Exterminate The Jews: The Linder-Wallace-Giles Debate (2012)


Fastforward to 55 minutes.

“Could you exterminate a Jewish child yourself?” – Hunter Wallace, 2012

“I’m not going to answer absurd hypothetical questions like that.” – Alex Linder, 2012

“If you walk into a room with a 6-year-old Jewish child and blew her brains out that is murder, and that is immoral, and White people are not going to stand for that, even in Kirksville.” – Hunter Wallace, 2012

Not a hypothetical:

“As he headed to the gym at the Jewish Community Center on Sunday, Paul Temme heard gunshots, peered around a vehicle and saw a man firing into the passenger side of a car.

The man had just shot William Lewis Corporon, 69, in the head with a shotgun. Corporon had crumpled to the pavement. Now the gunman was standing on the car’s passenger side, holding what appeared to be a handgun, pumping bullets through the passenger window at Corporon’s grandson, who was still in his seat.”

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  1. Brad says:

    “Absurd?!? How much more fuckin’ absurd can you get than to come on here and say you’re going to kill all the fuckin’ Jews???”

    Give ’em hell Brad!

  2. I remember that interview, and I do remember him saying that his “exterminate the Jews” wasn’t rhetorical. But I can honestly say that I don’t remember him making it such a concrete stance. Maybe I stopped listening after he made the initial comment. I guess I should have listened a little more closely.

    I’ll be honest here. I wasn’t too sure about Giles a few years ago. But if he goes after fucktards like he did Linder, then I’ll eat crow and wish him the best of luck.

  3. “Even in Kirksville”

    Hardly my favorite place in the state, HW, but I also highly doubt it’s also the biggest moral sewer and morally retrograde town around, either. Even considering the fact that Linder lives there.

  4. Don Black has a long history with Miller; his problems with Miller?

    1. He’s a snitch, specifically against his friends in the Order
    2. He’s a coward
    3. He’s a drunk

    Not his exterminationist rhetoric. Black must know that past and future Millers are on Stormfront. He is afraid to take a stand against that nonsense, even though I suspect he personally has “evolved”. He has too many “friends” who are Hitlerphiles, 14/88 and all that. Stormfront is swimming with that backward looking stuff. Putin (who is alive, and successful, unlike Hitler) would be awesome persona to replace Hitler for good in the minds of those who need that kind of thing. But Putin is routinely savaged on Stormfront by the 14/88 types. Don “can see both sides”, when what we need is leadership to bury Hitlerphilia.

    White and normal. White and normal. White and normal. It really works.

  5. Linder’s remarks shows the absolute heartlessness of an ideologue. He’s a soulless moron.

  6. The recent shooting in Kansas piqued my curiosity about VNN, a site that I had never visited before. Having gone to the site, and taken in all I can possibly stand of it, I have three observations to make.

    1. The hatred the “vanguardists” bear for their fellow Whites is exceeded only by their hatred of Jews. For them, the white race, which they are supposedly trying to save, is little more than a desiccated abstraction, while the actual human material of that race excites nothing but hatred and contempt. They particularly revile White, Christian Southerners, expressing about them all of the vulgar platitudes that we have come to expect from such people.

    2. VNN is perhaps the best example I have ever come across of the internet’s capacity to allow marginalized people to indulge their worst traits. Hiding behind pseudonyms, already dangerously alienated individuals can reinforce one another in their bitterness, envy, and resentment. It was only inevitable that someone would one day decide to act on Alex Linder’s genocidal ravings.

    3. These individuals are a millstone around the neck of the Right. They ought to be shunned and ostracized.

  7. Yeah, I forgot. The Harvard of North Central Missouri. Leave it up to this state to rename the school in the north central part of the state after the President who was born and raised in the west central part of the state and launched his career in Kansas City.

  8. Okay, hold the f’n phone.

    Linder wants to kill all the Jews, but he didn’t have the courage even to confront much less kill one that’s right there at Truman State’s Hillel chapter.

    The kind that wants everyone else to fall on their swords but he won’t fall on his.

    At least Jim Jones offed himself when he had everyone else chug the kool-aid.

  9. Sorry Brad, you and Giles bushwacked Linder on that hypothetical scenario.

    What if Linder turned the table on you and brought up your statement of nuking all the Arabs.

    He could make it equally uncomfortable for you.

    Linder: Didn’t you say you wanted to nuke all the Arabs after 911 and incinerate them all?

    Why, yes you did. You wrote that on a message board for all the world to see.

    I don’t remember the exact words, you could refresh my memory .

    I can’t imagine the pain, suffering and horror you would have inflicted upon the old women, children and babies in particular who had nothing to do with planes and towers.

    You must be a beast!

    Seriously, could you have personally dropped bombs on them or would you have been satisfied to have others to do it on your behalf?

    Answer me!

    What sort of sadistic immoral savage you must be to suggest such an act!

    My, oh my.

  10. Afterthought

    The reason that the Stormfront crowd isn’t big on Putin?

    My theories:

    1. Russia was on the other side of Hitler in WWII

    2. Putin is what I like to call a practical nationalist, not a “pure” ethnonationalist, making the best for Russians in a less than ideal situation

    3. Putin hasn’t wiped out all the Jews in Russia, even though he probably could.

  11. Not really.

    I’ve made all kinds of asinine comments over the years. So what? That’s not the same thing as clinging to exterminationism as your “consistent principled position” for over a decade.

    I was just a 20-year-old college student running my mouth after 9/11. What’s his excuse?

  12. As much as the calls for genocide are insane, what good will it do to go a step beyond practical distance and air out the dirty laundry in public like this? Why create more fuel?

  13. William Gaunt

    This is why, for me, “white Christian Southerner” is sort of a Rorschach Test, or an acid test. Anyone in our general neck of the sociopolitical woods who has too much hatred of, contempt toward or direct too much vitriol against, the white Christian Southerner, I take for a vantard head case, and someone who I shouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole.

    However, white Christian Southerners are people, flawed fallen people, too, and they like anyone else have faults, and are not beyond legitimate constructive criticism.

  14. Re: Lenora

    It’s important to draw a bright red line between our work and places like VNN Forum in order to 1.) deter people like that from dropping a similar turd on the doorstep of the SN movement and 2.) to assure our target audience that we are sane, moral, wholesome, reasonable people so that they will feel comfortable in joining our organization.

  15. Not really.

    I’ve made all kinds of asinine comments over the years. So what? That’s not the same thing as clinging to exterminationism as your “consistent principled position” for over a decade.

    I was just a 20-year-old college student running my mouth after 9/11. What’s his excuse?

    That’s a good retort, and very understandable during a time like that. Many people have become overwhelmed during periods of their life and make emotional comments that don’t give a true indication of their personality or views. Obviously you realize now that exterminating people who had nothing to do with a specific event isn’t a mature or sane response.

    Now tell us, Alex, do you still want to exterminate all Jews?

  16. Re: Afterthought

    I’m also frustrated with the response to this elsewhere. It seems to me that lots of people are convinced that they can ignore this problem, segregate themselves from the problem, and claim they are not “associated” with the problem and that it doesn’t reflect on them. It’s business as usual over there.

    But, it doesn’t work that way in reality.

    It’s absolutely true that Don Black reviles Glenn Miller as a traitor and that he was never allowed to post on Stormfront. My father-in-law has always known that Glenn Miller is a nut, but that doesn’t stop the media from mentioning the CofCC in the same breath, and for no other reason than the CofCC is based in St. Louis.

  17. As far as drawing a bright red line between your work and VNN’s, I would suggest not posting over there anymore. Unproductive at best and quite possibly counterproductive.

    • tom,

      That’s over.

      This is also the final post on the subject. When the next VNN meltdown happens (there have been at least half a dozen), I will just repost the link to this thread.

  18. Well HW, I hear you responding to Linder, when he wants to exterminate the jews, that such intentions will alienate 99.9% of people. And you are right. But when Linder explains WHY he thinks he needs to do that, he has a point. What alternative way is there to deal with the presence of a group such as the jews have proven themselves to be? I’m not saying there is not an alternative. Just asking you, what do you think it is? It’s not unimportant.

  19. Linder’s diagnosis of the problem is inaccurate.

    Just look at the new Succeed Florida billboard. It was bought and paid for by the Florida Chamber of Commerce. Linder wants to pin all the blame for mass immigration on the Jews, but that is because he wants to indict Jews, not because he has a genuine interest in, say, the causes of demographic displacement in Florida.

  20. Stephen E Dalton says:

    ‘Linder’s remarks shows the absolute heartlessness of an ideologue. He’s a soulless moron.’

    Ha ha ha, and LMAO,

    So chimes in Friar Tuck, the man who defended the torture and burning at the stake of hundreds of thousands of people accused of heresy by the Catholic prelates for hundreds of years in Europe.

    The very same man who argued against me and said it was good that an innocent sixteen year old girl was pulled apart in the torture device known as the rack and burned alive at the stake for not believing the wafer is the literal body of Christ.

    The man who claims the ‘Inquisition’ was totally justified has the chutzpah to call someone else a heartless ideologue?


  21. countenance says:

    ‘Anyone who didn’t want to fry all the Arabs after 9/11 was either a flat out race traitor or has the patience of Job.’

    All the Arabs? Even, men, women and children who had NOTHING to do with it?

    Okay, let me rephrase your sentence and turn it back at you for consideration.

    ‘Anyone who didn’t want to fry all the jews after thousands of years of continuous treachery against us is either a flat out race traitor or has the patience of Job. ‘


  22. Not that anything Linder posts surprises me, but here’s a telling semantical pat on the back:

    We act like we don’t really believe what we say. Don’t we have enough enemies? Don’t they have enough power? We need to join them in jumping on an enterprising and loyal man?

    I’ve said this before, and I say it now:

    Rounder is a better man than any of his detractors.

    Enterprising to what end? Loyal to whom? Would Alex be talking about himself when he says loyal? Because he’s sure not talking about a man who was a snitch and stabbed people in the back, and a man who most people even in the pro-White world didn’t to trust at all.

    That indictment is starting to stretch its legs for the jog on over the Kirksville. If it doesn’t, then it should be a given that VNN/Linder are being paid to keep up the virulent agitprop or being given a wide berth on purpose for other reasons. That’s right boys and girls. Go on over and pat the murderer on the back. Nobody is watching.

  23. That’s funny.

    Without a trace of irony, Linder has been back for two days now and hasn’t once been able to give a straightforward answer to Greg’s question.

    In the 2012 debate above, I told him that murder is always immoral, and that remains my view today. Then and now, it is Linder who is uncomfortable discussing the logic of his own exterminationist position.

    He’s right that this incident has “value” in showing how people who claim to be pro-White respond to a heinous crime. As a psychopath, he hasn’t exhibited any remorse of sympathy for the victims, or even any concern for his own friend who will probably get the death penalty for acting out his sick and twisted ideas.

    The reaction to Miller’s rampage shooting has shown both 1.) how ordinary people would react to Linder’s strategy of “exterminate the Jews” – Linder himself went into hiding – and 2.) that it has strengthened the SPLC with tons of publicity and millions of dollars in donations.

  24. I’m going to be transcribing the Griffin/Giles/Linder debate when I have time. This needs to be a written record.

  25. “I’ve said this before, and I say it now:
    Rounder is a better man than any of his detractors.”

    “Johnson is a high-quality man, in most respects. Although he is an unadmitted sodomite. As a queer, he is given to some passive-aggressive, cunning strategies to achieve mildly nefarious ends.

    Griffin has professional abilities in certain letters regards, but is fundamentally a weak and vacillating character, and a danger to all around him, due to his proven record of tergiversation and treachery.”

    Alex Linder

  26. Linder himself went into hiding

    No, no, didn’t you hear? His cable just happened to be down for two days, that’s all. {Snigger}
    Vile as I found him, I used to have some respect for Linder. If racial problems can’t be solved without violence, then violence must at some point erupt, and if that were to happen I considered somebody like Linder a formidable opponent. I no longer think so. He is a joke.

  27. “If we exterminate termites because they destroy the foundations of our houses, how much more lenient should we be in our treatment of jews, who destroy the foundations of our society?”

    Alex Linder

  28. Griffin has professional abilities in certain letters regards, but is fundamentally a weak and vacillating character, and a danger to all around him, due to his proven record of tergiversation and treachery.”

    As I read that earlier I was thinking to myself, “Hey, maybe that could be true. But what kind of danger would he be? Would he be the kind of danger that would just explode and kill three innocent White people? Probably not. I mean, he’s not the one in slow Earth orbit revolving around the idea that millions and millions of people need to be exterminated.”

    I’d say there’s a better shot at the sub-Saharan Space Program finally making it to the Moon with their new flatulence-powered rocket technology than there is that Linder isn’t a government asset—paid or otherwise.

  29. No, no, didn’t you hear? His cable just happened to be down for two days, that’s all. {Snigger}

    Hey! It’s common knowledge that everyone’s Internet connection goes out immediately after posting an article about one of your followers going on a murder rampage. Just the other day I….

  30. “the torture and burning at the stake of hundreds of thousands of people accused of heresy by the Catholic prelates for hundreds of years in Europe.”

    Recent scholarship, meaning in the last 20 or 30 years, puts the number of people executed for heresy in both the Old and New World, from the start of the suppression of the Cathars circa 1200 to the end of the Napoleonic Wars, to be in the thousands rather than the somewhat ridiculous figure of “hundreds of thousands” that you give (and were undoubtedly taught to you from biased books and Sunday School tales of terror.)

    It was in the wars and peasant revolts of the Reformation and Counter-Reformation most notably the infamous Thirty Years War that millions died of disease and starvation (mostly in the largely German speaking Holy Roman Empire) purportedly over religious differences but in actuality for territorial gain by early Modern Era kings and princes.

    For a realistic assessment of the various Catholic (and even some Calvinist) Inquistions I highly recommend the following objective analysis written by University of Pennsylvania Professor Edward Peters who has no particular national or religious axe to grind:


  31. Back during 9/11 I thought it would be a damned stupid mistake to react with much more than aggressive Spec Ops and air bombardment.

    It looked like a Parthian Shot to me. Following the lead back to the ME and Central Asia looked foolish. It seems in retrospect to have been designed to provoke overreaction and bankrupt the US.

  32. Good points Rudel, ecclesiastical laws appear to be a fairly soft alternative got the justice of secular authority in these eras. There is a humorous hangover from this at the Boston “Massacre”, two defendants were convicted of manslaughter but were offered Privilege of Clergy. This Privilege could be invoked if the defendant could read Psalm 51 (the neck psalm).

    I’ve always been suspicious of the bad rap the Church authorities receive from Enlightenment era pundits.

  33. “It seems in retrospect to have been designed to provoke overreaction”

    Many duly noted this at the time including Osama bin Laden himself! And yes I think you can lay a great deal of the blame for the invasion of Iraq, a country that had absolutely nothing to do with the 9/11 attack, on the neocon Jews like Paul Wolfowitz both inside and out of the Bush administration.

    We should have gone into Afghan, shot up Al Qaeda and some Talibans, declared victory and got out right away.

  34. “1:17:00 Linder discusses the legality of incitement to murder.”

    He just might get to argue his case with some Justice Department and/or SPLC lawyers in federal court this time.

  35. Informants turned homicidal.

    Michael Adebolejo, Glen Miller… what about the Tsarnaev Fils? Has anyone dug into the background of the Sikh Temple shooter?

    Enough to raise eyebrows perhaps.

  36. Well, we’re at the end of business day number three after the fact, and still no media dot connecting to Linder-VNN-Kirksville.

    Someone over at my blog asked a really good question:

    Something else I’ve wondered about is how Linder manages to fund VNN. Stormfront has more pledge drives than PBS. Mrs. Linder would have to have a high-paying job to support VNN as well as Alex.

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