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  1. He must have thought it was White Boy day. It ain’t Why Boy day, is it?

    The reaction to Gary Oldman’s very benign and common sense statements kind of prove that Jewish Hollywood is nothing but a big pile of hypocritical crap.

    “If Hollywood were really, truly run by Jews entirely for their own benefit, shouldn’t I…..”

    Yep, that’s a Jew. Take an undeniable PROVEN fact and spin it to make it seem like you are somehow being persecuted and getting the short end of the stick. Where are all of these righteous Jewish voices in media when White America is being targeted for assault, rape and murder by the black and brown hordes? It’s not Jews that I have a problem with. It’s the smug, self-righteous attitude that pretends to care about fairness while selectively choosing to comment on what attitudes and speech are detrimental to others. Jews just happen to have this negative quality in spades.

  2. That Jew’s defense is just pathetic.

    It’s as if a private in an occupying army said to a local, “if we were really occupying you, I’d be a general.”

    His statement just doesn’t make any sense.

  3. Hollywood and all its production are part of the cult of the Jew and are fundamentally destructive of White culture in America that derives from the European heritage.

    The cult of celebrity through sport, tv yada yada fests, fame contests, pageants and the cult of fame itself (famous for being promoted in Jew media as famous) – are all idolatries of the Jew.

    The rot is total.

  4. In other “controversial” statements, Oldham went on to say that there were Chinese people in China, Arab Muslim people in Saudi Arabia and many Black people in Detroit and Birmingham Alabama.

  5. I doubt Oldman is anything close to a WN but he’s using a prime piece of their classical approach, i.e., Naming the Jew. He’ll get just as far. Doesn’t matter if every word is 100% true.

    Naming the Jew is a failed tactic. You’ll never rally White and normal folks using it.

  6. I expect Jews will give Oldman the Marlon Brando treatment. I don’t think Brando got much national exposure after he said this on Larry King Live in 1996.

    Hollywood is run by Jews. It is owned by Jews, and they should have a greater sensitivity. They should have greater sensitivity about the issue of people who are suffering because they’ve [been] exploited. We have seen the nigger, we’ve seen the greaseball, we have seen the chink, the slit-eyed dangerous Jap. We have seen the wily Filipino. We’ve seen everything, but we never saw the kike, because they know perfectly well that is where you draw the wagons around.

  7. You beat me to it Lew! I was gonna post that quote!

    This isn’t shocking news. First day of film school in 2007 I watched “An Empire of their Own” a documentary by the Tribe gloating about how immigrants Jews from Eastern Europe stole Edison’s technology and moved operations to California to avoid the power of his patent on the technology.

  8. I thought this would be another good opportunity to spread this great video. This is a video every normal white parent should show their children.

  9. The jews’ power in academia, government and finance is just as tyrannical. Gary Oldman starred in a film with Denzel Washington in which the black man has to free humanity of the plague of evil whites aka northwestern europeans. The ‘good’ women in it were the mulatto Jennifer Beals and the jew Mila Kunis; all northwestern europeans were ‘bad,’ and the noble characters were all at least brown. But southerners think I’m being picky to delineate white as mostly northwestern european. Even when Hollywood has made a movie in the last 10 years sympathetically depicting the white working class the characters are slavs, like in Sunshine Cleaning. But the white male was still a villainous ogre.

    I’ve often wondered how white actors (especially northwestern europeans) rationalize to themselves the roles they play for their jewmasters. Jodie Foster always seemed a person of some substance, however misguided in some ways. Yet she starred in another anti-white bomb, Panic Room. If anyone yawned through it they might remember the scene in which Jared Leto tells his black burglar and would-be murderer accomplice, “I want this but you need this.” The black guy of course was *driven* to crime; he was moral, ingenious and industrious, unlike his incompetent and depraved evilwhitemale partner, whose diabolic parasitism becomes pure predation towards the two innocent white female characters, Jodie and Kristen Stewart.

    Jodie has two white – northwestern european – sons. How could she love them and then enable such demonizing of them. I know Hollyweird is full of these white liberal types, but for some reason her treachery seems less expected. She was the only person who stuck up for Mel Gibson, however…

  10. Gary Oldham sounds like a straight out honest great guy.

    I meet so many if these Brit expats like him, Peter Brimelow, John Derbyshire – they seem to handle the Jewish question the best.

    These Brit writers, actors are as good as the best Jews, they don’t have an obsession to hate Jews, but they don’t kiss as$ to the Jews.

    Here’s an excerpt from the Gary Oldham interview:

    “OLDMAN: [Fidgets in his seat] I just think political correctness is crap. That’s what I think about it. I think it’s like, take a fucking joke. Get over it. I heard about a science teacher who was teaching that God made the earth and God made everything and that if you believe anything else you’re stupid. A Buddhist kid in the class got very upset about this, so the parents went in and are suing the school! The school is changing its curriculum! I thought, All right, go to the school and complain about it and then that’s the end of it. But they’re going to sue! No one can take a joke anymore.

    I don’t know about Mel. He got drunk and said a few things, but we’ve all said those things. We’re all fucking hypocrites. That’s what I think about it. The policeman who arrested him has never used the word nigger or that fucking Jew? I’m being brutally honest here. It’s the hypocrisy of it that drives me crazy. Or maybe I should strike that and say “the N word” and “the F word,” though there are two F words now.

    PLAYBOY: The three-letter one?

    OLDMAN: Alec calling someone an F-A-G in the street while he’s pissed off coming out of his building because they won’t leave him alone. I don’t blame him. So they persecute. Mel Gibson is in a town that’s run by Jews and he said the wrong thing because he’s actually bitten the hand that I guess has fed him—and doesn’t need to feed him anymore because he’s got enough dough. He’s like an outcast, a leper, you know? But some Jewish guy in his office somewhere hasn’t turned and said, “That fucking kraut” or “Fuck those Germans,” whatever it is? We all hide and try to be so politically correct. That’s what gets me. It’s just the sheer hypocrisy of everyone, that we all stand on this thing going, “Isn’t that shocking?” [smiles wryly] All right. Shall I stop talking now? What else can we discuss?”

  11. Off topic, but really on topic:

    Here is a book calling for the partition of Iraq in 2009.

    “Partitioning for Peace”.


    The author coins terms that I like, “soft partition” where the partition is negotiated and relatively bloodless. Also “hard partition”, where the partition happens despite New World Order intransigence, except lots of people suffer and die for no reason.

    The author applies it to Iraq, but it could just as equally apply to Ukraine, Sudan, and elsewhere. Recall that India was to have a “soft partition”, the Mountbatten Plan. But the Brits dragged their feet as they kept wanting to find that one way they could control India in the end. What happened was that the street violence between muslims and hindus* spiraled out of control and a million people died. Later Pakistan and India fought 4 wars and Bangladesh was also broke off from Pakistan. We might even blame hellish Afghanistan on the refusal to partition India properly by the British.

    This is on topic in my opinion, because America is bifurcating into two or more nations (again) and if chaos takes hold, it could be very painful for us and our children. We can avoid that with a rational, planned partition.

    * I would point out that the division between Pakistan and India follows the division between Vedic India (white) and Dravidian India (dark brown) 3 to 4 thousand years ago. That is just how intractable these problems are. The North and the South will always be ready to separate as they represent a divide between Cavaliers and Roundheads, which is a division between Mediterranean Catholic Europe and Northern Protestant Europe which itself has roots in the end of the last Ice Age 11,000 years ago!

  12. Also, I posted on here a link about how secretive the jews in the british film industry have been traditionally, compared to their american counterparts. If Oldman seems a bit more nonchalant, it’s probably because he hasn’t lived in Hollywood for most of his life:

    You either eat jew shit in the american film industry or starve.

    Here’s the link I posted about how closeted jewish filmmakers have been in the UK:

    Silver made some comment in the thread about Elliot Rodger in which I’d first posted the above link, the gist of which was that my NJ/NY people’s preference to segregate ourselves from the italians was a good reason why he was not ‘WN’ and instead a ‘racialist.’ Guido didn’t get that my people don’t think his are of our race.

    NYC native Martin Scorsese seems to agree. He’s so incapable of interacting normally with my people he chose on at least two occasions to cast non irish (and even half hispanic Cameron Diaz!) in movies about…the irish. The lead and one principal in The Departed weren’t even part irish (Leonardo DiCaprio and Vera Farmiga). Gangs of New York featured the not very irish-looking half guido DiCaprio and the very hispanic-featured Diaz (whose accent sucked).

    In Shutter Island all evil characters are blonde northwestern europeans aka nazis and the heroes are mediterranean Mark Ruffalo and middle eastern Ben Kingsley.

    American White blondes and their tribesmen are basically the scapegoats of Hollywood, as they are of our country’s ruling junta. There was discussion of this on DS regarding this year’s Vanity Fair’s cover and it’s symbolic portrayal of blonde women, which serves as my belated response to William Rome’s post on the ER thread claiming blondes are treated so well in the film industry. :


  13. It’s real, Sam, and should have been expected. Eat shit or starve.

    John Friend is a total cutie. Just in time for my expose on jewish orchestration of anti-blonde, he posts this on his blog, about how just in the last year all these new revelations about jewish women having been chronic rape and abortion victims in ‘the camps’ have been ‘liberated’ by one Ms. Gloria Steinem, CIA agent:


    Regulars on the circuit might ponder why these accounts have just surfaced now, ‘in the last year or so.’ Could it be the recent hated ‘feminist’ faction of pro-white who have drawn attention to the black on white rape rate might suddenly command an audience? We’re not Jared Taylor et al – not elitist white men or their often just as misogynist white female queens. And we don’t look like jewesses…

    Also, perhaps note that abortion is also alleged to have been chronically forced on these poor sex slave jewesses. The jews know you fetushists (people who fetishize the abortion issue, fetus+fetish) in the pro-white movement will fall for this hook, line, sinker.

  14. ETA: I know a man whose grandmother had been a pretty young woman during German occupation of her european homeland. She reported to him that the german soldiers could not have been more gentlemanly.

  15. “they represent a divide between Cavaliers and Roundheads, which is a division between Mediterranean Catholic Europe and Northern Protestant Europe”

    In point of fact most Cavalier field officers were CofE and staunch and loyal Royalist Englishmen from the gentry.

  16. NYYankees, it’s true that the Germans were decent conquerors (obviously not so much toward the Jews). Even France, with their underground resistance, didn’t really care that Germany took over. They were just glad that there was peace.

    That’s why the US army wore US flags on their sleeves, so the French (who were fighting with the Germans at this point) might see the flags, and decide to fight for the Allies. Not sure how that turned out, but knowing the French….

  17. Oldman has already ‘recanted’ and offered a ‘full, ADL apology.’

    Nothing to see here. Spineless, weak, vacillating Hollweird sychophant.

    As always

  18. “Where are all of these righteous Jewish voices in media when White America is being targeted for assault, rape and murder by the black and brown hordes? ”

    The jews, that people that have rule the US for decades now, say Whites, that’s us, are getting just what we deserve for “persecuting” them for ages.

  19. Was the Gary Oldman Jew Apology Completely and Obviously Sarcastic?

    Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer June 25, 2014


    So, yes. I am presently unable to read this in a way that does not come off as mocking these rats, scathingly.
    He first says “sorry about the stereotype that Jews run Hollywood” and then cites a book by a Jew saying that Jews run Hollywood. Then he actually says “God’s chosen people,” which, unless it is literally boot-licking, can only be taken sarcastically (pretty sure Oldman isn’t a devout zio-Christian who could potentially make such a
    statement in seriousness). And then “the Shalom” bit – that is hilarious.
    So, the ball is in the Foxman’s court. He can either dip out and accept this fake apology that intelligent people see is in fact mocking him and his entire disgusting parasite race, or he can whine about it being sarcastic, and then try and explain how the Jews don’t really run Hollywood while dealing with an academic citation proving that they in fact do run Hollywood.
    I suspect Gary has won this round, but his career will now wither and die. However, the best thing for us is if Abe calls out the apology as sarcastic and the drama continues to roll. The more drama there is, the more the Jews expose themselves as hate-filled criminal weirdos who control all of society.

  20. “A hypocritical etiquette forces us to pretend that the Jews are powerless victims; and if you don’t respect their victimhood, they’ll destroy you.”
    -Joe Sobran

  21. Oldman got his digs in, but the fact is that the jews picked up on it, and his career is probably over:


    To even utter the word ‘jew’ is considered by them a blasphemy, kinda like they’re not supposed to utter ‘Yahweh.’

    I have to hand it to him, though. If this is the end for him he sure did it ‘his way.’ He played the famous brit punkrocker of the 70’s, Sid Vicious, who in this video interprets Frank Sinatra’s famous tune in the movie Sid and Nancy. The ‘real punk’ part starts at 1:00:


    The actual punk part starts at 1:00.

  22. Oldman’s career with the Jews was already over. No apology could help him. Instead he should have stood up to the witch hunt. His apology means nothing to the totalitarian Jews, but at least he could have rallied support from others who would fear the same witch hunt happening to them.

    There was a Hispanic reporter from CNN whose career was also destroyed for pointing out that Jews run the media. He also grovelled when it does no good.

  23. So it’s definitely back to ‘their way’ for Oldman, whose mea culpa on Jimmy Kimmel is downright painful to watch:

    Most MSM coverage of the Playboy interview failed to mention that Oldman had pointed out the ‘fucking jews’ Maher and Stewart said things at least as obnoxious as Baldwin and Gibson regularly but were held to a different standard.

    I’d love to see the white-hating Maher have his nose rubbed in goy shit.

    That the whites in Hollywood continue to remain silent in the face of such humiliation of another fellow white tells you just how utterly devoid of morality they are. But these days hispanics form the largest demographic of moviegoers so even older seasoned white guys who should otherwise enjoy irreplaceable icon status really have no power, while incredibly hateful jews like Stewart and the odious Maher just become more genocidal with age.

  24. So John Stewart comes from NJ. A comrade just sent me this as I wrote the above:

    Why am I not in jail for calling out the jew hand behind anti-white in the middle of a jew’s court? Because it’s the truth that we know in this state, unlike the willfully obtuse southerners who still want to blame ‘damned yankees’ (and only a white could be called thus).

    What’s funnier than the idea of a fair haired White (meaning northwestern european) woman posing a threat to a bunch of blacks and hispanics in NJ’s urban county jails?

    —– A jew in the military!!!!!!!!!!!

    Semper Fi Dad, Dick, Gene and the men of my tribe

    Name The Jew

  25. NYYankees says:

    ‘So it’s definitely back to ‘their way’ for Oldman, whose mea culpa on Jimmy Kimmel is downright painful to watch:’

    A totally disgraceful performance by the spineless twerp.

    I didn’t know who he was since I am not a moviegoer.

    After checking Youtube it seems he is considered a great actor who made his mark playing an assortment of weirdos and tough guys.

    In real life he is a cowardly, pathetic wimp.

    Very disheartening.

    Daily Stormer: Humiliating and sickening as this obviously was, bowing like a whipped dog before the baboon kike Jimmy Kimmel, I still imagine that Oldman has killed his career. Jews do not forgive and they do not forget. And they had pretty well already buried him.
    Sad that he couldn’t man-up, go on the Jew show like he was going to apologize, and then say something like “someone has to stop these kikes!”
    But alas.

  26. Sickening video posted by NYYankees. This comment caught my eye.

    Anyone that tells you it’s culture is flat out lying to you, if that were the case then the problem could be solved with various social policies, but it can’t. The problem is genetic, niggers are basically undomesticated humans. They are wild animals.

    All the other races have in some way undergone a process of social selection as a consequence of living in communities, but these niggers have only come to civilization within the past few hundred years, and there are still many who are fresh from the jungles of prehistory.

    Civilization would normally take thousands of years to select for positive traits and against negative ones, which essentially means that violent low IQ rape monkeys would be slowly killed off as a consequence. What’s happening is that the genetic standard of our civilization has been set back a few thousand years to accommodate and legitimize the niggers. The traits of civilized humans become the opposite of anachronistic: they should not yet exist. This means that our people, otherwise oblivious to the nigger problem, would become prey for the monkeys.

  27. http://www.dailystormer.com/jew-rat-roger-friedman-declares-gary-oldmans-career-over/

    The Jew rat Roger Friedman, a former Fox News columnist who now runs his own entertainment blog, has declared an end to Gary Oldman’s career, saying he cannot possibly sustain his Antisemitic self.
    From his site, Showbiz411:
    British actor Gary Oldman has had a nice very career in Hollywood. Now, it’s over. Oldman tells Playboy magazine that Hollywood is “run by Jews,” suggests that those Jews make fun of Germans, and says that the policeman with whom Mel Gibson became embroiled in a huge anti-Semitic scandal probably is anti-Semitic himself.

    Oldman seems unaware that James Mee, the policeman, is Jewish himself.

    Good bye, Gary. We can live without you. And trust me, we will. Oldman was nominated for an Oscar in 2012 for “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.” I hope he enjoyed it.

    How funny it is that saying that Jews run Hollywood is so offensive to the Jews that it will cause the Jews that run Hollywood to end your career if you say it.
    Friedman was fired from Fox News after having illegally downloaded a copy of X-Men Origins: Wolverine to write a review of it.

  28. White man invented motion picture photography. He used it for educational purposes and light entertainment, plus a little (tame by modern standards) “adult fare”-the naughty strips shown by males to male audience in proverbial smoke filled rooms. (Porn films were called ‘smokers’ until well into modern times by the old guys. ) The major use of feature length films was not a concern.

    Jews in New York got hold of it and, to their creative credit and also as something they immediately saw as advantageous to mold public opinion as well as make a fortune, invented the movie as we know it. They moved to California for several reasons, one being the desire to not pay the agreed royalties on the patented processes involved. when Hollywood started, long distance phone calls from New York to LA were still iffy and always horrendously expensive, and getting there was two or three days on steam trains. It worked.

    The feature film industry was tailor made, no pun intended, for Jews. It is and always will be foundationally Jewish, even though many of the best directors, producers, writers and actors were and are not Jews. This is beyond dispute. How we deal with it is another matter.

    Jews did not invent propaganda, polemic or pornography. These things were around before Jews and will be after they are gone. But they are good at all three, in some ways better than we ever could be. We have to deal with that.

    I don’t have all the answers. I think we need to deal with it in some way, certainly. But I don’t think we can or should do away with the cinema.

  29. Why don’t people who had had their careers ruined by the jews and jew organizations sue these bastards? Gary Oldman and others can prove what they said about the jews is true. There are enough of these people who have been slandered by the jews to form a class action law suit.

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