St. Louis Riots

Update: I’m hearing that cops are checking for ids in order to cross the Missouri River into St. Charles.


The QT gas stations are a familiar sight in the St. Louis metro area where my wife’s family still lives.

During my visits to St. Charles, I always visit the QTs for gas and snacks. In fact, it is the only chain of gas stations there that I patronize. The closest ones to here are in the Atlanta area. I’ve often imagined those very same gas stations getting sacked by rampaging mobs of angry black youths on “The Day The EBT Card Stops Working.”

My father-in-law watches the evening news in St. Louis every night. He’s been watching the decline of North County for decades now. What’s going on there is why the Council of Conservative Citizens exists. It’s happening now, but this is only a small preview of our future:

Note: The 2014 CofCC national conference is coming up this weekend in Nashville. I will be speaking there on a panel.

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    • The CofCC is a pro-White organization:

      – The League is focused on the South and Southern Nationalism. The CofCC is just “pro-White” and has members in the North, Canada and Europe as well as the South. Some CofCC members are secessionists while others are not, but everyone in the CofCC is “pro-White.” It’s more racialist and broader in scope than the League.

      – The League is ethnonationalist. The CofCC is more pan-European. There’s a much greater awareness in the CofCC that Whites are in decline everywhere, not just in the South, so our predicament is seen as being more of a common struggle.

      – I wouldn’t describe the CofCC as “White Nationalist” because there is no consensus on the ethnostate as the solution to the problems Whites are facing. It is more accurate to say the CofCC is pro-White and is very much for racial consciousness. My father-in-law loves everything German and loves to talk about German history than almost any other subject.

      – The CofCC is much more interested in mainstream politics than the League. It’s much more focused on black crime.

      – Both groups are pro-White, pro-South, and pro-Christian. Their main disagreements are on secession and the relative importance of shared racial heritage.

    • CofCC is pro-jew, or at least pro some jews. Brad please have some integrity here and approve this comment because it’s the truth and deserves to be posted.

      • Henry- fascinating, as HW’s father-in-law is a Missouri Synod Lutheran. You know, the folk that gave us Luther, and one of his greatest books, ‘The Jews and their Lies.’

        You’d think they’d learn, after 500 years. They killed Christ.

        • Fr. John+, I happen to know HW’s father-in-law and mother-in-law. Their attitude toward Jews is, yes they’re responsible for a lot of crap that goes down, but as their son-in-law has said many times on OD, they’re not all-powerful. People like DTC, ‘Enry ‘Iggins, and you do the Racial Realist movement a great disservice by exaggerating the strength and power of these folks. We don’t need the nonsense like you three push. Go to Stormfront or VNN, they love this balderdash!

          • I do not comment or lurk on SF or VNN, so how you land people like me and Fr. John in their sites I don’t know.

            If we are ‘jew-obsessed’ could you be negro-obsessed perhaps? I think so.

            CofCC has published and continues to publish overt lies propagated by the NYC/NJ jews to camouflage jewish orchestration of anti-white, and also of jewish immunity from black on caucasian aggression. Kyle Rodgers has been informed these are lies yet he still propagates them.

            It’s incredible that CofCC expects pro-whites in the northeast to tolerate this wanton endangerment of our people in silence.

          • Sorry if I mistook you for someone else ‘enry. You sounded like that idiot that helped spread those slanders and libels last year, so it was an easy mistake to make.
            I’m concerned about what Jews and Blacks are doing, but I’m not going to make my concerns an obsession that runs and ruins my whole life.
            The CofCC publishes overt lies about Jewish anti-white, and Jewish immunity from black on white aggression?! Wowsers, that’s a newsflash to me! I must have missed something while attending all those CofCC meetings, and in reading our web and Facebook pages. If you have been shoving your idiotic misinformation at Kyle, I can understand why he “still propagates” those lies instead of your ‘truths’.
            “Tolerating the wanton endangerment of Northeast Pro-Whites”? ‘ey ‘enry, didn’t you Yankees bring that “wanton endangerment” upon yourselves by accepting all that liberal crap like racial equality, prohibition, and Unitarianism? As far as I’m concerned, it’s your folks who “tolerated” your own destruction since the 1830’s.

          • So an Ohio-born southerner (Rodgers lives in the South) knows more about NYC than the people who live there for generations?

            Uh, yeah. Please do us yanks a favor and just stay the F out of our business. Your negrophobia is embarrassing and corrupt. I assure you we will absolutely not tolerate our destruction under your degeneracy. Dig?

            You guys underestimate me and the power my rhetoric – and truth – has in the land my people have lived in for almost two centuries. You really don’t know your place in the world.

            Kyle is a bought out shill and he and CofCC and the entire racialist ‘realist’ delusional trip have only taught me how important it is to make sure my people don’t confuse me with any of you.

          • Our so-called negrophobia is based on our actual real life experiences and stories we read about black dysfunctions in the news media.
            We’re doing our best to stay out of your business ‘Enry, we just want self righteous Yankees to stay out of ours.
            Our degeneracy?! Most of the stuff that has corrupted and destroyed this country has come from your neck of the woods. Spiritism, feminism, revivalism, bizarre religious cults, (Seventh Day Adventism, Mormonism, etc.) racial equality, and other assorted fruits and nuts are Yankee in origin.
            We underestimate you and the power of your rhetoric-and truth? Gee, I wonder what gave you that idea? Your people have been here for 200 years? 300 at least for mine. Our place in the world? Any place except Yankee Land!
            You don’t want to be confused with us. Great! Just keep up your delusional rants and I guarantee your people will never confuse you wit us.

          • Uh, Stephen, most of us up here would consider Kyle Rodgers’ constant barraging of us with fake stories about jewish suffering in NYC as ‘whites’ pretty imperialistic of CofCC. His latest was some interview of a crypto jew whose own ‘people’ hate him – or perhaps just recognize he’s not ‘their people’ as a crypto. Tell us all up here about how some jew was martyred by the jew-run criminal justice system ‘for being white.’

            I’m waiting for you to actually keep your promises about staying out of our territory, that’s all. You just can’t seem to do it. Why is that?

          • I also know HW’s dad-in-law. So, I speak from a point of information, you would (again) deny me, in your desire to hate a priest of God, for no other reason, that you are without the pnevma, and devoid of the covenant of grace. Why don’t you go over to Jewish Daily Forward, and take your own advice, you marrano.

            My point still stands. Luther did write that book. And you typify its title.

      • If you mean knee-jerk Pro-Jew, stuff and nonsense! I attend the St. Louis CofCC meetings and I can guarantee our group is Pro-White, Pro-European. If it was “Pro-Jewish” like you’re implying, I’d walk out in a heartbeat. For years I stayed away from so-called ‘conservative’ groups because of their fear of being labeled Anti-Semitic if they dared to criticize Jewish groups or individuals. Yet many of the movers and shakers of leftist or liberal groups that are messing up our country are Jewish. At a CofCC meeting, we can say the dreaded ‘J-Word’ and not be cast into outer darkness. BTW, I believe you’re the moron, along with that woman who calls herself Denise The Celt, who started that ‘the Jooos are taking over’ attack on the CofCC last year, just before the national meeting, too. I’m calling you out as a slanderer and a libeler, along with your Celtic Bizzen. I don’t know what you’re trying to accomplish, but both of you are just troublemakers who have no credibility at all.

        • Well said, and I agree with you about Denise. She is a rabid lunatic that only serves to ruin the credibility of pro-white movements. She is a dream come true for the SPLC and other organizations that wish to portray pro-white groups as neo-nazis.

        • Stephen, stick to the midwest then, huh? You don’t belong in these parts, the northeast. How delusional of you to think our people would listen to you over us. You think you have ‘credibility’ up here amongst our people? BTW, I didn’t even know who Denise was until sometime after the New Year, when I noticed her as a semi-regular poster on various sites, so there was never any collusion whatsoever between us.

          I do know what CofCC is trying to accomplish and I have no intention of allowing it.

          • ‘Enry, why would I want to “belong” to the northeast? I don’t care if I don’t have any credibility or that your people refuse to listen to me. You Yankees are, in the words of Daniel Flynn, Intellectual Morons, who think you can dictate to the rest of us. The failure of the various social experiments that have come out of your neck of the woods has convinced people like me that people like you ignore thousands of years of traditional wisdom to create heavens on earth that become hells for the rest of us. So, enjoy the fruits of your social engineering “Enry, with the Jews and Blacks you granted social and racial equality to!

        • “If it was “Pro-Jewish” like you’re implying, I’d walk out in a heartbeat.” Typical Selbst-hasslich Juden psyop. Yup. Fruit falls not far from the tree.

          Oh, and if you are going to start insulting a woman (much like Stonelifter and 313Chris did during their brief tenure here at OD) you’re even lower on the ontological scale of being, than I had at first thought. While I disagreed with certain women posters for their presuming to have theological acumen, [I Cor. 14;34] I at least acknowledged their gender as the ‘weaker sex.’ And one of them has ‘come around’ over the years, even spouting now (and, as an RC) much of the same ‘CI rhetoric’ your mud-slinging marrano supremacist meshuggeneh mind cannot tolerate of me.

          (Though, if push came to shove, Denise could wup you in a fair fight, quite easily- you’re a wuss, AND a Jew. God damn.)

    • QT is run by a family of hardasses, the Caddieux’s. They demand cleanliness, proper stocking of shelves, etc. and run a tight ship. I knew Chester, the founder and Chet, his son pretty well. I never LIKED them very much but I respected their drive and acumen as well as the quality of their products and services. I prefer to support smaller independents so long as they are white Americans, but QT’s quality,availability of food items-the sandwiches are no where near WaWa’s (we don’t have them here) but way better than that Landshire crap-24 hour service and water and sediment free gas have caused me to spend a lot of money there.

      They could improve things for themselves by not selling single cheap cigars (all of which are bought by blunt rollers), malt liquor at below market prices, and other unnecessary nig-attractants. While occasionally they will have a location that starts out white and gets nogged or steezed up, they do deliberately build in places with exclusively nonwhite clientele as they are all about the profit. So I am not shedding any tears at an occasional QT getting jig-bored. The stores do extremely well because their competition is mostly franchises operated by Indians and Arabs-dirty and staffed by nonwhites, or white stoners and freaks.

      • Is it true that the guy who owns QT is the brother to the fellow who owns Spinx? I heard from someone, who knows the guy who runs Spinx, that they are brothers and that QT moved here to start competing with Spinx.

  1. I have now been able to figure out why this undertow mob took it to this particular QT.

    Look at the photo set from the protest earlier today in front of this now burned out QT:

    Notice that where the price was for the premium unleaded, now has a handwritten sign that reads, “SNITCH.” As it turns out, Mr. Brown was headed back home from that QT, when the Ferguson cop accosted him. I guess the undertow in Ferguson assumes that one or more QT clerks thought he was shoplifting and called the cops on him.

    Also notice how quickly they ran when it suddenly started raining.

  2. The sad fact as they riot because they know they can get away with it. The federal government is controlled by extremist Black Supremacists at the moment. Along with radical Homosexuals. If the State / Local police try and stop the riots and looting of the stores the African American criminals will just turn around and boycott the town again.

    This is the end result of multiculturalism. It doesn’t work and liberalism does nothing but keep the Planet Earth in poverty. It’s time European-Americans stop being afraid of speaking out and work together. Sames goes for honorable Patriots of other races.

    • Brian are you under the impression the police are on anyone but the anti-white federal government’s side?

        • No it’s not. They’re the most group think group one could ever find. The only truth is their blind loyalty to one another and the State that pays them too much to betray their own kind.

          • If they are group think, which isn’t hard to believe, then it’s confined to each precinct or station. They don’t all think or believe exactly the same thing, no matter where you go. Though, they do tend to be more on the conservative side.

  3. I’ve been up there a couple of times: Ferguson.

    The center of “town” has a couple of bars and wine bars. I’m not sure where the QT is though. The bars are frequented by professors at UMSL and the remnant white population. Then the desert begins. This buck looks like a big aggressive bastard. The hypocrisy of jigs complaining about this is staggering. There are daily black-on-black killings every morning. I think that white cops in St Louis ought to blue flu for a month and then have the jigs beg them to come back.

    • West Florissant just north of the Moline Creek, that’s where that QT is, or was. The mob threatened another QT further north along West Florissant close to 270 and near the Wal-Mart they hit on Sunday night (and collectively made off with more than half of its shelf merchandise). The company has that QT closed for business and closely guarded until all this blows over.

      The worst of the worst of the black undertow in Ferguson can be found close to where the doomed QT is (or was), if you go east on the street that intersects W. Florissant at the QT, you’ll find a bunch of medium and low rise apartment houses and complexes, a whole lot of Section 8.

  4. Test comment.

    Someone with Disqus Tweeted me to say that they solved their spam filter too harsh problem. I’m submitting this comment to see if OD’s Disqus installation sees this as either “pending” or “spam” to test that. HW, you need not approve this comment.

    • I buy most of my gas from a local station owned by a white family. They are 3 to 4 cents higher than the 7-11 a half mile away, it is owned by an Indian who hires only other Indians, and it’s filthy. The local station does car repairs and although i do much of my own car maintenance I like to support service stations over C-stores. QT is about four miles away and they are cheaper gas, clean, open all the time, I buy gas there when I need it late or want a hot dog at 3 am.

  5. I think that this black rioting should be encouraged. It’ll keep the cops busy arresting a variety of coons. I say, the the Chimps do their thing nationwide. Let’s get this over with. I quite enjoying seeing the County Cops shoot gas and bullets at Zulus.

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