Currently Seeking Employment – Professor Mark Patrick George


It has come to our attention that Mark Patrick George, a former professor at Valdosta State University, is very, very upset with this website.

As some of you may recall, Professor George first popped up on our radar screen here in July when an article in Creative Loafing exposed his campaign to “end” public support for all Confederate monuments in Georgia. An activist backlash started to congeal across various pro-South Facebook groups and culminated when Professor George was terminated for misusing his VSU email account to engage in political activism.

We’ve known for several months now that Professor George is a self hating anti-Southern, anti-Christian, “anti-heterosexist” piece of shit, but it wasn’t until the last few days that the full extent of George’s “anti-racist work” came to light. Hating the South and Christianity usually tends to run together with hating White people.

Unbeknownst to us, Professor George had created a documentary with Tim Wise called “Whitewashed: Unmasking the World of Whiteness.” The documentary follows a bunch of White liberals around as they flagellate themselves over the wickedness of their “racism” and whiteness. It’s actually an excellent illustration why it is futile to deny the meaningless charge of “racism.”

Whenever Dr. Hill is accused of “racism,” he responds to the charge with a “so what” or “I don’t know,” and this is why. If you take the time to watch “Whitewashed,” you will find that it is mostly about ordinary White people who don’t consider themselves “racists,” but who are nevertheless treated as “racists” because of the existence of what is called “structural racism” or “institutional racism” means they nevertheless benefit from “white privilege” no matter what they do.

The Left is perpetually stretching the meaning of the term “racism” to encompass a broader range of thought, feelings, and behavior. There’s structural racism, institutional racism, white privilege, implicit racism, and even “microaggressions.” Studies have shown that newborn babies exhibit racial bias. Harvard University has an online implicit association test which teases out subconscious racist bias.

Watch this documentary. It illustrates why people are putting up billboards that simply say, “Anti-Racist Is a Code Word for Anti-White.” For Professor Mark Patrick George and others like him, “anti-racism” really is about hating White people, and their “anti-racist work” is about advancing non-Whites at the expense of Whites. By their own standards, even these hardcore anti-racist activists STILL consider themselves “racist” because they can never escape the original sin of being born White.

Note: Professor George, if you are reading this, check out our new #Secede billboard in South Georgia near Perry on I-75 North. It should be clearly visible to you on your way out of our fine state! When you finally arrive where you belong, you might want to look up Paul Bridges, the former mayor of Uvalda, GA.

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  1. What forces could create a de-racinated, twisted abomination like a “Mark Patrick George”? Why doesn’t It simply offer Itself up to a pack of oppressed Urban Yoofs, as a willing sacrifice to the Dark Gods of Diversity, and be done with it?

  2. Speaking of the billboard message “Anti-racism is a code word for anti-white,” the currently board on I-20, just east of Birmingham, was put up by a local member of The League of the South. The fact that The League is behind this “racist” message will be revealed this coming week on a radio show in the Birmingham area. Stay tuned.

  3. If they hate themselves so much for being born White, and believe Whites (including them) make the world a terrible place, then they should do the world a favour and get rid of themselves.

  4. Logan Smith – you are trash for implying that anyone, whether you disagree with them or not, should kill themselves. Every life is valuable.

  5. George admits to being in an employment gray area – he was slated to teach VSU summer classes while hunting for another job.

    Cry me a river……………….

    VSU prof behind effort to end state-sponsored Confederate memorials alleges retaliation by university, state
    Posted by John Ruch @JohnRuchAtlanta on Mon, Aug 18, 2014 at 10:48 AM

  6. Hi there fellow and sister southerners,

    Seems like you have a lot of questions about my motivation. You’ve also made a lot of inaccurate assumptions about my employment status, why I left VSU, and the little video I made. Care to discuss them?

    Mark Patrick George

  7. Sure.

    It is clear from the video you made above and this article you wrote that you have an axe to grind against White people:

    You can start by addressing that. Also, if what you call “white privilege” exists, I would like to know what specific public institution, say, a university, or Fortune 500 corporation accepts this “white privilege,” and where, for example, being a “Klansman” would be accepted as a plus on one’s resume or as an extracurricular activity on an Ivy League college application.

    • No problem.

      I watched your video and you interviewed various White people who clearly said that 1.) they were either not “racist” or 2.) didn’t attach much importance to White racial consciousness or their ethnic background at all. In spite of this, the point of the video was that these people nevertheless benefit from what you call “white privilege” because the structures/institutions of American society (like the presidency?), which you believe are inherently “racist” against black people and other “people of color”, are nevertheless set up to benefit people like them. As your documentary pointed out, White people benefit from “white privilege” to the point where they commonly “forget” that they are privileged. They are unconscious of their “privilege.”

      I recall seeing several “anti-racist” activists in your documentary, “Unmasking Whiteness,” who said they were ashamed of being White, had a hard time accepting they were White, and most tellingly of all, there was one particular individual who made a point of saying he was STILL a racist in spite of all the “anti-racist” work he has done. It seems to me that the message you are sending is that being White is synonymous with being a “racist” and/or benefiting from “white privilege.” There’s nothing anyone who is born White can possibly do to escape the charge of “racism.” They are born guilty.

      For self-described “anti-racists” like you, being born White in America is like some kind of genetic Original Sin. It’s a moral failing to be a White person, and something that you want White people compensate for by embracing your own sick, twisted, masochistic racial identity, while simultaneously affirming black racial identity, black racial consciousness, and black racial empowerment. Your colleague Leigh Touchton, who I understand leads the local SCLC/NAACP chapter, is an example of this.

      You are, simply put, anti-White. You hold a racial grudge against White people. You give credibility to the charge that “anti-racist” equals “anti-White” and for that reason it might surprise you to learn that I support your work. I want White people to understand that “anti-racists” are “anti-White” and that being pro-White means rejecting MLK and the Civil Rights Movement and the notion that “racism” is a moral failing.

      We’ve had this argument with another individual here many times before. Your documentary is helpful in that it substantiates my argument that leftists are perpetually stretching the meaning of the term “racism” to the point where “racist” has become synonymous with “White.” Hopefully, you will make another one. If so, I will showcase that one here too.

  8. Brad I think you may be taking the video too personally?

    Folks in this video (not all of them) hold the view that they were simply born into a racialized social system that offers more status and worth to people who physically appear white (as it is defined by other “white” people). It is nothing personal, “genetic,” or a statement about the character or worth of those people. In fact, whiteness is so dominant and “normative,” any serious questioning of it tends to set white people off (that we are being attacked, its anti-white, we hate ourselves, we hate our race, etc. etc.), as you and other folks have demonstrated in your comments.

    As for the term racist, I and others often simply use it to talk about how whites benefit from this system (one many white folks like yourself fear is being threatened and in need of defending). In other words, whiteness is a system of privilege you and I enjoy, whether we want to or not. At the same time, poor white people, and some middle class white people, don’t necessary have it easy either (we must deal with classicism and class inequality as well). So as the grandson of a southern sharecropper, and the son of a working class man with a GED who picked cotton as a child, I grew up cropping (and dipping) tobacco and watching my family barely get by. Nothing easy about any of that.

    So you are right, the definition of racism, like the term rape, has been expanded and redefined to include new phenomena. Keep in mind, the meaning of words change all the time (for example, what it means to be a woman today is very different from my grandmother’s day).

    So whiteness affects white people differently based on their class, gender, sexuality, religion, etc.

    As for forms of white privilege, its well documented empirically (e.g. income/wealth disparities, health disparities, inequality in the criminal justice system, etc.). This again doesn’t mean that is the only form of social privilege or status. There are others. Being male in this society comes with perks (and some costs) that women don’t experience (higher incomes, more social status, being taken seriously/heard, personal safety, getting to be sexual without stigma, one’s sexual safety, etc.).

    I guess at this point, and so not to waste each other’s time, I just wonder if there is any evidence/information that would sway you from any of your beliefs about the races? I fear there isn’t and you just want to believe what you want to believe, regardless of evidence? On the other hand, and in the southern baptist tradition of my upbringing, I feel like I’m willing to hear what you have to say even if you call me a “piece of shit.”

    As for those assumptions you made about me in your celebratory rant that I left VSU, a couple of corrections.
    1) I resigned on July 8th because adjunct faculty haven’t had a raise since before 2006.
    2) I left to take another teaching position.
    3) Tim Wise did not help make Whitewashed. I just interviewed him.
    4) Creative Loafing (and GPB, and the Clear Channel) didn’t “expose” our campaign to end state funding of Confederate activities. I contacted, and was contacted by, these and other media outlets.

    One last thing, and I ask with all due respect, if you are so proud of being white and who you are why do you have so many different online names?

    Thanks for your time,

  9. Re: Mark Patrick George

    1.) We agree that the definition of the term “racist” has evolved over time. The term used to specifically refer to someone who believed in the existence of a vertical hierarchy of races (something that I myself don’t even believe in), but over the years the term “racist” has been broadened by leftwing social justice activists like yourself to encompass anyone who believes in the existence of racial differences, anyone who is “racially prejudiced,” and today it is often used in the most radical circles as just a synonym for White people.

    Why is that? It is because “racism” has been taboo for generations now and explicit racial prejudice among Whites has become far less common than it used to be. Thus, the definition of the term “racism” has been broadened by radical leftwing social justice activists for self serving reasons so that they can continue to indict the “racist” White society that they are so alienated from as immoral.

    2.) If we live in such a “racist” White society, why are people like you teaching critical whiteness courses at colleges in South Georgia where lynchings used to be commonplace? If the “institutions” and “structures” of American society are so “racist” against blacks, why do these same institutions employ so many “anti-racist” academics to inculcate White students in White guilt?

    Why do they practice affirmative action? Why do they have formal anti-discrimination policies? Why are Southern public universities integrated by federal law? Why does it seem that every city in America now has a road named after MLK? Why do college campuses have speech codes designed to protect the sensitive feelings of blacks? Why was the Tom Watson statue torn down in Atlanta and why is it being replaced by an MLK statue who has his own federal holiday?

    It’s true that we live in a racialized social system, but unlike the Jim Crow era where the South really was a “White Man’s Country,” the system we have today – in which we have a black president – is one in which the racial hierarchy has been turned upside down, and non-Whites, and blacks above all other groups, are privileged above Whites in both law and custom.

    See, the owner of the Atlanta Hawks is selling his team just because he penned a “racist” email that is offensive to black people, which is something that would have been unimaginable in the Jim Crow era or any epoch of history other than Black Run America.

    3.) Whites don’t benefit from this system. Quite the contrary. The fact that “racism” is even taboo is just one example of how our social system favors blacks.

    If I benefit from this system by being labeled a “racist,” please just tell me one institution in America, whether public or private, where that works to my advantage. If I really have this “white privilege,” then surely you can point me in the direction of any institution or corporation in America where this gets me ahead; hello, I have been labeled a “racist,” and I would like to apply for this position!

    Every single public school, neighborhood, and private business in America is integrated by federal law for the sole purpose of uplifting blacks. Blacks are underrepresented among taxpayers and overepresented among tax consumers (one of a multitude of perks that blacks enjoy by living in America) because the system that exists favors them.

    4.) Name one country in the entire world – particularly one in sub-Saharan Africa or the Caribbean, which is controlled by a black majority – where those same racial disparities do not exist. Haiti, for example, has been an independent country for over two centuries now and hundreds of thousands of Haitians have fled “freedom” as it exists there to live under “white supremacy” in America. Black countries are generally found at the bottom of the UN Human Development Index which is as much a reflection of their innate capacities for self government and economic progress as is the present state of Detroit, Michigan.

    5.) Unlike you, I am actually open to persuasion on the point of racial equality. If you can show me proof that racial equality exists (or Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster), then and only then will I believe in it.

    I don’t believe in racial equality because there is simply no proof that it exists. All the empirical evidence shows nothing but persistent racial inequality. There isn’t a school district in the United States, or anywhere for that matter, where racial equality has been ever demonstrated in over a hundred years of testing. Trillions of dollars have been sunk into the quest for racial equality with less to show for it than the search for El Dorado or the Fountain of Youth.

    Although Medieval alchemists were spited for generations, lead has been successfully transmuted into gold. It seems though that creating a public school where “racial equality” can be achieved is more of a challenge for the US government than splitting the atom, winning the Second World War, or putting a man on the moon.

    6.) Finally, I used to use a pseudonym on this website because I had a legitimate reason to fear persecution for my racial beliefs (the truth being that “white privilege” doesn’t exist), but over time I ceased to care and now continue to use it solely for name recognition.

    I called you a “piece of shit” above because you have publicly dishonored your ancestors by calling for the destruction of monuments dedicated to their memory. The Bible has nothing to say about “racism” (the term was virtually unknown in America until the 1930s) but we are explicitly enjoined to “honor thy father and mother” in the Ten Commandments.

  10. Mark’s argument is based in theory, with a dash of cultural marxism. None of it is real. Interesting to observe a man who has been completely indoctrinated by political correctness. I suppose factual evidence has gone by the wayside. It never ceases to amaze me when I encounter people who deny the obvious.

  11. Thanks for the response Brad. I’ve gotta say that I’m worried about about you. You seem really angry (its not healthy for you) and know that I’m not going to persecute you for using your real name. I actually appreciate your honesty (its more than I get from many white liberals). I also wish you stop making accusations without evidence and using inflammatory labels just a second (e.g. radical, leftwing, etc.). Its an ineffective way of stymieing any honest dialogue, but if you must go ahead. These have been used on me, in addition to labels like communist, socialist, etc. I take these as signs that folks really don’t want their ideas questioned or challenged, or maybe they know deep down they can’t defend their way of thinking?

    I too have had to confront my fear of using my real name online. Not because I don’t want to be accountable for my statements. I do and am. I have to think about the violence many folks in your camp joke about committing against me, and often offer in veiled comments, just because I have somehow challenged or threatened their take on the world or U.S. history. Sounds like a very fragile way to live if you ask me.

    Before I take the time out of my life to address the points you raise I want to ask you again if there is any evidence out there that would change your mind and if so what would it involve? What is it you would like to see or need to change your mind? If you are already certain you are right, and closed off to any new information, let’s not waste each other’s time.

    I gotta say that it really doesn’t sound like you are “open to persuasion” when you compare a topic to “Big Foot” or the “Lochness Monster?” And for the record, I don’t want to persuade you. I suggest we let the evidence and data speak for itself. No persuasion is necessary.


  12. I noticed Mark goes to the tried and true liberal method of personality attacks and mental disorder distractions. Avoiding to construct a sound argument to Hunter’s reply.
    Good job, Mark!

  13. A few points …

    1.) I’m actually not really angry. I didn’t use any emotive language in my response to you above – you are leftwing, you are a radical anti-racist, you have said yourself that there are various types of anti-racists, etc. I’ve been writing about these issues for over a decade now and I am so accustomed to and familiar with the system that exists that I write about it dispassionately.

    This is just another day for me … another day, another group of Whites being beaten by a black mob in Memphis, another NBA owner selling his team (remember Donald Sterling?) because he said something “racist” that offends black people, I have seen it all before. There isn’t much that shocks me anymore.

    2.) There’s an important difference between us.

    Like being an “anti-communist” in the Soviet Union, “racism” really is taboo in the United States. It is taboo for a White person to publicly and explicitly take a pro-White position. In some cases, there are real consequences to publicly embracing this point of view. James Watson, for example, the most famous biologist in the world and the co-discoverer of DNA, lost his job at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory for insufficient negrophilia – Watson must not have gotten the memo on his “white privilege”!

    As for you, what are the consequences of being an “anti-racist” sociology professor in the United States? Not only are sociologists expected to be “anti-racists,” everyone in America is expected to tow the anti-racist line, which is uniformly parroted by the establishment media, and those who dissent from that ongoing moral panic are persecuted in the “mainstream” as if they are suffering from some kind of moral leprosy.

    Sure, there are people who resent the existing structure of taboos – there were people who resented Prohibition in the 1920s, and who lashed out at Volstead Act enforcement agents, and there were people who resented the moral hysteria that accompanied the Salem Witch Trials in Massachusetts, and there were real “anti-Soviets” in the Soviet Union who opposed socialism – but the difference is that the people who are in power in this society are virtually all “anti-racists” like yourself, not some Klansman in Bumfuck, GA.

    As for John C. Hall, the chances of Hall or anyone like him physically attacking you are minuscule. Your point of view is universal in sociology departments in the Ivy League and there are bigger fish out there than obscure VSU professors. No one had ever heard of you until the Creative Loafing article brought you to our attention.

    3.) I said above that a demonstration of the existence of racial equality would suffice to change my opinion on race which is at the core of this dispute – the evidence of racial equality would have to be greater than that which currently exists on the matter of Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster.

    The US federal government has sunk trillions of dollars over the course of the last fifty years into its project of uplifting black people to racial equality – tellingly, it has failed to alter the existing racial gaps with this unprecedented expenditure of resources (it’s proven to be a much greater challenge than the moon landing), and so has every other Western nation that comes to mind. Feel free to point out any country in the world that has tackled that problem.

    Now, I am sure you can bombard me with data points that demonstrate the existence of racial inequality, but that’s not in dispute. What’s in dispute here is the notion that blacks have the same capacities – exactly the same capacity – for self government, economic progress, and scientific accomplishment as other races, particularly the same capacities as Whites.

    Just show us where such a place – your El Dorado – exists on a map of the world. We are people who have to see it to believe it. That’s your challenge. Are you up to it?

  14. Don’t expect a reply from Mark. He may come back around and insult you, but he has nothing in terms of debatable material. Typical. .. yawn.

    • Still, I would like to know where, say, being a Klansman gets your foot in the door. According to our enemies, American society is plagued by “institutional racism,” but I don’t know of any institutions where “racism” isn’t considered taboo.

      If our institutions are so “racist,” why is this nonsense being taught to American college students?

  15. I gotta say that it really doesn’t sound like you are “open to persuasion”

    Often times rapists go through the same thought process and manipulative semantics when they try to convince their victims(as well as themselves) that if you’d just be a little more receptive to my powers of persuasion, I wouldn’t have to force this on you.

  16. We’ve searched the world far and wide for a successful demonstration of the existence of racial equality, but it seems that it is easier to catch lightning in a bottle. Almost everyone in America professes to believe in racial equality, but no one seems to have figured out how to demonstrate it to skeptics.

    In the case of Bigfoot, there is at least some degree of video evidence to analyze. We can observe Bigfoot on video even if at the present time we have yet to capture one. Can we do that with a hoax like racial equality? Is there a single school district anywhere in the world that has ever achieved racial equality?

  17. Take note of the sarcasm and belittling nature of the Professor. This is what crawls around our Universities, masquerading as educators.

    • There’s a greater chance that aliens will land on the White House lawn tomorrow than Mark Patrick George will come up with a single demonstration of the existence of racial equality anywhere on this planet.

  18. I think it’s funny how Mark can’t answer your questions, HW, but still thinks *your the one who isn’t open to new ideas.

    You want to know why some of us are so mad, Mark? It’s because Whites are only 8% of the world’s population, it’s because Southrons are treated like SHIT by the Federal Government, it’s because our ancestors are belittled and demonised, because our flags and monuments are being torn down, because you can’t speak with a Southern accent/dialect without some Yankee scum thinking you’re an idiot. Our culture is dying, our language is dying, our PEOPLE are dying by mobs of blacks and random Mexican crime without an ounce of national media attention. Our border is wide open, leading to cultural and ethnic displacement; we have the Mexicans (or Guatemalans, San Salvadorians, Hondurans, Cubans, Colombians, etc) coming from the South and the Yankees from the North to take our jobs, towns, cities, governments; and they’re all breeding us out of our land where we’ve been for 600 years. All while our young men have been brainwashed by U.S. propaganda to want to die in far off lands for imperial gains, doing what was done to their own ancestors in the 1860’s.

    All this is happening to us, and yet we’re called “bigots” and “racists” for complaining, while Liberals are driving around with “Free Tibet” stickers on their vehicles. The Federal Government is doing nothing (in some instances repealing State laws that were meant to help us), Democrats are doing nothing, Republicans for the most part are doing nothing, our police are doing nothing, our military is doing nothing, no one is doing anything to save us.

    My dad was a fireman; right across the street from his station was a Mexican restaurant, where bus loads of illegals would be dropped off daily back in the early 00’s. I asked him recently “You were a fireman, dad, why didn’t you call the police?” and he said “They already knew what was going on, everyone did, but no one cared.”

    The town my mom grew up in (different part of the county, by the way) is now “Little Mexico”. The schools she went to as a child are now full of Mexicans and blacks, and all the strip-malls and car lots are owned by Mexicans. It happened overnight a few years ago; one day everything’s normal, the next, it’s downtown Mexico City.

    That’s why I’m mad. That’s why I take this personally. It could all be fixed, but the elites don’t want it to be fixed, because Mexicans are more docile and complacent than Southrons. They want to replace us, because we’re too traditional and rebellious. Any sane person would want his people and land to be safe from invasions and harm. The problem is, there’s barely a sane person in power left, in any part of the world. All they care about is money and votes and power.

  19. I skimmed the anti-white’s messages, he never went beyond being anti-white, he is not against other’s racial politicking whatsoever. White guilt is some serious mental illness, and to think that guy peddles it and gets paid to inflict harm on whites and whites only, evil personified.

  20. Mark Patrick George “I have to think about the violence many folks in your camp joke about committing against me.”

    Hunter Wallace “As for John C. Hall, the chances of Hall or anyone like him physically attacking you are minuscule.”

    Allison Leigh Touchton Parsons “In fact, Hall made a veiled threat against Mark George, stating that he would take care of him if he saw him on the street.”

    Mr. George and his top Lt. Ms. Parsons are referring to an email I sent to Dr. Mckinney, president of Valdosta State University. They got this email with an open records request. See below…….

    John Hall
    Jul 28

    to William
    Thanks Bill I have no problem dealing with this character outside of vsu and it’s resources…..sorry I had to beat this horse one more time….


    The ignorance of a man who has his doctorate and the looney ex professor at Valdosta who was paid $100,000 to go away (race pimping pays!) is quite evident in interpreting my email as physical violence against George……(Flogging a dead horse (alternatively beating a dead horse, or beating a dead dog in some parts of the Anglophone world) is an idiom that means a particular request or line of conversation is already foreclosed or otherwise resolved, and any attempt to continue it is futile; or that to continue in any endeavour (physical, mental, etc.) is a waste of time as the outcome is already decided.

    After several emails I felt I was bothering the president of the university but with George contacting me personally with the school address I had to use the dead horse idiom to say I thought we were done please help me get rid of this creep. Dealing with him outside of Valdosta State is the purpose of this post on OD…duh….

    Professor George:
    I also wish you stop making accusations without evidence and using inflammatory labels just a second (e.g. radical, leftwing, etc.). Its an ineffective way of stymieing any honest dialogue, but if you must go ahead. These have been used on me, in addition to labels like communist, socialist, etc. I take these as signs that folks really don’t want their ideas questioned or challenged, or maybe they know deep down they can’t defend their way of thinking?

    I guess it works both ways as George has repeatedly called me a neo-confederate and his buddy Ms. Parsons has said the following… “The VSU alum who initiated the cascading clusterf*** of bad decisions on the part of Phil Allen, Tom Daniel, William McKinney was a man named John C. Hall, a white supremacist from Dublin, GA.”


  21. Mr. Hill I think you will find that the message from Whitaker’s Mantra is the moderate reasoned moral position as compared to the anti-whites and what they push.

    It is true that BUGs the seminar does get some of the wilder and woolier types from the old failed models of pro-white activism, but the message itself is not stained by some people’s pet obsessions from the past failed models.

    Thank you and good luck with your mission

  22. John Hall
    Jul 28

    to William
    Thanks Bill I have no problem dealing with this character outside of vsu and it’s resources…..sorry I had to beat this horse one more time….

    Oh my goodness! That’s some scary stuff right there. If I funnel a few beers while standing on my head, squinting my eyes, and holding my breath for several minutes, I can see how that message is just teeming with veiled threats and innuendoes.

    Someone remind me again how the anti-racist brain manages to not implode under the weight of its own bullshit and deception?

  23. An intellectual non-entity like this guy is just a weathervane for the dominant political and moral paradigm. The current academic, political, and media narrative happens to be anti-White; if there is an ideological powershift tomorrow, this George guy will change his stripes faster than he changes smelly winter hats. If Muslims come to power he’ll be the first one to convert to Islam; if National Socialists come to power he’ll be shouting
    “Sieg Heil!” louder than anyone else; if monarchists come to power he’ll be more royalist than the King; if orthodox Catholics come to power he’ll be more Catholic than the Pope. He’s only interesting in the sense that people like him are a good indicator of how anti-Whiteness is firmly ensconced in our dominant politics and culture. It’s sad but unsurprising that Black-run America produces such assholes who spit on the graves of their ancestors, further inculcate self-loathing among the young and impressionable, work against White interests, and advance the interests of Africans.

  24. Good job beating that unemployed professor (rhetorically, I mean)! He actually acknoweldged he was beaten, and bugged off! Hahahaha! Don’t leave angry, MPG, just leave!

    He’s a candidate for a sandwich board, “Will deconstruct white male privilege and institutional racism . . . for food.”

    Great point — if institutional racism is so bad, where could one use being a Klansman to get a foot in the door? Brilliant!

  25. Mark Patrick George says:
    ‘Ok Brad. You, and “Thomas Paine,” win. Its clear you have figured it all out and are an expert on the racial dilemma of the world. Have a good life. Mark’

    So typical. He knows he would get slaughtered in a real debate so he pretends to be above it all, slithering away with his tail tucked between his legs.

    Loathsome creature!

    When we see the increasing numbers of videos detailing the incredible savagery inflicted upon Whites by blacks in every conceivable venue or situation we must realize that their actions are often inspired/encouraged by the rantings of dumb ass fools such as MPG and Tim Wise who profit nicely at OUR expense.

  26. assholes who spit on the graves of their ancestors

    heir actions are often inspired/encouraged by the rantings of dumb ass fools such as MPG and Tim Wise who profit nicely at OUR expense.

    I think a proper atonement(I’ll try to sparingly use the word punishment here) would be to have these vile vermin live the life they preach. Not the lives they actually live now, but the one they try to force on us. Their lives and that of any progeny they have will be relegated to the first line of defense from all that wonderful diversity and multiculturalism they pimped to the world. I mean, if the black and brown hordes just gotta rape, murder and pillage, then I think White society can afford to lose a few Timmy Wises and Marky Patrick Georges so they can show us how it’s all done. Are Tim Wise’s daughters dating black men? hmmmmm…

  27. Logan Smith – Please explain what other meaning, “If they hate themselves so much for being born White, and believe Whites (including them) make the world a terrible place, then they should do the world a favour and get rid of themselves.” could have. Emphasis on the “get rid of themselves” part.
    Mr. Hall – Do you not support the Confederate way of life? The perpetuation of whites being the dominant power group? Do you celebrate C.S.A. holidays? Fly any one of the battle flags or the CSA national flag? If so, neo -confederate would be an accurate term. It basically means someone who holds confederate values in a era or place that is vastly different than the original Confederacy time.

    Also, y’all do know that Neo Nazis in Europe fly the stars and bars because the nazi flag is banned? That’s kind of troubling to me.

    Y’all didn’t run Dr. George off with superior debate skills, but if you know arguing with someone isn’t going to result in a change or compromise, do you still do it?

    • Beth,

      Since George has taken off and you are still here, why don’t you rise to my challenge and give us the name of a single American public institution or multinational corporation where being a “White racist” would work to our advantage? Please tell us a place where we can cash in on “white privilege” that you allege exists.

      I say that there is no such thing as “institutional racism.” In reality, institutional anti-racism exists in government, academia, and the corporate world, and it is anti-White.

  28. “Ok Brad. You, and “Thomas Paine,” win. Its clear you have figured it all out and are an expert on the racial dilemma of the world.” – There is in all likelyhood no answer to those dilemmas, and more than there is for the current split between northerners and southerners.

  29. I will try Hunter, but I ask that we both refrain from mud slinging, threatening and/or name calling of myself or anyone. And I ask, would you prefer research to support my statements, or a collection of anecdotes? Finally, are you genuinely open to the idea of “institutional racism” given data to support it? or are you staunch in your beliefs? Because if you are firm and not in a place where you can be open to changing your mind, it will be a waste of time. I don’t believe in wasting time if it has no potential to result in change. I am coming from a place of at least 4 years of active research on understanding this phenomenon, because I didn’t want to believe it. I didn’t want to believe my skin color somehow made me lucky. Answer my questions and we will go from there, okay?

    • Sure.

      I’m open to persuasion on the point. You just have to tell me a single American public institution or multinational corporation where, say, being a Klansman works to one’s economic advantage. We will call them up and ask, okay?

  30. @Beth
    Are you forgetting that Asia is full of Asians, Africa is full of Africans and they control their own countries from top to bottom? How come the only privilege you so called “anti-racists” combat, is that of White people in their own countries?

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

  31. Hunter,
    If the anti-Whites are running away, you are doing something right. They can’t tell us not to call them anti-White, when they have been bombarding White people with racist and Nazi, for the last 70 years!

  32. Who Are America’s Minimum Wage Workers?
    Pew research shows they’re most likely to be white, young and Southern.

    My question for anti-White parasites like Tim Wise, that make $6000 a speech all expenses paid and owns a $300,000 home in a 98% White community…

    When are you going to stand aside for a non-White to take your cushy job? When are you and your ilk going to check your Anti-White Privilege?

  33. Beth, they could get rid of themselves by finding a deserted island in the middle of the ocean or live in underground caverns away from the rest of society or maybe if they’re dedicated enough, they could move to the moon. There could be any number of ways to get rid of oneself. I actually think it’s quite telling that death was the first thing your mind jumped to.

  34. “Ok Brad. You, and “Thomas Paine,” win. Its clear you have figured it all out and are an expert on the racial dilemma of the world.”

    No kidding they won. What’s a Marxist Professor to do? Pack up the rhetorical crib toys and run away………

  35. Beth, even if Brad wasn’t open to the idea of racial equality (but he says he is if presented with incontrovertible facts) , you should still put your case forward for the rest of us. Maybe a Black-run America with a federal civil service disproportionately Black, affirmative action everywhere, business set asides, racial quotas, a Black President, an anti-White and race-obsessed AG, etc., etc., etc. are just a malevolent illusion and Anerica is really a White Supremacist nation. Maybe you can point us to a country ( or even city ) that’s administered by Afticans and a success story and not inevitably a violent and chaotic hellhole where nothing works? Maybe you can speak to the question of low African I.Q. And behavioral genetics that tend to probably explain Black failure everywhere on planet earth. Can you name one country, Beth, where Africans are doing better than in the US?

  36. Beth, why, in your view White supremacy (even if it existed) a bad thing? Since equality doesn’t exist in nature and cannot exist anywhere in human societies, insofar groups and individuals are unequally endowed with talents and gifts, why is it immoral for naturally superior individuals and groups naturally to dominate others? What’s the alternative? The promotion of the weak and inferior? Why is that somehow more moral? In what sense? Even totalitarian communist societies were unable to establish equality. What does that tell us? Naturally, I prefer my group to be dominant and I favor the furtherance of my peoples’ genetic interests. I view is as moral and in the natural order of things. From an evolutionary perspective your position is highly maladaptive.

  37. Beth must be trying to get a job as an Anti-Racist activist. Good luck on that one, Beth, but I suspect you might be a little too late. That gravy train is about to pull away from the station any second now.

    Why do Mark Patrick George and his ilk keep expanding the definition of racism to encompass even the most harmless of Whites? A lot of people think there’s an Anti-White animus involved here, and with Timothy “Tick Tock” Wise, I think they would be right.

    But I think the others are motivated by a little something called “job security.” If you think about it, where would George be, if victory was ever formally declared over White racism? He’d be homeless and penniless on the street, carrying Kievsky’s “Will deconstruct white male privilege and institutional racism . . . for food” sandwich board. Hence, the mission creep.

    Beth, I strongly urge you to look for another line of work. Because Kievsky’s vision is inevitable. The wheels are about to come off the FEDGOV Short Bus any second now and when The Day The EBT Card Stops Working finally arrives, NO ONE, White OR Black is going to be in the mood to listen to your bullshit mea culpas about “White Privilege.”

    Get a REAL job, Beth.

  38. I don’t care about politics but Mark George is a hell of a nice person , and will do anything to help anybody . Mark from a child hood friend I am very proud of you and I am proud to call you my friend. NEVER FORGET THE DICKBIRD

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