“Make Them Listen” Coalition Nationwide Immigration Protests (July 18 and July 19)

“Make Them Listen,” a coalition of mainstream conservative anti-immigration groups, is sponsoring protests of the “border surge” in over 319 American cities. It is already clear that hundreds of ordinary people attended the anti-immigration demonstrations on Friday. The vast majority of the protests are still scheduled for Saturday though. Check out this list to find a protest near you.

Day Two

There are still tons of photos from various demonstrations trickling onto the internet, but it doesn’t change the general picture of what took place this afternoon. Thousands of Americans participated in anti-immigration protests and demonstrations at overpasses, state capitols, Mexican consulates, and roadside at heavily trafficked intersections. The protests on Saturday were much larger and more widespread than the ones on Friday. They were all of the same character as the previous ones in Murrieta, CA and Oracle, AZ where ordinary conservatives waved ubiquitous American and Gadsden flags and carried anti-illegal immigration signs.

The Texas Nationalist Movement reportedly participated in the demonstrations in Texas. League of the South members participated in at least three locations, probably more, in Marietta, GA, Greenville, SC, and Arbutus, MD. Stormfront members participated in Lansing, MI. CofCC members participated in East Tennessee.

Day One

As I expected, the first round of demonstrations on Friday closely resembled the previous ones in Murrieta, CAOracle, AZ, and Vassar City, MI. A glance is sufficient to reveal that these protests aren’t League of the South demonstrations. The ubiquitous American flags and Gadsden flags (and the absence of the Black Cross) are the hallmark of Tea Party conservatives. In Washington, Nebraska and Kansas City, Missouri, the demonstrations were sponsored by an outfit called “Take Back America.”

In Oklahoma City, Chattanooga, Charleston, South Carolina and Arlington, Texas, there were demonstrations on overpasses. In Lansing, Austin, and Columbus, Ohio, there were demonstrations at state capitols. In Houston, Chicago, and San Bernardino, there were demonstrations across from Mexican consulates. In other places like Birmingham, Alabama, there were demonstrations at busy intersections.

On balance, the demonstrators had a fairly consistent message: secure the border, deport the illegals, and enforce the law, which at times was blended with other mainstream conservative themes like “Impeach Obama” and “America Needs Jesus.” They used a fairly consistent symbolism in that the US flag and Gadsden flag seems to have been present at all their events. Their dress was often slovenly and most of their signs were crude and handmade, but no more so than any other Tea Party demonstration. These people are essentially the talk radio crowd who have been whipped into a frenzy lately by all the coverage of the “border crisis” on mainstream conservative websites.

I could dwell on our differences which are evident to anyone who follows the Southern Nationalist movement, but in this case we share the same grievances, not to mention the same common enemies, as the “Make Them Listen” protesters. We just don’t disguise our resentments in the language of civic nationalism. We don’t cloak ourselves in the symbolism of 100 Percent Americanism either. We have our own reasons to support these protests though.

Note: “Make Them Listen” has created a permanent Facebook group to coordinate and consolidate the protest movement.

Photo Gallery

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  1. My current location has me closer to Hannibal than to home, and I’m hoping and praying that I can slip away from my job’s duties long enough tomorrow morning to sneak up to Hannibal and participate in its rally. But no I won’t say hi to Mark Twain for you.

      • I noticed the thirteen star American flag in the Oklahoma City photo. If one can’t stand the Amurrikan flag, then at least the thirteen star flag is a suitable alternative. AMAF I don’t own a 50-star USA flag at all, all I own is one with the 13 circular stars and one with 51 stars from my time living in southern Illinois and hanging around its statehood movement.

        I also noticed the blacks in the BIrmingham photos. Don’t know if I’m that cool with that.

        • Having some decent Blacks at an anti amnesty protest is OK. just don’t fawn all over them.

          I recommend treating Blacks fairly. There are plenty of terrible Blacks – rapists, gang banger punks, lying affirmative action media talking heads, my last three Congressman – give these bad Blacks what they deserve. Some regular Black guy holding an anti immigration sign, that’s fine.

          • The words decent Blacks have never been used to describe a situation where a racial identity movement or group does anything other than distort and contort itself in order to cater to more blacks. I understand that many of the White people involved are simply focused on illegal immigration and making sure things are “done the right way” in order to get into this country. Unfortunately, that is why they will ultimately fail as any kind of vehicle to racial autonomy. It’s the same reason the Tea Party became nothing more than the GOP part deux. You can almost see the underlying message being shifted from racial separation to preserve an identity to racial unity in order to form another melting pot of ideas and values, minus any kind of racial identity.

  2. How about some torch light, night protests where they burn somebody in effigy – like some RINO like Lindsey Graham or Amren traitor,of the year Rand Paul?

  3. This current temper tantrum by the Baby Boomers at another advancement by their “enemies” will lead to nothing because they stand on the same principles as their “enemies” which is liberty equality fraternity. Their “enemies” are just taking those principles to their logical conclusions while their more foreign enemies that they don’t recognize as enemies are smiling awaiting White demographic replacement.

    The “Enforce our laws” and “Don’t let lawbreakers in here” signs are classic conservatism, I have seen these very signs for decades. It is always a “law” focused message. Everything for these people is whining about some federal/state law that our rulers simply refuse to enforce.

    So Obama says, no I am not going to enforce the law because we have children that need our help. What is the conservative response to that? They try to outdo them by taking soccer balls and teddy bears down to the border to show that they care about children too but they just want our laws enforced. It is to laff. The whole thing is a joke

    This has been said a million times but since that generation cannot learn from mistakes, it needs to be said a milion more times – As long as they ( the Tea Party) try to fight fire with fire, all they will end up with is surrender because the left is better at this than them. The left is better at pretending to be bleeding hearts for minorities. They are better at claiming they are the party for civil rights. They are just better at being libertines in general than the conservatives are.

    True freedom will never come to that generation.It reminds me of the generation of Moses that God refused to let into the promised land due to their sins. They made their bed, now they can lie in it. It will be another generation that brings us out of this. It will not be them. Bet on it.

    • Respectable conservatives agree with the left, that all White countries must turn brown, they just disagree on how it should be done. Legally and orderly, or a mass stampede.

  4. Outstanding job to the organizers of the events and the citizens and legal immigrants who defended our great country. Thank you! Great photos too. I’m getting links to all of the stories and putting them on my site. Blessings to you all.

  5. I participated in the Friday Day of Protest at the AZ State Capitol in Phoenix. Many of us were further inspired to come because of threats by the Anarchist group “Anarchist Circle” and “Open Borders” groups to “scare us away”. The Patriot groups were all there while the opposition couldn’t be found. However, a later post by the leader of the Anarchist group encouraged their people to show up at a time when we had already dispersed. Later posts on their web site claimed that “the right wing scum never showed”, alluding to the myth that they had indeed “scared us away”. What cowards! Anyway, most of the local media were there, many of us were interviewed and received great press coverage. However, our local pro “Open Borders” newspaper, “Arizona Republic” had nary a mention in today’s edition about the very successful event that took place yesterday. By ignoring us, they hope we’ll go away. Not going to happen! Heading on down to today’s protest……Bye!

  6. I recommend doing the basics at these solid rallies . Exchange contact info, have League of the South, OD, Vdare, Amren NumbersUSA business cards. Be positive, form friendships with real world activists. We’re not beat yet.

  7. Brad, I think we have been down this road before, hence I will try not to repeat myself on explaining the principles of K st astroturf strategies for galvanizing the hard to reach fringe voter as well as the profits from direct mail in the Richard Viguerie tradition.

    I fail to see this “action” as anything more or less than what it really is, a scheme to ID the talk radio listening fringe, and even trying to pull out the Stromfront and A3P crowd, which has always been a strategy of Republican/conservative marketing wonk Phil Sheldon and his side kick Connie Hair.

    This is a fairly weak manipulation game as I am not seeing more than 15 people (tops!) coming out for it.

    Yet, Sheldon and his ilk will get their names, addresses, emails, facebook pages, compile the lists and sell them for the big bucks while lining the pockets of Ken Crow, Paul Arnold, and whoever any other plastic Americana goober looking front man they can prop up to convince the enraged, yet not too bright reactionary fool to jump into this cesspool.

    I would say this is based in the southern strategy, and if you remember, little Marcus Epstein and Richard Spencer attempted to promote a more extreme version of this years back.

    Taking the scapegoat route is like a cheap carny fireworks show. It flares up, gets some attention then when the burnt up rubbage lands it leaves a bad impression.

    You can try to sell this as a “people are waking up” charade, but no, they are not. People who were already of this mindset are showing themselves, in very few numbers, and are not a pretty picture for the majority population.

    I think this galvanizing strategy will backfire, as past experience has proved that scapegoat issues are a bad idea. The Republicans behind this (and yes it is the Republicans behind this) have a hard lesson to learn.

    • Sheldon Adelson, Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch, Warren Buffett, Michael Bloomberg, Mark Zuckerburg, the Koch brothers and the rest of the oligarchy are on the same side as you, the SPLC, the Democratic Party, and the GOP establishment on this issue.

      • Brad,

        Phil Sheldon and Sheldon Adelson are two separate people.


        These little astro-turf actions are interesting strategies, I understand this is above most of your readership heads, but I know you do know what I am talking about.

        Yes, the K st wonk protest plans come from both sides. We even wrote up a scathing article blasting Institute for Policy Studies when we caught them red handed trying to manipulate Occupy for the Democrat party.

        Yet, back this this weekend, and yes, that is exactly what was going on. Now K st and the direct-mail parasites will be having a field day, the Feds have been combing the FB groups looking for militia threats to surface and probably found some juicy ones, and at least 100 hoverounds across the country got out of their hovels to converse with real humans.

        No, you are not going to get your revolution, if it makes you feel better, the left isn’t going to get any big revolutions either.

        The immigrants will get granted amnesty, Republicans will get marked as racists by the major populous, and 2016 could very well be another loser for them because of this.

        • “and 2016 could very well be another loser for them because of this.”

          That’s actually a good thing, because it disillusions conservatives away from the GOP.

    • If you have some evidence that the “Make Them Listen” protests are organized by Phil Sheldon, or by the Fed. Govt, or that it’s a scheme to ID talk radio listeners (lol), or that someone’s pockets are being lined by this free event… we’d all love to hear it – you’d be doing us a service.

      Failing that (which you probably will), please tell us why we shouldn’t see your post as just standard issue antifa trolling? And if you’re just trolling, why bother trying to make an argument you can’t back up? Your hoveround material at least is trying to be funny, even though outdated by about 20 years. I mean, yeah, we get it, you guys hate old people and you hate fat people.

      • I think the government hires people to go around and espouse “this protest is just a way to ID people” to scare off folks who would have went, and actually voiced their opinions. I’ve seen countless debby downers say this when Bundy Ranch happened, and when Operation American Spring was trying to lift off the ground. If it wasn’t for the “don’t go” crowd, I think OAS would have been huge; like a Tea Party 2.0.

        Not sure if that guy is apart of the alphabet soup (probably not), but I’m just stating a theory.

  8. I didn’t know there was a protest in Greenville or I would have tried to show up. I thought it was just in Charleston.

  9. the Golden rule is based on the precept -civilize or destroy. Maybe they will listen to that.

  10. Liberty Lamp making an appearance is as reliable a contrarian indicator that something right is being done as you’ll find.

  11. Consider protesting outside of military bases, and bring “secede” signs, make the regime a bit nervous that there might be some military revolts.

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