May Day 2014 March and Counter-Demonstration

Scott Terry, seen far right, infiltrates the 2014 May Day Parade
Scott Terry, seen far right, infiltrates the 2014 May Day Parade

District of Corruption

Editor’s Note: This article is being updated with photos and video as it becomes available.

by Shane Long

The May Day march in Washington, D.C. was interrupted yet again this year. The League of the South, with members of Trad Youth Network, staged a successful demonstration in opposition to the enemies of all things normal and productive as they made their way through the streets surrounding the White House. Participants traveled from as far away as Georgia and Indiana in a show of solidarity against the anti-white genocide of the Southern people.

The members spent the afternoon Thursday handing out copies of the Free Magnolia, praying and celebrating our Folk with supporters, and answering questions. We were approached by many Europeans who expressed sincere gratitude for our willingness to take a stand. Supporters included Italian and British media, Russian nationals, and a member of the Scottish national party.

Arriving prior to May Day protesters were members of Casa de Maryland, whose chants against deportation were boisterously answered with cries of “Deportation, Yes We Can.” On they marched ahead like a sea of puppets, save for one. One who would stay behind to learn that we had a common enemy as we spoke against the free-trade policies of the United States government. A hypocritical government which has destroyed the economy of Nations the world over, and caused the very people it portends to represent to become in many ways depending upon foreign slave labor. It is a government which has then invited these same third world immigrants to flood our Southern homeland, replacing the Southern population with a people alien to our culture, views, religion, way of life and survival. Indeed, Southern Independence is the answer to all of these problems.

DC police, as well as other police agencies, were on high alert anticipating violence from the May Day protesters. Paddy wagons at the ready, League members were asked to remain away from certain sections of the street where officers seemingly anticipated large amounts of arrests to be made.

Communist protesters were on slightly better behavior during their march from Malcolm X park, which was streamed over live feed – a service much appreciated by Southern Nationalists who enjoyed the added help in showing the world the degenerate nature of those involved. Communist protesters were shocked and angered to discover they had completed their entire march with at least one well-known Southern Nationalist marching in their ranks in plain view. The infiltrator heroically revealed himself, at last joining his compatriots. Of particular note was the light hearted camaraderie of those in attendance for the League of the South and TradYouth, in stark contrast to the blistering animosity for civilisation displayed elsewhere in front of the White House.

Special arrangements were made to ensure that our demonstrators could leave when we planned without leaving undo unrest in our wake for the city to settle. While prepared to defend our position and our safety, we were pleased to see a great reduction in the number of communist participants. Our intel has learned this was largely an intentional move by May Day organisers who feared many of their more outspoken participants were more of a liability than they were worth. Given the conversations our demonstrators made with the general public, we can’t fault the May Day organisers for wishing their marchers didn’t need overseers.

Our demonstrators stood firm with dignity as several of the marchers hurled slurs and spit in every direction, seeming as though the souls of mad men had long since taken control of their every movement. Fending off agitators and imitators, our message was carried through the streets of Washington clearly: We the Southern people have a right to exist, a right to be free, and we are not going away. Our numbers are growing. Our occupiers in Washington and beyond will know that on this ground, the streets belong to us.

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SEIU/CASA de Maryland Demonstration

Fastforward to 18:42 to see the narrator approach our people:

Video streaming by Ustream

2014 May Day March

Fortunately, a group called Roots Media was on hand in Washington, DC to film and archive the 2014 May Day March in its entirety for us:

Video streaming by Ustream

Video streaming by Ustream

Video streaming by Ustream

Video streaming by Ustream

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  1. It was the labour unions thatbpreserved the White Australia policy until well into the 1970s. Ultimately the Conservatives ended it and opened up Australia to millions of Third Worlders. Likewise, the labour unions in South Africa fought for apartheid. In the South we never had strong unions because of our paternalist system in which the upper class fought for segregation, which primarily protected and benefited the lower White classes. Anyhow, these are examples of being for the lower classes and also being pro-White.

  2. Brad, ‘fighting sexism’ is pretty necessary for working class white women, who are, when they’re fair haired anglo celts, the single most hated and violated profile in stateside America.

  3. “they’re fair haired anglo celts, the single most hated and violated profile in stateside America.”


  4. Prove that, Our Royal Rudeness.
    I’m fairly certain you haven’t spent too much time in the working class, huh?

    I’ll add onto that the the lie of people like these scum is that their grokking ‘anti-sexism’ is their biggest lie. All the protections of ‘anti-sexism’ disappear when you’re skin is white and fair. The jews’/zionists’ lies about defending ‘women’ were designed to screw over white women.

    But that doesn’t mean there exists no sexism towards women, particularly lower class ones, in whites that needs to be recognized.

  5. Brad, you sound about as intelligent when you try to address social issues of gender as you do when you attempt to speak to what goes on in the northeast, which is, not very.

  6. “I’m fairly certain you haven’t spent too much time in the working class, huh?”

    I’ve done more manual labor than you ever would even if you lived to be 100.

  7. The Northeast can fight racism, sexism, nativism and all their other -isms, which are always expanding … it’s fine with me so long as there are two countries and their culture is no long imposed on us in the South by the federal courts.

  8. “Check this out:”

    Orthodoxy is another sect ultimately based on the Judaic monotheism of the Old Testament. With a name like Heimbach he might be better served by praying to the pagan Germanic gods. They make just as much sense (or not) as the Hebraic God does and they have far more entertaining myths.

  9. Really, Rudel…I’d like to hear all about it. You make a pretty bold assertion given that you know very little about me.

    Brad, please keep your projections onto the Northeast to yourself then. You occasionally make assessments about how people up here feel about topics like the jews that aren’t based on experience. TradYouth is founded, to the best of my knowledge, in the North. Have you heard what’s coming out of the northern states outside of the tri-state and New England areas? It doesn’t sound too much like your southern rhetoric.

    I’ll always find it funny that the southrons hate ‘feminism’ when their women vote, attend college and grad schools, and own property, etc. It’s just so irrational that you have to laugh. I’d never heard a woman brag about being ‘dominated’ until hanging out in the pro-White movement and encountering it from women like Courtney from Alabama, who’s insistently and ebulliently proud to not be ‘liberated,’ and disdainful of the working class women of Stormfront.

    Ya just gotta laugh.

  10. Sissy Spacek lived with her cousin in NYC while waiting tables, I suppose, during an era where few blacks or jews dared lay a hand on white women.

    She hardly qualifies as an anglo celt fair haired woman who had to support herself (staying with family doesn’t cut it) in the working class, much less make a career out of it.

    And resorting to an anecdote, or trying to fetishize one or even a couple, is such weak argumentation that I can’t be bothered.

  11. In America, “women’s rights” grew out of the abolitionist movement. Anti-Southern politics and feminism are two branches of the same tree.

  12. “And resorting to an anecdote, or trying to fetishize one or even a couple, is such weak argumentation that I can’t be bothered.”

    I fetishize (as you so delicately put it) over many White women. I even married a couple of them. I’m lately quite enamored of Slavic beauty although I don’t want to exclude Western European lovelies in the least bit:

    And topically relevant and 100% Ukrainian Vikings star Katerena Anna Vinitska:

    Your resentful and pugnacious anti-male rhetoric makes you sound like a typical fat ugly NYC dyke BTW. Are you a Jewess? You certainly kvetch enough to be one.

  13. “(staying with family doesn’t cut it)”

    Actually it is quite common for single unmarried White working women to stay with their relatives, especially in hard times. My mother did when she was young. What planet are you from?

  14. SC is 93% Christian. I’m sure if you looked up every Southern State, you would find around the same percentage of Christians. Your small group of friends does not equate to the entire South.

  15. A woman shouldn’t live alone. Either siblings, parents or children must be around.

  16. Rudel, Ryan and Tamer all like to post pictures here of women who are not their wives. This is not a healthy influence.

  17. I know plenty of Southerners who don’t go to church and think religion is total horseshit.

    You rang?

  18. Like “racism,” sexism and homophobia are two more examples of bullshit sins made up by 20th century leftists.

    Spot on.

    Furthermore, gender is a grammatical concept. Words have gender. Sex is a biological concept. People and animals have sex. If they’re lucky, they may also have sexual relations. But they don’t get to choose their sex.

    And “grokking” is not a real word. Grow up.

  19. “Rudel, Ryan and Tamer all like to post pictures here of women who are not their wives. This is not a healthy influence.”

    What are you, queer? Beautiful White women are what we should be fighting for you nitwit.

  20. That live feed is great. There are a group of protesters staging a sit down strike in the middle of the street. The cops are clearing out the area around them and are threatening them with arrest.

  21. “working class white women, who are, when they’re fair haired anglo celts, the single most hated and violated profile in stateside America.”

    Is this a joke? Given the enormous amount of mischief they have created, Northern white women deserve every bit of enmity they receive and more. They are the “thin edge of the wedge” when it comes to anything anti-white, anti-male, anti-Southern, and anti-Western civilization and always have been.

    Ugly, mannish yankee women are responsible for such idiotic failed social experiments as Prohibition. Recent events show that their ardor for these experiments has not cooled in the least. Try giving a kid a piece of candy or a cookie in a public school in Massachusetts, for instance.

    Some relevant information regarding the “contributions” of ugly, mannish, opinionated yankee women in creating the current situation:

    “The woman suffrage movement was led by old stock women, especially Yankees and Quakers of English ancestry, whose families had been in America since the colonial era.”

    Regarding the American Temperance Society, founded in Boston (where else?):
    “The society benefited from, and contributed to, a reform sentiment in much of the country promoting the abolition of slavery, expanding women’s rights, temperance, and the improvement of society. Possibly because of its association with the abolitionist movement, the society was most successful in northern states.”

    Possibly because these busybodies had to have some way to release their puritanical inclinations once they lost their religion. Yankee righteousness depends upon witch hunts and moral crusades as a substitute for true piety.

    The rabid, ideological descendants of Susan B. Anthony, Julia Ward Howe, and their ilk are very much with us today. As you can see:

    Not much has changed. Whether its alcohol, tobacco, ugly black “assault rifles”, or Halloween candy, these hateful creatures are never happy until every source of human joy has been crushed and every nearby man emasculated or cuckolded.

    “Have you heard what’s coming out of the northern states outside of the tri-state and New England areas? It doesn’t sound too much like your southern rhetoric.”

    Definitely not. “Those people,” as General Lee used to call them, are not like us.

    Nice display of pulchritudinous lovelies, Rudel. Very fetish worthy and a needed antidote to the ugly images above.

    In a free and independent South, these women would simply be somebody else’s problem rather than ours. Nuf ced.

    Deo Vindice

  22. They are taking away the dozen or so sit down strikers in ones and twos. The crowd seems pretty docile. They are obeying all the police orders to move and stand where they are told.

  23. Fetish didn’t really mean sexual in this context. I was referring to your attempt to make an argument out of a single and inapplicable argument, Rudel.

    I as a northern white woman would love it if southern women actually put their actions where their mouths are and stopped voting. Yay. No more zionist zealots hunting my people – white women and men – down. Since they didn’t fight for it, why are they exercising a right they apparently don’t want?

    As for ‘NYC dykes,’ I’m pretty certain on this point that you, Rudel, know nothing whatsoever about any. Lesbians tend towards indifference towards men; straight women love/hate them. Your projections onto women generally are just that – projections.

    A pro-white northern man reported to me recently hearing a black man at work advocate (circa mid-90’s) for beating one’s ‘woman.’ He blames blacks. I asked where the ‘mens’ rights’ advocate came from….

    Yup… he was a bastard outta Carolina, bringing his woman-beating into our territory. Keep your blacks, your woman-hatred, and your unofficial white slavery in Dixie – where it belongs. The temperance movement was actually part of the labor movement; northern white women tried to prevent abuse of children and workers generally.

    Unlike southern women, we northern white ‘bitches’ don’t really like being ‘dominated’ or our children abused.

    Poor Mary Phagan. And to think I thought a jew killed her…

  24. This clips proves two things to me, Brad:

    1) Our flag is powerful: bold, simple, unmistakable. The cameraman was obsessed with it.

    2)The enemy is very, very afraid of us. Two dudes, 2! is apparently enough to unnerve the opposition in a city that’s almost entirely aligned to his views.

    All it takes is good men doing nothing for those guys to triumph. Today, they looked over their shadow, scared of the SN bogeyman.

    Whatcha wanna bet that man went home and googled and researched the stuffing out of that flag? Bet he knows what it is by day’s end.

  25. Brad Griffin they’re screaming “fuck the bourgeoisie” right now
    2 mins · Like · 1

    Brad Griffin “the boss needs you, you don’t need the boss.”
    1 min · Like · 1

    Brad Griffin “workers of the world unite.”
    48 secs · Like


    A regular poster named ‘bigone4u’ on Amren exposes how much Amren, and southerners (he comes from Alabama and Texas) promote violence against women, accusing a (possibly white?) rape victim of being a ‘feminist.’ The same idiot once suggested that feminism was about women battling ‘rejection anxiety.’

    I’m proud to decry violence against women, and if that, according to the ‘southrons’ and nerd judeo supremacists at Amren qualifies me as a feminist, I’m just happy no one calls me ‘traditional’ or ‘conservative.’

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