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  1. This reminds me of the “Who’s The Most Crazy Bitch?” feud between Miley Cyrus, Amanda Bynes and Sinead O’Connor. In the end it doesn’t matter which of them is the most crazy. people can take sides based on talent and/or entertainment quality. Liddel and Spencer have little of either. Chechar is entertaining in a sad suicide-inducing sort of Manuel-the-Waiter-from-Fawlty-Towers (played by a jew) way, with a heavy gloss of seedy depravity. CounterCurrents is Intellectualism-For-Dummies, and can cause AIDS. Anglin is a rather repetitive, but at least puts some effort into trying to entertain. I don’t care much. I’m banned from all their sites.

  2. I ‘never’ go on Counter Currents, but I did read your linked article and found this key passage:

    ‘Anglin claims that conservative working and middle class people are “the core of America.” But they are also politically inert and powerless. Anglin makes the ludicrous claim that “all of the real power lies” with angry and disenfranchised young white men, who are also politically powerless and inert. Again, these people are mostly just historically inert ballast manipulated by elites. Average whites, and below average whites, are still our people. We still wish to save them. We still represent their racial interests. But they will not save our race without leadership, and to be effective, the leadership of the white masses must be, on average, better than the masses. They must be an elite that can outmatch our Jewish and plutocratic enemy elites in brains, will, and ruthlessness. And that sort of elite will be more likely to emerge among the readers of Counter-Currents (…) than from the readers of The Daily Stormer’.

    I’m NOT a CC reader. I’m definitely one of the LATTER audience. Elitism is always proud and unjust and doomed to destruction. Not many “noble” are called but rather the POOR (the ‘average’, the ‘powerless’, the ‘politically inert ballast manipulated by elites’) are chosen — to make the ‘wise’ ashamed of their ‘wisdom’ and bring all their power and money schemes to nought.

    It will NOT be the wealthy ‘White’ Elites thinking and acting Talmudically and out-Talmudising the Talmudists, as Counter Currents claims, but the preyed-upon yet sensible and moral, skilled and hard-working, ‘lower class’ and ‘middle class’ and ‘redneck’ Christian Whites who are destined to finally overthrow Tyranny and inherit the earth.

  3. A rehash of Greggy’s usual incoherent slop.

    ” Even if the Holocaust could be completely debunked — and no sensible revisionist argues that it can….”

    Well there’s Professor Robert Faurisson. Professor Faurisson is able to say that the Holocaust is a Jewish lie because he takes the trouble first to define what the Holocaust is.

    It was Faurisson who outlined Ernst Zundel’s defense for him in his series of “false news” trials lasting about a decade, but I guess Greggy would claim that Professor Faurisson is not sensible.

    We already hashed all this out in the comments section under Greggy’s limp-wristed “Dealing with the Holocaust” article on TOO. He received quite a thrashing there, but you know it’s impossible to educate a liar out of his lying.

    Greggy certainly realizes that when he says “no sensible revisionist” it’s equivalent to “no true Scotsman.”

    The guy is doing the Zionist Jews’ work for them. If they aren’t paying him, they should. With his reputation for extravagant spending and his habitual duplicity on a variety of questions it is hard to imagine that he would not grab it in an instant if they offered.


  4. Okay we are all LOLing and enjoying this as you know. But this proves a very good point, there is not ever going to be a “white nationalist” movement, because there is no continuity amongst this cluster-fuk other than the hatred for other races.

    Anglin is a moron, he represents the pond scum of society. He is under the sad impression that if he can galvanize other pond scum, they will all dress up like Dragonball Z and take over society in the fashion of /b/ and /i/.

    There is no cultural connection between him and actual normal people in society who happen to be white.

    There is a cultural connection to some white people to northern Europe, but not all. And then there are some who are connected to other parts of Europe but there isn’t a cultural European union between them. Some whites think they are “vikings” but I sense they are in need of psychological help.
    Some white people connect to a white southern culture, but that is dying out from the progression of time.
    There is a upperclass white society in the North East as well as a white blue collar culture, and they are really not connected other than one works for the other.

    So, other than being angry white people who want to complain on the internet all day about Jews, Blacks, gays and immigrants, where is there a unified connection?

    I can sense that people like Brad and others, don’t really like many of the people who make up the pixels of this movement. I would bet dollars to donuts that you, Brad, would probably have more in common with myself and Splunker, and that you would have a good time talking to Daryle as you know Daryle is a much better person than Anglin, Linder or Cobb, or even some of those you have to pretend to get on with for the sake of the cause.
    Basing alliances exclusively on race and/or skin color is shallow, hence you end up with the pond scum who you have nothing in common with other than you all hate the same things.

  5. None of those essayists have produced a single meme seen outside of their respective Internet ego chambers. Imagine that? In the war to liberate whites from PC propaganda and subjugation they are MIA

  6. While some people bristle at the idea that the “Elites” are going to be our human saviors, the fact is that the lower and middle classes don’t have the money, time, or education to overthrow tyranny. Most people who led a mass movement are upper middle class. The lower and upper classes tend to be extremely conservative, believing life won’t get any better than it already is now. It’s people who have just moved up in life who are far more likely to want radical change than those who are convinced that nothing will be better than what we got now. Read Hoffer’s “The True Believer” for the details on how and who runs successful mass movements.

  7. More importantly, what has ever been accomplished by “naming the Jew”? Or better yet, has White Nationalism ever accomplished anything? I’m drawing a blank. I take that back. Some people do make a pretty comfortable existence from it.

  8. What’s the point of all this? Has anyone stopped with the incessant verbiage long enough to build something practical in the real world? Helping anyone find jobs or build skills they can use out in the real world? Feeding any families? Inspiring more than a handful of people to get off their asses, get off the Internet, be productive and stand up and be proud to call themselves a Racialist/Racist/whatever?

    I don’t see anyone building solid foundations or feeding families or moving more than a handful of people to action in the real world. The faux Intelligentsia is still circle jerking to the sounds of their own voices, and believing that the facade of concern and empathy can truly mask their disdain for the “regular” folks whom they believe are beneath them. The Name-The-Jew freaks are still living in a twisted, alternate universe where their mania has convinced them that salvation lies in a world where you aren’t complete until you wrap yourself in Jewcentric activism 24/7.

    Watching this kind of shit is like watching two impotent retards fighting each other to see who gets to impregnate the imaginary woman they believe is just around the corner waiting for them. Omegas putting in an extraordinary amount of time and energy — kind of a revolving door of wasted time and energy — to see who comes out as the true……… Omega?

  9. Oh my …


    If we are with God, God will be with us. Hope is not lost. In fact, the White race is on the verge of a huge comeback, in alliance with other species in the galaxy and other races here on earth that also are suffering under the Jews. THEY are the chief enemy of all mankind! …

    The “ancient aliens” theory being promtoed now non-stop on TV (by the Jews who own the TV networks) is partly valid, but the Jewish media refuses to highlight the huge role of the Exonordics, and focuses instead on the Grays and the Reptilian species, because the Jews themselves are allied with THEM. Earth is just one battlefield of an ongoing war in our entire Milky Way galaxy between the Exonordics and the Reptilians.

  10. Awwww poor Hadding, he butthurt. It’s that whole accomplishment thing isn’t it? Really stings. You can feel free to chime in with that list of decades long examples of all of the accomplishments of your efforts. What has David Duke ever accomplished besides making his wallet fatter? Guess what, he’s going to do it again this weekend with Don Black. Yeah, and I’m the fool.

    P.S. No “donate button” on my blog.

  11. the Jewish media refuses to highlight the huge role of the Exonordics, and focuses instead on the Grays and the Reptilian species, because the Jews themselves are allied with THEM.

    Considering the length he goes to give detailed instructions on donations, would I be too far off base in assuming that a good portion of those donations find their way into the bank accounts of an array of counselors and psychologists?

  12. HW

    Without even clicking that link, it’s gotta be John De Nugent.

    As for the subject matter in general, it’s not just WNs. Various factions of the aracial/nonracial right are good for internecine beefs constantly breaking out, and while I don’t know this for certain, (maybe our contingent of trolls hanging out on this thread can answer), but I bet this kind of thing happens in certain segments of the left wing.

    It’s probably as easy as this to explain: Causes that are too reliant on abstract ideas and ideas that are too esoteric and appeal-limited truly to gain a lot of public acceptance necessarily lend themselves to beefs and infighting because various big fish want to rule over the small ponds.

    They say in sports that winning solves everything, i.e. pastes over and precludes clubhouse infighting. All of this I think is just indicative of the fact that none of these kinds of causes are winning much of anything. Speaking of, HW, now that you’re a St. Louis Cardinals fan, realize that they choke up 3-1 series leads, not rally from 3-1 series deficits.

    • Yes, I saw the Orioles go down to KC, and now the Cards have dug themselves in a huge hole in the NLCS. We’re leaving late tomorrow night. Let me know if you want to meet up.

  13. “Some white people connect to a white southern culture, but that is dying out from the progression of time.” You don’t know Southerners, Lamp. English oppressors thought the Irish were dying out too.

    As for Daryle, I saw him once, and I have seldom seen a person so consumed with hostility. In my experience, there ain’t no hatred like the hatred of tolerant leftists. That’s why there were Cheka dungeons and Gulag camps. Would American leftists do the same thing if they had the power? I hope we never have to find out.

  14. Spelunker

    David Duke’s big problem in life is that he tripped all over his big ego. He could have had a nice long career in the Louisiana state legislature (term limits in that institution notwithstanding, and also the cost of the union notwithstanding), where he could have actually racked up some real world accomplishments. He won a state house district once, even with his reputation working against him, so it stands to reason he could have kept on doing it. But no, he had to give it up after one term to go for the brass rings, which of course he never attained.

  15. HW

    I’m still not back home. Today I’m actually way closer to Kansas City than to St. Louis, specifically Warrensburg.

    • I’ve seen the Jew named almost every single day for the last 13 years, but almost no one give any thought to what is to be done after the Jew is named, except for naming the Jew again. It is circular.

  16. Celestial Time- I highly doubt it, John Nugent (his real name) has a long history of mental illness. The only record we know of where he received mental help was when he was in France and was actually committed to a hospital. If his latest blog articles posts reflect his current mental state I would venture to say that his condition has become progressively worse and much of this is due to lack of proper care.

    Splunker- you are 100% correct, this “movement” really is just a honeypot of feds, carnies and tent revival ripoff artists. Not to mention an old guard of political elitists who don’t like how they are losing power and use moldy old disproven statistics to show on charts and say “look I am superior the numbers and lines say so” to a room full of suits who each paid $150 + hotel fees to sit in a boring hotel conference room all day. Have any of the people in this movement ever sat down to think about how much time, money and energy they have wasted on trying to join up with people they don’t even really like just to talk about and/or wave signs about the people they don’t like?

  17. Southron- Did you actually go up and talk to Daryle? No, he is not full of hostility, that is your own projection. When people in “the movement” need actual help, who do many of them run to? When they find they have gotten themselves in a dangerous situation by hanging with the criminal element of “the movement” who do they run to? When they just need someone to talk to about life where their own “movement” people will shun or judge them, who do they run to? Many of them run to Daryle! Why? Because he is easy to talk to, approachable, and a caring person. Daryle receives many calls and emails a day from “movement” people in distress and need help. Does he get paid? NO! He only recently started to ask for donations because we got on his back about it.
    Unless you have actually had a face to face conversation with him, not just from across police lines or from across the street, you really are not in a position to talk crap about him.
    The fact is most “movement” people who actually do know him IRL really do like him a lot, and will call him once in a while just to chat. And Daryle will make the time to talk, listen and help them if he can. Behind the scenes we call him the “WN’s guidance councilor”.
    Let me ask you, are there any “movement” people you can say this about? Any of them who would talk to anyone from any race and any side in this and be this kind to them?
    No, I doubt it, because “the movement” is about hating others who don’t fit the mold.

  18. QD

    I’m just going to put a check in the no accomplishments column for you. Thanks for playing. Anyone else? Don’t all speak at once.

  19. “I’ve seen the Jew named almost every single day”

    For each naming of the Jew, the Black man is named a hundred times!
    What I really can’t stand is the Jewish trolls who come on WN discussion boards and name the Muslim.

    • Re: Armor

      That’s a good point.

      Although I have never seen anyone advocate “naming the nigger” as a serious strategy, there are plenty of websites which focus almost exclusively on black-on-white crime. Usually, this takes the form of posting one atrocity story/YouTube video, followed by another, and another, and another, etc. Drumming up outrage only seems to stimulate this audience which always comes back for its next fix.

  20. Splunker- Duke’s political life was a one hit wonder and he knew that which is why he transitioned from being a sleazy politician to a straight up con man (not a far step).
    He was always a grifter and a glam whore, and was always using “the movement” for fame and glory from the very start.

  21. Why should I be “butthurt”? It’s not my blog, and I don’t intend to make a longterm habit of posting here. If HW likes all this anti-racist trolling, that’s up to him. Personally I wouldn’t see any use in it.

    As for “naming the Jew,” although it’s not the answer to every problem, there is a point to it. The point of it is that once the people know who it is especially that they can’t trust, they won’t trust him anymore.

    Now, Jared Taylor only takes you halfway there. He tells you what the lies are and what the truth is, but he doesn’t tell you who the primary liars are. As an analogy. it’s like warning people generally against tainted meat without telling them which brands are known to pose an especial risk.

    • Re: Hadding

      As the “beefs” links above illustrate, WNs are going to argue with each other anyway, so why not let them argue with Spelunker and Liberty Lamp, who are legitimately the opposition? That’s more interesting than the countless flame wars over theology and more productive than Infinite Dramaquest.

  22. Hadding- because you’re too stupid to think for yourself and you assume everyone else is the same way that people need to be told what to think?

    Facts are, in the real world “normal” people have a variety of friends based on real life experience. If any of the are angry at a racial situation and venture towards the “the movement” they are told to give up all the friends that they like and have bonds with because “the movement” will tell them who they can like, trust, be associated with. Most will then run in the other direction, an those who don’t might stick around until the Anglins, Cobbs, Linders and morons like yourself prove to be nasty people and they miss their friends who they used to hang out with and have more in common with on deeper levels than a skin color, or a race. Then they try to rejoin society with much regrets of having to had contact with the mentally deranged, and are back to hanging out with their real friends and the people they can trust based on merit and personal experience, not from dogma and a worn out manifesto.

    So really, your “naming” exercise is just a waste of pixel space in the grand scheme of things.

  23. Lamp, I’m not “projecting” anything. I know what I saw. I’ve also read Daryle’s rants where he wishes that people on our side who have died are “rotting in Hell” and other such expressions of benevolence.

    Your side constantly obsesses about “hate.” If you wish to see it, I suggest you cease your own projection and look in a mirror.

  24. they used to hang out with and have more in common with on deeper levels than a skin color, or a race.

    This is the part where your feigning of sympathy, empathy and liberty-and-justice-for-all meme starts to come unglued. The ridiculous attempt to paint Daryle as some kind of shoulder to cry on for White people sure didn’t help your case either.

    And how does your model of absolute normalcy relate to those who didn’t have connections or friends of different races? What if a person chooses to be that way because it was more comfortable and “normal” for them? What does it dictate for these people to do? The “normal” answer is to join hands and recite unconditionally and without question the “dogma and a worn out manifesto” that has come to define multiculturalism, right? No lies or distortions of facts in that realm. No charlatans or perverted priests to be found when you get on your knees and start praying in front of those Svengalis of ethical and moral standards. Nope. You wouldn’t lie, cheat, steal, manipulate and grossly distort evidence just to gain power and dictate to others that your way is the only way, now would you? Nah! That’s just what those racist White people do.

    I have to admit, people like you paint such a wonderful picture of harmony and serenity that I almost want to implode my own neighborhood with and abundance of multiculturalism so I, too, can experience this magical paradise. Yeah, almost.

  25. Oh right. “Rot in hell.” Wow. That’s pretty damning. Oh man. Never going to recover from that one. “Rot in hell” is an expression anyone could use to express your feelings about someone. First off, you’re indicating that you believe in hell. Me personally, I’m not convinced. Secondly, I don’t think the expression means much more then one won’t shed a tear over the loss. I think it’s also a way of saying that one is going where they rightly belong after they expire, most likely for the way they lived their life while they were alive. Me personally, I judge each person on their own personal behavior. I don’t use that term myself, but that’s how I see it. If the use of the expression “rot in hell” is so damning to ones character, you guys are really in trouble.

    I’m not obsessed with hate. I’m obsessed with stopping hate. On the flip side, I’m obsessed with spreading love. That’s why I don’t call Brad or you for that matter my enemy. I don’t view you as my enemy.

  26. Brad

    By snake oil salesman, what specifically are you implying? My implication is that there are a lot of supposed WN leaders who make money off of WN but can’t point to a single accomplishment. Are you suggesting Morris Dees and the SPLC have had no accomplishments? If so, then I would have to disagree with you. I think the SPLC actually has a track record of great accomplishment, and that’s why WNs don’t accomplish anything themselves, because they’re too busy worried about everybody else and gossiping on blogs all day long, and stabbing each other in the back.

    Still waiting for ANYONE, anyone at all to spout off some accomplishments of WN. Anyone? Buehler? Buehler? Buehler?

    • Morris Dees is a classic example of a snake oil salesman.

      He was a professional snake oil salesman, a direct marketing millionaire, long before he ever got involved in the civil rights industry. The SPLC “hate groups” map is ridiculous. I’m listed as a “hate group” all by myself – and I am just a blogger! They have Kyle listed as two or three separate hate groups. They send out hysterical fundraising appeals on the basis of the threat to society posed by … Matt Heimbach and Matt Parrott!

      The SPLC hypes non-existent threats like the “Hutaree Militia” in order to scare little old Jewish ladies in the Northeast into sending them money. I remember the time that Potok went on MSNBC to hype a connection between Jared Loughner and the Tea Party. Most “hate crimes” are petty shit like vandalizing graveyards and spray painting swastikas on synagogues. Black people have a greater chance of getting struck by lightning than being the victimized by any “hate group.” The federal government never passed an anti-lynching bill because any need for one had evaporated by the 1960s.

      Morris found a way to cash in on the exaggerated fears of elderly people who live in mental world where Mississippi is always burning. He’s made a fortune for himself off the Civil Rights Movement. He’s the Kevin Trudeau of anti-racism. If you had an familiarity with Shorter, AL, the place where Morris is from in Macon County, where he has never done anything to fight poverty, it would make sense.

  27. What does joining the National Alliance do Brad? You’ve named the Jew, now you join the National Alliance… And what?…

    • Pierce was at least “naming the Jew” with the purpose in mind of doing something about the problem by creating an organized mass movement. Most people who “name the Jew” seem to believe that doing so is some kind of magic bullet.

  28. To the leftist trolls in this thread

    That’s our point. WNism is little more than a motley crew of hucksters, hustlers, loons, kooks, crackpots, egomaniacs, cranks, ideologues and sideshows precisely because it’s a cause that cannot possibly win, and it can never win because it’s too abstract and tries to cast such a wide net that the fabric on the net rips apart. HW’s point is not to throw the net too broadly, that the recipe for success is not “white” nationalism, but ethnonationalism(s) of specific identifiable groups of white people(s). And the point of the second most prominent author of this medium, Jack Ryan, is that as long as we’re stuck with democratic republicanism, (whose years are numbered, IMHO), ours must be a cause that the average white person can grok and whose agenda and concerns are amenable and agreeable to the average white person so that we can win enough elections to tide us over until democratic republicanism finally dies and whatever replaces it (monarchy+concurrent majoritarianism, or a self-perpetuating positive aristocracy, or a benevolent absolute dictatorship, or some combination of these things or other things), and we’re not going to win elections when our activist and candidate army consists of the WN circus.

    Plain words, fielding activists and candidates who say things like “kill all the Jews, 9/11 was an inside job, buy my brother-in-law’s conspiracy book, Medicare is un-libertarian, let’s try to save and restore a dead document, I heart Palestinians” is getting us a whole lot of nowhere and getting us there very quickly.

  29. Spelunker

    The SPLC does have one big accomplishment:

    Making Morris Dees rich.

    The SPLC is nothing more than the same kind of hustle that exists on our side of the aisle scaled vastly upward indicative of the fact that there are a lot of old rich paranoid Jews in New York and Southern California.

  30. HW: “why not let them argue with Spelunker and Liberty Lamp, who are legitimately the opposition?”

    They are a false opposition. I know that those two particular commenters are trolls, but even sincere leftists are (unknowingly) a false opposition because they want us to argue about the merits and drawbacks of race-replacement, which is absurd. Everyone understands that race-replacement isn’t good for White people. Having a debate about that feeds the misconception that the present race-replacement policy is due to the liberals who honestly like the idea of living with Blacks and Mexicans.

    The question should not be: is racial diversity really so great?
    People know the answer already.

    The questions should be: How come the government is deliberately destroying us? Who is responsible for the current situation? What to do about it?

  31. Question Diversity says:

    ‘David Duke’s big problem in life is that he tripped all over his big ego. He could have had a nice long career in the Louisiana state legislature (term limits in that institution notwithstanding, and also the cost of the union notwithstanding), where he could have actually racked up some real world accomplishments.’

    Not true. He had damn near everyone in government and the media against him including his own party.

    Wiki: “He once presented a bill on the floor, one of the few which he had managed to get out of committee. He finished his opening presentation and strolled with great self-satisfaction back up the aisle to his seat. In his mind, he had spoken, made his presentation and that was that. Before he had even reached his desk and re-focused on the proceedings, another first-term member had been recognized for the floor and immediately moved to table the bill. The House voted for the motions effectively killing the bill. That and similar procedures were used against him many times.”

    A candidate championing Whites rights and other related issues does not stand a snow balls chance in hell!

    If I’m wrong where are they? What positions of importance do they hold?

    Congress has 535 voting members: 435 Representatives and 100 Senators. Not to mention 50 Governors and multitudes of state office holders throughout the country.

    Surely in a majority White country we could seat at least 50%. Oh, that is out of reach. Okay, well, how about 40%, or 30% or 20% or 10% or even 1%?

    Forget the percentages, we can’t even get one, single, solitary, openly pro-White elected to anything anywhere.

    It really is amazing that David Duke got as far as he did in this twisted, jewed – up system.

    Question Diversity says: ‘ But no, he had to give it up after one term to go for the brass rings, which of course he never attained.’

    I don’t know what you mean by brass rings, but the videos he produces are absolutely priceless in terms of content and educating the clueless. He is making a far greater impact now than when he was spinning his wheels in c0n-gress.

    Obviously, if you don’t agree with his positions you would not think so.

  32. But Pierce’s “organized mass movement” was little more than constructing a Pierce-worshiping borderline cult. Another example of how egomaniacs are one of “our” movement’s many millstones.

  33. When you have been kept in the dark for years or decades, it is a huge step, even simply on an intellectual level, to learn about the Jewish shenanigans behind it all.

  34. Well that’s a mouthful. Perhaps I should be more specific. Here’s a recent accomplishment of the SPLC:


    Now can anyone please name just one recent accomplishment of WN? Just one will do. Tell me, where are your dollars going besides down the black hole that are the various WN slush funds.

    And let’s be fair. Brads not a WN, he’s a SN. I’m sure you all know the huge differences. I hear Michael Hill had to make an appeal himself recently, for those who’d let their dues lapse to cough up. Remind me of just one major accomplishment this year? Just one will suffice. Mmmmkay, thanks…

  35. What does joining the National Alliance do Brad? You’ve named the Jew, now you join the National Alliance… And what?

    In Spelunkerville, what would be an acceptable list of answers to your question? I’m pretty sure that even the most innocuous looking activity would be painted as just another bunch of racists who hate everyone else. You seem like a natural born liar, so see if you can impress me and sell me on your position.

  36. Celestial Time- I am not arguing that there are some people would would rather hang out with their own race or even mostly their own race, I know that is not a big flight from the norm, but they are also not hanging out with “the movement” either. They live their lives the way they choose to, and not out of fear, but out of social and mental stability they don’t scream and shout and have tantrums and insult people to prove it. They view “the movement” as a strange freak show and would rather hang out with their own friends and spend their time doing things that make their lives enjoyable. But, over all, most people in the real world have a variety in their circle of friends, and they don’t even think about it. They want to play golf, so they find other people to play golf with that they can get on with over 18 holes. They enjoy movies or sports, so they have friends with similar interests to either view or partake in these activities together. Some might feel better to do this with others of their own cultural background, or those they went to college with, or share the same fraternal or sorority organization. And some just join MeetUp.com and join a geek club, a knitting circle or a nature walk.
    This is what the real world looks like outside of your vacuum. If my white neighbors across the street from me only have white friends, I don’t really give a damn. If they start targeting, insulting or threatening other races in the neighborhood, then the neighborhood has a problem and I am sure I will not be alone in trying to stop any kind of issues.

    Hunter- Morris Dees is a policy wonk who runs an educational based nonprof, he is not a movement leader, or has any kind of activist base outside of a staff of researchers and writers. He has an effective formula for his fundraising, but he isn’t promising to lead people into a false utopia if they send him money. He puts out info and articles, tells people that if they like the work the SPLC is doing to send $s to support it. He is not an ARA leader or an activist, he very rarely even makes speaking engagements. He runs a 501C3 and for that it is donor based. Yes, the old ladies feel better that a big organization is reporting on Nazis, providing LE and the public of their happenings. The public likes the information they provide, and much of it is factual.
    Do I think you are a threat to society, Brad? No, and I have stated that publicly. Do I think Parrott is a threat? Probably not, but as of late he seems to have jumped off the deep end into his religious rabbit hole and he and Heimbach are really appearing like they are losing touch with reality, and THAT can be concerning.
    The problem is you all attract crazies like flypaper, and I think you will agree with me on this, even secretly. You attract people who do look like they will go postal and do something stupid. And because you are in a position of leadership over those you are attracting, you become the person who is holding the bag, that is why you are a target for the SPLC as is Parrott.
    Honestly, in theory you, Parrott, Splunker, Daryle and I could sit down over lunch and have a decent intelligent discussion and even a pleasant time, and I think you know this. You would probably connect with us better than you do with “the movement” crazies.

  37. @Hunter Wallace

    I somewhat agree with your points you have given me under the former “beefs” article. I also disagree on some issues, anyways, I just carry on them here, and expand on them in the future.

    What’s to be done after the Jew is named though? Once you have convinced people that Jews are a bad influence on society, what do you do then? What are they supposed to do about the problem?

    You formulate a political program upon it. Of course in the case of the South it is nigh impossible, bc

    1) Majority of The Southerners are Chritian Zios ->ass-kissers to the jews
    2) Majority of the Southerners are economic libertarians (Muh big government) and Ayn Rand-worshippers, whose teachings the Church of Satan is founded upon.
    ->ass-kissers to a jewess

    So it is only fitting that you ask this question. The answer therefore, in your case:

    You cannot do anything.

    What is even worse, the idea of Secession appear to contain some major flaws.

    I would like to see a detailed response to this.

  38. I have been told in conversation, by a friend whose scholarship I trust, that the term “National Socialism” was invented in the Nineteenth Century CE by a Jewish intellectual named Moses Hess. Can anyone here either confirm or deny that?

  39. “But Pierce’s “organized mass movement” was little more than constructing a Pierce-worshiping borderline cult. Another example of how egomaniacs are one of “our” movement’s many millstones.”

    Professor Pierce had very specific and very elitist objectives as outlined in the National Alliance membership manual. He advocated leafletting, public protests where applicable, eschewing Jewish and Negroid culture (an inconceivable concept for most whites right now, and yes I’m talking about you SEC fans and Southern i.e. Negroid rock fans), and ultimately a White society of genetically superior folks. He maintained that the ideal U.S./Canadian population would be around 50 million white folks.

  40. @Mosin

    “Elitism is always proud and unjust and doomed to destruction. Not many “noble” are called but rather the POOR (the ‘average’, the ‘powerless’, the ‘politically inert ballast manipulated by elites’) are chosen — to make the ‘wise’ ashamed of their ‘wisdom’ and bring all their power and money schemes to nought.”

    Enough with the New Testament propaganda which is definitely the root of the problem even more so than the Jews and their Old Testament.

  41. @ R. Pinkerton

    I have been told in conversation, by a friend whose scholarship I trust, that the term “National Socialism” was invented in the Nineteenth Century CE by a Jewish intellectual named Moses Hess. Can anyone here either confirm or deny that?

    Only in the sense that zionism = jewish’ national’ socialism. (Hess was a proto-zionist, as weell as a commie) He never invented the phrase per se. It is more like an interpretation of his work. the more apt interprettaion would be: “national communism”.

    Needless to say, Hess’ and the Hitler’s National Socialism are two completely different concepts.

  42. Morris is a snake oil salesman with a background in direct marketing who discovered in the 1970s that he could further enrich himself with his fundraising letters by profiting off the fear of Nazis and Klansmen that had been ginned up over the previous several decades by Hollywood and network television.

    He’s a civil rights millionaire. The SPLC itself is a hedge fund that masquerades as a charity. All of this has been exposed in the mainstream press over the years more times than I can count. I don’t know of anyone in the WN movement who is anywhere near as rich as Morris on account of their politics. Don Black, for example, lives in a very modest home in South Florida, and last time I heard, Greg Johnson doesn’t even have a home these days.

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