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  1. What a bunch of retards

    To them:
    Anyone who’s not on the left is a NAZI
    Anyone who’s a race realist is a White Supremacist
    Anyone who’s for secession is a Neo-Confederate

    Thanks, fellows, for showing folks the “other” side, and showing them who’s more in line with their views; that is, Southern Nationalism.

  2. Lol at a bunch of pasty, unwashed white college kids getting a chunky, washed up negro to front their organization. They’re no different than Republitards who promote Allen West and Marco Rubio.

  3. Why is that trooper in the background, pointing to his crotch?

    Is he manifesting the meme that all these idiots are just a bunch of ‘Coke-suckers,’ ideologically speaking?

    Just sayin’…..

  4. I’m confused.

    They keep gloating over how we are confined to a hotel “in the woods” these days, but then at the same time they are shouting about us in megaphones, about how we are such a threat to the country.

    So which is it? Are we a threat, hence why they came out there to protest, or are we a dwindling “has been” confined to hold meetings at places “like this” in Tennessee?

  5. Business groups have retreats and conferences in state parks all the time because the scenic environment is more congenial to brainstorming and sharing ideas than metropolitan hotels.

    They are the ones who were defeated and who are dwindling in numbers. Next year, I doubt they will even show up.

  6. I am glad Jared Taylor has moved the event to this location. I was terrified when I went to my first one in ’06 in DC. It took me several years to finally go back in 2011 which was his first year at this park , as well as his first rebuilding year. I have been enjoying them ever since!

  7. Correction! I went to my first one again in 2012,…..not 2011. 2012 was his first at this location also.

  8. I personally don’t think calling it ‘race realism’ does much to dispel the reality that it is a form of claiming whites are superior. I mean, isn’t that what claiming whites have higher IQ’s is?

    I’m not ‘trolling,’ I’m just putting this out there because that kind of posture really does seem ‘supremacist.’ If separateness is the goal, then that’s one thing as ethnic groups/’races’ have the right to their own identity and homelands, etc.

    But to premise separateness on superiority will always be easily construed as supremacist, IMO and in this country.

    I personally don’t get why separateness has to be somehow justified by ‘race realism,’ and further, Amren seems to be more about the superiority than about separation.

    This isn’t me trying to change people, it’s simply me reflecting back how America sees ‘race realism’ and American Renaissance (to the extent that anyone in America knows what Amren is). I personally do not think premising european people’s rights in terms of any kind of biological superiority is conducive to furthering those rights.

    If anything, it likely alienates most whites whose IQ’s are more in the average zone. I talked with someone last night who was laid off, is doing okay in the middle class but is working hard to remain afloat in a working class job and getting harassment as a euro from black coworkers (a euro supervisor left and a POC took over, which emboldened the black coworkers’ aggressions).

    Try telling this person about higher IQ’s and she would look at you cross eyed.

    Amren doesn’t seem to offer much of anything to most of the people who need advocacy the most. Southerners have a homeland and a people; I wonder if more of the white southerners who struggle economically (and by dint of that politically) to survive would respond more to a very different approach from ‘race realism.’

    The pro-white movement fails to move precisely because it offers little to the majority of people who don’t have IQ’s over 125 or so. In fact, Amren seems to diss these folks.

  9. The Southern National Congress had its national conference at Fall Creek Falls State Park in East Tennessee. I’m hoping that we will have a future League or CofCC conference at that location.

  10. The purpose of Amren is simply to provide a forum for discussing the reality of racial differences. That’s fine with me.

    Jared understands better than anyone that “telling the truth about race” or “telling the truth about history” is necessary, but not sufficient to reverse our racial and cultural decline. The vast majority of human beings including White people don’t have a scientific mindset or any appreciation for objective truth.

  11. The pro-White movement fails because it is passive, disorganized, and marginalized on the internet. It also conspiratorial and lacks leadership. The anonymity of the internet is also inherently a low trust environment where disruptive individuals flourish.

  12. I’m proud to say that we have weeded out much of that here … I know a lot of people who post here now in real life like Jack Ryan, Palmetto Patriot, and Stephen Dalton.

  13. I was responding to Logan Smith’s remarks.

    If ‘telling the truth about race’ is so necessary, why aren’t more white people interested? Tons of whites were fixated on the Trayvon Martin case.

    Maybe you guys should start a mensan nationalist org. Or at the least stop deluding yourselves that the vast majority of white people give a fly about snooty rich whites aggrandizing themselves in such an elitist manner.

    It’s a cult and not much else. Race realists don’t have a people, just some abstract dislodged intellect. It’s ridiculous to convince yourselves you matter to anyone but your effete little self-congratulatory society. Sorry to say this but there it is.

  14. If Taylor thinks IQ is so central to ‘identity’ then why does he care what color/race a person is? There are, contrary to many pro-whites’ belief, smart blacks and dimmer whites. What does IQ really matter when there is such a disparity among the same ethnicity/race? How about Nerd Nationalism?

  15. “If Taylor thinks IQ is so central to ‘identity’ then why does he care what color/race a person is? There are, contrary to many pro-whites’ belief, smart blacks and dimmer whites. What does IQ really matter when there is such a disparity among the same ethnicity/race? How about Nerd Nationalism?” – While I don’t believe that IQ should be front and center, the group mean does dictate a great deal about what a society will look like. Due to regression to mean, the children of those dimmest whites do outperform the children of the smartest blacks.

  16. NYYankees is attacking a straw man argument: no one has said that race realism, or more specifically, IQ differences, is synonymous with nationalism, separatism, or identity.

  17. Re: NYYankees

    I answered that question above.

    The objective truth about racial differences is not synonymous with identity, awareness, activism, power, ethnicity, separatism of any of the other things you are trying to conflate it with.

    There was one presentation at the 2013 Amren conference about racial differences by a biologist from Illinois State University. The rest of the conference was about other topics.

  18. Hunter Wallace says:
    May 11, 2014 at 5:44 pm

    “The pro-White movement fails because it is passive, disorganized, and marginalized on the internet. It also conspiratorial and lacks leadership. The anonymity of the internet is also inherently a low trust environment where disruptive individuals flourish.”

    You have Pro White at the top of this website!

    I think WN fails because it is still full of people that like uniforms and oppressive leaders, which is kind of creepy/kinky, if you stop and think about it.

    Normal Whites like their freedom. Its why we left Europe for America.

    Also, many WN are still about hating the other, rather than caring for Whites and representing their interests. Ordinary Whites will not come out of the closet, because of that alone. Old school nationalism is about hating on minorities and will always be a huge turn off for most Whites.

    The problem I see with the Southern Nationalist movement, is it does not have a consistent message. Every time you go out to protest, you say something different. It looks random to an outsider.

  19. WN will only succeed when it becomes a White Advocacy Movement. Until they give old school nationalism the boot, they won’t be going anywhere.

  20. In my speech on “The Logic of Street Demonstrations,” I pointed out that the costume Nazis define the public image of the WN movement because they are so active.

    They are always out in the streets, most recently in Chattanooga and Kansas City, and get the publicity while the rest of the movement passively hangs out on anonymous internet forums until someone like Glenn Miller raises his head above the water.

  21. Taylor has specifically written on ‘White Identity’ and the man is obsessed with IQ differences; he created, or branded, ‘race realism.’ If it’s not somehow intrinsic to your sense of nationalism then I don’t see why you bother to go to the conference. Mostly I don’t get linking to the protest of it. You seem to be promoting race realism as integral (not synonymous) with ‘nationalism, separatism, or identity.’

    I find it intellectually interesting to some extent, but irrelevant, for the most part, to championing my people’s cause. In fact, I consider it counterproductive in that effort.

    I’ll always wonder how on earth Jonathan Foster’s mother could say she ‘found forgiveness’ for Mona Nelson, the monster who torched her son to death. But I note that many non-privileged white southerners seem to identify more with their black counterparts than with the whites who purport to advocate for them.

    Race realism might be the answer. Dan Poole claims various white victims of black hatred and violence disdain or even ‘betray’ whites, but I think it’s just the opposite. IQ tends to divide people into classes and socioeconomics supersede tribe in the pro-white race realist movement. It’s the elite whites who betray their people, if they can be said to even have a people.

    I’ll stop ‘cranking.’ I’m just at a point where it seems to me that being against something defines this entire scene, south to north, coast to coast. Only in Europe do I sense that love of one’s people motivates nationalism. That’s the curse of being american; we’re all descendants of immigrants who sought monetary gain, not fulfillment through community.

    I hoped southern nationalists would be different, but so far it seems to similarly situate itself in opposition to something. You protest gay marriage in defense of ‘families’ but it seems to me that a mother has the right to determine the co-‘parent’ of her child more than does the state, and that her family and her little boy is being violated. You post to a conference which promotes people with high IQ’s in some opposition to those with lower ones. My extended family includes a range from the 150’s to the developmentally challenged, as does my tribe – my people.

    The only purely positive activism, May Day, that you’ve engaged in garnered the least interest, and that is depressing. I’d hoped the southerners would be able to gain momentum out of a common devotion to one another and to their land.

    But America is America, the nation whites built which will be the seat of all whites’ destruction.

    • Re: NYYankees

      1.) Yeah, I know.

      I have Jared Taylor’s book White Identity on my bookshelf. In the book, Taylor does not conflate what he calls “race realism” – the objective truth about racial differences – with “White Identity,” which is a much more complex issue that is based on sentiments. You are attacking a straw man argument and showing off your ignorance of a subject which you poorly understand. BTW, Jared’s talk at the 2014 Amren conference wasn’t about “race realism.”

      2.) I just bought Nicholas Wade’s new book about race. Why? Because I personally enjoy reading about what science is telling us about racial differences. That’s the same reason why I enjoyed Whitman’s talk at the 204 Amren conference. I understand that most people are morons who wouldn’t spend their Saturday morning listening to a lecture by a biologist. No one has said at Amren that all White people are “superior” or highly intelligent, educated, or intellectually curious.


      3.) I believe it is important for people to see our opposition.

      4.) Acceptance of reality is an important aspect of our cause, but it not synonymous with it. I agree with Sam Dickson who said at the 2014 Amren conference that it is self evident that “all men are not created equal” and the corollary is that all peoples do not possess the same capacity for self government, scientific accomplishment, or economic growth.

      5.) The vast majority of White Southerners have never heard of Jared Taylor or Amren.

      6.) I don’t see it as an elite or non-elite issue. I’ve known too many “non-elite” people who would be considered “race traitors” here.

      7.) Your characterization of the 2014 Amren conference sounds strange to anyone who was there. There was only one speaker who gave a presentation about racial differences.

      8.) It’s true that we are against things that threaten our vital interests, but that’s because we love those things and desire to preserve them for future generations. If something is vital to you, you will fight for it and that is what we are doing.

      9.) Quite honestly, I don’t care how you do things in the Northeast so long as Yankee perversions like “gay marriage” aren’t being imposed on us in the South. As far back as the 1830s, the Northeast had a reputation in the South for its infatuation with “novelties.” The people who live up there are never satisfied with anything. For over 200 years now, their society has been in a perpetual state of social revolution and cultural degeneration.

      10.) After a year of activism, we have learned that 1.) distance and 2.) timing will always determine the turnout at our demonstrations. The biggest demonstration we had was in Tennessee on a Saturday and that was because it was on a weekend and because of Tennessee’s centralized location.

  22. “”…If ‘telling the truth about race’ is so necessary, why aren’t more white people interested?…””

    Because of US large territory allow for white flight. In Europe things are more simple. Small countries, short distances. Can,t avoid immigrants fistst and genitals. My friends mother laughed any time when I told about Western Europe everyday life. She was international hotel admin for 20 years and got job offer in Norway. In second week, she was attacked on the street by nonwhite immigrants, I don,t exact details but she was beaten, and gang raped and police did nothing.

    Now she,s back home, too sick to work and spend she,s time to read Stormfront and other pro white websites. About white ignorance, there is only solution. Stop the escape routes and let the diversity do their job. It works.

  23. Europeans have national soil.

    Americans can still swan around. Rebuild an abandoned city here or there, reincorporate a new one there.

    White flight itself postpones the fascistic reaction by whites. The 200 million or so whites on the crew of Good Ship America will eventually end up repelling boarders. Pun intended.

  24. Your perception that I don’t understand what goes on at Amren is ignorant. People attribute almost all problems foisted on whites by Diversity as a function of physiological brain differences between whites and blacks.

  25. I’m referring to the website. The articles and the comments are mostly race realist-based. The posters almost all explain dynamics between whites and Diversity in terms of biological differences, and the articles introduction’s suggest a similar interpretation of their content matter.

  26. This really is an excellent venue. The staff goes out of its way to make us comfortable. And we are surrounded by much beauty despite the protestors. The only reason many of the guests didn’t go out and respond to the protestors was that the park police asked us not to and we were respectful of their wishes. The younger guests in particular we’re itching to respond. Let me also say that I saw none of this notorious hate at the conference. Rather, I saw and heard a point of view that is not allowed in our mainstream media. And it is a message with much truth in it. Thank you Jared Taylor for a wonderful conference.

  27. It seems clear to me that Jared Taylor has always pinned a great deal of hope on talk about IQ differences leading to some kind of white racial renaissance. The idea, I gather, is that whites will realize that most of what they cherish about their country and culture is a product of ‘white genius’ and that blacks and other races can only spoil it, and in that way whites will be motivated to stand up for themselves. It’s similar to the way holocaust revisionists hope that exposing exaggerations and fabrications in the standard holocaust narrative will lead to whites being struck by a realization that ‘Hitler was right’ or something. That said, since so much of today’s society is based on racial fantasy – most it of anti-white – talking about race differences is both a necessary corrective as well as a useful entry strategy

    • It’s important to “tell the truth about race” because no else is willing to do it in the way that Jared Taylor does. At the same time, Jared understands that “telling the truth about race” isn’t sufficient to reverse our decline.

  28. Lol, I like the old white man who protests the use of the word “renaissance.” Self-determination was a part of the enlightenment…and yet they are against self-determination. He just seems confused.

  29. Whites north of the Line have ‘a reputation in the South for infatuation with “novelties.” ‘The people who live up there are never satisfied with anything. For over 200 years now, their society has been in a perpetual state of social revolution and cultural degeneration’:

    ‘A perpetual state of constant change in the North’ explains our scenery perfectly: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xxRxyrYmRg

  30. Despite his group’s name, Jared Taylor has failed to ignite a “renaissance” of white revolt against the browning of America for a multiplicity of reasons:

    ? Though a good speaker behind a lectern, he hasn’t the makings of a competent field commander capable of leading a mass movement. He both looks and sounds like an effete parlor room milquetoast. And much like the late William Pierce, who died without appointing a genuine successor (Gliebe doesn’t count) Jared Taylor’s days are certainly numbered, leaving the very real possibility that he too will pass on without a viable successor to take over AmRen. Furthermore, Taylor has admitted more than once that his 20 years of proselytizing has utterly failed in turning back the non-white tide fast rushing in on us. And yet…he continues to do and say what has clearly failed, like a lemming that cannot see the cliff ahead.

    ? Despite Taylor’s eloquence, he has not been effective in uniting other white advocates across America, other than for the usual crowd of groupies that like to meet, greet, find a seat, get to eat, and then retreat—year after failed year.

    ? Besides these points, no one ever takes the time to engage in a study to determine if ANYTHING has been accomplished from previous gatherings. They fear, I believe, to discover the truth: that nothing whatsoever other than “networking” can be said to have transpired.

    ? Notice that anyone who can now undertakes to throw a “conference” nowadays. Some, like Stormfront’s, is for the low-brow. But nary a one has ever rocked the multicultural boat and effectuated any positive or lasting change. What’s that old definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and somehow expecting a different outcome? That, in a nutshell, is the white nationalist movement.

    ? Could it be different? Yes. But in order to be so, pro-white advocates must increase their visible numbers at least 100 fold, embrace new leadership, and become a dynamic synthesis combining a quasi-military organization with a political party.

    This is what’s needed. But it remains out of reach, because the planning and excution would be difficult, and we pro-white advocates have consistently proven to be inherently lazy. Thus, we continue to be confronted by the Daryl Lamont Jenkins of America rather than any enemy truly worthy of our struggle.

  31. ‘Yankee perversions like gay marriage’:

    Yes, the ‘Yankees’ again. Mainstreamers never want to see, hear or speak about Talmudism. Instead Mainstreaming White Southrons demonise Whites north of the Line who are crushed and corrupted under the same boot heel of the same powerful Influence.

  32. Right on, Odd Thomas, I just think the failure is more of will than laziness. We lack the will to address the real pivotal issues – economics. My coworker doesn’t care about IQ issues; she, like most white americans, wants to hear about what a movement would have to offer the anathematized and increasingly dispossessed and disenfranchised white middle class.

    White advocates have failed completely to offer anything but effete stodgy intellectualism and elitism to people who stand to gain nothing from such conceits, which is pretty much what the pro-white movement is – a conceit on the part of self important obnoxious snobs.

    I’ve been amazed since I encountered the whole scene that people think it’s a ‘movement.’ Flapping your gums at fancy conferences and throwing cyber spit balls at virtual adversaries isn’t a ‘movement.’

    I’m willing to pound the pavement and publicly engage ‘the people’ but can’t imagine doing it under some aegis of whatever it is that’s out there now. For one, petty controllingness, negation and meanness characterize most of the self-appointed big mouths who claim to advocate for whites.

    Frankly, I’m ashamed of the ‘movement,’ with some exceptions. No one speaks for me or, in my view, most white people.

    Jared Taylor is still a very interesting speaker on an intellectual basis and for his unique demeanor and style, but he’s not leading any movement whatsoever and in many ways undermines what should be a political one…or at least vaunting him into that position does.

  33. At the same time, Jared understands that “telling the truth about race” isn’t sufficient to reverse our decline.

    He did once think so, however. At least he considered an appreciation of racial differences as the essential ingredient in any ‘renaissance,’ expecting that everything else would more or less work itself out once such an understanding had been achieved. That’s why the old Amren print newsletter used to hammer away at the subject in every issue, lauding works like Levin’s “Why Race Matters,” which made racial differences the centerpiece of its argument. My own feeling about it is that it can be a powerful in the hands of an accomplished exponent like Taylor, but it almost immediately degenerates into crass and counterproductive supremacism in the hands of the average stormfronter.

  34. Yankee, race-realism isn’t the same as White supremacism. Just because one race has an *average* IQ above another, doesn’t necessarily mean that race is better. All races have their own things they’re better at than other races, and pointing out facts doesn’t necessarily mean a race-realist believes he’s *better* than another just based off his race. Even if it did, race-realism would be more inclined with Asian supremacy, since Asians have an *average* IQ than Whites, if we’re basing supremacy with IQ.

  35. Re: Silver


    Jared Taylor is good at providing a forum in which information about racial differences which is taboo and suppressed in the mainstream can be discussed. There’s nothing wrong with the work that Amren is doing and it should be encouraged.

    Is “telling the truth about race” alone sufficient to restore White racial consciousness? Obviously not. The truth is always important and valuable, but truth isn’t synonymous with power – there are plenty of powerful liars and powerless truth tellers.

  36. If whites were really so much smarter we wouldn’t be in the horrible mess we’re in. I notice on MSM news sites that I get deleted for writing about the truth of black on white crime and economic and political discrimination against whites. The comments that argue through race realism remain untouched.

    So whose message is the more threatening one?

    Most whites don’t care about race realism and if anything promoting it as some powerful truth is counter productive or even a fundamental part of ‘white racial consciousness’ is a non-starter, which explains why the pro-white movement has yet to start.

  37. Sorry for sloppy, I meant ‘even as a fundamental part’

    I have a people, not an abstraction otherwise known as a ‘race.’ It is out of love and defiance that I fight, not to prove that I or my people are superior.

  38. Re: NYYankees

    Just the opposite is true.

    Whites are smarter and more altruistic than blacks. Jared’s speech at the Amren conference was about how it is those qualities – the ability to sympathize with others who are not ethnic kin and see things from their perspective – that causes White liberals to behave the way that they do.

  39. Re: NYYankees

    Why would the pro-White movement not be in its present condition? How many people who claim to be “pro-White” on these websites would be willing to be publicly identified with their cause in the real world?

    WNs themselves act like their own cause is not moral and just. Why should society at large embrace the WN cause? WNs themselves are afraid to be identified with their cause and won’t do anything in the real world to advance it.

  40. Here is an excerpt from the article I link to below, sent to me by a local pro-white friend:

    “This is a frightening development that so-called “White Liberationists”, “White Civil Rights” and “White Human Rights Activists” who are really nothing more than odious separatists, have moved from the bleeding edge fringe of social obscurity toward reaching the mainstream. Even worse is the fact that many anti-Semitic written works are being translated into every major European and Middle Eastern language. David Duke who wrote three major anti-Semitic books, has seen them translated by independent extremist activists into more than a dozen languages without the authors permission. Please monitor these hate sites, and report any other hate sites on the Internet that are popular, so we can contact their Internet Service Providers requesting to have them removed from the web.”

    The article is about who the jew watch types think is important in the coming year:

    You’re right up there, Brad.

    But most frightening to them is the upswing in people who advocate for white people’s rights, not over who’s ‘smarter.’

  41. I think most liberals are anti-white because they want to feel morally superior while still chasing wealth, which has become necessary for survival (not simply adequate material means), hence they just turn against the element of the working class who are considered guilty and deserving of being anathematized – whites. Used to be that many middle class whites voted for the democrats as ‘the left’ promised them some economic security, but after four years of Obama that zio mirage evaporated. Heck, I couldn’t believe when Obama only won by seven percentage points in ’08; Ronald Reagan walloped Mondale, who I think only won his own state or something…?

    For Obama to win by such a comparatively narrow margin when the outgoing party was so despised signals that many whites already knew Obama and the democrats only pretend to represent them. I guess I’m saying that middle class whites have sensed they’re being dispossessed for quite some time, yet ‘the movement’ has failed utterly to harness their discontent. I’m also not sure all of our seeming altruism is really that. Much of it is really a justification for classism, it’s just an element of whites who are the oppressed. Our country’s economic stratification has increased to a record high level through the exploitation of the white middle and working class.

    Economic justice is the only road to building a movement. It’s what’s engined Golden Dawn’s success. It’s the hijacking and perversion of the concept of economic justice which deprived whites of theirs. When I realized Diversity was simply about elitism for non-whites I changed from a progressive to a pro-white. The left told a big fat lie to white americans and only the truth of who got rich off of our labors will give the truth and ‘liberation’ back to us.

    That won’t come out of race realism. Our ‘smartness’ hasn’t helped us one damn bit. Righteous indignation mixed with healthy tribal altruism, aka social/economic justice, is the only thing that will.

    I personally could not publicly advocate for myself and my people by bragging about how ‘smart’ we supposedly are. Besides that it’s not protected us in the slightest, it’s obnoxious and elitist. The middle class is very sensitive to how IQ becomes a divider along class lines. It’s a very tense topic that only sows distrust. Another middle class coworker of mine actually said to me last night at work, that while she had concerns about her daughter finishing high school in a low rent port in NJ (although the 12th grader is in a safer magnet school for honors students), that the kids in the mostly hispanic NJ city are still ‘nicer’ than the snobs in the upper middle class town her family is moving to next year. She’ll move for safety, but the condescension of the upper middle class already offends her.

    Race realism has kept us down.

    • A few points:

      1.) “Race realism” hasn’t kept us down – it is important to know the truth about racial differences, but the truth alone is not sufficient to change our circumstances. Amren is doing great work in educating people about the reality of racial differences.


      2.) I agree with Jared Taylor that most White liberals are anti-White because they have taken virtues – things like civility, sympathy for others, the ability to see things from the perspective of others, a desire to help others – to unreasonable extremes which they have become vices.

      3.) As I previously said, the WN movement is marginalized on the internet, and most WNs are passive and disorganized and unwilling to publicly advocate on behalf of their own cause. Why would the WN cause gain traction with the public when WNs themselves are cowed by taboos and afraid to challenge the status quo?

      4.) Unlike American WN, Golden Dawn is active, organized, reality-based, and confrontational.

      5.) I can’t speak for people in New Jersey, but most people here in Alabama don’t have any problem grasping the existence of racial differences.

  42. “She’ll move for safety”

    “Race realism has kept us down.”

    Apparently not so much that it keeps her from moving! LOL

  43. You’re assuming that she’d explain the difference in levels of physical safety in race realist terms.

    She wouldn’t. The clashes up here are seen more as ones of tribe, class and attitude, etc., than of any ‘racial’ differences by most middle class europeans (she happens to be mostly irish).

    It’s really not that funny. I’m highly suspicious southern whites of middle/lower middle class means don’t dig race realism either, judging by their reactions to ethnic/racial issues.

    I’m about done with an ideology that grounds a political movement in bizarre fetishes. The fact that no one really advocates for anything meaningful to most whites is pretty tragic and depressing.

    I don’t know who you think you are, Rudel, to cop such an attitude. Playing the resident crank is your sole contribution to a cause without a movement…or a movement without a cause…

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