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  1. Think LOS should be a bit more careful regarding current NS Skinheads…

    People can have done things in the past, then got “saved” reformed.

    Hell, we could even have saved, ex COMMIES, ex Liberals, ex Libertarians….

    No. There seems to be no saving, reforming those in the cursed Libertarian cult.

  2. Logan, I’d say National Socialism is one brand of fascism, but that the latter can take many iterations that are specific to a time and place. The ‘liberal’ regime we live under is fascist. Neo-cons aren’t liberals, so there’s no proper name label that really fits what we’re enduring….maybe zionist plutocracy comes close…

  3. What does that have to do with the 3rd position, though? From what I’ve read, 3rd position is about Fascism.

  4. Logan Smith says:
    May 6, 2014 at 1:34 am

    “What does that have to do with the 3rd position, though? From what I’ve read, 3rd position is about Fascism.”

    Depends on who you read. Anti-White people call all White organizations Nazi-Facist-Racist-Hater, while celebrating non-White organizations. There are no exceptions to this rule.

    As for the AFP, if they were running on a platform of “Fascism”, they wouldn’t attract more than a few fringe elements and they know it.

  5. I’ve only encountered them as AFP, and nothing on their website’s ‘Platform’ page suggests any type of fascist precepts to me at all:


    Maybe I’m just late to the party, as it were, but they seem pretty common sense to me, far more than everyone else out there. I respect the southern love for their people and homeland, although I don’t always understand or even cotton to some of your specific folkways, which at times seem a bit reminiscent of fascism, oddly enough. Only reminiscent, though.

    Maybe the devil went down to Georgia:

  6. Can’t read it, that website is dead. I assume they are speculating, like our side does about Putin. Is Putin Pro White or not? Is he a friend of ours or not? No one but Putin knows.

    I wouldn’t bother with the ideological nonsense. That’s a luxury only Whites living in 100% White countries can afford. As a White minority, we need to be Pro White.

  7. From what I understand, the League’s position is that we are pro-White, pro-South, pro-Christian, and pro-independence. We are a secessionist organization that is working toward the goal of an independent Southern Republic that will be a homeland for the Southern people, and by that we mean White Southerners, who are ethnically derived from the British Isles, but also in smaller degrees from Western Europe and other European sources, and who have culturally become a distinct nation in our own right due to our long residence in the American South.

    As far as membership goes, I believe that anyone can join the League of the South and support our cause along the same lines as the NAACP. The League is not a democracy. The positions and background of individual League members on various issues are not representative of the League as a whole. If someone wants to support our cause, financially or otherwise, that’s fine, but it doesn’t change the League’s mission in the slightest.

    The League holds public demonstrations about various issues – refugee resettlement, immigration-driven demographic change, judicial tyranny and so on – and anyone is free to attend those demonstrations and support our cause so long as they follow our rules. As far as groups go, we work with some groups like the CofCC at our demonstrations who share a similar outlook on issues like defending Christian marriage and states rights.

    We’ve explained our rules, beliefs, and principles in multiple articles and videos which can be found all over the internet. We’re not going to play the associations game like the mainstream conservatives did over Jason Richwine or libertarians like Rand Paul and Jack Hunter.

  8. Yeah, OK. But, M’thinks some type of disclaimer should be done with open, current now, Neo Nazi skinheads who post pro Hitler comments on their current social media.

    There should be some filmed oath that all participants in protests agree to adhere to the code of conduct of LOS – renounce ( at least for the day) all foreign extremist movements and orhpganizations like…

    (It’s just for the day and everyone willbe well dressed, polite to women, children and even a Communists etc)

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