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  1. June 8!!!!! That’s my birthday too! Georgie baby, I’m gonna drink to your new life on that day son, can’t wait for ya!

  2. Congratulations HW.

    I just got back to New Orleans from Montana, where 99% of the people I saw were non-diversity types.

    The only diversity-type in fact I saw there, was a child I saw at the airport in Bozeman, he was a rather out-of-place looking 7 year old black kid, accompanied by what looked to be his fully white older (10?) step / half brother.

    The mother eventually showed up : a skinny white woman in her mid-40s, she dabbed an old school ice pack on a bloodied right eye. The right side of her face was black and blue from some recent trauma.

    OD readers will be able to understand this picture. Virtually all of the rest of white America: not so much.


    Anyway, a sincere expression of congratulations to you on your new journey into fatherhood.


    – Arturo

  3. What a great name! I’m sure you and your wife can hardly wait until this wonderful addition to your family arrives.

  4. Thank you everyone! We’re very excited!

    Oh, and if you looked at the registry you’d see the only things at Walmart are toys, pacifiers, a high chair, and things like that. Stuff that is the exact same as at Babies R Us, but cheaper. All the clothes are on the Babies R Us registry. But George William won’t be wearing Baby Lacoste anyway though. I don’t see the point of buying him very expensive clothes that he’ll outgrow in a couple months.

  5. Remember that sons are men to unfold, not mold.


    I don’t see the point of buying him very expensive clothes that he’ll outgrow in a couple months.

    The point is that you don’t need to replace raggedy clothes when you have more children, silly! Speaking of sartorial choices, invest in quality to show him you get what you pay for, especially when it comes to shoes, haircuts, eyewear, and dental. A man that doesn’t skimp on the aforementioned areas can look great in a Hanes undershirt and Levis jeans. But for now, Osh Kosh B’gosh and a nice pair of kicks when he starts walking since the photos and first pair of shoes are going to be around his whole life.

  6. I can’t believe people on here are going on about freaking Walmart. What on earth is wrong with you? Look at that little sweetie. Good luck to you both, (all three, really) and take super good care of yourself, Renee.

  7. Most people who are attending my baby shower can’t afford very expensive gifts for him. I think it would be very rude to expect them to buy things for him that we would have trouble affording ourselves. He’s being born into a family full of love, not money. Also, at home in St. Louis there is a Babies R Us but in Eufaula, AL there is only a Walmart so it is to make it easier for Brads family to be able to get him something too. Again, if y’all even looked at the registry before judging you’d see the vast majority of things are on the Baby’s R Us one. Little things like pacifiers, blankets, and toys are at Walmart.

  8. That’s great that some of y’all, and all your family and friends, have the luxury of never having to get anything from Walmart. But our friends and family are not so blessed, unfortunately.

  9. Besides, if all you can think about when you see a beautiful white baby is that his parents registered at Walmart, I’d say it’s time to reavalute things. We are doing our part to secure the white race, even if he won’t be dressed like he was born into Bill Gates family. I suggest you do the same (if you haven’t already) instead of nit picking about where one of our relations gets a pacifier or burping bib for our son.

  10. Renee Wallace says:

    ‘Oh, and if you looked at the registry you’d see the only things at Walmart are toys, pacifiers, a high chair, and things like that. Stuff that is the exact same as at Babies R Us, but cheaper.’

    Absolutely. Far too many White people are hung up on status and designer labels.

  11. Congratulations Hunter! I hope he’ll be born within the boundaries of the great state of Alabama! Anyway…it’s the best state in the Union..my family lived in Mobile for 167 years…

  12. I like to bargain shop myself and don’t have money either; I’m surprised that Walmart has enough interesting stuff for a registry.

  13. The Walmart registry doesn’t have that much stuff on it. Just some little things mostly. There’s also a walker, high chair, portable swing, and saucer on there that are the exact same brand and everything as at Babies R Us, but less expensive. There’s way more stuff for babies at Babies R Us though obviously lol

  14. Congratulations, Hunter and Renee. Your son is adorable. I wish you all the best of health and happiness and a very prosperous future. Nothing in the world is more precious than a white baby. His arrival will be celebrated by many!

  15. Speaking of soundwaves, if babies hear their own ethnic music and their native language spoken while they’re still in the womb, perhaps they will naturally love it always. Beware of feeding him alien sounds….

  16. He can hear sounds from outside the womb so we play him a lot of music. He loves it and gets real active. He’s crazy about Celtic music in particular. His favorite song is Scotland the Brave on bagpipes. He also loves the Irish bands The Pogues and Flogging Molly.

  17. That’s great news, Renee. He’ll surely be born with the music in him.

    One our current favourites you will like is this ‘Celtic’ piece by a Serbian group (reminding us also that Amerika should NOT genocide Serbians): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEt2XdN_TbQ

    If one or both of you (adults) has Cymric (Welsh) ancestors, this might stir you (all three):

  18. Get your sleep while you can…

    Oh and diaper genies are worth.their weight in gold. Baby poop is the worst smelling shit on earth for some reason.

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