Dr. Michael Hill on The Alan Colmes Radio Show

New York

Here’s the link to the archive of Dr. Michael Hill’s appearance on the Alan Colmes Radio Show this evening.

Note: Fastforward to 38 minutes.

Alan Colmes asks a few tough, but fair questions. Like Mike Hewitt, he supports free speech and the League of the South getting its message out. In other news, SNN is tangling again with The Anniston (Red) Star.

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  1. Hill gave the correct answer:

    1.) The meaning of the term “racist” has changed significantly over the years to the point where it now encompasses things such as “white privilege” and “microaggressions” and unconscious racial bias which shows up on implicit racial bias tests.


    2.) There are people who argue that being a “racist” entails power and therefore no black person, no matter how anti-White in their attitudes, can ever be “racist” because only White people have power in this society, an argument which doesn’t make much sense in the context of Baltimore.

    3.) Are White infants born “racist”?


    4.) The US media is always hosting auto-de-fé of alleged “racists”: James Watson, John Derbyshire, Donald Sterling, George Zimmerman, the Duke Lacrosse players, Cliven Bundy, Jason Richwine, etc. Meanwhile, Al Sharpton has a national television show, which illustrates how there is one standard for Whites and another for blacks.

    What does “racist” mean these days? A “racist” can range from a Klansman to a 9 month old White infant to even a White “anti-racist” activist who still benefits from “white privilege” and commits microaggressions. Increasingly, the term “racist” is used as a synonym for any White person.

    “Racist” has become a meaningless term. It is an epithet which essentially means “someone whose views I don’t like.”

  2. Originally, the term “racist” meant someone who believes in the existence of “superior” and “inferior” races, but no one really believes in vertical racial hierarchies anymore.

    Evolution doesn’t create “superior” races. It sculpts races and species to survive and flourish in their environment. The only factor that evolution cares about is reproductive success. Thus, domesticated animals and seedless fruit which could never survive in the wild flourish because humans have adapted them to a civilized environment, but they are in no sense “superior” to their wild counterparts.

  3. What does “racist” mean these days?

    You’re right that it has become meaningless, because it is nothing more than a way for liars, thieves and assorted charlatans and con artists to stifle facts and views that counter their own hollow platitudes. But when used as an identity or self-label to build cohesion among racialists, it simply means I’ve had enough of your shit and I’m not backing down! If someone tells you that they are “not a racist” in this day and age, then you better keep your distance and watch your back. Racialists/Racists certainly are not all on the same page when it comes to many economic and especially social issues; but we all should at least agree that a “racist” is the last person we should be throwing under the bus just because he/she is a Race-ist. If anything, that might be the only thing that helps bind and bridge the various factions together.

    When it comes to self-identification, there only exists two different types of individuals at the abstract, macro level of a foundational path to any kind of Racial Nationalism:

    1) Racists = High likelihood of being an ally, or at least receptive to a wider range of racialist points of views.

    2) Anti-Racists = Pretty much ZERO likelihood of being an ally. Will always regress and backpedal on racial issues.

    Racist > anti-Racist

    The media and other self-serving string pullers have inadvertently built an army of Racists. They are everywhere, and new ones are being accused/created every single day. Many good people are branded and stigmatized for having truth and facts on their side, ridiculed and ripped apart for their personal opinions and views, and then thrown into the wind. You/We just have to learn how to put those pieces back together.

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