SECEDE Billboard Goes Up In Montgomery, Alabama


The League of the South’s second SECEDE billboard is up near downtown Montgomery, Alabama. It is visible off the right side of I-85 North heading toward Atlanta in between the intersections of South Decatur Street and South Union Street.

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Note: The UKIP has some excellent billboards which will provide inspiration for future designs of billboards here in Dixie.

Update: The billboard is being taken down by Lamar Advertising. Developing.

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  1. Awesome! You know folks are going to have a field day with this one, ’cause all the blacks in Mississippi (they’re going to think it’s “racist” to secede, lol)

    Keep up the good work. We need one in every State!

  2. I would just ban these Left-wing, anti-White commenters if it were me.

    I doubt they’re demoralizing anyone but themselves. Allowing them to post lets you gauge their desperation, which must at this point be significant and growing. Spelunker’s my favorite. The POS is choking with anger. It’s most gratifying.

  3. Spelunker is here to remind us that our opposition is ineffective.

    I would recommend going straight to his blog posts from a week ago, then a month ago, and finally a year ago. Nothing he has written has ever caused any of us the slightest problem.

  4. Who designed the SECEDE sign? Was it the billboard agency or…someone with LOTS?

    Was it designed by committee, or by an individual? Were multiple designs submitted, or was it the first thing off the drawing board? I ask these questions because I (and perhaps others) am interested in understanding what mind was behind its ultimate design. Usually, the individual with the most authority to implement a project is not necessarily the most intelligent or talented – but gets his way when he really shouldn’t have. Looking at the outcome, the wording, even the font style chosen, conveys to me one thing: the designer was not someone who could be called “creative” in either the usage of language or in the art of visual impact design (VID) but more likely someone (Dr. Hill?) who got his way because of his authority. All speculation, of course. But as someone has already pointed out, many of the sign’s observers will only have a vague idea as to what that single, monolithic word means. And then zip – down the freeway and they’re gone. Between that and the blasé color scheme, a great many of its viewers might not even bother to absorb your message in that flick of a second they have to see it. And without a means to assess the public effectiveness of the sign, a means to judge whether or not its message is clearly understood, who’s to say if it was even moderately successful – or even agreed with? For in the end, that sign may only be preaching to the choir, and no one else…

  5. “many of the sign’s observers will only have a vague idea as to what that single, monolithic word means.”

    Even a quick subliminal message can leave a lasting memory especially if it is repeated as it will be by regular drivers of that route.

  6. That’s what I’m talking about: SECEDE!

    If you are drumming a consistent message into the public, they will know what it is you are actually asking for and you will save money, since you won’t have to make new signs every rally.

    If you don’t ask, you won’t get.


  7. Pffft, who cares! The only thing this billboard will succeed in doing is wasting the money of those who paid for it. Whites are a dying breed, they know it, and this silly billboard reeks of desperation. Good riddance to whites. The world will a much better place without them!

  8. Odd Thomas, I designed the billboards and they were approved by Dr Hill and then the members raised money for them. They were meant to be a simple, one word message to draw a reaction from the media and our enemies and also encourage the millions of Southerners who support secession.

  9. Speaking of money, I’m going to have to send you a few dollars for your efforts.

    After years of a successful & well rewarded career in publicity, public relations & politics for a large national organization, in my opinion, the billboard is a classic, and will cause people to ask questions, which is what you want!

  10. Any thoughts on the Donetsk Republic?

    The Catholics and Jews in Kiev have appointed a Tatar (blond Muslim) as Satrap over the Orthodox Russians there.

    This is how nasty things like world wars happen.

  11. It’s a reasonable graphic.

    Might be fun to bugger around with different fonts but the basic message is conveyed.

  12. The beauty of the “Secede” message is that it can be replicated anywhere, it is not specifically a Dixie design. Putting a sign up at the Bundy Ranch and other hot spots, will do wonders for publicity.

  13. Dr. Hill received an email at about 4:30 pm today (17 May) saying that Lamar Advertising has removed the sign after receiving complaints from members of the public and other customers.

  14. It is a minor setback.

    I’m sure it will be litigated or it will go up somewhere else. When it is over and done with, it will pan out like the hotel hijinks last year at the Murfreesboro rally in Tennessee.

  15. I’m hearing that is what will probably happen.

    Renee’s dad is a civil lawyer. He said the Leaguers would probably win if they sued for breach of contract. They need to have a lawyer take a look at the contract though.

  16. Hunter Wallace is right. They can sue under a breach of contract. Filing such a suit would in itself bring the Secede message to the forefront via the publicity.

  17. It really depends on the contract. There very well could be a liquidated damages clause in the contract that limits damages to refunding a pro-rated share of the cost of the sign and rental.

  18. Did the complaints in the community come from the community or from outsiders like Cocksuckerlunker? It would be interesting to know that.

  19. We’re being oppressed. Our 1st Amendment rights of free speech taken away.

    We can’t whine and cry, we must stay strong.

    It’s a rough world out there, getting worse.

    Stay strong kinsmen.

    For the South.

  20. One can imagine the hysterics if a billboard promoting LGBT was taken down, next thing you know it’d be a rainbow moment of silence. Sue the s**** out of these guys and win.

  21. @Hunter

    I’m sure Dr. Hill will file various State and Federal civil rights complaints over the removal of the billboard. You might even consider criminal complaints because Lamar your outdoor advertising provider was threatened.

    Btw, I guess I was right about the effectiveness of the billboard’s message. 🙂

  22. Palmetto Patriot says:
    May 17, 2014 at 9:16 pm

    “They are afraid of our message.”


    The only thing that terrifies them more, is a group on a consistent message. People complaining about random things, that irritate them are harmless and they know it.

    Using a consistent message is like soldiers crossing a bridge. If they walk out of step with each other, the bridge is safe to cross. If they all march in step, the bridge becomes unstable, unsafe. That’s what a consistent message does to the system.

  23. Just a speed bump.

    The League will probably sue them and win. At the end of the day, they will get the money back and the billboard will go up … somewhere.

    In the meantime, it is already creating a “circle the wagons” effect – when you take a bold stand and get attacked like this by the opposition, it only galvanizes your own supporters and sympathizers even more, so the League will probably end up raising more money and earning more street cred as an organization.

    It is like the hotels at the Murfreesboro rally … the League’s hotel reservations were cancelled twice, but everyone still got a hotel room. The rally still went forward as scheduled and the League learned something from that experience.

  24. We have to stop relying on lawyers, law suits.

    The forces of Satan have come down on Lamar Advertising (I used Lamar for my/our billboards against Tyson Foods in Middle TN).

    May the good folks in our beloved Southland say a prayer, get some rest tonight.

    The Devil and… The Children of the Devil are activie in Dixie.

    Be strong brothers, sisters. We’re at war.

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