SECEDE Billboard Campaign Hits Snag, Gets on Drudge Report, Makes National News


The League of the South’s second billboard in Montgomery, Alabama was taken down over the weekend by Lamar Advertising.

Here are the reasons why I am not concerned:

Secede billboard gets on Drudge Report
Secede billboard gets on Drudge Report

1.) It is my understanding that the League is getting their money back plus a ton of free publicity. Thus, as long as the League has the money to pay for a billboard, it is inevitable that the second billboard will go up again … somewhere.

2.) The SECEDE billboard in Montgomery has already generated statewide publicity in three stories by There is now an AP story circulating on the bottom right corner of the Drudge Report.  I’m hearing that there will be even more publicity now that the billboard has been taken down amid controversy.

At the end of the day, the SECEDE billboard will probably go up somewhere else in Montgomery and will have generated far more publicity for the League than the last billboard in Tallahassee.

3.) The League will consult with its lawyers and will file a lawsuit depending on their legal advice about the nature of the contract – a legal victory in court can be used to show the League’s supporters that it is willing to fight to defend their interests.

4.)  It is important to keep in mind that this is the third billboard that has been put up by the League of the South. The “Get The US Off The USS Titanic” billboard on I-75 in south Georgia didn’t generate any publicity from the media. There have also been other billboards which haven’t been sponsored by the League which didn’t attract any publicity from the media.

As I pointed out in “The Logic of Street Demonstrations,” the mistakes of the past are valuable because we gain more practical experience. We learned from the south Georgia billboard that we needed a more provocative billboard and setting. We learned from other billboards that we needed a simpler message.

This experience has underscored the importance of developing a legal arm of the League of the South to defend our interests in court. It has demonstrated that the “SECEDE” message is provocative enough to generate significant publicity. It has also demonstrated the importance of developing stronger institutions and will certainly spur the evolution of the League further down that path.

5.) We have learned that not everyone who is League member or sympathizer is inclined toward being an activist in the spotlight at public demonstrations. The billboard campaign is an easy way to channel the energies and resources of League members and sympathizers who prefer to remain in the background. The League has now shown how the resources of these people can be channeled into generating positive publicity that will grow the Southern Nationalist movement.

The overarching goal of the billboard campaign and the street demonstrations was to take the “movement” off the internet and back into the real world. The League has been statewide news in Alabama for the last two weekends in a row.

Note: You can sign the petition to restore the SECEDE billboard here.

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  1. ” The head of the Confederate League of the South ”

    Why do people keep thinking we want to re-instate the Confederacy?

  2. In hindsight, the League should have agitated to have its own billboard removed … this is turning into the equivalent of a very expensive ad buy. Free of charge, too. I’m sure the League would now like to heartily thank whatever moron out there got it taken down.

  3. According to the AP Dr Hill said he didn’t yet pay for the sign. Talk about cost effective!

  4. Yes, this is turning out to be quite a windfall.

    The Tallahassee billboard didn’t get nearly this much publicity. If our enemies were smarter, they would have left the billboard alone.

  5. It is my contention that during the next economic / political crisis in the US, secession will go viral. What we are doing now is planting the seeds. We saw a glimpse of that in 2012 with the petitions, but the infrastructure wasn’t there. People need above all else to break the emotional ties to the Union. And here I am specifically referring to right-wingers who tend to be the most “patriotic”, despite the fact that the US is the tip of the spear globally in fighting for gay marriage and atheism as opposed to traditional values and godliness.

    I offer Libya and Ukraine as two cases-in-point.

    While we hear stronger voices on the right against this, the mainstream right is pro-Empire, not seeing the connection between empire abroad and disenfranchisement at home.

    Although to their credit, secession wasn’t even thinkable for until a few years ago, it was always “take back America”.

  6. “Why do people keep thinking we want to re-instate the Confederacy?

    Most people are apolitical. It’s easier for them to place ideas into neatly arranged pigeon holes. They are incapable of understanding a Free South that is not the Confederacy.

  7. One things for sure, no one does propaganda like you guys! Supposedly the League has between 6000 and 7000 members, yet in your shining hour you only have 205 signators on a petition. Hmmmm… The AP is syndicated. If you take the AP’s syndication out of the equation you got maybe 10 stories. Your billboard isn’t up and no one is seeing it. This will peter out after a few days and your next rally will still not be more than 50 people. High five while you can.

    The media has not asked one single difficult question, like for the League to explain to Southern African Americans where they will be going should you create your hypothetical Whites only ethnostate you call Dixie. Not one media organization bothered to ponder that what you are advocating for is more extreme than Jim Crow. The media is asleep at the job.

    • I hope the dumbass who was responsible for this windfall will succeed in doing it again next time.

      I think we should use this as an opportunity to raise money to put up two new billboards in Nashville, Tennessee and Baton Rouge, Louisiana for we can generate even more statewide publicity in those two states. The Georgia billboard is already ready to go later this summer.

  8. “We learned from other billboards that we needed a simpler message.”

    Here are a few other ideas for billboard messages that might be effective in the future:

    “Southern Independence”

    “Free Dixie”

    “The South belongs to Southerners”

    “Southern Freedom”

  9. “The media has not asked one single difficult question, like for the League to explain to Southern African Americans where they will be going should you create your hypothetical Whites only ethnostate you call Dixie.”
    I have wondered this myself. Blacks have it made in spades just as things are now. Why would they support you in succession? What role would there be for them in a new southern order if they are unwilling or unable to tow a more inclusive and responsible role? ? If they would be given special status as they are now, why should I support succession over the devil I know? If they aren’t willing to join your vision for them, what do you propose to do with millions of pissed off blacks? I can’t ever see blacks working with whites for everyone’s benefit in America or the South. Blacks are in it for blacks….. period. I just don’t follow the train of thought on this thing…… much as I see the evil that the federal government has become. It seems to me that the punch already has turds in it and in this land, it’s become impossible to make it clean enough to drink.

  10. ” The head of the Confederate League of the South”

    The AP (Associated Pr*cks) article TWICE says this wording.

    Does the LOS have ‘Confederate’ in their title, or organizational wording?

    If not, this is blatant bias from the AP- duh!

    As if they didn’t do it purposefully….

  11. If Lamar Advertising was threatened by the usual suspects, the FBI should be contacted. The threats made to Lamar Advertising were serious enough for them to take down the League of the South’s billboard.

  12. Wes, Spelunker; the word you are searching for re: blacks in the south is Partition. See also the Mountbatten Plan for India.

  13. Wes: You raise some good points. I would like to have a discussion about this. Here are my thoughts to start the ball rolling.

    As the U.S. becomes more multicultural and falls apart, perhaps Southern blacks will realize that it would be better for them to be a minority to whites, with whom they have some ties, rather than to Hispanics and Asians who have little inclination or reason to care for them at all.

    Maybe an independent South could pattern itself on Switzerland, giving significant autonomy to areas where different ethnic groups predominate. In time the different, Southern groups, by personal decisions to move, could concentrate where they are already numerous. I think this solution would be far more beneficial to everyone than the federally-enforced power keg that we have now.

  14. Still riding high, but not because of the SPLC. Did you see that you lost more ground today? What do we have now? 29 more states to go?

    Heimbachs not going anywhere, he’s just playing more of his silly boy games. What’s interesting is the video magically disappeared.

    “what do you propose to do with millions of pissed off blacks?”

    They don’t eh… want to talk about that. Next question.

  15. Re: Wes

    The blacks will have to cope with living in a normal society again … and they will cope with it by resuming their “Great Migration” to whatever is left of BRA.

  16. Spelunker: There was a movement for something called “New Afrika” during the Radical 60s and 70s; much like La Raza is fond of saying, we didn’t cross the borders, the border crossed us. The same could be true of blacks.

    Southron: If and when the United States fractures along cultural and racial lines, it will represent such a geopolitical earthquake, that nothing will be off the table. An inherently dangerous situation, which is why it is better handled with forethought rather than reaction. See also British dithering in the Partition of India.

  17. Of the African American men in the sample, 5% carried two MAO-A promoters, the condition that Shih had found to be associated with higher levels of delinquency. Members of the two-promoter group were significantly more likely to have been arrested and imprisoned than African Americans who carried three or four promoters. The same comparison could not be made in white, or Caucasian, males, the researchers report, because only 0.1% carry the two-promoter allele.

    – Nicholas Wade (pg 56-57)

    A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race and Human History

  18. Hunter, you really should get rid of “certain elements” on your website. If you are truly trying to gear yourself toward more practical solutions and methods, then culling obvious anti-White voices and lessening the drama of their ad nauseam dogmas and platitudes is a logical step. Ask yourself what kind of treatment they would give you and your voice if they were in control of the edit/moderation button, and then give them nothing more than that. No quarter.

  19. Spelunkers working on a new post!

    Spelunker does a lot of things. Don’t read too much into it.

    You got a lot of press today. Too bad it’s all the same story reprinted approx. 75 times.
    I guess you have to take what you can get, and that’s better than nothing. Overall, it’s a FAIL. The public spoke and said NO! Your billboard came down. This little 15 second blip will not translate into anymore people on the ground or get you any closer to your goal.

  20. I agree with CT fwiw. There comes a point where intentionally or not you’re letting this clown poison discourse and middle your message. I’ve long maintained he is stupid. As anti-white hate goes, he doesn’t have very interesting things to day.

  21. @Celestial

    Brad’s already said he likes to debate, tonight’s debate is did the League have a good day, or not? The answer is no, they did not have a good day.

    1) Your billboard came down after 1 day. HUMONGOUS EMBARASSMENT!

    2) You garnered “mega press” which was constituted of 1 story syndicated to a bunch of lazy media outlets. In all, they probably attracted no more than 10 original stories, and that’s being generous. The AP content is republished by more than 1,700 newspapers, and 5,000 television and radio broadcasters. Last count was 75 “stories”. BIG FAIL

    3) Your petition right now has 221 supporters despite Michael Hill claiming to have between 6,000-7,000 members. Where are your peeps??? Do they really exist??? HUGE FAIL!
    4) People will not even accept money to advertise your message. THAT’S JUST FUNNY.

    5) Gay Marriage Ban was struck down in Oregon. YOU LOSE AGAIN.

    Me? I’m having a great day. 🙂

  22. In 2007 the Vermont seceshers were on a media roll. Their chairman, Thomas Naylor, and co-chair, Rob Williams, a media “expert” at Champlain College in Burlington, Vt were churning out junk at an astounding rate. Kirkpatrick Sale, a Second Vermont Republic co-founder, was just as busy re-inventing Vermont history as Naylor and Williams were.

    Where are they today? Naylor dropped dead a year and a half ago with all of his dream unfulfilled and having alienated virtually every thinking Vermonter and along the way he personally insulted all of Vermont’s voters, pols, clergy, academics and media; Williams is a glorified chaperon at the school and still prattles on, mostly to himself, about an “emerging independent Vermont” (and how does that occur with no public or zero legislative support, exactly?); Sale has fled the northern NY suburbs to re-invent history in SC.

    Publicity that lacks substance is just media chatter that goes by the average viewer/reader/listener in an instant.

    The media alliance that SVR first made fell apart as soon as it was learned that the were up to their eyeballs with LoSer leadership. Even when Naylor and Williams tried to distance themselves, they couldn’t shake off the LoS stench.

    Enjoy the teeny spotlight. The full light will be another thing… just ask the small group of dullards that still remain with SVR.

  23. Oh yeah, and they sammiched you between “Jacko Alive In Vegas…” and the links at the bottom of the page. You rated lower than Michael Jackson. WIN!

  24. Long Live Dixie says:
    May 19, 2014 at 8:44 pm
    “Here are a few other ideas for billboard messages that might be effective in the future:”

    How about this one:

    You have a picture of a nice White normal family, with this caption under it:

    Seceded in Spirit.

  25. Re: Spelunker

    1.) The billboard went up, and it came down, and we got our money back … and we got statewide and national publicity out of it, the equivalent of a very expensive media campaign, free of charge. Did I mention that it cost us nothing to do this?

    2.) Now that we got our money back, the billboard will just go up again somewhere else, probably in Montgomery on I-65 or elsewhere on I-85. The Montgomery billboard has already gotten more publicity than the Tallahassee billboard. It has gotten far more publicity than it would have if it hadn’t been taken down.

    3.) The AP story was syndicated all over Alabama – Montgomery, Birmingham, Dothan, Cullman, Anniston, Tuscaloosa, etc. – and all over the South – Charleston (SC), Chattanooga (TN), Knoxville (TN), and Columbus (GA) – and nationwide from San Francisco to New York. In other words, the Montgomery billboard has already gotten more publicity than anything else we have done since we started our activism, and it will be going back up again soon.

    4.) The anti-League petition on got 55 signatures:

    The anti-Amren petition on got 60 signatures:

    5.) Lamar accepted our money in Tallahassee. The billboard was up for two months without any problems. There will probably be a civil lawsuit. The League will probably win the lawsuit.

    6.) That’s good for us.

    It shows people that they are wasting their time trying to work within the system. Secession is the only solution.

  26. To followup on my comment and those of others, I am a life long Southerner. Born and bred. Member of SCV. I fly the flag. I’m one of the boys. However, I don’t see succession as a realistic option. I don’t really see any peaceful option, given the facts on the ground. Unless you are willing to accept your slow genocide. Perhaps it gives you something to focus your attention on but it really doesn’t work out in my mind. I’ll tell you what I see coming. Another civil war. A war where some fight the government. A war where we fight one another. A war where brother is against brother. I see a Balkans conflict x10. This country is armed to the teeth. There are millions of blacks, Hispanics, as well as whites with military training. There are millions of military type rifles out there. Billions of rounds stored. No group is going to lay down for another. It’s gonna be a bloody mess when it starts. Why do you think the government is turning this country into an armed camp. They know the score. Even if you could work out separate areas for the races, who’s gonna buy all the real estate so that different groups can migrate? Besides that, I don’t see the majority of brain washed whites going for segregation. Just the churches alone would raise a holy bitch about it. I lay all this squarely at the feet of the Jewish leadership in this country who have taken every opportunity to destabilize its racial composition and relations. They made Russia a death bed once and our turn is coming. Peaceful succession and then you are gonna tell these blacks to tow the line or get out……….please. The chances were a hundred times more in that favor in 1861 and they couldn’t do it. You better get your gun brother and pray to your God that your family can survive whats coming. You’re gonna need it.

  27. A social and economic collapse would be extremely fortuitous, but we choose to operate on the assumption that Washington will prove to be more resilient in the short term.

  28. If there is any violence between our people and the blacks (the collapse of the welfare state being the most likely scenario), we should let them initiate it and take the blame for it.

  29. You know, I like reading things on our history and genetics and stuff, but we should probably veer away from talking about race. I agree there are different cultural and social issues we need to confront, but I think it might be detracting some dissenters that aren’t as deep into certain political issues as others who have been into this for much longer.

    Maybe we ought to focus mainly on government failures, then failures of certain people. Point out that welfare causes cultural and economic disparity, but maybe don’t focus on which group of people this disparity effects (since it sort of effects all of us due to drug and gang violence hurting law abiding citizens and businesses). I guess my point is, I want to see my State secede, but I don’t really care how that happens, whether it be the Tea Party types getting fed up, Libertarians getting into office or an economic collapse caused by globalism and Liberal meddling. I’m not a “White Supremacist” or a white nationalist, and I don’t necessarily care that a neighboring community is made up of one particular race (since I believe my State can deal with certain issues without DC having our arms chained behind our back). All I care about is having my State’s flag fly without the US empire’s flying on top. All I care about is being free from DC, and I don’t really mind whatever form of government or political philosophy will make us free, as long as we can retain our culture, heritage, and morality.

    That’s just my 2 cents. I don’t mind feedback, just please try to be civil. I’m young, and I want to learn. I’m sure I haven’t read as much literature as those of you who’ve been hear for a decade or more.

  30. Good post, Wes. Northeastern whites won’t heed their churches; most don’t go regularly anyway, but even if they did they wouldn’t.

    Don’t know what to say about the midwest. But Zionism in the South is a huge problem.

  31. ” . . . we should probably veer away from talking about race.”

    – The enemy wishes to wipe out our race. Why should we leave the discussion of race to them? If we can not so much as discuss it, then we certainly won’t be able to resist their plans.

    – The League’s newfound talk of race has attracted several excellent activists who had earlier been uninterested in the League.

    – We Southerners are a people who have always cared about race. We have been around people of different races for our entire history. Race and racialism have become part of the Southern identity.

    – The South would cease being Southern if the races were mixed.

  32. Celestial Time: I like have Spelunker here, he is our advocatus diaboli. But am I right that Spelunker does not have open comments on his blog? I would also like Spelunker to show his full intellect; so far I am getting recycled party line stuff from him, which wouldn’t be as helpful as a real debating partner.

    Spelunker: By the way, aren’t things like the triumph of UKIP, Scottish secession, the rise of Putin, Golden Dawn getting 17% of the vote in a recent election, etc etc telling you that the post-Wold War II era of NY-DC-London hegemony is falling apart? Southern secession is really as near (and as far) as getting the rank-and-file Limbaugh conservative to realize that “taking back America” is a lost cause. There was a poll today that suggested that younger whites get this in spades.

    Logan Smith: I am not a white supremacist, nor a white nationalist. I am white. It doesn’t get any more complicated than that. If a government and culture is becoming hostile to whites as the United States is becoming, then I would like my own Israel to aliyah to. Currently there is no place on earth that is a Safe Place for whites. We are trying to changes that. I am by no means certain that we will succeed in carving out a pro-white nation out of the rotting carcass of the United States, but our efforts here will guarantee success elsewhere, such as Eastern Europe etc.

  33. LLD, I understand that, but some new dissenter might not. I’m just suggesting to prioritize topics. We will definitely deal with immigration and the like after secession, but first we need to attract the former Republicans who’ve been indoctrinated. You don’t give a starving man a feast, for instance. You ease him back onto eating. Some of these ideas might be too much to handle for a lot of folks to handle, like a child spitting out medicine.

  34. NYYankees: Zionism in the South is a mile wide and an inch deep. Kind of like saying “I have a lot of good friends who are black”.

  35. Paul Kersey on Baltimore:

    “The British were unable to subdue America during the War of 1812, with Key able to pen the Star-Spangled Banner (… but the flag was still there); in 2014 Baltimore, the black population of Baltimore has done far more damage than the British Army could ever hope to inflict.”

  36. @Afterthought

    “But am I right that Spelunker does not have open comments on his blog?”

    You are correct. There is good reason for it. I was getting a ton of people trying to post YOUR personal information on my blog. I’m not down with that. It was easier to control by turning it off. Brad has said before I’m welcome to post here. If he doesn’t want me here, he can say so and I will go away.

    “Spelunker: By the way, aren’t things like the triumph of UKIP, Scottish secession, the rise of Putin, Golden Dawn getting 17% of the vote in a recent election, etc etc telling you that the post-Wold War II era of NY-DC-London hegemony is falling apart?”

    That’s your interpretation. You’re welcome to it.

    “Southern secession is really as near (and as far) as getting the rank-and-file Limbaugh conservative to realize that “taking back America” is a lost cause.”

    This is somewhat true, but I’m not down with your vision of the future. But Left/Right coalitions will never work. I understand that SWN are courting the “patriotards”. You have no idea how many patriotards I work with. In private, they think no differently than any of you. If stuff were to break out I know that the patriotards will default to your camp. But, stuff’s not going to break out. It’s a pipe dream that’s been promised for forever. It’s that little glimmer of hope that keeps you going, and going, and going…. It’s just like the Bible and religion, you are just being controlled.

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