Stand for Coal Demonstration in Prestonburg and Pikeville, KY

While thousands of Americans in hundreds of cities protested the border surge which is a direct result of President Barack Obama’s executive order that bypassed Congress to implement the DREAM Act in 2012, the Kentucky League of the South was protesting a more recent executive order in Prestonburg and Pikeville, KY that has imposed the equivalent of Cap-and-Trade on Appalachia.

Federal regulations of the coal industry have already destroyed thousands of Southern jobs in eastern Kentucky and West Virginia. Obama’s new executive order is so bad and promises to make an already bleak unemployment situation even worse that even Democrats in Kentucky and West Virginia have denounced it.

League members held signs that said “Feds Out of Kentucky” and “Support Kentucky Coal Miners.” The response from the public was overwhelmingly positive. Kentuckians are livid about Obama’s War on Coal and this issue highlights how Washington is destroying Southern jobs and lowering living standards in Appalachia.

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  1. Southern nationalists are the only ones willing to stand up for Southern workers. We are the only ones who care for our people. The Feds hate us.

    • How could ‘The Feds’not hate us, Sir?: as we consciously work to avoid being just more generically exchangeable parts in their odd International/Oligarchist/Socialist empire.

    • We talked to one young lady there who was thrilled at the idea of being free from the feds. She liked the League facebook page later that day too.

  2. Is coal really something you want to rally behind? Particulate matter from coal burning kills 100,000 Americans every year. I suppose coal can be exported to Europe and Asia, but I don’t believe either America or an independent South should use coal as an energy source for longer than it is necessary to replace the current coal plant fleet. The South already has around half of America’s nuclear reactors so the path forward should be obvious.

    • Yes, coal is something we here in Kentucky want to rally behind. It is one of (if not our biggest) industries in the state, especially the eastern portion. If we shut down the coal industry without providing any more economic opportunities, Eastern Kentucky will be lost. That’s not something I’m going to let happen.

      • Who cares if people die or the environment gets destroyed – as long as those who still live have jobs.
        Wall Street couldnt be happier.

  3. Not at the moment unfortunately. I hope some members there jump on this coal issue. An easy one to rally behind and put the League in high positive opinion of blue collar workers.

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