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Considering the source, Gawker has a very fair new article up about the League of the South rally in Tallahassee:

“I mingled clumsily with the crowd, recognizing only one face—that of Michael Cushman, “the Palmetto Patriot,” founder of the Southern Nationalist Network, who has called the American flag “the symbol of a government which promotes multiculturalism, abortion, interracial and homosexual marriage, Third World immigration, affirmative action and wars to spread democracy.” He looks like a young Hunter Thompson, eyes always sunglassed and lips always pursed, the kind of guy who couldn’t take you in a bar fight but looks serious enough that you wouldn’t start one with him. …”

Note: In the photo below, that’s me, Renee, and George William on the left.

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  1. You know, that quote by Gawker is pretty much spot on.

    That IS what the USSA flag represents.

    But then, knowing who controls the discourse of the Obamanation, it’s just one more example of ‘Anti-ShemWhite-ism.’ (the only true anti-semitism there is)

    Blessed Sabbath.

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