Glenn Miller of VNN Forum Arrested For Kansas Shooting


Update: Glenn Miller (aka Rounder) of VNN Forum has been arrested in connection with the shootings in Kansas.

Hmm … it sounds like another case of a self detonating lone wolf vanguardist:

“Two shootings have been reported at two separate Jewish-related sites in Overland Park, Kansas, leaving at least two people dead — one at each location.

The first shooting was reported at about 1PM at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City. This was followed by reports of a shooting at Village Shalom, an assisted living center that has since been placed on lockdown.

It is unclear at this moment whether the two incidents are related, and there has been no immediate word on other injuries or a suspect description, though a reporter at KCTV says “a man in handcuffs at the scene was yelling about Hitler.”

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  1. Brett Stevens says:

    ‘Jews and African-Americans are as much victims of this idiotic egalitarian multi-culture as we are, and if we go nationalist, most of them will work with us to achieve the same thing for themselves and their own people.’

    Totally out of touch with reality.

  2. Re: ‘AH was no Christian, even though he started out as one (…) Corrupt it may be, but tieing RC’ism with Nat Socs is still a bit of a stretch’:

    Fr John+, I agree it would be ‘quite a stretch’ to attempt to connect RC and Nazism directly. Let me clarify my understanding: In response to the comments that VNN rejects Christianity, I noted that VNN celebrates Hitler who never claimed to be other than Catholic, so the Vanguardists are being inconsistent! But I DON’T think Hitler and Nazism were Christian as such! Hitler ceased practising or apostasized from Roman Catholicism in early adulthood, and his Nazism was not an ethnic Christianity but rather, as I wrote: ‘a HERESY’ — ‘Christian’ only in the sense that Mormonism and ‘Christian’ Science are Christian-related or imitative. Then Dalton’s defense of Pope Pius prompted me to mention the swept-under-the-rug, cooperative Nazi AND Roman TRUE ‘holocaust’ (of Christians) in Croatia and Serbia, but I still don’t think Roman Catholicism actually caused or was ‘behind’ Nazism itself. Finally, I agree that the ‘Table Talk’ record (mentioned by Rudel) makes it appear that Hitler was PRIVATELY atheistic and anti-Christian (but still not Neopagan) — but it requires careful interpretation to make sense in relation to all his pro-Christian public statements.

    I’ve never been a Hitler fan, not for a moment. And I agree the Hitler articles mar the otherwise excellent Daily Stormer blog.

  3. I have read quite a bit about and of Hitler over the years and while he believed in the right of Germans to be religious or spiritual (as he thought that this was a natural human condition) he constantly worked towards making veneration of the German Volk their religion. He certainly held all clerics of any stripe in contempt and any deals he made with the organized religious authorities were cynical ploys not any intrinsic endorsement of them. He was when all is said and done a politician.

  4. Rudel, I struggled to read Mein Kampf years ago, and I have little interest in the subject. It’s just not my ‘sense of life’.

  5. Brett Stevens,

    Jews and African-Americans are as much victims of this idiotic egalitarian multi-culture a…

    I can accept that blacks are in some ways victims of the egalitarian multi-cult, but Jews? Is that a joke? Never mind. It’s not, is it?

  6. He had to be a politician at heart, Rudel. I’m the opposite of a politician and can’t imagine how they can bear doing what they ‘have to’ do to gain and hold power.

  7. ‘Thanks for your historical vignettes. Good stuff’:

    Except for the doubt and denial of the New Testament history.

  8. Look at the heavily inflected Austrofascism that appears to have been clerical.

    Hitler wiped that out.
    The Polish Military ran Poland like Junckers.

  9. “Except for the doubt and denial of the New Testament history.”

    I prefer dealing with facts not myth and religious propaganda.

  10. Lew and Sam,

    I want to throw out something regarding what Brett said about Jews that you found ridiculous:

    Jews and African-Americans are as much victims of this idiotic egalitarian multi-culture as we are, and if we go nationalist, most of them will work with us to achieve the same thing for themselves and their own people.

    Not sure that they’d actually work with us, but a lot of them won’t bother to oppose us if we are smart and don’t attack them, slur them, or otherwise motivate them to oppose us.

    I have met Jews who have very little idea what Judaism is about and are not even aware that Jews = liberals. There’s lots of such people. If you doubt it, ask yourself why does Organized Jewry do so much to try to “bring errant Jews back into the fold.” It’s a huge problem for them. Synagogues are empty except for old people (like churches these days), the young Jews are intermarrying (mostly with Chinese). There is little or no fear of anti-semitism.

    See the movie Heights (2005) for a depiction of a young Jew falling away, and a rabbi trying to prevent his marriage to a White woman.

    If I happen to meet a Jew or Jews I will test them. Do they know what tikkun olam is? Do they actively support liberal causes? What do they think about Christmas? They end up asking me if I’m a Jew, how do I know so much about it when they don’t. I tell them I speak Russian and spent time over there and that’s how I learned it. It’s enough to throw them off the scent. doesn’t really make much sense, doesn’t need to.

    Also, I talk about how banking is a public utility, kind of like electricity or water. Imagine if you couldn’t drink tap water, or if the electricity went off for several hours a day. Well, banks don’t pay interest that even keeps up with inflation, much less paying more than inflation, so the public utility called banking has been broken by the people running it. Maybe we should fire the current bankers and hire new ones.

    There’s more of us than them, and they (Jews) are assimilating to us (and Chinese immigrants) very rapidly.

    It’s much easier to convince someone to stop doing things that are hurting you, than to wage the old hot lead cold steel conflict. We could be acting as secret ambassadors for WN’ism or as spies if you like, and using social influence game to convince ordinary Jewish people to get on board with our (somewhat camouflaged) agenda. We don’t tell them, “it’s an anti-Jewish agenda” because it’s not synagogues or torah books or tefillin that really bothers us; it’s anti-white liberalism.

    There are more of us than them. We can use social pressure to push a lot (not nearly all, but a lot) of Jews in our direction. Some of them will be gazillionaires.

    But of course to do so we need to be convincing and credible people — good looking, charismatic, successful.

    The worst you can say about this strategy is that in your opinion, it won’t work. Glenn Miller would have said it’s a coward’s cop out. That’s fine. I accept that criticism. You won’t end up in prison, nobody gets hurt, and you’ll likely have a good life, maybe get rich and have a big family to carry on the white gene pool.

    Sometimes gentle and intelligent manipulation accomplishes more than brute force.

  11. Also, the Chinese are buying up whole towns these days. Get in with the Chinese and push them in our direction. Think it can’t be done? I guarantee you the liberals are already pushing the Chinese colonizers in their direction. But that doesn’t mean we can’t compete for influence. We absolutely should. The Chinese are going to have a lot of clout in this country, whether we like it or not.

  12. I’m not on board with the ‘lone wolf’ idea, either. I find the people who usually purport are not only ignorant, but also proud of their ignorance in a horrifyingly perverse — even fetishistic — way. There are a number of very contemporary studies, as those who have actually bothered to do their research knows, that paints a very diametrically opposed picture.

    Essentially — the introvert, the lone wolf, doesn’t have the tools to be a killer. They don’t interact with other people, they have a profound lack of aggressive tendencies, they’re usually prone to nerves and panic attacks. These people aren’t killers. The serial killer has to be confident, capable of manipulating people and events, able to scapegoat and throw others off the trail.

    When an introvert kills, it’s a one time affair and they’re found out immediately as they won’t be coolly trying to hide their evidence, they’d have a core meltdown. These are the people you find rocking in the corner.

    Here’s a few more interesting points:

    Wolves, the creatures, are greatly misunderstood. Largely thanks to extroverts pushing their own views upon them. For one — wolves seek safety in numbers, they may not necessarily be social outside of their small group (they’re not large-scale socialisers), but they want others around. Wolves form strong bonds within the aforementioned small group, and stick together. They look out for each other.

    There’s no hierarchy amongst wolves other than that of a family or a very close-knit, small group of friends. The one who leads tends to be the most empathetic and intelligent, an inverse of our own culture. And therein lies the rub, we’ve implied ourselves upon wolves. When researchers observed wolves in captivity, they believed that they lived consensually under the thumb of a dominant alpha, and that they patrolled their land tirelessly, seeking out intruders.

    Except that’s not the case. The wolves sought egress from their cage to get away from a bully. Wolves have their bullies, just like anyone else, but in the wild they don’t last long. Natural selection sees to that. This is why wolves run rather than attack in every instance where we’ve confronted them, and it’s also why wolf attacks on humans are almost non-existent.

    This idea of the alpha wolf is actually an ideal of the psychotic alpha ape, it’s a power fantasy for manipulative, sociopathic extroverts. You don’t hear introverts spouting phrases like ‘alpha fucks, beta bucks.’ That brain rot is for nutjobs. Extroverted nutjobss, quite specifically.

    Introverts don’t have it in them to be killers. They’re more like wolves. They like their quiet time, they prefer small groups rather than big ones, and the reason they value having people around so much is because they find the world to be a scary, threatening place. I’ve always been baffled by this view of wolves as horrific monsters, when in reality they’re big old derpdogs. Have you ever seen footage of wolves in snow? Do look it up. They’re very, very silly. And not at all graceful or noble.

    That is also a very extroverted thing, though. I think it’s part of the extrovert’s scapegoating safety mechanism that’s gone wild. They look at a much more harmless creature like a wolf and they declare it to be a monster — then they look a tiger, and they see beauty. Except a tiger is a soulless killing machine, it was BUILT that way, it is a creature without mercy or need. It’s robotic in how professional of a hunter it is. And wolves? Wolves are ridiculous. Wolves had to form tactics just to bring down prey because they’re so bad at hunting, and even then they sometimes have to go for weeks at a time without a meal.

    Hardly the way around the usual extrovert thinks of it, eh? That’s because their world view is messed up, a mixed bag of scapegoating, manipulation, power fantasies, hierarchical struggles, and so on. Things that don’t really interest the introvert. And there’s another key to this puzzle — the extrovert feels the need to struggle to be superior, and thus has a motivation to kill those who get in their way. Contrary to this, the introvert is comfortable with their position — a boon brought about by perspicacity, introspection, insight, and wisdom, tools that extroverts don’t have. The introvert wouldn’t even need to kill. In fact, I’d say that most would kill out of self defence or out of bouts of idiot passion. Never premeditated.

    They’re just not cold and soulless enough. The extrovert is a vampire, always looking to use others to pump themselves up and regenerate their energy supplies. They ‘act’ friendly until they realise that you’re not laughing at their jokes, or giving them tidbits of trivia. Then they turn NASTY and try to convince everyone that you’re a crazy person. Which is, once again, their scapegoating self defence mechanism.

    And stupid people buy it.

    Why stupid people? Because it’s logical for the quiet, timid, guilt-ridden, empathetic person to be a nutjob, and for the cold, calm, calculating extrovert to be the most trustworthy person in the world. That’s extrovert reasoning, right there. No introvert worth their salt buys it, no intelligent person does full stop. Except the problem is is that when extroverts gain intelligence, they also gain psychosis; Contrary to that, when introverts gain intelligence, they also gain neurosis.

    In the illogical mind of the lower functioning extrovert, the introvert must be plotting to harm or kill them all in order to step over them and claim their jobs. The introvert, however, is actually just doing more creative and productive things within their own mind. They’re not even thinking of the people around them, there’s no need. They’re doing something useful instead!

    It’s this struggle amongst extroverts that can so easily turn them to killers. And that they have all of these tools to manipulate, to climb hierarchies, to push a person’s buttons, to play mind games, to control, to deceive, to scapegoat and so on? That makes them good killers.

    I have more, though.

    The introvert would need to be able to plan everything out. They can’t. There are too many variables to consider — it’d be like Rodney McKay from Stargate: Atlantis in an impossible situation where Atlantis just breaks, he wouldn’t keep his cool, he’d lose it and believe he’s dying. The more they did, the more they’d become nervous, neurotic, and the more they’d break down. They’d be trying to account for distant, future variables when the cops are knocking at the door.

    I know this because I have this problem in my job where I’ve been pestered about thinking too much into the future, and trying to fool-proof so much, trying to consider every idiotic thing a person could do with a piece of software until it actually makes me ill. I make much more secure software for it, but that happens over a longer period of time.

    In the short period of time between a person going missing and the cops being involved, an introvert would just lose their shit. An extrovert, cool and calculating, would just ignore the minor details and go with a much simpler, but much more effective plan. The thing is is that you don’t really see brilliant, genius-level serial killers like in Dexter. Historically, most serial killers have been of only marginally above average intelligence, just intelligent enough to throw the police.

    But never really a good detective and forensics department.

    The thing is is that the introvert would get a hazmat suit just to try and avoid leaving no trace of their murder, and then they’d have to deal with how to cover the paper trail of that hazmat suit, and how to dispose of a hazmat suit, and where to commit a murder in a hazmat suit where no one can see them. Our world, today, is so monitored that it’d actually be hard for a person to not leave a trace. And an introvert would go crazy considering all these details.

    An extrovert would just go for it. They’d make the kill, they’d manipulate the people, they’d hide the evidence, and they’d hold off the police just long enough believing themselves to be so, so clever.

    As I said, there are studies out there. The sociopaths, the psychopaths, the serial killers? Extroverts. When an introvert goes crazy, they go crazy internally, they get intense, they have weird ideas, they become obsessed with fringe science and conspiracy theories. This is because the introvert IS internal by their very nature. When the extrovert goes crazy, they go crazy externally. I’ll leave it down to you to figure out how that works.

    When you think about it, it makes sense.

    The psychopathic killer isn’t the person playing video games in their basement and avoiding society. The killer is the person in the business suit, with the empty smile, always ready to shake your hand because you’re their best friend and they’d never hurt you.

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