Exterminate The Jews: The Linder-Wallace-Giles Debate (2012)


Fastforward to 55 minutes.

“Could you exterminate a Jewish child yourself?” – Hunter Wallace, 2012

“I’m not going to answer absurd hypothetical questions like that.” – Alex Linder, 2012

“If you walk into a room with a 6-year-old Jewish child and blew her brains out that is murder, and that is immoral, and White people are not going to stand for that, even in Kirksville.” – Hunter Wallace, 2012

Not a hypothetical:

“As he headed to the gym at the Jewish Community Center on Sunday, Paul Temme heard gunshots, peered around a vehicle and saw a man firing into the passenger side of a car.

The man had just shot William Lewis Corporon, 69, in the head with a shotgun. Corporon had crumpled to the pavement. Now the gunman was standing on the car’s passenger side, holding what appeared to be a handgun, pumping bullets through the passenger window at Corporon’s grandson, who was still in his seat.”

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  1. Re: ‘All else are eternally dooooooomed’:

    Note that Dalton calls the Pope ‘His Holiness’. He MUST agree with His Holiness, Pius XII, who said ‘To be Christian one MUST be Roman’ — and with His Holiness Leo XIII who said ‘Whoever leaves Her (whoever is separated from the Whore of Babylon) departs from the will and command of Our Lord Jesus Christ; leaving the path of salvation, he enters that of PERDITION (a.k.a. is necessarily going to Hell)’ — and with His Holiness Pius IX who condemned the proposition that Protestants are true Christians and that the ‘Easterns’ (referring to the Eastern Orthodox, who must NEVER be called Orthodox though it is acceptable to write: so-called ‘orthodox’) are true Christians.

    I think this is an excellent, very timely Good Friday tangent. Southrons take heed!

  2. Sam, the Albigenses and the Cathars were dangerous, subversive groups. They pushed perverted ideas about sexuality, encouraging either absolute license or absolute abstinence in sexual matters. Their so-called ‘Christianity was nothing more than a revival of the old Gnostic heresy. They were also very aggressive in pushing their ideas. They would infiltrate church parishes and take them over from the legitimate priests and members. They were friendly toward Jews and Muslims. And they wouldn’t hesitate to murder anyone to achieve their goals. The Church preached to these dangerous cultists for twenty years, because their behavior threatened the stability of the Church and the French government. If the French Church and State didn’t take the actions that they did, France would have been weakened and left vulnerable to foreign enemies, and the French Church could have been used as a lunch pad for the further spread of the Cathar heresy.
    The Waldensians were closer to Catholicism in their beliefs, but they too were subversive. Neither the Church, the State, or ordinary Frenchmen cared for their attempts to undermine French society. So the French and other governments that had to contend with them, dealt very harshly with them.

  3. ‘dangerous, subversive groups…pushed perverted ideas about sexuality’ et cetera…..

    Another bunch of wicked, shameless Papist lies, and on Good Friday!

  4. In the news now: Another typically ‘conservative’ Southron leader, chosen by typically ‘conservative’ Southron electors, is pushing for more Endless war: http://thelead.blogs.cnn.com/2014/04/18/sen-corker-calls-for-lethal-aid-to-ukrainian-military/ But they’ve been sending the lethal ‘aid’ for a long time already. You ‘martial’ Normans and Cavaliers can’t get enough war, can you? More war for the benefit of the Elite and the enemy of all White peoples.

  5. Despite these facts, Pope John Paul II warns us:

    Yet the consideration of mitigating factors does not exonerate the Church from the obligation to express profound regret for the weaknesses of so many of her sons and daughters who sullied her face, preventing her from fully mirroring the image of her crucified Lord, the supreme witness of patient love and of humble meekness. From these painful moments of the past a lesson can be drawn for the future, leading all Christians to adhere fully to the sublime principle stated by the Council: “The truth cannot impose itself except by virtue of its own truth, as it wins over the mind with both gentleness and power.”

    Dalston is no Catholic.

  6. Stephen E Dalton says:

    ‘Sam, the Albigenses and the Cathars were dangerous, subversive groups.’

    Here we go again. Every religious group rejecting the absolute authority of RCC was considered dangerous and subversive.

    Stephen E Dalton says: ‘ They pushed perverted ideas about sexuality, encouraging either absolute license or absolute abstinence in sexual matters’

    I’ve read quite a lot about those groups. Beliefs and practices differed. For the most part they were peaceful and kept to themselves. Absolute abstinence? Oh the utter depravity. They should have been skinned alive. As for sexual license, did they make a habit of sexually molesting little boys?


    A document obtained by The Associated Press on Friday shows Pope Benedict XVI defrocked nearly 400 priests over just two years for sexually molesting children.

    Catholic priests — not Gnostics.

    To be consistent shouldn’t you be clamoring for their executions.

    Stephen E Dalton says: ‘Their so-called ‘Christianity was nothing more than a revival of the old Gnostic heresy.’

    They emphasized experience of the Divine over myriads of beliefs and dogma.

    Every interpretation not ordained by YOUR group is heresy, no matter what.

    Stephen E Dalton says: ‘They were friendly toward Jews and Muslims’

    So is the Vatican, the Pope and church hierarchy. Jeeesh.

    Stephen E Dalton says: ‘And they wouldn’t hesitate to murder anyone to achieve their goals.’

    Ha ha ha. The pot calling the kettle black. They didn’t do a very good job of it as they were almost entirely exterminated from off the face of the earth by your church.

    Elaine Pagels is considered the authority on Gnostics. She was part of a research team studying the Nag Hammadi library manuscripts, a collection of Gnostic texts discovered near the Upper Egyptian town of Nag Hammadi in 1945.

    Read her writings to gain further understanding if you wish.

  7. “More war for the benefit of the Elite and the enemy of all White peoples.”

    One of the most charming aspects of White people are their elites. One only has to observe the ongoing popularity among the the bourgeoisie of Gone With The The Wind or Masterpiece Theater on TV to see the truth of this.

  8. ” encouraging either absolute license or absolute abstinence in sexual matters”

    I’ve always considered the vows of chastity imposed by the Catholic Church on most religious orders circa 1000 AD to be a great fount of homosexuality in Western Civilization.

  9. I’ve seen nearly all of that unjustly famous Talmudic Hollywood soap opera ‘Gone with the Wind’, and it doesn’t express my sense of life. Do you really enjoy those Broadway and Hollywood stars, singers and dancers (including even some Negroes) that you keep posting here, Rudel?

    Re: “One of the most charming aspects of White people are their elites’:

    The Elite that enslaves and destroys our White people is not our elite.

  10. “It’s not a White characteristic to find elitism (oligarchy, dictatorship, etc.) charming.”

    Oligarchy is the way it is. I’m sorry you have trouble coming to grips with reality. The real problem facing Western Civilization is that the oligarchic elites are no longer aristocratic in nature. They are full of Jews, Chinks, Hindus, Pakis and decadent Congregationalists.

  11. Re: Talmudic: Reference to Hollywood and ‘pop culture’. Margaret Mitchell the novelist doesn’t seem to have had any Talmudic ancestry or close relations, but her mother was president of the Woman’s Suffrage League in Georgia, and her father as president of the board of education managed to abolish corporal punishment in the public schools. I haven’t read the novel, but I’m sure it was better than the movie. That’s what everyone always says about novels and movies. I’m really not interested in old pop culture, or new pop culture.

  12. Rudel,

    Jefferson never saw it coming. He’d have sworn loyalty to George III if he had access to a time machine.

  13. An aristocracy of our own ethnos would be pretty tolerable, but the ‘rights of Englishmen’ (or other White people) belong more to a ‘mixed’ constitution with checks on the faults of natural aristocracy.

  14. “Jefferson never saw it coming. He’d have sworn loyalty to George III if he had access to a time machine.”

    I’d go further than that. If all was right with the world we would still be reigned by the Stuarts!

  15. Music break:


    Following the Waterson’s traditional lyrics:

    Come, come with me out to the old churchyard,
    I so well know those paths ‘neath the soft green sward.
    Friends slumber in there that we want to regard;
    We will trace out their names in the old churchyard.
    Mourn not for them, their trials are o’er,
    And why weep for those who will weep no more?
    For sweet is their sleep, though cold and hard
    Their pillows may be in the old churchyard.

    I know that it’s vain when our friends depart
    To breathe kind words to a broken heart;
    And I know that the joy of life is marred
    When we follow lost friends to the old churchyard.
    But were I at rest ‘neath yonder tree,
    Oh, why would you weep, my friends, for me?
    I’m so weary, so wayworn, why would you retard
    The peace I seek in the old churchyard?

    Why weep for me, for I’m anxious to go
    To that haven of rest where no tears ever flow;
    And I fear not to enter that dark lonely tomb
    Where our saviour has lain and conquered the gloom.
    I rest in the hope that one bright day
    Sunshine will burst to these prisons of clay,
    And old Gabriel’s trumpet and voice of the Lord
    Will wake up the dead in the old churchyard.

  16. Fuck all that Mosin. I’m going to be cremated and my kids will strew my ashes into the creek that feeds my favorite surf spot. How pagan is that? LOL

  17. Mosin, I’m very well read on the groups you defend as ‘great martyrs’ to so-called Catholic tyranny. I’ve read Catholic, Baptist, and even pro-Gnostic sources on these people. All of the scholars who have looked at the original source documents agree that these groups were subversive and most of them pushed bizarre sexual practices as a part of their religious rites. When I read your defense of these groups, I must conclude that you have never read anything about them, except in trash like the “Trail Of Blood” type books so popular among certain types of Protestants, or you know the truth about these groups, but you’re willing to outright lie so you can claim these groups as Protestant ancestors. The only problem with that idea is various religious groups like the Baptists, 7th Day Adventists, various Church Of God 7th Day groups, Herbert Armstrong groups, and even some Presbyterians want to claim them as spiritual ancestors. Whatever your motives are, neither history or truth are strong points with you.

  18. Cap’t John, to the best of my knowledge, the condemnation of the Cathars, and the other groups still stand.

  19. Rudel, celibacy doesn’t cause sodomy. People who are already queers sneak into the priesthood, and use celibacy as a cloak for their perversions.

  20. Sam, I feel so sorry for you. You’re a disillusioned Catholic and a disillusioned Protestant. You’re now an infidel. When you become disillusioned with that, what will you do? All kidding aside, you’re filled with rage and anger, just like Glen Martin. It will eat you alive if you don’t put it out. I had a friend like you once. He’s now a bitter, angry, lonely man who has alienated all his friends. Sadly he refuses to see his own attitude is the cause of the problems in his life. I sincerely hope you don’t end up like my former friend, but you will if you keep feeding your rage and anger like this.

  21. ‘Whatever your motives are’:

    But your motive for bringing up that standard defense argument again and again is obvious, since you CAN read between the lines of the histories of the persecuted and exterminated NON-Romans that have been written by the adoring minions, collaborators and officials of the persecutor-exterminator itself.

    ‘To my knowledge the condemnation of the Cathars, and the other groups still stand’:

    Of course everything that has ever been said or done still stands, remains infallible or trustworthy, and fully justified (by clever whitewashes, silencing and obfuscations) including the more recent Crusade to destroy the Orthodox non-Papist churches of Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzgovina and Serbia — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymugZ-qQx2E Even if exposed, loyal Papists — which were too dangerous and subversive Manichean dualists secretly practicing bizarre sexual rites to let live, weren’t they?

    ‘ The Catholic Church did not leave the execution of a religious war to the secular arm, as she had done in similar circumstances in bygone centuries. She came down into the fighting field, full tilt, shunning precautions and brandishing the sword against those whom she had decided to exterminate, with a directness that had not been seen for a long time. Many of the Ustashi formations were officered by Catholic priests, and often by friars, who had taken an oath to fight with dagger and gun for the “triumph of Christ and Croatia.” Many of them did not hesitate to carry out the most infamous tasks, glorying in deeds that would have filled with shame any average “heathen or barbarian from the East.” All in the name of religion. Thus, while some, as we have already seen, took charge of concentration camps, others led the armed Ustashi in the closing of Orthodox churches, in the confiscation of Orthodox records, in the persecution, arrest, and, yes, even in the murder of Orthodox people, including Orthodox priests. At Banjaluka, for instance, an official order directed that all the Orthodox Church records of marriages, baptisms, and burials be delivered forthwith to Catholic parishes, while at Pakrac Catholic priests took possession of the Serbian Bishop’s residence, following the locking and sealing of the Orthodox cathedral (April 12, 1941). Orthodox churches were converted into halls—e.g. that of Prnjavor, on July 10, 1941. Others were transformed into Catholic churches, when they were not pulled down altogether—e.g. in the provinces of Lika, Banija, and Kordun, where 172 churches were totally destroyed. Orthodox monasteries shared the same fate. At Fruska Gora fifteen Serbian Orthodox monasteries and churches were given to Catholic monks of the Franciscan order, as was also done with the Church properties at Orahovica, Pakrac, Lepavina, and other places. The monastery of Vrdnik-Ravanica, wherein were buried the remains of King Lazar, who led and died in the historical battle of Kosovo against the Turks in 1389 in defense of Christianity, was also taken over, as was Sremski Karlovci, the former seat of the Orthodox Patriarchate. There the great cathedral was first plundered of all valuables, then closed, after all its physical properties had been taken over by the Catholic Bishop. Within a short period 250 Orthodox churches were pillaged or destroyed. In the diocese of Diakovo, mentioned before, twenty-eight Orthodox churches became Catholic churches. Together with the destruction of Orthodox churches, Catholic ferocity struck at the very backbone of the Orthodox Church: i.e. at the Orthodox clergy. Orthodox priests were imprisoned, sent to concentration camps, hunted down, or simply massacred. Hundreds of them, including Orthodox Bishops, perished, only because they were priests of the religion hostile to the “true Church.” Orthodox priests, before being executed or hanged, were often horribly tortured—e.g. priest Branko Dobrosavljevich, from Veljun, who was compelled to read the obituary of his own son, whom the Ustashi first killed in his presence, this preceding his own torture and death, which became the signal for the mass execution of hundreds of Orthodox inside the Orthodox churches of Kladusa, Veljun, Slusnica, Primislje, and other places. On April 20, 1941, in the village of Svinjica, the Ustashi arrested the Orthodox priest, Babic, and after torturing him buried him in an upright position to his waist in the ground. Within a few weeks the Ustashi and Catholic priests murdered 135 Orthodox priests, of whom eighty-five came from one diocese. The higher clergy were not spared. On the night of June 5, 1941, on orders from the Ustashi chief, Gutic, the Orthodox Bishop Platon, of Banjaluka in Western Bosnia, together with several Orthodox priests, some of whom were former members of the House of Representatives, was taken to the outskirts of the town by the Ustashi. There the old Bishop’s beard was torn out, a fire lit on his naked chest, then, after prolonged torture, he and all his companions were killed with hatchets, and their bodies thrown into the Vrbanja River. Dositej, Orthodox Bishop of Zagreb, capital of the Independent State of Croatia, where Archbishop Stepinac had his residence, lost his reason as a result of the tortures inflicted upon him before his expulsion to Belgrade. Three Orthodox Bishops, Peter Zimonjic of Sarajevo, Sava Trlajic of Plaski, and Platon of Banjaluka, were murdered. Numerous Catholic priests and monks, some of whom were not even attached to the Ustashi formations, carried out indiscriminate executions with their own hands. Many of them methodically and with precision took part in the most incredible orgies of blood. Canon Ivan Mikan, already mentioned, made daily rounds of the prison and mercilessly beat Orthodox Serbs with a bull-whip, scolding the Ustashi for being lax in their work, personally ordering that the Orthodox monastery of Gomirje be looted and its inmates sent to a concentration camp, where they were all executed. Fra Anto, a Catholic priest of Tramosnjica, organized Ustashi bands with the object of capturing as many Orthodox Serbs as he could, whom very often he tortured personally, as he did at Brcko. Simic Vjekoslav, a monk of the monastery at Knin, personally killed numerous Orthodox. Sidonije Sole, a monk of the Franciscan monastery in Nasice, deported the Orthodox population of whole villages, while the Catholic priests Guncevic and Marjanovich Dragutin, in addition to acting as police officials, ordered the arrest of hundreds of Orthodox, whom they tortured and then killed, taking an active personal part in their execution.[2] German Castimir, abbot of the monastery in Guntic personally directed the mass murder of the Orthodox Serbs of Glina, a hundred of whom were murdered inside the Orthodox church there. The names of many others have been put on record by the Serbian Eastern Orthodox diocese of the USA and Canada, by the Orthodox Church of Yugoslavia, by the Yugoslav Government, and by other official agencies. The purpose of all this terror was to destroy the enemies of Catholicism. Yet, while the Catholic Church, whenever given total power, can become a ruthless destroyer of her enemies, bursting with dreams of expansion, she can simultaneously follow a no less ruthless campaign of absorption. Absorption can be accomplished by only one means: by conversion…’. http://www.reformation.org/holoc7.html

  22. ‘Sam, I feel so sorry for you (…) you’re filled with rage and anger’:

    Psychologising tactic: Everyone who’s not Mainstreaming properly must be ‘filled with rage and anger’, sure to burn out and fade out eventually or else explode like Miller.

  23. Mosin does appear to have won this fight on the Croats.

    The ferocity of the Croats is mind boggling. They were not fighting Communists but exterminating Orthodoxy. Wowzers. This was happening as Orthodoxy was being smashed from all sides too.

  24. Mosin’s so-called history is one sided. The Serbs and the Croats have been fighting like hillbilly clans for centuries. Both have committed atrocities and genocide against each other since they had contact hundreds of years ago. A simple internet search like Atrocities committed by Serbs or Croats will reveal this to be so. To make the Croats the only villains in this on going regional tragedy is hypocritical, but we can expect this from ol’ Mosin, no?
    Rudel, I’m surprised you swallowed this humanure from the fertilizer king. You’re usually skeptical (and most of the time, rightly so) of any historical claims made by this ahistorical ignoramus. I gained a lot of respect for you when you made your claims regarding Columbus’s Non-Jewish ancestry. I was curious enough to do a web search on this and I discovered that the preponderance of evidence was against Chris being Jewish. The Jewish origin theory didn’t even show up on the radar screen until the 19th century, and the Greek origin idea not until the 192o’s-30’s. I do hope you won’t slip up like this again.

  25. Actually I know lots of Serbs and Croats.

    Dalston, the Croats keep really quiet about this. They know what they did.

    Also you just misdirected the point Mosin made. Croat clergy were among the most villainous thugs in the Balkans. I knew about Ustasha, but I didn’t know how many priests and friars were involved.

    It’s a bit like the Austrofascists before the Anschluss.

    You got caught red handed Dalston.

  26. The point is the role of the clergy in the Ustasha.

    Sure, ethnic groups clash but the church is supposed to moderate the fanatical behaviour of the extremist. Not fucking well form the van of the assault.

  27. The assault on the Christian Orthodox in Serbia as well as the Orthodox in Russia probably provoked the Russians into fighting back against the axis in a way that they’d have never fought for Communism.
    Self inflicted wound I’d say.

  28. @Dalton

    “Rudel, I’m surprised you swallowed this humanure from the fertilizer king. “

    I don’t know WTF you are talking about. Germany supported Croatia during the breakup of Yugoslavia during the four year war for Croatia’s independence. There are currently hundreds of thousands of Croats working in Germany. The Croatian government grants special treatment for the German-speakers in Croatia even going so far as to give them a special seat in parliament.

  29. Obviously the clergy in Croatia are not C K Chesterton’s Father Brown. Not even RTE’s Father Ted.

  30. No, they are RC just as Helmut Kohl is RC when he was Chancellor of Germany during the Croatian War of Independence and just like the ruling Hapsburg’s were RC when Croatia was part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire.

    Hence my statement about the stone cold fact of the natural affinity between Germany and Croatia.

  31. Cap’t, I stand by what I’ve said. The Serbs and the Croats have fighting each other for centuries. Offenses have been committed by both sides. It’s ridiculous for outsiders, regardless of what religion or ethnicity they may have in common with the natives of that region, to get wrapped up in the troubles of that area. And yes, it’s sad that the churches have a hard time moderating things over there, but people sometimes neglect to seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness.
    Rudel, I was commenting on Mosin’s link to that Reformation website. That site is over the top Anti-Catholic. I mistakenly believed you swallowed the horsepoop Mosin was dishing out. But like I said to the Cap’t, the Serb’s and the Croat’s have been fighting each over for centuries, so it’s idiotic for outsiders to pick a side, when they both has genocided or atrocited each over back and forth for years.

  32. My insane next door neighbour is a Croat.

    She is a manipulative old witch. The Serbs and Montenegrins I know are by comparison chilled out.

  33. One might have expected some restraint from the Clergy. Or at least a restraining influence.

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