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  1. This is what the real world looks like outside of your vacuum.

    Then please elaborate a little more and give me some examples of White groups or gatherings that are specifically based on race, but not hogtied to “The Movement.” Now, if you can actually name some of these groups or gatherings, name a single one that isn’t railroaded and targeted for ridicule and slander for doing nothing more than being a very exclusive form of racial networking(or any type of interest group) for White people. If it’s truly just about being against those that use hate to motivate, and against those that harass and harm others outside of their exclusive groups, then surely there have to be at least a few out there that since you “know that is not a big flight from the norm.” Unless, of course, what you really wish to imply is that only White groups can be racist. That sounds about right for your crowd, but I will let you prove me wrong.

    Seriously, can you name a few of these White entities that aren’t being attacked and slandered by people like you and the rest of the PC brigade, including your jolly black humanitarian, Daryle? Can you name any non-White entities that are being attacked with the same zeal that goes into spotlighting and harassing the White groups?

  2. @Hunter Wallace

    SN should be formulating one. You translate the truth into an action plan. That is how it works.

    • We have an action plan. The plan is to secede.

      Alabama – 8,850
      Arkansas – 1,725
      Florida – 638,635
      Georgia -127,670
      Mississippi -1,575
      Louisiana – 10,675
      Kentucky – 11,300
      North Carolina – 30,675
      Tennessee – 19,600
      Missouri – 59,175
      Virginia – 97,290
      West Virginia – 2,335
      South Carolina – 12,545
      Oklahoma – 4,700
      Texas – 139,565

      Total U.S. Jewish Population: 6,588,065
      Total Southern U.S. Jewish Population: 1,164,315
      Southern U.S. Jewish Population as Percent of Total U.S. Jewish Population: 17.7%

  3. “Then please elaborate a little more and give me some examples of White groups or gatherings that are specifically based on race, but not hogtied to “The Movement.””

    As sorry as it is, the answer to that question for most Whites in the U.S. (and especially in the Deep South) is: The Republican Party! LOL

    In fact I can foresee a day that when the White race is in a distinct minority the Republicans will still be the current champion of elitist big money, country club, Whiggism even if those comprising it are Chinese, Jewish, and/or Hindu.

  4. The Southern Poverty Lie Center is much more sinister than simply being a money-making scam. It sends its propaganda to law enforcement agencies across the country, labeling people it hates as “haters.” It doesn’t matter that most of these people haven’t broken any laws. The purpose is to encourage law enforcement to regard them as criminals or potential criminals.

    Unfortunately, some of those agencies seem to take the SPLC seriously. This voice of “tolerance” works with police to further its agenda of creating a police state.

  5. Everybody should read Alex Linder’s article, its very good.

    some highlights:

    “Nasty or nice, inarguing, infighting, is necessary. Anglo-conservative mindset doesn’t understand this. We at VNN do.”

    Very true. The scene is too filled with WN wannabee heroes. Time to put them to their places.

    “Notice how Mr Johnson inadvertently reveals where his mind is. He’s issuing platitudes where he ought to be thinking. Is more moderation and reasonableness what our cause needs? No. It is not. More laughter, energy, dynamism, ANGER and YES YES YES HATE. Our movement is DEFICIENT in hate. That is the truth. The jews call us haters because we’re not. We should be full of hate – if we understand what is going on.”


    BTW another response to MRr. Wallace’s question “what after you named the jew”

    You have to name the influence of the jews. And if one thoroughly understands that jews control banking, media, the porn industry and the US governement (ZOG), he doent even ask this question anymore.

    If you truly understand the implications, Hunter, you dont ask this question. Instead you start organizing pronto, and you make damn sure that your program (or ypour party’s program) eliminates jew influence from public life once and for all.

    That is what you must do. Of course this fails in the first place bc Southern Christian Zios and Ayn Rand worshipers can be hardly if ever awakened.

    • Re: European Light

      That’s my point.

      They don’t organize. Like other people, I learned all about the Jews more than a decade ago. The WN movement is focused on two things: education and fomenting outrage. There’s no step beyond that. In all these dickslapping contests, no one devotes any thought to what is supposed to happen after the Jew is named. It seems to me that lots of people would rather bitch about the problem on the internet than do anything about it in real life.

      After years and years of seeing people whine, it becomes tiresome. BTW, I said above that our solution is secession. Only 17 percent of Jews live in the South and most of those are elderly snowbirds in South Florida.

  6. “The plan is to secede.”

    How would you deal with the jew-controlled banking, media, and porn industry?

    The absolute number of jews is not the crux of the matter. Their influence and numbers in high positions is the crux of the matter.

  7. @Hunter Wallace

    How would secession solve the jewish problem?

    The absolute number of jews is not the crux of the matter. Their controll of media, porn and banking is the crux of the matter.

    What is the “secession plan” regarding media, porn, and banking?

    • Re: European Light

      17 percent of the Jews in the United States live in the South. Of the Jews who live in the South, they are overwhelmingly concentrated in South Florida. Most of those are just elderly snowbirds who are going to die of natural causes.

      You don’t seem to know much about the structure of Jewish power in the United States. Because so few Jews live in the South, their power over us comes through Washington – through the federal courts, the presidency, and Congress. To my knowledge, there isn’t a single Jewish governor or US Senator in the South. None of the Jews on the US Supreme Court are from the South. I don’t know of a single Jew in Congress who represents a majority White Christian district. Even in Florida, Republicans control both chambers of the state legislature.

      You are overestimating the power of the Jewish media. White Christian Southerners are familiar with the Jewish media (aka “the liberal media”), which is based in the Bosh-Wash corridor and Los Angeles, and dislike it. As for the banking system, wouldn’t seceding from the United States necessarily end the use of the dollar as our currency and the power of the Federal Reserve over us?

      There are twice as many Jews in New York City as there are in the entire South. The only city in the world that is more Jewish than New York City is Tel Aviv. Their enormous cultural influence in New York, and through New York over the United States, is due to absolute numbers. Without New York, there would be no Chuck Schumer in the Senate, or any Ginsberg and Kagan on the Supreme Court.

      Dissolving the Union destroys the basis of their power over us in one stroke. The SPLC, for example, is powerless here without the federal courts.

  8. Celestial Time- Not all people who get together in their private lives do so under a banner. Sometimes, they just get together without making a big fanfare out of it. They get a picnic together with their friends, and if they are white they might choose to only have a gathering with their white friends they do so. Why do you need organizational validation?
    Organized groups under a banner are not appealing to people like they used to be. Why don’t you look at the real world instead of crying out for social conceptualism.

    Hunter- The understanding of organizational nonprofs is a complex one. SPLC has never claimed to be or even mask as a charity, it is an informational educational based nonprof, and aside from an occasional probono lawsuit, it has never really raised money for the poor. It is really no different than the NRA, HRC, The CATO Institute or hundreds of other nonprof status or policy groups. It is very successful at fundraising because they give reports on racists that people want to read, hence they send them $s.
    Don Black does not run a 5013C that I know of, he runs a Nazi web forum. He might not raise the same amount of $s because the donor base just isn’t there. Or it could be because of his criminal history and rumors that he made a deal with the Feds for a shorter time. People are afraid to trust him. Duke probably already milked the Nazi cash cow and from what I heard, every dollar Pierce raised was blown by other charlatans. So basically, racists suck at not only trying to build a decent direct mail donor base but at money management and we are supposed to feel bad?

    For the record, Daryle, Splunker and I receive NO money from the SPLC, we are a separate group from them, we do not work for them, and other than an occasional info share, we are not part of their organization. Hence, I am only explaining to you the workings of how a 501C3 or other kinds of nonprofs or policy groups operate, I cannot speak for the SPLC.

  9. Why do you need organizational validation?

    Why does anyone need validation? That really has nothing to do with the questions I asked.

    So after all of this research and scouring the Internet for untold hours, documenting countless names and personas, websites and groups, you can’t come up with a single White group or gathering of White people(who gathered because they were White) that isn’t labeled a Hate Group or just simply about Hate? Not a single one!?

    I tried to be somewhat civil and leave a nice big path for you to be honest and walk the straight and narrow, but you couldn’t even manage to answer a couple of very direct questions.

  10. European Light says:

    ‘The absolute number of jews is not the crux of the matter. Their influence and numbers in high positions is the crux of the matter.’

    You are correct, sir. Spoken in my Ed McMahon voice.

    Thousands of highly motivated goy foot soldiers armed with sticks, stones and slingshots are no match against -one- state of the art tank at the command of Hymie Goldbergersteinowitz.

  11. Re: Alex Linder

    “Nasty or nice, inarguing, infighting, is necessary. Anglo-conservative mindset doesn’t understand this. We at VNN do.”

    A short list of VNN Forum’s most recent projects include the Craig Cobb fiasco in Leith, Joe Snuffy’s attempt to blow up the Spokane MLK parade, and Glenn Miller murdering a 14-year-old White Methodist Eagle Scout and his grandfather in the Kansas City metro area while screaming “Heil Hitler.”

  12. Okay Celestial Time- Here are some events based in white culture: The Scottish Games, The Celtic Festivals, The German-American Society, The Polish-American society, The Ulsters, The Renaissance Festival, St. Patrick’s Day, River Dance, … is this not good enough for you?

  13. A short list of VNN Forum’s most recent projects include the Craig Cobb fiasco in Leith, Joe Snuffy’s attempt to blow up the Spokane MLK parade, and Glenn Miller murdering a 14-year-old White Methodist Eagle Scout and his grandfather in the Kansas City metro area while screaming “Heil Hitler.”

    Oh what a tangled web we weave…

    A web… A net… A sting… Fishing… so many ways to describe the contributions Linder brings to the table.

  14. Oh Hadding, come off it. We’ve been around the Faurisson bush before. Faurisson defines the Holocaust in a very specific way, then argues that since what actually happened to European Jews during WWII did not fit that definition, he concludesd that the Holocaust didn’t happen. You also argued, using the same logic, that Anne Frank was not a Holocaust victim because she did not die in a gas chamber. It’s what sensible people call, “being too clever by half.”

    Your pious devotion to the truth is just a pose, though, when you meet arguments you can’t challenge. Like mine. Then you just turn into another vulgar liar and troll. For instance your claim that I have a “reputation for extravagant spending” — mentioned merely in passing, as if it were widely known, as practiced liars would do — is something manufactured out of whole cloth. Obviously, you are trying to create such a reputation, which is designed to harm my ability to raise funds. I am sure it is easy to believe, because Diamond David Irving and Diamond David Duke have lived high-on-the hog from donations. And I have good taste, which some people mistake for having money.

    My economic situation is best illustrated by something that happened a couple of years ago on a cold winter day in Berkeley. I stepped outside a sandwich shop with a cup of coffee to go, and as I paused for a moment to decide where to go next, a man dropped some coins into my coffee cup. From this, I concluded that the blue wool winter coat I had been wearing since I bought it at a thrift store in 1999 probably needed replacing. So I headed downtown to Goodwill.

    I am homeless, and I have been living in poverty for years, with student loans and back taxes piling up, and thanks to you — you spiteful lying turd — I am sure my life will get a little bit harder. I am glad to give you the satisfaction of knowing that. I’m generous that way. But it still does not make your position on the Holocaust any closer to the truth.

  15. Brad, do you think there’s a huge difference between WN and SN, because I don’t really see it. The only real difference I can see is that you’ve named where your ethnostate will be and no one has gone postal, yet. I already have money riding on one SN to be the first to go postal.

  16. Hunter Wallace says:

    ’17 percent of the Jews in the United States live in the South. Of the Jews who live in the South, they are overwhelmingly concentrated in South Florida. Most of those are just elderly snowbirds who are going to die of natural causes.’

    Sure Brad, but the collective wealth and influence of the inhabitants residing in a wing of a Miami home for aged chosenites probably dwarfs all of our resources combined, sad to say.

    Does not matter where they live. Their tentacles are far reaching.

    In Milwaukee this year, former NY mayor Bloomberg (not a resident) contributed around half a million to defeat a pro-gun, law and order Sheriff. Almost pulled it off. Should not have been close.

    Half a mil is chump change for most of those fat cats. In some places bar-mitzvah envelopes contain more than that.

    What could you do with that kind of throw- away money to toss at a project?

    Money is the mother’s milk of politics.

    All politicians know who controls the purse strings and they will do whatever it takes to curry their favor.

    • Re: Sam

      The Jews in South Florida are retired snowbirds who are going to die out from natural causes without us having to do anything about it. In an independent South, even their impact in Florida would be marginal.

  17. Re: Spelunker

    1.) I could spends days here catalouging the differences between WN and SN and have done so here many times in the past.

    2.) I’m trying to strike a less divisive tone now though. I will say that we agree with WNs on several key points:

    – Racial differences exist and are meaningful.

    – The system that we live under today is anti-White.

    – We should value our racial identity. In other words, we are pro-White.

    – White people are under attack globally and should work together to repulse the cultural and demographic threat to our existence.

    – Jews have enormous political, economic, and cultural power in the United States. By and large, their presence here pulls our culture to the Left on important social issues. They are a negative influence on our culture.

    3.) Keep waiting.

    No one in the League is going to “go postal.” I will put down money that Glenn Miller won’t be the last nut on VNN Forum to “go postal.”

  18. is this not good enough for you?

    Nope. Not nearly good enough. I said groups or gatherings that were specifically about race(bound by a common self-awareness of racial preferences), not groups that just so happened to be mostly White. Can any of those groups specifically exclude black or brown people because they aren’t Irish or German or English or Renaissancian(yes, I made that up) enough? What would happen if they did?

    The plague of multiculturalism has seen to it that any kind of identity tied to Europe or majority White nations anywhere on the planet(historically and still majority in the present) is nothing but hate if/when it tries to exclude non-Whites. Don’t pretend that you don’t know how the scheme works.

    You can’t name any actual White groups that aren’t stigmatized and lumped in with The Movement. I get that. I knew you couldn’t give me any examples, but I thought I would try and help you work through your affliction.

    I still would like an answer to the question about the non-White groups that you target and spotlight to the same degree as the White groups you are obsessed with. 99.999% of the people you find in your crosshairs are White people. Now, I’m no brain scientist or rocket surgeon, but I do know an agenda not rooted in truth and honesty when I see one. Even “racists” have a better track record at disseminating their critique and directing their anger and angst at a wider audience. Introspection and being honest with yourself are not things you will be teaching in a class anytime soon. A student of Socrates you are not.

  19. ‘Southern U.S. Jewish Population as Percent of Total U.S. Jewish Population 17.7%’:

    That is statistical sophism. Tell us what is the southern WHITE population as a percentage of total U.S. White population.

    You might also run the first calculation without the New York metropolitan area — and leave out the anomaly of Florida too if you wish — to arrive at a more accurate comparison of the real White/Jew proportions on the two sides of the Line.

    Historical note: The majority of Jews in North America lived SOUTH of the Line through the 1860’s, and Charleston South Carolina was their FIRST New York (and they even called it ‘our Jerusalem’) until after the war, when many migrated north of the Line toward better new money-making opportunities.

    European Light makes good sense above, and he is the only one who successfully challenged Hunter’s ‘After the Jew is named, then what?’ rhetoric — The Lamp said he or she approves of many important ‘White culture based events’, but apparently not our upcoming Fifth of November holiday — and finally, Rudel shared what he believes is ‘definitely the root of the problem even more than the Jews’ — overall, a very interesting, revealing comment thread!

  20. Greg Johnson- I am honestly very sorry about your economic situation. Nobody should be homeless. You are a smart guy, a very good writer, but your choice of “activism” for your talents has probably hurt you.

    This past article is the first I have read of your material. I don’t agree with your ideals, but I respect the fact that you are a thinker and not a foaming at the mouth conspiracy loon.

    Where is the “white community” now? Why hasn’t anyone opened their home to you? Maybe this is a good example of what I have been saying all along that there really is no connection among whites because there really isn’t a cultural connection. Nobody in the white nationalist community should let one of their own become homeless, this is shameful, and a shame on all of you!

    Is there someone in the Lew Rockwell clique’ who can help you? Justin Ramondo is out by you, and can he help you?

  21. Hunter- I thought Greg was in San Diego? Antifa harassment doesn’t make one homeless, lack of income does. If he is having a hard time finding work then someone with the dosh like Jared Taylor should hire him. My guess is that there is more to this story of why the WNs are not reaching out to Greg, and I am not going to bring it up. But, again, if Gregg was on our side he would be taken care of with no judgement on who he is as a person, there would be a place for him to go.

  22. Lamp (if I may), don’t worry about me. I have been house sitting for friends and family, and I am rather enjoying traveling light and moving around. It has given me a chance to meet a lot of people. Based simply on the internet, one gets a fairly dim impression of the WN world. I can truly say that the very worst people I have known have been WNs, but also many of the very best people, and on balance, even if there were no higher concern than personal interactions, my life has been far better (and certainly more interesting) for all of it.

  23. Greg- Okay good! As long as you have a good network of friends and family around you. I will say that I was sincerely worried, but do feel a bit better now.
    I can raise a glass to the same conclusion that I too have found some of the best and the worst in the world of challenging racism from my own side. Activism brings out the passionate people, and some are more passionate in unfocused and interesting ways with dogma being the poisoning factor. Please stay safe, and take some time to take care of yourself.

  24. Re: Lamp

    In my experience, “anti-fa” have no problem violently attacking people, making death threats to hotels, stalking people in their hotels, harassing employers, shutting down freedom of speech, persecuting people, etc. Quite honestly, there’s no level of thuggery which I haven’t seen them act on.

    Among other things, I have never violently attacked a police officer, shot at a police officer, spit on the cops, prayed for the death of cops, thrown rocks at police vehicles, looted a private business, harassed people at baseball and football games, caused chaos and mayhem at Walmart, shopping malls, or casinos.

    We’ve seen all of that and more in Ferguson. Much of it last weekend.

  25. “Among other things, I have never violently attacked a police officer, shot at a police officer, spit on the cops, prayed for the death of cops, thrown rocks at police vehicles, looted a private business, harassed people at baseball and football games, caused chaos and mayhem at Walmart, shopping malls, or casinos.”

    For the record, neither have I. And also for the record, I have seen people on both the right and left do those things.

    As far as Walmart goes, I would never even enter one…one is better off going to thrift shops than the hell hole that is Walmart.
    And if there is mayhem towards a Walmart, it really doesn’t irk me in the least.

  26. For the record, neither have I. And also for the record, I have seen people on both the right and left do those things.

    For the record? Interesting choice of words. Is there anything on record to show where you’ve spotlighted the depravity that exists on your side of the aisle? Hunter(as well as many others in the pro-White sphere) can at least point to many articles and comments dedicated to calling out the various seedy elements within White Nationalism and the pro-White world.

  27. I am not going to argue with Greg Johnson. So far as I am concerned he is the enemy.

    His problem with definitions of the Holocaust is that he is unconditionally committed to letting the Jews have their Holocaust. Consequently any definition becomes a problem for him.

    Greggy has a reputation for extravagant spending from when he worked for TOQ. He knows that.

  28. Celestial Time- No I don’t air our own dirty laundry like the WNs like to do to each other. You might like to scream out in public like a fishwife, but that isn’t quite my style.

  29. Hadding if you have some knock-down critique of my views, surely you would trot it out for the benefit of all the other people reading this. I may be unworthy of your wisdom, but surely others are worthy of it. But no, you have not been reduced to silence. You are not merely huffing and puffing and bluffing. You are just refusing to throw your plentiful pearls before swine. Sure. A likely story.

    And as for my TOQ days, you lying turd, there was never enough money to spend extravagantly on anything. Indeed, at the end of two-and-a-half years I was owed more than $12,000 in unpaid wages, plus reimbursements that I never bothered to compute because it was very clear that I would never get paid by swine like Sam Dickson and John Gardner.

  30. The Charles Martel Society had to put restrictions on Greggy’s expenditures when he was editor of TOQ because he was spending too much (on himself).

    When he says that he has “good taste, which some people mistake for having money,” what it means is that he buys a lot of expensive shit.

    He’s lying about that, and he’s lying about his current circumstances. Notice that he claimed to be homeless but then, when he gave details, it turned out not to be true. I have not seen it with my own eyes, but a reliable source tells me that Greggy lives remarkably well.

  31. Re: the historical event claimed by Jews to have been a holocaust

    Why shouldn’t the definition that we use be the definition Jews themselves use?

    The claim is that the Germans established and implemented a plan to kill 6 million Jews in gas chambers. That did not happen.

  32. “I have been told in conversation, by a friend whose scholarship I trust, that the term “National Socialism” was invented in the Nineteenth Century CE by a Jewish intellectual named Moses Hess. Can anyone here either confirm or deny that?”

    I would confirm that any self-respecting white would NEVER use the term CE to describe the reign and rule of God’s Elect, the Church in AD. Anno Domini- in the year of our Lord.

    It is the Jews that again try to control ALL discourse, that invented that scurrilous term. And only a Jewed individual, once knowing this, would continue to use either BCE (Before Christian ‘era’ – as if it is ever going to end… (hint, it’s not!)) or CE.

  33. Celestial Time- No I don’t air our own dirty laundry like the WNs like to do to each other. You might like to scream out in public like a fishwife, but that isn’t quite my style.

    But I didn’t just ask for you to show me proof of you possessing the ability for introspection and to “air your own dirty laundry” and make it a public spectacle. It has already been established, long ago, that your kind knows nothing about real virtues and couldn’t care less about unfettered truth. You will lie, distort the truth, and ignore reality whenever you feel you can profit from all of the BS. You only pretend to be virtuous when it’s profitable and safe to do so.

    I asked specifically for examples that could absolve you from claims that you only target White people. Here, I’ll make it very clear:


    Am I to deduce that since you say “our dirty laundry,” that this implies all of the non-White racists out there that you never mention are part of your little circle? That’s exactly what you are telling me. You’re just not perceptive enough to see exactly how you are telling me that.

    You represent nothing more than another strain of the darkness that the light of science was always looking to expose. You are a phony. You really couldn’t be any more transparent if you tried. Hell, your little facade can’t even stand up to a couple of direct questions.

    Like I said, even many “racists” have a more virtuous foundation than most anti-racists I’ve ever seen.

  34. Now can anyone please name just one recent accomplishment of WN? Just one will do. Tell me, where are your dollars going besides down the black hole that are the various WN slush funds.

    And let’s be fair. Brads not a WN, he’s a SN. I’m sure you all know the huge differences. I hear Michael Hill had to make an appeal himself recently, for those who’d let their dues lapse to cough up. Remind me of just one major accomplishment this year? Just one will suffice. Mmmmkay, thanks…

    Slush funds and salaries. 25 years of paying salaries to men like Taylor and for what? But see the truth is, it was never meant to be anything other than a place where they collect money and hold conferences. It was never meant to actually accomplish anything. It is simply a job like being a plumber or salesmen. All they do is collect enough money to keep the lights on for another year. There is nothing else other than that. No passion, no anger, nothing. Just cold “facts” and fundraiser’s.

    I have Spelunker’s attitude. I will not support anything that hasn’t produced results. Results to me is growth based on the strength or weakness of the leadership. I will support anything that rises up and produces results. Whether it is WN or SN, it doesn’t matter to me.

    I have no problem with infighting. Actually I support it because eventually someone will win the debate by default by growing in numbers, finances, and power and destroying the competition. All of us getting along is not going to happen. One small group of men or one man will make it happen. Then the infighting will end as the competition is made irrelevant.

    Winner take all.

    Right now the “extremists” like the young men over at the Dailystormer are growing in strength and numbers while the aging “mainstreamers” are in total stagnation. That is my observation. We will see where it goes from here.

    As far as Hunter’s constant claim about getting off the Internet. While I agree with him that it must happen, it doesn’t really matter if you “get off the internet” but only have 10 guys standing out there with signs looking like chumps. Being in the streets only matters if you can show strength. Until strength can be displayed, there is no point in it.

    • Re: Ulfric

      Perhaps you are new around here, but websites have been collecting millions of comments from WNs over the past twenty years. How much bandwidth has been expended over the course of the past twenty years? How many servers that once hosted defunct popular forums like Skadi and The Nordish Portal are collecting dust? There’s nothing new about people venting about everything that is wrong with the world, “naming the Jew,” bitching about niggers, fighting with each other in internet “beefs,” and so on. Over the past 13 years, I estimate that I have seen the Jew named at least a hundred thousand times now.

      What is Amren? It is a website that is focused exclusively on education. The purpose of Amren is to educate people about racial differences, but it has never, and I repeat never, aspired to be anything more than an educational website and forum for discussing race. The assumption you are making here is that “telling the truth” about race, or about Jews, will by itself cause people to rise up and “accomplish” something – it won’t. Amren succeeds in “telling the truth” about race and educating people about racial differences (this is less popular than entertaining them), but virtually all WNs and race realists value other things like money, job security, social reputation, and preserving a middle class lifestyle far more than the truth.

      Nothing will change until our people are no longer content to just be educated, outraged, and entertained on the internet and content to spend 99 percent of their time immersed in an online fantasy world. It is not enough to “tell the truth” about anything. Go ask the “truth tellers” in prison over in Europe.

  35. Celestial Time- Wow, you are in full ugly fish wife mode today, screaming out of windows like a silly cow?
    I love the power you are handing me. I am really just a blogger, and here you think I control and am the leader of every scary imaginative boo boo in your little lowbrow mind.
    Are there other anti-racists I don’t always see eye to eye with? Yes, of course, there is always disagreements about theories, approaches and tactics.
    The difference is we don’t wave them around to entertain the world with like some trailer park Hatfield and McCoy reality show, that is more your department.
    What I write on my blog is my own choice, I will write about what I please, if you don’t like it, then get off your lazy fat arse and start your own blog and write about what you want to write about.

    I want to focus on white supremacists, that is what I will write about, if you don’t like it, then you don’t have to read it.

    Yes, you silly cow, this is that “freedom of speech” everyone from your side is whining and demanding about, reality check, it is a two way street!

    If all you want to do is whine whine whine about JOOOZ all day, we have every right to write up what we please.

    No, go off and have a little cry, and try not to make such a spectacle of yourself, you’re becoming an embarrassment.

  36. Lew, you are essentially correct. The gas-chambers are the Holocaust. Once the gas-chambers have been debunked, there’s nothing left about Jewish suffering during WWII that’s unique and deserving of a special name.

    Only somebody that is absolutely committed to maintaining the Jewish Holocaust propaganda, or a moron, will say that debunking the gas-chambers makes no difference.

  37. “The alleged Nazi gas chambers and the alleged genocide of the Jews are one and the same historical lie.

    “The fact that those gas chambers never existed, and that this genocide of the Jews never took place, is good news — for all human beings, especially for the Germans, but also for the Jews.

    “But of course, it’s bad news for those who exploited this historical lie, this awful lie — and especially the State of Israel.”

    Robert Faurisson,
    Professor, University of Lyon

  38. Oh Hadding, come off it. I’ve got you. Your alibis are toast. You’re not just mistaken or deluded or autistic or some sort of pious cultist. Not anymore. You’re revealed a malicious, spiteful, petty liar, and that puts everything else you say in doubt. All your piety about truth is revealed as so much hogwash. All your niggling criticisms of Harold Covington now stand in doubt. Could Hadding be lying about those things too? Could he be lying about all the colorful little details that he weaves into his accounts? Is it all just the modus operandi of a practiced liar? How can we trust a lying turd to debunk the Holocaust? Is it a case of “it takes one to know one”? Thanks for the laughs.

  39. HW: “What’s to be done after the Jew is named though? Once you have convinced people that Jews are a bad influence on society, what do you do then? What are they supposed to do about the problem?”

    That sounds like the stupid rhetorical questions :

    – The Jews control Hollywood (as well as the government and media), so what?

    – White people are being massively replaced by non-Whites, so what?

    As if ignoring race-replacement and the jewish dictatorship was a sign of wisdom.

    I can understand why an impatient observer would tell White Nationalists: “instead of complaining so much about Blacks and Jews, please do something about it or just shut up”. That would be a stupid but understandable comment. But I fail to understand how constant complaining about Jews is more irritating than constant complaining about Blacks. Actually, if there is some variation in the things you keep complaining about, it should cause less irritation to the impatient observer than if you complain only about one thing. So, maybe the solution is to complain about Blacks and Jews in rapid alternation. You can also complain about the crazy liberals.

    Most people who complain about Blacks don’t know about the Jews. That’s why they keep barking up the wrong tree, a sure way to get nowhere. The more you know about a problem, the better your chances of fixing it. That’s why people need to realize that the current predicament of the White race is the result of deliberate anti-White policies enforced from the top by the government against the will of the population. White people are not naturally turning into suicidal degenerates. The real problem is that we are under an anti-White dictatorship. If we realize that, it has far-ranging implications for the WN movement, even for someone who would rather blame liberals than Jews.

    The first implication is that we should not waste our time in philosophical debate, trying to explain why it’s better for White people not to be race-replaced. Most people agree with us already. Instead, we should try to identify the culprits who run the dictatorship. We should examine the networks and key positions of political power. We should find out who funds the political parties, who owns the media, who heads the universities, who attacks White Nationalists who oppose the race-replacement policy, who developed absurd theories about gay marriage and the non-existence of human races. That fact-finding work has already been done and continues to be done every day, and the invariable finding is that we are mainly under attack by the Jews. I used to think the problem was “leftism”, but the Jews play a central role in leftist movements and are responsible for their anti-White orientation. More and more often, they don’t even bother to have liberal non-Jewish front men: it seems they directly own most of the American mass media.

    White people know that the race-replacement is organized by the government, but they fail to see why fellow White people would deliberately try to destroy us. They think there must be some misunderstanding. Actually, it is a racial thing: the Jews are the driving force behind anti-White policies. Once enough White people realize that, it should be easier to resist the complete colonization of White institutions by the Jews. I wish people would start protesting and demonstrating against the hijacking of the media and top universities by the Jews.

    A current claim made by trolls is that nothing prevents White people from starting their own pro-White anti-replacement media. I think there must be many obstacles, or it would already have been done.

  40. Now Lampy crumbles and hides under “freedom of speech” that his ilk spends day and night trying to stifle. Just a poor defenseless little blogger who’s being picked on. All he wants to do is target White people in peace. Can’t we all just get along?

    Notice how I rarely, if ever, mention “JOOOOZ,” but Lampy finds a way to somehow tie his inability to answer my direct questions with the dogmas and doctrines that are established as being hallmarks of “The Movement.” They call that deflection, Lampy.

    I would have to say an embarrassment would be more aptly described as a clown who stumbles and stutters when trying to answer even the most basic of questions, but tries to pass himself off as a big bad virtuous blogger who is taking on all the evil racism of the world. Two questions into the interrogation and you end up looking like a deer in headlights. A couple of steps after that and your shadow manifests itself for all to see — the equivalent of a little 14-year-old kid throwing a tantrum and saying, “You’re not the boss of me! I can write what I want!”

    Two fucking questions is all it took!

  41. HW: “The purpose of Amren is to educate people about racial differences, but it has never, and I repeat never, aspired to be anything more than an educational website and forum for discussing race.”

    Jared Taylor certainly hopes his work will help make a difference, just like everyone else who keeps a WN website.

    • Re: Armor

      I’m sure it does. I think he succeeds in his mission to educate people about racial differences. I also think that educating people about race is necessary, but insufficient to bring about change. It’s insufficient because after being exposed to all of these great ideas, after being taught all these great truths about race, after being outraged by all these violent crimes, most people will just sit there and post comments on the internet.

  42. ‘virtually all WNs and race realists value other things like money, job security, social reputation, and preserving a middle class lifestyle far more than the truth’:

    However ‘virtually’ allows that there really are SOME who value truth above all, so all the ‘wasted bandwidth’ was NOT wasted after all, if it was responsible for awakening and informing even just those few….

  43. Re: Armor

    1.) I agree that Jews control Hollywood. I agree that Whites are being replaced. What shall we do about it?

    2.) I never said that we should ignore either problem. I’m just saying that once you have successfully educated and outraged people about the problem (how many people do you think know the truth about Jews?) that there has to be some kind a next step for them. That’s where the WN movement fails.

    3.) There’s not much difference between “naming the Jew” and posting countless atrocity stories about black-on-White crime except for maybe that no one explicitly argues for “naming the nigger” as a strategy although they might seem act on that implicit assumption.

    4.) I learned all about Jewish influence and power over a decade ago. All of this information was available in some form 13 years ago. We can quibble all day about the relative size of the problem and the details, but I don’t dispute that Jews have a negative impact on our culture and political system.

    5.) They won’t!

    They won’t for the same reasons that people don’t take action after learning the truth about race. Instead, I guarantee you they will remain stuck where they are, which is to say, watching the next black-on-White crime videos or “naming the Jew.” They won’t make the leap beyond education, outrage, and entertainment.

    6.) We do have our own media. There are lots of popular pro-White websites. The people who read those websites though abuse them as an alternative fantasy world. In the real world, they observe the existing taboos and watch out for #1.

  44. Awww poor little Celestial Time doesn’t get what she wants so she continues to devolve into an ugly screeching harpy. I chalk that up to a bad upbringing.

    Time to grow up dear, you now have adult responsibilities to focus on.

  45. Deflection, Lampy. You’ve digressed into wading around in a puddle of your own stink, because you couldn’t even answer a couple of basic questions. I asked questions you either couldn’t answer because you are too ignorant to answer them, or you couldn’t answer because you knew a truthful response would force you to face your own hypocrisy. Imagine that, a big bad anti-racist who only targets White people. Nothing surprising really. Why does she only target them? Because she’s free to do whatever she wants to do!

  46. Celestial Time to Lamp:

    ‘I asked specifically for examples that could absolve you from claims that you only target White people. Here, I’ll make it very clear:


    Sam: Lamp erupts with name calling and evasions in massive comical meltdown.


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