not be separated or removed from Southern society or culture without both ceasing to be Southern.

  4. Joe, this is very sad news: ‘Harrison just recently within the last couple years legalized the sale of liquor’.

  5. Impotent whining?

    It seems to me that WN’s, with a little bit of blogging and a few meet and eat conferences, manage to trick Jews into donating hundreds of millions of dollars to hucksters like Morris Dees and grotesque caricatures like Abe Foxman.

    And that strikes me as a highly leveraged, highly effective form of economic warfare against our ethnic enemies.

    Some other examples of successful economic warfare:

    David Yeagley cost the Brecht Forum and the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation at least $50,000 with his lawsuit.

    Ariel Love, the wife of Jeffrey Imm, has a psychic reading business. As retribution for the AmRen shutdown, Kievsky / Mindweapon exposed her false claims of certification from a psychic institute, damaging her business.

    Jack Ryan’s billboard undoubtedly made Tyson Chicken pay a price for importing Somalis to Tennessee.

    Because I read the “impotent whining” of Kevin MacDonald and Matt Parrot, I am boycotting Hollywood. I have no cable subscription, I don’t rent movies and I don’t go to movies – not even the harmless ones that I would enjoy. That saves me about $50/month compared to my pre-WN lifestyle, and it will cost Hollywood $30,000 over the course of my life. Many other WN commenters do likewise, and so do their non-active friends and family – and this trend is spreading. There is no telling how many millions of dollars this will eventually cost Hollywood. (Were Machete and D’Jango worth it, Hollywood?!?!)

    In general, the awakened tend to become more likely to live frugal, work harder, and avoid debt, and so do their non-active friends and family – again, there is no telling how many millions this trend will cost Wall Street in the long term. For instance, I worked like a mule and lived like a monk to save enough to buy my house with cash – costing the finance industry hundreds of thousands in interest payments.

    Likewise, the awakened tend to see higher education as vocational training pure and simple. Some avoid universities altogether, and most avoid the hopelessly corrupt social science and humanities departments – another trend that saves our people money while depriving our enemies of funds.

    The awakened, and their families and friends, are more likely to hire Americans or do the yard work themselves, rather than hiring immigrants.

    Writers – keep speaking the truth. The truth is never impotent, nor is it whiny.

    Readers – live your lives as a form of economic warfare. Enrich yourselves, and impoverish your parasitic enemies, with wise decisions – and encourage your friends and family to do the same.

  6. It’s a bit of a shame to have the humanities and arts avoided.

    These are not naturally leftist subjects. A fair minded professor will tend to enjoy a contrary POV. The Conservative or Liberal student can sharpen rhetorical method in the class. History is the cradle of conservatism.

  7. “History is the cradle of conservatism.”

    Keep reading Thucydides, but stop funding Howard Zinn.

  8. I advise against funding universities precisely because I cherish history, poetry and art, and I can’t stand to see these beautiful things trampled and distorted by the cultural Marxists who control the institutions of higher indoctrination.

    If open minded liberal professors would like to give money to me, for the privilege of engaging in a vigorous debate, I would be more than willing to oblige – and then donate the proceeds to VDARE.

    But give money to an institution which will turn around and hand it to Tim Wise or his moral equivalent? No thanks.

  9. You make a good point about the modern uni.

    But there are plenty of fully aware faculty!

  10. Negrophiliac Phelps.

    Listening to KWMU right now. His black buddy is talking about the time he was a civil rights attorney.

    Phelps musta been a false flag.

  11. All good.

    But how about adding something more realistic as an achievable goal in this time, year 2014?

    southern autonomy.

    Something like the Swiss Canton system, not a seperate country.

    Media, education, immigration are atrictly kept in solid local, Southern hands.

    If some idiots in LA want to do the Academy awards with queers and British Blacks who produce “Academy Award winning Slave” movies that no one watches, that’s their business.

    The things that matter in the South will be run by solid Southerners.

    Think locally, act locally.

    The North is a direction, the South is a place and a very beautiful place.

    I’ve bailed out of Chicago in late March, my least favorite month.

    I’m in beautiful San Diego CA

  12. “Southerners love the US military because it is the employer of so many of them.”

    The Southerners I knew and know in the military loved the military because they loved to FIGHT!

  13. This is the critical point:

    Whether it happens through secession, revolution, or social collapse, the League’s long term objective of disunion necessarily requires power…


    The objective of any serious movement is the acquisition of power.

  14. @Capt John: I watched the English Civil War video up to the account of the first major battle, at 25 minutes, where the superiour weapon of the Parlimentarians is mentioned: ‘As Rupert lined up his cavalry for a charge, the professional’s tool of modern war, on the Parlimentarians’ side (mostly carrying pikes) the apprentices armed themselves with prayer. All day long our chaplains of Christ preached to us. These sermons had already subdued more royalist spirits amongst us than a thousand armed men could do, so that we have a great hope of a blessed victory’.

    After losing more men proportionately in the Civil War than in the First World War, and greater destruction of property at home, the rise of the Friends (Quaker) movement in England makes sense.

  15. Turns out Jews also have plans for the quality farmland in the Western portions of Ukraine. It is to be bought up by agribusiness for GMO farming. They don’t leave anything on the carcass.

  16. If that particular factoid doesn’t set off the alarm bells for American whites, nothing else ever will.

  17. Re: ‘It is to be bought up by agribusiness for GMO farming’:

    Yes. The world’s largest expanse of the best soil in the world is a terrible thing to be wasted by free white peasants. It is too idyllic for those who still enjoy their subsistence farming tradition in some parts of Southern Russia (Ukraine):

    ‘Joyful, a small village somewhere in the vast expanses of Eastern Ukraine (…) The village is mostly a long road bordered by small farmsteads with an adjacent acre or so of arable land. Many families own a cow, and the entire crowd of docile and contented beasts is lead every morning at sunrise, weather permitting, into the nearby meadows for grazing and ruminating. Milk, cheese and butter are cheap and untainted, just like the eggs or an occasional hen for Sunday supper. We were growing our own vegetables and received twice a month organic foodstuff from a retailer in Kiev. Our garden had a few fruit trees, among them a mighty chestnut and an even larger apricot, and both produced more bounty than we could handle. The village is peaceful and on the whole very safe, with troves of kids playing unguarded next to the road or in the court yards, and poultry scratches and cackles everywhere. Transport happens by way of an ancient bus, old and very old automobiles, antediluvian motorbikes with sassy sidecars, or horse-drawn carts. Many villagers are blond and blue-eyed, and I felt as if transported half a century back into the serene little hamlet where I grew up myself. The nearest city is about twenty miles away, to be reached by a road with formidable potholes that become sometimes impassable’:

    This too will pass, as global corporate agriculture brings southern Russia into full conformity with Agenda 21 ‘sustainability’, the global food ‘safety initiative’ and the GMO diet for the non-elite (so that only the elite can afford to eat true organic).

  18. Capt John, that’s a video worth watching to remind of the inevitable course and final end of every Elite to whom white men have ever subjected themselves. At 14 minutes: ‘The Lord at last will not suffer the king or his posterity to reign’.

  19. Parliament gradually devolved from its early principles under Talmudic influence until it finally surrendered to the enemy elite it had defeated. The invitation of the false Protestant Charles the Second was followed by the return of the Bubonic Plague, that killed a quarter of the population of London, and the Great Fire that destroyed two-thirds of the city, the humiliating Dutch invasion, and the royal establishment of the Royal African Company sanctioning and increasing the transatlantic slave trade.

  20. Whites Unite, blabbing on the internet can be a trap.

    Without in-person activism, there is no progress. Going out in public and fighting for White Liberation even once accomplishes more than a year of blabbing on the internet. One already has to have at least a weak idea of the state of things racial to even venture onto the internet, where at best that weak idea is strengthened and refined.

    The only way to plant the seed in the people’s minds is to go out and do activism. Hand out fliers with a website listed for them to do research, etc. But do not deceive yourselves into thinking that posting on these sites accomplishes anything, really.

  21. I do not in retrospect think that Parliament had legitimacy in the ECW.

    However they were only called together because the King of the Scots wanted to suppress his Irish and Scottish subjects. C’est La Vie.

  22. True, Capt John. But in my previous comment, ‘Parliament’ refers not to the various Parliaments but to the Parliamentarian movement or cause in opposition to Roman Royalism — while Talmudic financial influence worked its dark magic among both sides.

  23. Mosin Nagant says:
    March 23, 2014 at 4:13 pm

    “@NYYankees, re: ‘Do not deceive yourselves into thinking that posting on these sites accomplishes anything’:

    Others do not agree:

    People posting on the Internet, telling others posting on the Internet is not “real activism” and is a waste of time. The irony!

    Of course those Jews are paid to go into Enemy Territory, to talk to people that don’t like them, because that’s real work. No one is paying them to hang around pro Zionist websites, because preaching to the choir is easy.

  24. JoeP, hard preaching is required in even the most Biblical congregation as well as in homes door to door and on the public square.

  25. JoeP, what have you done besides post on the internet lately? Cuz I’ve made stands for Whites that no one here has – in-person stands in my real name.

  26. “How can 3 percent of America’s population dominate the other 97 percent which is non-Jewish?”

    Easy, through dozens of control organizations that, collectively, possess billions of dollars in resources. Here’s a link to an article that details just how such a small percentage of the population controls so much:

    Forward Study of the Jewish Charity Industry

    “The $26 billion dollar figure in the title refers to the net assets of the network of explicitly Jewish charitable organizations, which puts it in the same league as a major corporation. Annual revenue is around $12-14 billion….when broken down to particular categories, they indicate that Jewish activist organizations are indeed well funded, especially when compared to the financial resources of organizations that oppose Jewish interests (probably well under $1 million for organizations explicitly dedicated to advancing the interests of White Americans).”

    “Jewish funding promotes Israel and the liberal/left values of the Jewish community (likely at least 60% of Democrat funding, and at least 40% of Republican). For example, Haim Saban has donated millions to the Democrats, and right now “Republicans who are considering a run for president are courting Sheldon Adelson [who donated more than $100 million to Republicans in the last presidential election cycle] as a preliminary to everything else they must do to prove their worthiness, like kissing babies in Iowa or formulating a position on jobs.” And anyone with a half a brain knows that Adelson’s support begins and ends with what the candidate will do for Israel.”

    Compare Adelson’s $100 million to every WN (and SN) organization’s funding combined (less than 1% of that) – and he’s just one Jewish billionaire. I could cover Haim Saban and other Jewish billionaires, if anyone disagrees.

    At the end of the day, the above assertion that 3% of the population can’t really be at fault because there is no way that they could control the masses is false. A smaller US military destroyed a larger Iraqi military during the Gulf War largely due to superior funding, technology, and organization. Kevin MacDonald has documented the Jewish involvement in America’s demise quite nicely. No one can really go through that man’s site and claim otherwise.

    I think Wallace it trying to walk a tightrope here. Unfortunately, too many Southerners are brainwashed with that pro-Israel apocalyptic non-sense. So, he’s trying to avoid that issue. Maybe that’s wise, I’m not sure. In any case, truth is truth, regardless of political expedience.

  27. “The Southerners I knew and know in the military loved the military because they loved to FIGHT”

    Well, the Southerners I knew joined the military because they loved America.

    We should be encouraging Southerners to NOT join the military. Joining the US military only encourages feelings of patriotism towards the enemy and undermines the cause of freedom. Why fight, die, and get maimed for an Empire that constantly mocks you on television and in Hollywood movies? Why fight for a people that hate you?

    Having Southerners quit the military would make the world (and America) a safer place. With fewer troops, the Empire would be forced to reduce overseas commitments. America largely went multicult because it transformed itself into an empire (invade the world, invite the world) – can’t run a multiracial empire and be racist at the same time (exactly the thinking of JFK during the Cold War by the way). Relieving the Empire of its overseas commitments would empower us at home.

  28. Not only must good white men stop ‘serving’ in the ranks of Their military, but also our most gifted, very intelligent, white people who are scientists and mathmematicians, etc. must also stop serving Them (no matter how much money They pay!) by developing and maintaining the technology They need to continue to control and enslave our people and wage wars against other nations all around the world.

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