Glenn Miller of VNN Forum Arrested For Kansas Shooting


Update: Glenn Miller (aka Rounder) of VNN Forum has been arrested in connection with the shootings in Kansas.

Hmm … it sounds like another case of a self detonating lone wolf vanguardist:

“Two shootings have been reported at two separate Jewish-related sites in Overland Park, Kansas, leaving at least two people dead — one at each location.

The first shooting was reported at about 1PM at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City. This was followed by reports of a shooting at Village Shalom, an assisted living center that has since been placed on lockdown.

It is unclear at this moment whether the two incidents are related, and there has been no immediate word on other injuries or a suspect description, though a reporter at KCTV says “a man in handcuffs at the scene was yelling about Hitler.”

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  1. So far the 17 photographs linked to in the article tell me absolutely nothing, which at this point, I suspect is the more likely summation of what happened. The past week has been particularly full of vicious black on white hate crimes, like the one I linked to on the other thread which has been largely blacked out in Iowa (someone I know linked to articles on it on FB and then found they went dead). Then there is the Bundy family being tasered and bullied by the Feds. Europe is blowing up…

    The jews will always claim to not just be equal but worse victims of whatever political violence happens to whites, when in fact they’re rarely victimized compared to whites.

    I will have to see some serious proof to believe what is likely their latest propaganda launch. In NYC and NJ there are guards at jewish gathering places…temples, etc., so this on it’s face seems logistically improbable if the practice of having security applies in Ohio.

  2. Staged pity ploys.

    Clearly, upon reading the Daily Stormer this morning, and especially this post, all one can say is that the Jewish psyche, already raised on ‘victimhood=Jewish righteousness,’ will sacrifice one of their own ‘lesser’ people, to keep the fiction alive.

    At this time of year, and with Putin’s increasing attempts at restoring Christendom, I would start to use the meme (when hearing of [sic] Jewish atrocities) ‘Nothing to see here; move along.’

    I refuse to be emotionally involved with the Christ-killers, anymore.

  3. There’s usually a handful of cases like this every year:

    – There was the time Joe Snuffy of VNN Forum tried to blow up the MLK parade in Spokane, Washington.

    – There was the time James von Brunn attacked the Holocaust Museum in DC.

    – There was the JT Ready murder-suicide.

    – There was the Sikh temple shooting in Wisconsin.

  4. Well one thing is certain: whether real or not, when a hate crime happens to a jew the press goes wild. Anyone noted the flooding of articles on this all over the net, in so little time?

    Brad, until you can show concrete forensic evidence that von Brunn shot that guard in the Holohoax Museum (and that it was a hoax is irrefutable) I remain very skeptical. I am pretty much certain he was framed for child porn, so at least half of the allegations against him were fabricated. It’s also ridiculous to think that such an old man would even bother looking at any kind of porn, or that a man who ‘wanted to die with his boots on’ would be a cowardly pedophile.

    Oh and this latest incident includes the seemingly itinerant double whammy, just like von Brunn’s alleged shooting; the jews in the JCC I think were about to watch ‘To Kill A Mockingbird.’

  5. Some more examples:

    – Craig Cobb’s patrol in Leith.

    – Bill White’s flight abroad and capture in Mexico.

    – Edgar Steele’s murder trial for hiring someone to assassinate his wife.

    – Kevin Alfred Strom’s child pornography trial.

    – The Yankee Jim murder suicide.

    – The Curt Maynard murder suicide.

  6. It still amazes me that some people in this movement believe things like the Von Brunn incident and the Boston bombing are hoaxes. Oh come on now! Von Brunn had a history of violence that included kidnapping and domestic abuse. His own son denounced him for the murder of the guard. Yet some fools believe that conspiracies explain everything!

  7. Not a hoax but the Tsarnaev’s were connected to the CIA.

    Recently the NYT tried a sleigh of hand whereby the FSB were blamed for not telling the FBI quite enough about Tsarnaev. This was a reframe from the two terrorists as Chechens to Russian.

    Their uncle Ruslan was a gun runner for the CIA so the possibilities of American sponsorship for that bombing are strong.

  8. Dalton, I know someone who was investigated in relation to the shooting by Homeland Security. My opinion is solely informed by the info I’ve gotten from this source.

    I haven’t investigated the Boston Bombing so I’ve never opined on it’s authenticity, other than to say some sober, well-known people who study this stuff seem to think it was faked. I can’t be bother to study every single possibly staged incident and have no idea what happened, other than that it was conveniently used to institute de facto martial law.

    You’re the fool who believes what’s an ‘illness’ can actually be debated:

  9. Not faked, but part of the shadow world of espionage. The Tsarnaev’s are hip deep in the Caucasus wars.

    The nigger who hacked at Lee Rigby’s neck was a radicalized convert who MI5 and SIS attempted to turn. God only knows what Mother wanted.

  10. That’s the better tac Hunter

    These incidents are do rare it’s almost impossible to extrapolate any meaning.

    It’s not like the slow grind of ethnic cleansing in American cities as blacks displace whites…

    April seems to be the month for it too.

  11. And that he was asking people if they were jewish and then shooting those who answered affirmatively.

    Sorry, this looks and sounds quite fishy to me. Who the hell answers ‘yes’ to that question when it’s coming from some stranger in a parking lot wielding a shotgun? And so far there isn’t on pic with an ambulance in it.

  12. SPLC sends it’s regards:

    The article links to SPLC’s listing of CofCC, OD, as hateful white nationalist sites and to ones like the Creativity Movement as neo-nazi ones that are located in Missouri and Kansas.

    I’m not the slightest bit surprised by this and am beyond skeptical. I suggest everyone take note that any of us could be deemed mentally ill, and be interned and drugged as ‘racists’ or ‘anti-semites’ whose beliefs have us all teetering on the edge of homicidality. How on earth judaism with it’s grandiosity and persecution complex moodiness isn’t deemed a mental illness perhaps Dalton can explain…

    • The so-called “hate groups” are rarely responsible for this kind of violence – it is almost always WN lone wolves of the vanguardist stripe who suffer from mental illness and act on their own initiative.

      I’m guessing his name will soon be released to the public. Once the FBI searches his computer this evening, we should know who he is on VNN Forum.

  13. Amazingly enough this was on the BBC within about 15 minutes of initial reports.

    Because it is rare or because it happens all the time?

  14. We should know who he is on VNN!

    Comedy gold!

    It’s a bit of a cheek by the SPLC linking your site to this story. You’ve been consciously distancing yourself from obsessive concentration on jews instead of assessing the whole enchilada of American and European ethnics.

  15. ” that it was a hoax is irrefutable”

    What is irrefutable is that both the SS and the Wehrmacht killed millions of Jewish, Polish, and Russian/Ukrainian civilians. They did this either by starving and/or working them to death and fatal disease, or shooting and then burying entire villages en masse as retaliation for partisan attacks. Even German war veterans admit this.

  16. Meet the old boss same as the new boss!

    ” that it was a hoax is irrefutable”

    What is irrefutable is that both the SS and the Wehrmacht killed millions of Jewish, Polish, and Russian/Ukrainian civilians. They did this either by starving and/or working them to death and fatal disease, or shooting and then burying entire villages en masse as retaliation for partisan attacks. Even German war veterans admit this.

    Ah the stability of the Multicult Pale! Soon coming to America?

  17. “Some more examples:”

    While I am in no doubt that most of these on your list were actually guilty of the crimes listed I have grave reservations about the Edgar Steele case. First of all, no one was murdered, he was convicted of conspiracy to commit murder. Secondly, Edgar Steele doesn’t fit the lone wolf profile.

    He was a respectable albeit anti-government lawyer, and radio political commentator and had no motive for killing his wife, and the only prosecution “witness” was some sort of low-life federal informant who had been arrested for prior crimes and was planted by the FBI as a handyman on Steele’s ranch in return for a reduced sentence.

    We should all be beware Hunter. This sort of thing could happen to you, Dr. Hill, Matt Heimbach or any other leader the government wishes to silence.

  18. The depressing thing is that you have a white driver in Detroit mobbed by 30 or so blacks and sent into a coma and maybe you hear about it for a day…a clear cut mob attack on a decent 50 something white citizen. Clear evidence of a one sided race war.

    This’ll go on for bloody weeks, worldwide! Some cornpone nazi blah blah blah.

  19. – “Edgar Steele’s murder trial for hiring someone to assassinate his wife.”

    Cindi Steele, his wife, doesn’t believe Edgar is guilty of anything.

  20. Oh, and in case there’s any question, Cindi Steele is the wife that Edgar supposedly hired a hit man to kill. If SHE believes he did no such thing and and that, in fact, he was set up / framed by the government, why should I believe the jury who found him guilty?

  21. Yeah, and these “fiascos” way too frequently look awfully like frame ups to anyone with a modicum of suspiciousness that the government/media complex is not always telling the um whole truth.

  22. I don’t believe in the ‘lone wolf’ hype. Extroverts are sociopaths at much higher rates than introverts, for the record, according to Dalton’s favorite people, psychologists. Loners are pathologized because they tend to not be followers of the system’s BS, but they are comparatively non-violent and less dominating of others than extroverts. I believe this because I’ve noted the trend all my life.

  23. I think it is Glenn Miller

    A 73-year-old man was in custody tonight, suspected of the shootings at a Jewish community center and retirement community in Overland Park, Kansas, that left three people dead, police said…

    Fraiser Glenn Cross Jr., of Aurora, Mo., was taken into custody in the parking lot of an elementary school near the scene of the shootings, police said.

    “We’re investigating it as a hate crime, we’re investigating it as a criminal act, we haven’t ruled out anything,” Overland Park Police Chief John Douglass said.

  24. I’ve never been sure about Strom either. His accusers have no credibility with me. The other cases seem pretty clear though. Vanguardist flame-outs.

  25. You know, the chances of the shooter being a 73-year-old named Frasier Glenn … Jr. from Aurora, MO, and not being Glenn Miller, but looking that much like him are pretty small.

  26. The feds will find a way to prosecute Alex if it was Glenn. That’s why the LOS should stay clear of neo-nazi trash.

  27. Lew, have you ever worked in photography? Check out DM’s article, and how blurred the photos of the alleged shooter are compared to the other ones:

    Nothing imagined there, Lew. Check out the memoryhole blog I linked to. This is classic technique. You can stick your head in the sand, but don’t ask me or thinking americans to.

    Two of the victims were not jews, is the update, but protestants.

  28. There are articles on various blogs about how the press distorts photographs in black on white crimes; often they lighten blacks’ skin and darken whites’. Some pro-white blogger, Blonde on a Mission, posted an article in which a member of the press admitted to this pixilation technique, or some word for it.

    The blurring and photoshopping of photos in hoaxes is also well known. I know you’re an older gentleman, so I’ll overlook your ignorance in this case.

  29. Interesting video by Ramzpaul here. He calls the dressups anti-White.

    Jobbik and tigers, and bears! Oh, my!

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