Knoxville Pridefest Counter-Demonstration: (Knoxville, TN – June 21st)


This looks like it will be fun:

Note: Maybe our buddy Chris Irwin will be there.

“On June 21st, cross dressers, transvestites, pedophiles, and an array of other sexual perverts, will be filing in to march through Knoxville and rally at the Worlds Fair Park with the blessing of Mayor Madeline Rogero and a host of heretical “Christian” Pastors. The South Knox Ten Milers will be there to protest this collection of deviants and as an advocate for true Christendom!”

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  1. In Tennessee? They’re going to have a whole lot of opposition, I’m sure not just from you. Tennessee may be a border State, but she is still very Christian, from what I could tell of Pigeon Forge.

    I bet y’all will be attacked this time, no doubt by queers armed with dildos and rainbow flags. Our banners may meet on a mock battlefield, one Christian, the other satanic, and we’ll see who comes out victor 😉

  2. “Tennessee may be a border State”

    Tennessee isn’t a border state. Kentucky Maryland, and Missouri are border states.

  3. Says wiki:

    “…Rogero (the “g” is pronounced as an “h”) was born in Jacksonville, Florida, one of three children of Gerald Rogero, a plumber, and Anita Ghioto, a former nun.[1] She spent her childhood in Eau Gallie, Florida, and later in Kettering, Ohio, where she attended Archbishop Alter High School…”

    daughter of a nun and plumber, arch-bi-shop roman high…which goes to show that jews are every bit as slippery as “wn’s” contend…seeing as so many are actually children of nuns and such.

    Ya’all had better say it ROW-HAIR-O, too.

  4. @ I bet y’all will be attacked this time, no doubt by queers armed with dildos

    No, maybe they will all be protected by ROW-HAIR-O’s ex nun ma? So much for her vows, though, as she escaped her marriage with God to marry a plumber instead. In the crystal ball, I see her clearly…with the prayer beads leftover from the nunnery…assuring her daughter/community organizer/mayor of tennessee… is empowered to oversee this great event…

  5. Rudel, for some odd reason I thought Tennessee was underneath Illinois and Ohio. I’m sorry, it was my mistake.

  6. Never apologize to Rudel; he’s incapable of returning or appreciating the favor.

    Whose event is this if not the League’s?

  7. Sodomy is one of the four sins crying to heaven for Divine vengeance. Nations, governments that raise sodomy to the dignity of the law and give it the protection of law against those who honour the Divine imperative: “be fruitful and multiply” – these governments are drawing down upon their people – Divine wrath.

    The four sins are:

    oppression of the poor
    oppression of the working man in his wage

    The Federal, the SCOTUS, the POTUS, the states are now in the tragic position of not only legislating / deciding for all the above, but also institutionalizing all of the above.

    People should repent of this, convert their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ – the Saviour of men, and do penance for their people. You can read all about the Divine wrath in the Epistle of Peter.

    I know this does not fit the pansy of Palestine, gentle Jesus meek and mild fantasy of the organised forces of Anti-Christ, but the sooner people disabuse themselves of Jewish fables, the better.

  8. It’s 2014 people open your eyes and see change for what it is. Pridefest was amazing even knowing people protested us. You can say what you like about us, but we are just like you but with a little more open minded. I’d love to know how you get off on belittling our LGBT community. we are here to stay not to be afraid, we accept our consequences, what ever the lord has in store for us. Let him judge not some stupid organization. Thanks

  9. funny that first comment about the cross dressers, transvestits, and pedophiles will be apart of the Pridefest festivites. In that list did you purposely forget to mention the Catholic Church, just saying since you chose to list pedophiles.

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