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Update: The third victim, Terri LaManno, is a Catholic.

Glenn Miller goes on a shooting spree in Kansas
Glenn Miller goes on a shooting spree in Kansas

Like everyone, I am stunned by Glenn Miller’s shooting spree in Kansas.

There was nothing in his recent posts on VNN Forum that I saw that indicated to me that Glenn was contemplating doing anything like this. If I had any reason to suspect he was considering going on a shooting spree, I would have strongly advised him against it because his actions were immoral and counterproductive.

Why on earth would Glenn Miller murder a random 14-year-old child and his grandfather in cold blood? Here’s my theory:

1.) First, Glenn Miller thought the 14-year-old child and his grandfather were Jewish, and his hero Alex Linder has consistently advocated his “principled solution” of exterminating the Jews for 10 years now, so Glenn assumed that by acting to exterminate the Jews he would win the admiration of his peers at VNN Forum.

2.) Second, Alex Linder has identified Christian morality as a major obstacle to the dehumanization and extermination of the Jews, and Glenn Miller swallowed that psychopathic nonsense, and as a result he wasn’t restrained by the Ten Commandments when he opened fire on the 14-year-old child and his grandfather.

3.) Third, Glenn Miller wouldn’t have chosen to “go out in a blaze of glory” if he had any confidence in his peer group to reverse our racial and cultural decline. He was probably demoralized by interacting with his cowardly peers on VNN Forum. His actions suggest that he lashed out in rage at the “GD kikes” like another one of his heroes, Adolf Hitler, because he was depressed and had given up hope.

Glenn Miller's victims, two Methodists, a 14-year-old Eagle Scout and his grandfather
Glenn Miller’s victims, two Methodists, a 14-year-old and his grandfather

Glenn Miller's third victim, Terri LaManno, was a Catholic
Glenn Miller’s third victim, Terri LaManno, was a Catholic

Finally, I want to say here that I am not “throwing Rounder under the bus,” although his actions are immoral and unjustifiable. I’m not the one who filled his mind with psychotic bullshit and convinced him to throw away his own life while taking the lives of others. I assumed that someone at VNN Forum was responsible for this on the basis of past experience and that conjecture turned out to be accurate.

It’s sad, but utterly predictable, when these things happen. As long as the White Nationalist movement remains anonymous, internet-based, passive, leaderless, demoralized, and disorganized – in a word, powerless – lone wolves will continue to self detonate in desperate acts of rage.

Note: Don Black of Stormfront has brought up Glenn Miller’s recent correspondence with John Paul Franklin whom he called “America’s greatest hero.” That’s not something I had noticed because I didn’t recognize the name.

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  1. I remember reading about Miller back in the late 80s. If memory serves me right he received some money from the robberies that Bob Mathews and the Order committed in 1984. Then he became a federal witness against a number of people (Richard Butler, Louis Beam, et, al) in the trial at Fort Smith, Arkansas (that the government lost). A real scumbag in the opinion of a lot of folks.

  2. Let Miller go to his fate. He’ll die behind bars or maybe with a needle in his arm if that state has the death penalty. It’s what he DESERVES.

    Let’s not forget that Whites are assaulted and murdered every day in this country in racially motivated hate attacks. The important thing now is not letting white activists be scapegoated over the actions of one man.

  3. Lew, it isn’t the action of just one man. That is the whole point.

    There is a “movement” with a legacy of Hitler and Nazi worship, a “movement” that has done nothing about white genocide, except maybe to catalyze it further.

    There are those of us who want to achieve something in our lives, both personally, and for our families and our people. These other folks are destroyers. Destroyers should not be tolerated, first from a moral point of view, and secondly, from a practical point of view. In my estimation, we are making good progress towards our goals, only the destroyers can stop us, unless we stop them first.

  4. Reading that PJ Media piece makes me WANT to see the Tea Party get demonized and blamed for this shooting.

  5. Notice that Linder looks nothing like the other people in Kirksville. Neither does he have the same religion as most of them probably do. He is not their kind of people. He is right that if the population goes to 30 per cent black, the place will be ruined. (25 per cent black and the whites instinctively start to flee.)

    Linder’s idiotic stance against Christians and Southerners has insured that his Vanguard will never get anywhere. I will be surprised if he is personally harmed by this event, though.

  6. Miller’s murders drew comment from Benjamin Netanyahu himself. Without mentioning that Miller succeeded in murdering 3 white Christians including a child (in the quote that I saw), Netanyahu expressed condolences for the families and then added that the murders appear to have been motivated by hatred of Jews. When was the last time Netanyahu expressed sympathy for any of the millions of white families the world over who have lost loved ones in brutal, racially motivated murders?

  7. Nobody thinks it odd that only one victim could even possibly be jewish-looking? It will be interesting to see if he’s diagnosed with dementia, although I know of a fairly recent case in which an older man who suffered from it killed his wife and was still found to be competent to stand trial.

    Jews will like this scenario even more, as it conflates hating jews with hating christians/whites and connects sympathizing with the former to defending the latter.

  8. “Nobody thinks it odd that only one victim could even possibly be jewish-looking?”

    You just don’t give up do you.

  9. @ Silver

    Only when my enemy does… Lots of questions are being asked around DS. Miller had a history of collusion. He could be terminally ill, like Jack Ruby was.

    So, nope, I never give up. Seems to me that emotionally fragile people cannot countenance challenges to their a priori assumptions about the world. I don’t see the harm in posing questions.

  10. In the northeast most people know who’s jewish and who isn’t, most of the time, so it does seem peculiar someone who seems to have been so focused on jews wouldn’t perceive that that very non-jewish looking 14 year old was white.

    But I don’t live in the midwest, so it’s hard to figure. No one who went hunting jews in NY or NJ would mistake that kid for one, but then, no one around here behaves the way Linder and Miller and their ilk do.

  11. If the authorities don’t find Miller some form of insane, they will at some point throw him to the blacks in the prison where his life will be probably brought to an end in circumstances too horrible to contemplate. He better hope for the death penalty and permanent isolation, or find a way to commit suicide.

  12. I rarely ever go to VNN, but I wanted to see what the Cult of Linder had going on there. I noticed that varg has stated

    Would anyone really be surprised if Brad Griffin was found out to be working for the SPLC or the ADL?

    He’s trying his hardest to implicate Alex in any of this. He must be working overtime to earn his shekels. Of course Alex hasn’t done anything illegal nor has he suggested anyone do anything illegal, yet the mental patient worm Brad keeps twisting.

    Since I won’t wast my time trying to post on VNN, let me explain this very simple concept to varg here:

    In the eyes of the law, you are culpable for what you facilitate, not simply what you do or say. The fact that Linder has been postulating and promoting the idea of people going out to “exterminate Jews” for a long time is certainly within the realm of culpability should anyone be found to have been motivated or swayed by his writings or words. The fact that Linder has an actual website centered around this virulent message isn’t just within the realm of culpability, it is the very definition of facilitation when you look at a website as an actual manual or tool to incite and provoke people into action. What strikes me as suspicious isn’t the person taking Alex Linder at his word and implicating him according to the things he has called for and encouraged others to do. What strikes me as suspicious is someone who worships at the alter of Linder, but goes out of their way to now pretend that Alex Linder didn’t mean anything he said, suggest anything he suggested, or insinuate anything he insinuated.

  13. Linder was asked point blank if one were to have a captured Jewish child, ought one shoot the child. He said yes.

    “Rounder” shot a child after making his way to a Jewish Center.

    That isn’t a coincidence. And I’m sure that is among the least incriminating things to be found in the vnn database.

    Anyone besides HW sick of the bullshit?

    Most of what I read on “white nationalist” websites is along the lines of “it’s bad for the cause.”

    No. It’s evil. Period.

  14. Hunter Wallace, I noticed something on Stormfront that seemed a little odd. Apparently there are people there who claim that they never knew what Linder looked like and that the image put up of him probably wasn’t an actual image of him. One person has been on Stormfront since 2008, the other since 2001. Both are “Sustaining Members.” How in the world can someone be on a place like Stormfront and not have ever seen a picture of Linder? It’s not like the guy never had his picture publicized.

  15. Yeah, I’ve seen plenty of pictures of him over the years. He was very visible at the Knoxville rally in 2007, and there were plenty of images and video posted all over Stormfront and other supposed pro-White sites. If someone was on Stormfront during that time or even several years after that, then there’s no way they could have missed Linder’s images and video. Maybe they saw it and didn’t realize it was him or just forgot. Even if that is the case, it doesn’t bode well for a “movement” and some of the people that try and pass themselves off as concerned and informed members of that movement. WolfsCompass was/is a damn VNN member and has been a Stormfront member since 2008, but doesn’t seem to even know what Linder looks like? I’m calling Bullshit.

  16. OF course, this is not modern/hot news, but it’s been proven the Jews used ritual murder in the middle ages, and since, and all their victims were white Anglo children.

    That the son of the Chief Rabbi of Italy wrote the definitive book on the subject [Blood Passover] only makes the H8 crime more viable, and the Deicides that much more guilty. Why should one man’s actions be more heinous, than those of a race with 2000 years of crimes not atoned for?

    And, as today is the first day of Passover, it would be good for us to remember… and never forget. While I cannot condone this Miller’s actions, the evil does not fall from the satanic tree of Gen. 3:off- as Jesus noted in St. John, Chapter 8. And Friday is the re-presentation of the Crucifixion of the Son of God. Let’s not forget that crime of the jews…

    It IS Holy Week, after all.

  17. The fact that Linder has been postulating and promoting the idea of people going out to “exterminate Jews” for a long time is certainly within the realm of culpability should anyone be found to have been motivated or swayed by his writings or words.

    Why is everyone focusing on the “exterminate Jews” thing? Linder is anti-Christian to the core. Miller killed only Christians.

  18. “I don’t see the harm in posing questions.”

    You don’t just pose questions. You move from one insinuation to the next without missing a beat.

  19. Spelunker has no feelings of remorse for victims like Megan Boken or Steve Utash.

    He’s just a hustler.

  20. Silver, there’s a major difference between asking a question and making a conclusion or insinuation. Sometimes people ask questions as a means of insinuating, and sometimes they don’t. With regard to Miller’s targeting of whites, I was merely asking a question. That’s it. I also said it seems most likely he suffers from dementia.

  21. Why is everyone focusing on the “exterminate Jews” thing? Linder is anti-Christian to the core. Miller killed only Christians.

    Because Linder has been promoting that stance for years. He writes about it and talks about it. He goads people, trying to get them to adopt his very specific “exterminate Jews” rhetoric. And probably because Miller went to a Jewish Center, not a Christian convention. I would surmise that a man moronic enough(or mentally ill) to follow the words of Alex Linder is the type of man that could very well go to a Jewish center and end up “accidentally” killing the only non-Jews there. It really doesn’t matter whether he killed Jews or Gentiles, men or women, religious or non-religious. The point is that Linder is either a certified nutcase or a paid provocateur. It’s just really, really odd that so much death and chaos surrounds Linder’s VNN, but Linder always seems to keep on keeping on.

  22. American hard core White nationalism produces some good authors, teachers, some good, alternative news web sites.

    That’s it.

    The community is poison, attracts kooks, loners, losers, Fed informants.

    Live a solid, good life in the real world. Make good friends, get good jobs, have good relationships, be a good husband, father, neighbor.

    We’re not doing that badly in the real world.

    This Internet WN V Bulletin world is no place to hang out.

    The meth drug world is on par with this crowd.

  23. Ya’ll are being rather presumptuous aren’t you? Miller has been arrested as a suspect by the police. In the United States, one is presumed innocent until proven guilty by a court of law. Judging by the comments here, not a single poster understands this process, as all of the comments that I have read are assuming his guilt.

    I don’t know if Miller did this or not, just like no one else here does. What I do know is the same as the rest of you; hardly anything. We know that the Jew media said that he has gunned down 3 people, none of which were even Jews, and that he was arrested for this. That’s it. That is all we know about Miller’s circumstance. Oh…..there are a couple of other things that we know in general about the situation as well. First, the Jew media has been spewing out lies to infinity for decades. Second, it is in ZOG’s complete interest to have a “crazy, Jew-hating white nationalist” go beserk……and black-ops, set-ups, framings, coercion, the whole nine yards, are their specialties.

    So unless someone here can show me a credible statement by Miller admitting guilt for this incident, a statement made without duress by his own free will, or someone can show me that he has been convicted by a fair legal judgment by his peers in the last 24 hours that has escaped me, Miller is innocent and being held on suspicion of committing a crime.

    Of course it is completely possible that he just snapped and is guilty of the accusation. But to see so many so-called “informed” individuals straight convict a man solely based on a story from the Jew media is almost unbelievable…….but considering the childish behavior constantly exhibited by the “right wing counter culture”, it isn’t surprising in the least.

    No wonder the Jew, liberals and progressives continue their march to tyranny unabated. With friends like this on your side, who needs enemies.

  24. “it is completely possible that he just snapped and is guilty of the accusation”

    Yes it is, especially since he was identified by eyewitnesses and apprehended near the second crime scene with the murder weapon.

  25. @ Aservant

    You make a good point, but there is a video of Miller bellowing “heil Hitler!” It doesn’t look faked, although it could be something Miller was paid to do, etc. There could be various levels of fakeness going on, but his guilt appears more authentic than not from a number of angles.

    I brought up the very real concrete point that the media plays around with photographs to impact how viewers’ react psychologically to pictures that are published to perpetrate hoaxes, like Sandy Hook, or in the case of real crimes that the media wants downplayed. And I got accused of ‘crazy talk,’ for a phenomenon that is not only documented by ‘serious’ tenured academics like James Tracy at memoryhole (and a team of researchers with impressive credentials), but is plainly obvious if anyone actually took the time to research. Check out the coverage of the murders of the Wolfe sisters in Pittsburgh; the blurring of the photos (and the choice of which ones the media used when the family offered several) and the use of a black and white one contribute to an overall campaign to obscure the victims and what really/fully happened to them. The two women lacked a close support group so the Pittsburgh newspapers really thought they could do the extreme version of blurring the lines, both in terms of the photos and the narrative. The crime also happened in Pa where the average person is way more naive than in NYC and NJ; here even an unrelated neighbor or citizen would view the over the top blurring of photos and narrative with incredulity.

    I don’t feel like being accused of being nuts for elucidating a very provable reality so I won’t go on, but will reiterate that games are played consistently wherever possible by the media in their coverage of black on other race and white on gun crime. Just recently a white disabled man named Ronald Carris was abducted by two blacks in Desmoines, Iowa, and then hit on his head with a brick and left to die after the perps made off with his car. At first his pic was included in articles, when the identities of the perps were unknown (this happened four days ago). As of yesterday though, upon publicizing the perps’ names, the pic of the white victim has been left out and in some cases scrubbed from previous articles. Now it’s impossible to find even one pic of the poor guy, who is in critical condition, anywhere. So I guess one tactic is repressing all photos of a white victim, at least in a case where he probably doesn’t have a cadre of loved ones to notice.

    It’s all a big funhouse game to the sociopaths who have come to control the media, or the government, etc.

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