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  1. That’s an outstanding video showing the reality of open borders. The Border Patrol is nowhere in sight. Anyone can cross and that’s what the American Empire wants. America could care less about national independence and border security. They walk the line with the “Global Community” wanting a merger between America, Canada, and Mexico creating a North American Union like the European Union.

    The American Empire will never secure the border. They never have! This is a classic case of the States surrendering their sovereignty to the federal government. The states know the border is wide open for Illegal Immigrants, Drugs, and Islamic Terrorists. They should ignore the federal government and secure the borders! Instead of asking the Feds for help the States should do the job the Federal government wont do. Secure the Border and our national independence!

    Go ahead and vote Republican! That will solve the problem! Democrats want Illegal Immigrants for votes. Republicans want them for cheap foreign labor. The New World Order wants a World Government. None of them care about We The People. Our current governments don’t stand up for We The People. Free The South !

  2. Border breached will have to wait. Carpet bomb them isis in Iraq that are holding non isis hostage in some dune desert.. we’ll get to the border rats la raza incursion later when congress convenes from vacation. Texan govenor is on vacation too. just leave a message and we’ll be get back to y’all later.

  3. The unsecured border by far.

    In fact the unsecured border allows the riots as the white majority is stripped of sovereign power.

  4. But think of all the wonderful vibrant culture flowing to El Norte:

    Owl Set On Fire Because Villagers Think It Is Witch

    A shocking video uploaded onto social media in Mexico shows how
    superstitious villagers caught an owl and set it on fire believing it to
    be a witch.

    And when the owl amazingly survived being burned alive, it is then
    interrogated by women who demanded to know what it’s human name is, and
    that it turns itself back into a woman if it wants to be freed.

    The images show that despite its feathers being burnt and the ground
    around the cage it is imprisoned in is scorched, the terrified owl is
    still alive and screeching at its captors.

    But they take this as proof that the bird is really a witch, and its
    shrieks as the sound that it does not like the fact that its true
    identity has been discovered.

    The incident happened at in the town of Durango, in the north-central
    Mexican state of the same name, a rural area which like many places in
    the country includes the superstition that some women are witches that
    have the power to turn into animals.

    During the inquisition of the burnt owl, the women repeatedly ask the
    owl to identify itself and one stage they are heard reading sections of
    the Bible in the belief that this will force the owl to turn back to a
    woman. They also recount stories of how the owl had been seen looking
    through the window at the home of one, and how another claimed that the
    owl had tried to curse her.

    The women apparently decided to upload the video to show how they had
    captured the witch but it was widely condemned by online commentators
    who urged authorities to track them down and punish them as a warning to
    other superstitious people to avoid such foolish beliefs.

    One user wrote: “This is just an animal inside a cage and anything would
    scream if it was threatened by these women in this way.” Another added:
    “This is just superstitious nonsense and I really wish that authorities
    could finally do something treat these people like the criminals they

    • When I was in Texas 30 years ago, I noticed the Mexicans were very superstitious. Botanical stores, where you could buy stuff for practicing magic, where everywhere.

  5. Can’t find the owl-witch video. But here’s documented proof of witches flying on broomsticks over Mexican town!

    Of course, in America, leprechauns have been spotted.

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