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  1. At a certain point the whites who man the essential services: Police, Military, Engineeering, Medicine, Farming, Architecture… Are going to strike.

    The above statement has no bases in reality^^

  2. Brad- Your Julius Evola style doom and gloom propaganda is old and lame.
    The country is not falling apart, there is not going to be a general strike of white civil servants, and life will go on as some of society’s old ways die off despite the temper tantrums of you and your little crew.
    The patriot movement is already in a bad shambles, the tea party is in in decline and progressive ideals are winning.

    Just admit it, you’re a sore loser, and in being so you have to make up chicken little the sky is falling rhetoric because the old ways of thinking are going away.

    • Re: Lamp

      1.) I’ve never read Julius Evola.

      2.) The US federal government has spent trillions of dollars in its pursuit of racial equality. What’s the average net worth of black and Hispanic households in 2014?

      3.) There’s utterly no reason to believe that blacks and Hispanics will be able to sustain the US economy as Whites retire from the workforce.

      4.) There’s no reason to believe the US will be able to sustain its current position of global leadership in the existing international order either. It is already visibly in retreat.

      5.) How long will China and Japan prop up this farce?

      6.) The US is disintegrating: culturally, politically, economically, militarily. It is not the nation it was in the 1940s or 1960s. Even the US of the 1860s was less polarized. There’s nothing holding it together now except inertia and unsustainable social programs.

      7.) Progressive ideals have triumphed and the result is that Americans believe the country’s best days are in the past. Americans believe their children will inherit a world that is poorer and worse off than the one into which they were born.

      8. LOL … is Detroit or BirminghaBSr Chicago or Ferguson what you call a success story? That’s the sort of progress that blacks and Hispanics are capable of sustaining. We underestimate how bad it will get because as bad as things are today the aging White majority props up the underclass. They simply won’t be able to do it in the future.

  3. @Lamp
    The Soviet Union fell because it was built on the lie that it was a workers paradise, yet no one was allowed to leave – without being murdered! People couldn’t stand the bullshit anymore, so they stopped enforcing the rules.

    The anti-White system is exactly the same as the Soviet Union. It is built on the lie that race doesn’t matter and diversity is wonderful, yet it is nothing but a big prison for Whites.

    Questions the anti-White system can’t answer:

    If “diversity” is so wonderful, how come Whites aren’t allowed to leave it?

    If race doesn’t matter, how come this diversity is demanded of every White country and only White countries? How can they say race doesn’t matter to them and then hunt down only one race of people?

  4. @Lamp
    Funny you ask me for my “big plan”, yet when Whites try to discuss this issue, out come the anti-White screamers, thugs and thought police, to shut it down.

    First allow Whites to have free speech on this issue and then you have the right to ask us what our plans are.

  5. It’s “basis” not bases.

    Get out of your Mom’s basement and read a History book written before 1964. Your modern public school education is showing.

  6. So, is it established that the limp-wristed pillow biter that has been shown is Spelunker?

    Lampy deserves her own section as well. I’m trying to organize a Who’s Who list of the anti-White hordes, and I’m still trying to figure out what pertinent information needs to be shown to the general public when identifying them.

    I am really amazed at how far behind the pro-White crowd is when it comes to this kind of basic stuff. Lampy’s anti-White tirades are nice and all, but it’s not telling people things they didn’t already know. After a while it almost looks like this repetitive nonsense is just thrown out there to keep you from focusing on the things that are actually important. Unmasking and identifying people that want to destroy you, your family, your progeny, and your heritage is kind of important.

  7. Hunter Wallace says:

    ‘8. LOL … is Detroit or BirminghaBSr Chicago or Ferguson what you call a success story? That’s the sort of progress that blacks and Hispanics are capable of sustaining. We underestimate how bad it will get because as bad as things are today the aging White majority props up the underclass. They simply won’t be able to do it in the future.’

    This is Detroit in the not too distant future after Whitey is wiped out.


    Africans had/have so much to offer the world. Civilization at it’s zenith. Beauty tips for Lamp on display.

  8. My god… all this intelectual bullshit im reading on here. It is exhausting. We are talking about shit that will never happen. States declaring independence from the us. Texas isthe only state that can do this and flourish. They do it right in Tx. We need to have the the conversation about wiping out , moving out, exiling muslims and blacks from this country. Lets think for a minute how things would be in this country without both. I know this is a free country with open borders for ppl to chase the american dream but really these two groups weaken our beloved country.

  9. It boils down to force. Either Lamp is going to force us to continue this downward spiral or we refuse to submit.

    We are prisoners of our own chains & we have the key.

  10. Lump clearly isn’t capable of debating you Hunter. You left her sputtering and name calling. Typical.

    This is the thing about antifa and anti-free speech leftists in general – they haven’t got the intellect or the arguments to win the debate (if they did, there would be far fewer pro-white dissidents), so they resort to trolling, stalking, doxing, cyberbullying.

    Not big thinkers, but they are big on puffing up their chests and acting tough. Antifa are sort of the sociopathic retards of the left.

  11. I noticed that spelunker has been absent from the comment section. A good indicator that it is him in the SF thread.

  12. Brad: I find it interesting that you’re leaving up a post that you have cause at this point to believe is likely to be untrue. This isn’t a matter of an allegation of some commenter that you’re not liable for in any legal sense. But you are civilly liable for statements that you make that are untrue.

    Spelunker has denied your weak contention.

    I’ve denounced your post as not having an evidentiary basis to be believed.

    The person that your post points to as being Spelunker has denied, via a third party, being Spelunker.

    You’re playing too close to the edge and given the not so vaguely threatening posts of some of your commenters, as well as the murderous record of the commenters from your source, I am surprised, given how intelligent others had said you to be (I’m unconvinced) that you leave yourself hanging out there like this.

    I’m forwarding these and other thoughts to your victim in the AM.


      • I wrote a longer comment, but it was lost by my smartphone.

        In sum, deNobel sent me a long email on Friday night which is why I took down my last blog post, Re: Spelunker. I took it down solely because I have been preoccupied with other things this weekend and haven’t had time to respond to it.

        • Let’s boil this down for the gallery:

          1.) The case that Spelunker is deNobel amounts to this: Spelunker called into an episode of The White Voice using a Google Voice number that was registered to Jacob deNobel. That’s how and why The White Voice and Stormfront connected the two.

          2.) The case against Spelunker being deNobel amounts to this: Spelunker and deNobel both deny the charge, and deNobel’s explanation is that Google Voice must have reassigned his number to Spelunker.

          In other words, Google reassigning deNobel’s Google Voice number to Spelunker would be the equivalent of Verizon reassigning my cell phone number to another Southern Nationalist in my area code.

          Is that possible? Yes, but it is also highly improbable.

  13. Jacob deNobel emailed me within an hour of posting my Re: Spelunker blog post on Friday evening.

    What does this prove? It proves that both Spelunker and Jacob deNobel read my blog very closely.

    Now, there are two interpretations of this:

    1.) deNobel, as he says, is following my blog closely because of Heidi’s SPLC article that was published on Friday, and wanted to clear his name, as he said in the email.

    2.) Spelunker is deNobel and was monitoring my blog and sent that email in response to the threat that I made to expose him.

    • There’s also another matter: the SPLC’s attempt to out the real world identity of BoyHowdy.

      Why would they do that now? If they have been sitting on this information ever since A3P was hacked by Anonymous, why are they are publishing it now? They are doing it because of Spelunker’s threats to retaliate against BoyHowdy for spreading around the idea that he is deNobel.

      That raises an obvious question: if BoyHowdy has pinned the wrong guy, why would Spelunker and the SPLC retaliate against him? Why is he so desperate to suppress that information? And if he is truly concerned about deNobel, why doesn’t he just claim his own blog?

  14. >>> “If I am “liable” for writing a blog post, Spelunker is welcome to sue me (and Stormfront) and the truth of the matter will come out.”

    It’s not Spelunker who had a cause of action regarding your post. Not even a good try, Brad. That’s example of why I remain unconvinced about your vaunted intelligence.

    >>> “I’m sure you are here asking me to remove this blog post because you have my best interests at heart.”

    Again, there’s that intelligence thing. I’m not “asking” you to do anything. I doubt that you have the resources, emotionally or financially, to see this through. Don’t count on your commenters to do much more than urge you to stick your neck out because, after all, what have they got to lose? Please do keep posting these useless suppositions and rationalizations; they’d be certain to make your deposition a hoot.

    • Re: Thomas

      1.) If anyone has a cause of action, please let them sue me. I’m sure the truth will come out.

      2.) Yeah, that’s why you are here “wondering” why this blog post hasn’t been removed. It hasn’t been removed because I haven’t seen any reason to remove it. BTW, the fact you are here whining so much about it, Jacob deNobel is sending me emails, the SPLC is retaliating against BoyHowdy with information it has sat on for years, and Spelunker is demanding that this “information” be removed on his own site can be interpreted as further evidence that it is true.

      3.) Finally, you haven’t given us any valid reason to doubt that it is true. Like I said above, it is possible that Jacob deNobel’s Google Voice number was reassigned to Spelunker, but it is also extremely unlikely that it would have been reassigned to his doppelganger: a 20ish male Social Justice Warrior from northern Maryland with a background in journalism who was a member of the White Student Anti-Racist Association and who edited a “white privilege” journal in college.

      • There are other reasons to believe it is true:

        1.) Spelunker uses “Larry Jacobs” as his Facebook pseudonym. That’s interesting, but it could be waved away by itself.

        2.) Spelunker pimped his own blog as “Jacob” on Hatewatch. That aroused my curiosity enough to start Googling around for “Jacob + spe-lunk-ing” which is how I came across BoyHowdy’s posts on Stormfront.

        3.) Spelunker’s IP address on three different blogs resolves to deNobel’s geographic area.

        4.) When Spelunker first heard that we had connected him to deNobel on Crossroads, he panicked and within five minutes posted that “On My Identity” blog post on his website.

        5.) I’ve heard through the grapevine that DLJ is asking around for “dirt” on me. Again, why would he do this if we have the wrong guy?

        6.) The SPLC retaliated against BoyHowdy. Again, why do this if we have the wrong guy?

        7.) We know from deNobel’s email that he is an avid OD reader.

        8.) We know that deNobel has ties to the SPLC and One People’s Project. This was established by the email.

        9.) We know that deNobel like Spelunker is fond of taking screenshots. This also comes across in the email.

  15. Thomas Rowley says:

    ‘Don’t count on your commenters to do much more than urge you to stick your neck out because, after all, what have they got to lose? Please do keep posting these useless suppositions and rationalizations; they’d be certain to make your deposition a hoot.’

    I’m reminded of this oft quoted line from Hamlet.

    ‘The lady doth protest too much, methinks.’

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