#Runninscared: Warm Up Ye Olde White Power Chopping Block




Daryle Lamont Jenkins of One People’s Project has been on a roll this year!

– In January, an Oklahoma court ordered Daryle to pay $50,000 in damages to David Yeagley for violating his civil rights by getting the 2010 Amren conference shutdown in Washington, DC.

– In March, Daryle assumed he had caught a lucky break when David Yeagley died from cancer. What a relief not to have to cough up that $50K! Thank god!

– In April, Daryle showed up in Burns, TN with Captain Manboobs and made a fool out of himself at the 2014 Amren Conference. Watch the video!

– Just the other day, Daryle and friends were outnumbered and pushed around by White Nationalists from Stormfront on their own home turf in Philadelphia. They were called “masked superhero wannabees” and were told to get out of Tacony and get a job … yes, in Philadelphia by other anti-racists! Man, that must have burned.

This brings us to the mysterious Gofundme fundraiser by One People’s Project which we discovered this morning and noticed wasn’t being advertised on their website:


What’s that about?

“The $50,000 judgement against left-wing gang leader Daryle Lamont Jenkins is once against moving forward. Jenkins believed he was off the hook when David Yeagley died of cancer. However, the judgement has now been re-assigned ownership.

The judgement was for tortious interference related to the cancellation of the Washington, DC American Renaissance conference. Members of a violent left-wing gang network made threatening phone calls to multiple hotels to get the conference cancelled. Jenkins runs an umbrella website for the gang and bragged on video about being responsible for getting the conference cancelled.

Jenkins is over forty, but rumored to still live with his parents. It is unlikely that he has any money. However, there are many examples of an offenders domain name being seized. Jenkins would have to start over from scratch building an audience after fifteen or so years of running the site. His website has been doing very poorly for the past several years. The SPLC, which likes to wink at left-wing violence, occasionally plugs his site.”

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  1. They must be seriously afraid of dissenting commentary at the fund-raiser, because they have limited access to comments through facebook (an entity to which I decline to give [what would in my case be hypocritical anyhow] of capitalization.

    Your cause is a matter of benevolent indifference to me, although my beliefs give that cause a modicum of back-of-the-left-hand respect. I have believed since the late 1970s, that the Body Politic of the United States is terminally morbid, in consequence whereof much of its official activity could be compared by reasonable analogy to an individual acting out senile dementia. My own desideratum is that the United States devolve whereby the several regions become the new separate regions; that is the optimal outcome. The opposite, worst outcome would be for the dead husk of the United States to be handed up whole to a monstrosity of like ilk to an hypothecated “North American Union,” or the United Nations, or an extension of the EU.

    On the other hand, it would seem that nothing less than the very stock-in-trade of this Mr. Jenkins and his hooligan henchmen, is stifling free speech and silencing debate. Do self-appointed “Guardians of the Myth” see that their myth does not stand up to disinterested analytical scrutiny? What do they so fear that they limit comments through facebook? (OK, personal disclosure: From nothing less than the very beginning, I have loathed, despised, scorned, and spurned the very concept of on-line social networking: It offends my taste.)
    This may be funded I say, because stooping to the level of these canaille is beneath our dignity. Why do so many of these act as racaille by masking their faces? This is morally equal to Police removing their identifying numbered badges before wading into an hitherto peaceful demonstration against those policemen’s personal tastes. Both acts are blatant declarations of intent to flout the law.

    By all means protest this fundraiser wherever such protests may be posted, and load this protest with such information about personages, personnel, and demonstrated intent that you are sure is true. If you can do so, make a laughingstock of him, but scrupulously avoid derogatory diminutives or other ethnic slurs in doing so.

    As I said above, your cause is a matter of benevolent indifference to me. But — no irony expressed nor implied — I must admire you for the risible ensemble of clowns that has made itself your enemy.

  2. I seriously suggest that you and yours should politicise strongly for anti-masking laws, such as a few Midwestern states enacted during the heyday of the recrudescent Ku Klux Klan in the 1920s, IIRC.

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