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  1. Wiping out a heretical sect (around a million dead?) is if nothing else an act of Bigotry. Even if it is justified by your doctrine.

    Now, I’m not saying I’m a bigot or a racist or what have you. But Dalton, take the beam out of your own fucking eye. The Church could not tolerate the opinion of others and exterminated people it disagreed with.

  2. “Sure she was Dalton. Sure she was.”

    I’m afraid I’m going to have to agree with Dalton on this one John. During her long reign Elizabeth certainly caused a lot more folks to be killed than Mary in the Spanish Armada and the ensuing 18 years of war with Spain. The Plantagenets were a violent bunch, certainly more violent than the Stuarts.

    Don’t let centuries of Whig propaganda cloud your historical judgement. The victors do write the history but when you take the long view they aren’t always right.


  3. One of my friends is a member of the Prometheus Society, which requires at least 164 IQ to join. He sometimes asserts that since jews comprise around half the membership the evidence exists for this jewish high IQ.

    But only .001 of those who qualify join.

    And the jews administer the Fields Medal ‘competition.’


  4. Rudel,

    Stop being a clown. It’s beneath you.


    In the light of this video how might it be possible for the church to be very very unpopular with the folk? What could possibly go wrong in a society ruled by monks backed up by the Pope?

  5. What exactly is tolerant about burning 300 people at the stake? As Mary I burned heretics at the stake?

    Dalton is claiming that these sorts of things are not Bigotry. I never claimed that Elizabeth was a paragon of equality and brotherly love. But Dalton is inventing from wholecloth the idea of a non-bigoted Catholicism. It’s complete fucking horseshit and a really deluded example of apologetics.

  6. How was Mary Tudor not a Catholic Bigot? How do you turn around and say what she did was an act of tolerance?

  7. “He sometimes asserts that since jews comprise around half the membership the evidence exists for this jewish high IQ.”


  8. “How was Mary Tudor not a Catholic Bigot?”

    Settle down John. I was agreeing that Elizabeth killed far more people not that Mary was or was not a bigot. Personally I prefer the Stuarts to the Plantagenets but that’s just me. Down with regicide! Long live Charles I !!!

  9. Mary started by killing 300 Anglicans and Protestants at the stake then died a few years later. More were to follow.

    Elizabeth had to navigate through decades of foreign invasions and hostility from the Holy Roman Empire and France. Attempted Invasions that were largely secular power grabs backed by papal interdict. AKA a licence to kill. The Martyr body count in all her time was about 40 as far as the Catholic record goes. Mary started with 300 and was just beginning to light the torches as she dropped dead.

  10. “Elizabeth had to navigate through decades of foreign invasions and hostility from the Holy Roman Empire and France.”

    Not to mention Spain and then later on the Stuarts and Hanoverians had to deal with the Dutch and then Napolean! But everything turned out all right in the end didn’t it? (At least until 1914 anyway.)

  11. Cap’t do you expect a video by a former member of Monty Python”s Flying Circus will impress Rudel or me? Terry Jones is a comedian, not a historian! Yet, you call Rudel a clown? You’re the clown Cap’t.

  12. Listen to what he actually has to say about the absurdity of church practices. He’s an extremely well educated comedian btw.

    Also you do know that the Albigensian Crusaders are hated to this day in the regions they pillaged raped and murdered. Why there’s even a ditty about Simon De Montfort:

    The epitaph says, for those who can read it,
    That he is a saint and martyr who shall breathe again
    And shall in wondrous joy inherit and flourish
    And wear a crown and sit on a heavenly throne.
    And I have heard it said that this must be so –
    If by killing men and spilling blood,
    By wasting souls, and preaching murder,
    By following evil counsels, and raising fires,
    By ruining noblemen and besmirching paratge,
    By pillaging the country, and by exalting Pride,
    By stoking up wickedness and stifling good,
    By massacring women and their infants,
    A man can win Jesus in this world,
    then Simon surely wears a crown, resplendent in heaven.

  13. Speak for yourself Dalton. Let Rudel speak for himself. There’s your presumtuousness and Bigotry on display!

  14. A 2:1 from Oxford and Jones’s publishing record for popular history recommends him more that your own biography I’d wager.

  15. Well now we see Rudel cherrypicking facts. So are you one of the Amren mods?

    “I’m beginning to suspect that you have never been laid.”

    Just as I was beginning to suspect that you were a homely young man before fossilization set in. That would explain your over-identification with YKW.

  16. NYYankees says:

    Who thinks it takes a ‘genius’ to do basic accounting, or bankstering, or tax collecting? This is what the jews went in to Europe to do, as the aristocracy needed a usuring pencil-pushing class to maintain control over the masses. During the Middle Ages 98% of jewish men could read while only 3% of european were allowed to. Since when does basic literacy and math require high IQ?

    Exactly right!

    The common whites were kept ignorant, poor and downtrodden by the so-called elite.

    Jews were placed in positions of authority.

    So, the jews were the middlemen as it were, collecting taxes from ignorant peasants which in turn were to be given to the ruling elites.

    Such a deal. Who kept the books?

    I wonder how much wealth the jews pilfered from both sides on that sweet setup?

    It was like authorizing the fox to guard the hen house.

    Taking candy from babies. Conning rubes, etc.

    Their grip on all matters financial has only increased since then.

    NYY: ‘The Church and Europe’s ruling elite wanted to maintain their tyranny over the peasant masses and recruited the jews to perform the jobs which required literacy knowing that such a militantly xenophobic and supremacist tribe wouldn’t mix with – or teach – the white peasants. Hence both populations could be controlled, or so the holy elite thought.’

    The holy elite were clever vermin.

  17. Cap’t, people on both sides sought out heretics back in the day. Heresy was regarded as treason against God. But if I was a heretic back then, I’d rather fall into the hands of the Catholic Inquisitions than the Protestant heresy hunters. The Inquisitions tried to turn people away from heresy by first explaining in public preaching the nature of the heresy, and encouraging repentance from it in what they called a period of grace. Then they would arrest known heretics that were discovered by intensive investigations months in advance before the grace period. The accused was allowed to give a list of people who he knew would be hostile to him, so they could be eliminated as witnesses. He was allowed the legal counsel of his choice. The accused was then asked questions about his heresy. Since the investigators usually had solid evidence on the person’s activities, most people confessed their heresy and renounced it. The judges would then give the confessed heretic a penance. It could be a Hail Mary, a donation to charity, or a recitation of a Church creed to show conformity to orthodoxy. The more stubborn ones were sometimes forced to do an act of public contrition, such as wearing some sort of badge that identified you as a hard case. Only the unrepentant were turned over to the secular arm for execution. Torture, btw, was never used to extract information from a prisoner. They already had that information from the previous investigation. Strange as it might sound to modern ears, the torture, (which could not be any act that could cut the skin, cause bleeding, break bones, or cause a possible deadly injury) was used to get a confession from him about what they knew he was already known to be guilty of. And the torture session could only last 15 minutes at a time, could only be done once a day, and could be halted by a physician if he felt things were too rough. The reason why they wanted that confession was to save the soul of the heretic, and to spare him of more severe punishments. Most people who went through the Inquisition process escaped torture or other severe punishments. Even when someone was relaxed to the secular arm for capital punishment, the number of people executed was surprisingly low. In the case of the Spanish Inquisition, only about 3000 people over a 300 year period were executed.

    Now how about justice on the other side? Well, you didn’t have a chance for decent justice at their hands. They didn’t need evidence to arrest you. All they needed was suspicion. Torture that could kill could be applied immediately. Your confession, even if it was false, could be used against you. Your fate was sealed.

    BTW, in closing, if the Spanish Inquisition was such a brutal organization, why did Spaniards accused of crimes try to get their cases transferred to Inquisition courts? Answer:: their courts were known to be more fair and evenhanded than the secular courts.

  18. Rudel can speak for himself, Cap’t. But based on what I know about his insistence for actual history, I’d think he wouldn’t think too highly of a comedian teaching history, especially in a video that looks like something the Comedy Network would put out.

    So the Albigensian Crusaders are still hated by the people of that region. Big Whoop! I’ll bet the Moors still hate the Spaniards who drove them out of Spain too!

  19. Last word on this Church business.


    Third installment of documentary about corrupt Monks and the Church. The popular resentment against the Church was justified and lead to the ‘heresy’ that the church stamped out bloodily and with extreme bigotry.

  20. No Cap’t, there will never be ‘a last word’ from the likes of you. This is The Last Word Part 3! LOL!

  21. “Third installment of documentary about corrupt Monks and the Church.”

    I kinda like the Brother Cadfael mystery novels by Ellis Peters about the ex-Crusader turned Benedictine monk set in 12th Century Shrewsbury.

  22. Sam stilled PWNed you quite badly. It must have stung. Defending a heretic hunt is evidence of bigotry…the worst kind.

  23. Rudel,

    I’m enjoying the CK Chesterton series Father Brown.

    Excellent little moral lessons wrapped up in humorous murder mystery scenarios. The Catholic Churches used as sets are obviously C of E parish outposts but it’s all quite entertaining. Father Brown foils a Nietzschean Professor of philosophy in one episode. Good laughs.

  24. Nope Cap’t, Simple Sam didn’t PWNed me at all. Like you, he a bigoted ignoramus who knows nothing about the real history of those times, other than the black legend propaganda that’s put out by bigoted religious and secular extremists.

  25. Captain John Charity Spring MA says:

    ‘Third installment of documentary about corrupt Monks and the Church. The popular resentment against the Church was justified and lead to the ‘heresy’ that the church stamped out bloodily and with extreme bigotry.’

    There you have it!

    All about power, ruthless domination and unbelievable wealth masquerading as religion.

    Those unfortunates not willing to bend their knee to the corrupt bastards eventually suffered the same fate. Labeled heretics-then slaughtered.

    Most people have never heard of this horrible carnage either.

    St. Bartholomew’s Day massacre

  26. “The Catholic Churches used as sets are obviously C of E parish outposts but it’s all quite entertaining.”

    A lot of those older churches were previously Catholic back in the day. I believe that is true of a lot of those lonely ones out in Yorkshire. Some are quite old and York Minster was first built as a wooden structure in 624 A.D. and laid down in stone in 637.

    “Father Brown foils a Nietzschean Professor of philosophy in one episode.”

    Father Brown, i.e. Chesterton, argues a good Thomist game. His arguments from the Natural Law are quite solid even if decidedly non-Calvinist or Lutheran.

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  28. Oops, Brad, I meant to post about the internet slowing petition on the Utah judge thread…

  29. Amren is a kosher joke of a website. Not only do they massively censor anything regarding the underhanded dealings of the Jews, they also are extremely anti southern and allow massive amounts of South bashing while deleting a comment with just the word “Jew” in it.

    I understand for politicking and recruiting new folks that many need to go to the Amren conferences, but if anyone thinks that a site that promotes Jewish authors and speakers is truly “pro white”, you should get your head checked. On top of that they have queers speaking as well – what could possibly be the reason why? Not enough smart normal white people? Somehow I doubt that.

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