Dr. Michael Hill on The Alan Colmes Radio Show

New York

Here’s the link to the archive of Dr. Michael Hill’s appearance on the Alan Colmes Radio Show this evening.

Note: Fastforward to 38 minutes.

Alan Colmes asks a few tough, but fair questions. Like Mike Hewitt, he supports free speech and the League of the South getting its message out. In other news, SNN is tangling again with The Anniston (Red) Star.

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  1. Dr. Hill did OK, but just OK.

    Alan Colmes is a sharp, aggressive New York Jew. When these types get all over you, put U on defense – it’s rough.

    I had my own 1 on 1 with Colmes when I called in when April Gaede was the guest – I thought I did rather well.

    With these types, it’s best to get off playing defense – go on offense, but in a light hearted, posi

  2. The answer to a lot of these questions is genuinely “I don’t know” because the League wants to restore powers usurped by the federal government to the state legislatures.

  3. Jack, it’s not just jews in ny, it’s all of them. The people from the northeast (catholic or jew) are taught they “have the only true path to God,” and they don’t seem to work with americans on anything. Latest from the new south: friend trying to get his house painted…endless mexican crews with their white catholic handlers showing up…all want to paint in horrifying yankee colors (sh-t brown, battleship gray, really dark green, etc.) Like what you’d do if you wanted the house to absorb heat. Also just “yankee ugly” as we call it.

    Finally gets a guy, (catholic raised/only true path to God), who bought all cheaper materials (the lowest end v the highest end paint that had been discussed and other materials). Sadly, the friend finally gave up and just said do what you want. You can’t fight them. And none of the people were jews. They were all northeast catholics (which is what the “new south” is).

    If he ever finds a southerner still working in the south, he’s going to hire them to redo the whole thing. It’s the most expensive paint job known to man because all the catholics involved were exactly what they always say jews are, (even worse).

    I’m no big defender of jews. But the latins are often harder to deal with. Very bullying and they will not do what you want (WITH YOUR MONEY). IDK— I think it comes from a combo of what catholicism does to government, fascism. (The militarist-corporatist robotic mentality that is like that but is “holier than thou” and has the “only true path to god).

    Real steamrollers. Also they have that freaky “competition” idea. So you have to fight them for EVERYTHING. It’s like not even existing as a person. Which is not very good for a Southerner (seeing as we have such history, richness in so many areas).

    My southern friend was just so stunned by the rudeness of the yankee, that he literally just paid him, got out of the way, and made a pact with himself to spend another 5K and have it all redone once the guy left. Also the idea of a ceiling blue for the porch escaped them. They thought it was stupid (why blow money on an extra color of paint, when you could just do it the trim color and be cheap, cheap, cheap). They had never heard of many various southern paint traditions. How do you deal with such people? And it wasn’t like there were any good people to try for, my southern friend had picked the best of the terrible ones and is surrounded (literally) by yankees committed to “family life,” (which means living off their neighbors on govt salaries, in this case, to support their brats, who also will grow up and get other peoples money via government jobs, just like their daddies).

    Maybe they think their “taste” is attractive? Idk. A government who sends MILLIONS OF FOREIGNERS (even if they are white) among Southern WASPS is doing Genocide…. my story is just one aspect. And it’s sure not just jews. Southern wasps have a right to be with others who have similar tastes, history, authors, books, sensibility when it comes to land and architecture.

    Oh…down the road they just slapped up ANOTHER yankee suburb. All the houses are really dark ugly punishing colors, no shutters (and when they do only on the front, lol), and not functioning anyway. Cheap, cheap, cheap, with some horrid name like Spread Eagle Glen or something out front with typical mexican plantings. THEN no yards whatsoever, b/c they hate nature. THEY HATE NATURE. let me repeat.

    It is so ugly that my eyes feel sore from it EVERY DAY.

    It’s not fair and jews are just one problem.

  4. Brad, I’m going to transcribe the FAIL for you as time allows.

    “The answer is a lot of these questions is genuinely “I don’t know””

    You should just stop there, that’s about the extent of it.

  5. I recommend that Dr. Hill and LS activists not do national media with the likes of Alan Colmes.

    Go Southern local.

    The temptation is just to do any and all media, get on national radio and national TV, where it’s a fixed fight.

    The good folks in Dixie are working to secede to break away from the power of the likes of Alan Colmes, to make it reality that Southern media is in the hands of good, decent Southern folks, not aggressive, pushy,anti Southern Northeasterners like Alan Colmes.

    We have to control our message, not just be all happy to get on national atV and radio.

  6. @Logan

    Colmes used to do “Hannity and Colmes” show on Fox with Sean Hannity. Colmes was the “Liberal” and Hannity was the “Conservative”. Hannity’s head literally got too big, and he needed his own show so they split off.

    Hill fared a little better in this interview despite being asked some tough questions by Colmes. I was surprised that Colmes even asked him some of the things he did. He kind of danced around the more provocative one’s.

    I know you don’t care to hear my advice, but the reason that you were so surprised by the two horrible radio interviews, is because you Southern Nationalists keep yourselves insulated from the rest of the world talking to no one but yourselves. Your message has caused little controversy thus far because the world doesn’t even know about it. As you venture outside of your bubble, the questions are going to get harder. You are clearly not prepared.

  7. Logan Smith says:
    May 28, 2014 at 2:32 pm
    I hear this Colmes fellow is a Liberal, but if so, why is he on Fox News?

    Jr replies

    Fox likes to promote some liberals Colmes, that Black guy who was fired by NPR for saying he was a bit scared seeing Muslims at airports after 9-11-01. It goes with their advertising that Fox is fair and balanced.

  8. Re: Spelunker

    The League has never envisioned a centralized government that would set one policy (for example, abortion is legal) for the entire Southern nation-state. A decentralized Southern nation-state really would leave such matters up to the state legislatures and more local matters up to municipalities.

  9. With these types, it’s best to get off playing defense – go on offense,

    It’s best to not play the game in their arena. Treat something as illegitimate and not worthy of your time and that message will eventually become a legitimate voice of opposition. Nothing needs to be said directly to these people.

  10. Re: Spelunker

    I don’t know where you got the impression that we are opposed to hostile editorials or radio interviews. It’s fine with us if, say, Dale Jackson wants to say that Southerners are “inbred” while struggling with the term “orthography.” He came across as rude, obnoxious, and uneducated.

    Dr. Hill always comes across as polite, affable, and educated. It doesn’t matter to us if the media repeats the SPLC’s talking points. The public and our target audience already has a negative view of the media and the SPLC.

  11. So are you saying your stated desire to create a Whites only homeland in Dixie is an SPLC talking point?

    That Hill stated himself that he believes White Europeans are superior to others? That’s an SPLC talking point? No it’s not.

    The fact that Hill couldn’t answer questions about an idea he is putting forward is an SPLC talking point?

    Try again Brad, there’s not enough spin in the world you can put on reality.

  12. Re: Spelunker

    1.) Unlike you, I don’t see anything wrong with White people wanting to live among other White people without the “diversity” that has made Baltimore such a “vibrant” place. There’s plenty of land in the South where such a desire could be accommodated through racially chartered municipalities.


    2.) I don’t recall Hill saying in the interview that White Europeans are “superior” to others. The term “superiority” makes little sense because evolution has adapted each race to its natural environment.

    3.) Seeing as how the League’s agenda has always been to secede and create a decentralized government, no one is able to answer such questions because such matters would be decided at the state and local level.

  13. Lunker: I want to express my sincere appreciation for the derision and contempt that you so regularly express on this site. Every time I read one of your posts, it highly renews my determination to stand up for my Southern heritage and culture. And I suspect your comments have a similar effect on the others here who read them. Thanks for the encouragement. Please keep up the good work.

  14. Dale Jackson: “You’ve been called a racist numerous times, I think you know that it means that you believe your race is superior to other races. Do you believe that?”

    Michael Hill: “Uh, I believe that my race has done some things that are superior to any other race, I don’t think we’re morally superior to any other race.”

    Dale Jackson: “So you’re not inherently or biologically superior?”

    Michael Hill: “Uhhh, I don’t know I think the evidence of our development of Western culture and civilization is evidence of some kind of superiority.”

    Dale Jackson: “So why don’t you just say “Yes”? Why has it got to be, why are you hedging? Just say, “Yes, I believe these things”, if you know, if you do believe them, you’re going to give me a spiel, just say “Yes”, and we can move on?”

    Michael Hill: “OK, I do believe that Western civilization, i.e. White civilization and culture is superior to any others in their accomplishments, historically.”

    Dale Jackson: “You want to have your own country, full of White people. You want the Blacks and the Hispanics out. True or False?”

    Michael Hill: “Oh, we would like to have a country that was dominated by White Europeans, just the way our Founding Fathers intended it.”

    “Our white European-American ancestors had no trouble enunciating the obvious truth that Western Christian civilization was superior to all others.”
    “Just a century ago, our civilization was still distinguished by a robustness and self-confidence born out of a realization of the natural superiority of the West and its ways.”
    “None but the most crack-brained utopians believed in social, political, economic, and cultural equality, nor did they believe in the equality of the races in intellect and accomplishment.”
    “Today, the descendants of those European-American whites behave as a shamed and defeated people. Not only do they refuse to proclaim the God-ordained superiority of their own civilization and its venerable institutions; they also refuse to defend the very ethnic and racial particularities that gave form and definition to that civilization.”
    “While blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and other groups revel in their natural peculiarities, whites will not dare even admit that race is one of the primary factors that determines who we are and what we create on this earth.”
    “The cold facts of history tell us that blacks have never created anything approximating a civilization in the Western sense of the term.”

  15. Hunter, when should we expect that new site to come out? I’m pretty anxious to have a look at it.

  16. Spelunker,

    Which would you consider superior, Port au Prince, Haiti or Paris, France? Also, are there any sub Saharan African countries that you would find equal or superior to any European country?

  17. Spelunker: give whites any freedom at all and they will separate from other races.

    The whole history of integration has been a history of the diminishment of white freedom. The question of what blacks, hispanics, etc would do in a Partitioned America is best posed to them, no?

    I still am waiting for Spelunker to comment on the European Elections. The first nazi-derived elected official out of Germany in, what, 70 years? What direction does Spelunker think the wind is blowing?

    • Spelunker’s act is to scream “racist” and “Nazi” as loudly as he can, but even in Europe that isn’t really working anymore. In fact, real Nazis like Golden Dawn are getting elected to the Greek and European Parliament now, and other nationalist groups in France and Hungary have overtaken the “mainstream.”

      In the United States, recent events in Tennessee have shown that the opposition can get hundreds of people to turn out to oppose the Klan in Memphis or the NSM in Knoxville and Chattanooga, but they couldn’t muster more than a few dozen in Dickson and Murfreesboro.

      In order for anyone outside of the OPP and “Anti-Fascist Action” fringe left to get animated about “racists” and “Nazis,” they have got to see Nazis and Klansmen in their costumes and regalia saying all the clownish things that they have come to expect from watching them on The History Channel.

  18. That’s true.

    The typical White Southerner is far more racially conscious and culturally conservative than the average European. There are no laws against free speech here.

    There are fewer legal obstacles to organizing. The taboos against “racism” are objectively weaker here and memory of WW2 and the Third Reich is far less acute than in Europe.

    In the US, WNs are content to scream “Jew, Jew” on the internet, and there aren’t any costs to this behavior. It just so happens that the vast majority of them are content to anonymously post on the internet without doing much else, which explains why Golden Dawn is where it is at today in Greece while American WN hasn’t gone anywhere in 20 years.

  19. Alan Colmes is jewish. He will be hostile to the Celtic and Germanic people of the South. But I’ll guess, he is a supporter of a jewish Israel. But isn’t it always like that?

  20. It’s best to fight fire with fire and anyone who deigns to “debate” with Jews had better be fully aware of the tactics they use.

    I don’t know if Scott Roberts is welcome here or not, I’ve been zapped for mentioning his name on certain forums but he does have a few columns about Jewish debating techniques that they absolutely use in person, on the radio, TV and, especially on forums exactly like this.

    Beware the Jew Debating Methods!

    Beware of such methods as:
    Deny Everything,
    Admit Nothing.
    Demand Limitless Proof and when valid Proof is offered
    claim to be unconvinced and Demand More Proof.
    Answer a Question with a Question.
    Use a Red Herring and Change the Subject.
    Tell Lies.
    When the argument is lost, attack the credibility of the messenger.
    utilize a strawman argument
    Become enraged and use ridicule, mockery and name-calling
    in an attempt to lure the “truther” into drama and useless arguments designed to hijack
    the theme of the debate and lead him away from useful reasoning into dead ends.
    When he begins to identify causes and to solve problems, and when all else fails, accuse
    him of being insane or mentally defective, off medication etc.
    Above all, avoid any discussion of the issues.
    After all of these techniques fail, start all over again with the same arguments in an
    attempt to tire and exasperate the “truther” enough that he gives up the fight and
    allows evil to prevail.
    Any statement left unchallenged is established as truth, so always
    have the last say after the “truther” leaves in exasperation and weariness so that your lies
    remain standing and your falsehoods victorious.
    These are the jewDebating Methods
    theyare designed to create Chaos and Confusion and to defeat Truth.


  21. Black Swan says:

    ‘It’s best to fight fire with fire and anyone who deigns to “debate” with Jews had better be fully aware of the tactics they use. Beware the Jew Debating Methods!’

    Excellent post! 100% accurate.

  22. Black Swan, sounds like how atheists debate.

    Are you insinuating that believers in nursery rhymes and superstitious dogmas are less guilty of those kind of tactics?

  23. Jewcentric activism is best left to Jews. If you are White, then why the fucking fuck aren’t you spending more time and energy dedicating yourself to practical applications that help White people in the real world? There’s a reason people David Duke spend their life chasing tails(pun intended) while never building much in the way of a legitimate vehicle for White advocacy and autonomy. It’s not so much the fact that the name-the-Jew social pariahs talk about Jews that makes them poisonous to the viability of any entity they attach themselves to; it’s the fact that all they seem to talk about and all they seem to be focused on are Jews. Stormfront should be the center of the White universe if Jewcentric activism was so successful and such a wonderful tool for Nationalism or White advocacy or Race Realism or Southern Nationalism or whatever flavor-of-the-year labels being thrown out.

    I’m being deadly serious when I say that if I ever want to do something the wrong way, the ass backwards way, the way that would most certainly lead to implosion and stagnation, I would do it the “White Nationalist” way.

    So it’s the blacks? Of course, but it’s not just them.
    Well, is it the Mexicans and other illegals? Yeah, them too!
    What about the Asians? Might as well throw them in there.
    Okay, it’s the Jews? Bingo! But while we’re at it, let’s just pile it on real good.
    It’s the homosexuals… It’s the “North”… It’s the “feminists”… It’s the “socialists”… It’s the atheists…. It’s the_________

    Hey, when we say we’re traditionalists, what we mean is that we have a long, long track record of traditionally fucking ourselves in the ass when we start our faux organizing and networking.

    Then again, since some of you wield your weapons-grade religious proclivities(childish superstitions) like it’s the foundation to your own salvation, you could always pray your way into a new world.

  24. I’ve seen the Jew named almost every single day on the internet for 13 years now, but I never see any follow up on what our course of action should be after the Jews in question are named and exposed.

  25. Celestial Times, I’m insinuating that the atheists I’ve debated with seem to use the same tactics as described by Black Swan. Didn’t mean to offend you, comrade.

  26. “Black Swan, sounds like how atheists debate.”

    I disagree, Logan. Since you made the smear, I’ll start. What proof do you have for the Resurrection?

  27. “Black Swan, sounds like how atheists debate.”

    I strongly disagree Logan. Since you made the smear, I’ll start. What proof do you have for the Resurrection?

  28. CT, If you’re addressing me, I’ve no idea what Jew-centric activism is, and I’m an atheist.

  29. Rudel, I’ve debated enough atheists in my time to have grown ill of the taste. I do not come to Southern Nationalists websites to argue with comrades.

  30. I wasn’t targeting or singling any one person out. I was addressing the undertones and rhetoric of “activism” that gets passed around like grandma’s fruitcake. Everyone praises it and goes through the motions just so they aren’t “that guy,” but nobody ever really does anything with it, do they? Unless you happen to be building upon Jewish Nationalism, then Jews and Jewcentric building blocks are a dead end, both figuratively and literally.

    Doesn’t anyone else find it a bit odd that the name-the-Jew crowd can spend an eternity focusing their time and energy on Jews, fracturing and splintering an already impotent pro-White movement(maybe because of Jews), speaking and ranting about Jews, cataloging and diagraming their interpretations of Jewry, even asking/begging for donations just so they can continue to rant about Jews, but never do much of anything to actually help White people, because The Jews won’t let them? This crowd happens to consist of the same types of people that make enemies with other White people much faster than they can make allies and friends.

    People need to drop the Christian vs atheist(non-Christian) crap until there is some kind either/or winnable outcome, because the Christian community is every bit as screwed up in the head as the atheists are when it comes to the whole melting pot, colorblind society bullshit. And then when that little road to nowhere is under control, we can forget about Jews long enough to help some damn White people. I’m sure there are plenty of White people out there that might need the help. Is there even a food and clothing drive established? Anyone want to help start one?

  31. Is that the one where the Invisible Empire is going to be visible and open to all races, because the fake Klan has given the real Klan a bad name for far too long?

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