League of the South To Celebrate Lincoln’s Assassination In Maryland

John Wilkes Booth

“That means nigger citizenship. Now, by God, I’ll put him through. That is the last speech he will ever make.”
– John Wilkes Booth

“After being hunted like a dog through swamps, woods, and … chased by gun boats till I was forced to return wet, cold, and starving, with every mans hand against me, I am here in despair. And why; For doing what Brutus was honored for, what made Tell a Hero. And yet I for striking down a greater tyrant than they ever knew am looked upon as a common cuttthroat … I hoped for no gain. I knew no private wrong. I struck for my country and that alone … I do not repent the blow I struck. I may before my God but not to man.”
– John Wilkes Booth

We’ve been getting a lot of publicity from the media for announcing that we are going to hold a public celebration of Lincoln’s assassination, but it is something that many of us have done privately for years now.

Note: This event will be held in Baltimore on April 11th. It is pretty much our equivalent of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Contact me for details.

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  1. OT

    HW, JR, WR et al:

    Is it me, or are our people and people in our movement and movements very close to ours been acting all around batty and bat shit crazy lately?

  2. Gotta say, Lincoln started it the complete degradation and deracination of the South. He deserves to be celebrated for his assassination as he was a traitor to the U.S. Constitution.

    Everyone interested in how the South was really right and how to save America but especially Southern Whites, please read Frank Conner’s “The South Under Siege.” Do not buy it on Amazon. Well, you probably can’t afford Amazon’s price.

    Find Frank Conner’s “The South Under Siege” at the Sons of Confederate Veterans website, and read every page of this magnificent, tour-de-force history of Northern Aggression Against the South from 1830 to 2000. The author, sadly, died last year. His words and guidance won’t perish if you read his book.

  3. Did Lincoln really want black citizens?

    Charles, wow it’s $350 at amazon. Southern books in general have grown costly. They’re becoming like rare art…

  4. I was told Lincoln wanted to send them all to Libera and if he wasn’t assassinated, that is what would have happened. Then again, would you trust the word of a man who spent his entire presidency, killing his fellow Americans? I understand if he killed as many today, it would be 25 million.

    • Lincoln said that because he wanted to 1.) keep the border states in the Union and 2.) quell fears in the North that abolition would lead to a deluge of free blacks moving to Northern cities. By the end of the war, he was talking about making black war veterans in Louisiana into voters, which is the reason why Booth assassinated him.

  5. From Hunter Wallace, who holds, I believe, a degree in history from an esteemed Southern university, I’d expect sources for those supposed statements by Booth.

  6. Booth had been a Confederate agent from the start of the Civil War. Why he didn’t attempt to kill Lincoln in 1862 or 1863 is the big question, he kept putting off action.

    Was Booth the actor, waiting for a grand moment, to play his part on the stage of history?

  7. This celebration is not a good idea, because it insinuates that Lincoln wanted to grant citizenship to all blacks and by extension that the Union soldiers did as well.

    It seems more advantageous to show the history as more convoluted, which it of course was.

    Almost no one would have fought for the Union had they thought black citizenship would result along with a centralised citizenship, especially centralisation to the degree we have today. And I don’t know that Lincoln secretly cared much for blacks.

    We know well the anti-black discrimination in the North, post-war. And segregation even today continues in the North.

  8. “The Secular-Humanist Doctrine Regarding Blacks:

    All along, the ideological liberals have championed black civil-rights primarily for use as an effective weapon against the traditional white South. In each case, as soon as the liberals defeated the white Southerners, they dropped the blacks like a hot potato. (Nonetheless, the liberals are now seeking to retain the blacks as their permanently-engaged helpless clients — both to reinstate the Democratic party as the majority party, and to destroy the existing society so as to pave the way for all-out socialism.) Let’s review the liberals’ treatment of blacks very briefly.

    Before and during the War of Northern Aggression, the abolitionists in the Republican party demanded an end to slavery. After the war, the Republican party sponsored several constitutional amendments which freed the slaves and gave them the vote — so they would vote as Republicans and keep that party in power. The Republicans made the blacks the social equals of Southern whites by law, solely to harass the Southern whites. During the postwar era, the Northern liberals made only token efforts to feed, educate, an provide medical care for a handful of the destitute Southern blacks — and the liberals took the money away from the destitute while South to do most of that. The Northerners wanted no contact with the blacks; so the Republicans kept them bottled up in the South, even though the blacks were desperately needed in the North to build the railroads and to fill other manpower-shortages.

    The North kept the South in such abject poverty throughout the remainder of the 19th century that large numbers of Southern blacks could no longer earn a living working on the plantations and farms, so they drifted to the towns and cities of the South. They did not know how to function in that kind of environment, and their crime rate skyrocketed. The Southern whites, in self-protection, enacted the Jim Crow laws to segregate the blacks and their crime. The Northern liberals were massively indifferent to all of that. Meanwhile, the North maintained its own de facto segregation of the blacks.”

    — Chapter 26, A Solution, pages 683-684
    “The South Under Siege” by Frank Conner (2002, Collards Publishing Company)

  9. Celebrating Lincoln’s assassination is unwise because it does more rhetorical harm than good. First you have to make the argument that he was a tyrant who acted unjustly, which he was and did. Then you have to make the case it was moral for a person acting of their own accord (as far as we know) to assassinate him, which is a leap. Targeting the enemies’ leadership is potentially a legitimate act of war, but the evidence does not suggest that Booth acted on behalf of the Confederate Government.

    Plus, I bow to no one in my dislike for Lincoln, but I do think there may be some truth to the idea that the conquered South would have been treated better by Lincoln than it was by a government without Lincoln there to moderate it. Andrew Johnson was too weak to reign in the radical Republicans.

  10. To answer Weaver’s question, Lincoln did not likely want full and equal citizenship for former slaves, but he had acted and talked himself into a corner and didn’t really have an alternative. The real reason former slaves were granted the right to vote is because the Republicans wanted to cement their political advantage by giving former slaves the right to vote, not because they were at heart a bunch of ideological egalitarians.

  11. I think this is bad propaganda for us.

    Watch the movie “Birth of a Nation”.

    After The civil war ends, Lincoln preaches reconciliation “I will treat the South like they never left”. Lincoln scepter all wanted to free the slaves and then colonize them to Liberia and South America.

    The bad guy in Birth of a Nation is the radical Republicans Stoneman and asylums Lynch.

    Lincoln wasn’t the bad guy as the Civil War ended. His assassination was a terrible tragedy for our people, for the South.

    Pretty much like the Kennedy assassination.

  12. This is brilliant guys.

    @Weaver – I am sure we will start worrying how they perceive our celebrations when they start worrying how we perceive their hundreds of years of never ending invasion, killing, starvation, meddling, social experiments, queerdom/fagottry, pedophilia, incest, negro worship and elevation of jews to US nobility and ruling tyrants.

  13. Lincoln preached reconciliation with the South, whether heart felt or cynically, because it fit with his theory that they never had a right to secede in the first place and with his notion of a mythical indissoluble Union and saw it as the quickest way back to normalcy.

    CT, you could stand on the corner in the nude and yell Damn Yankees all day, and I’m sure it would generate a lot of publicity, but it wouldn’t necessarily advance your cause.

    • The Republicans ended the 3/5th clause by abolishing slavery. In other words, the “traitors” would have come back into the federal government politically stronger than they had been before the war. The choice was either that or grant equal rights to blacks. Lincoln would have faced the same predicament if he had not been assassinated.

  14. Hunter is correct. I was going to mention the issue of the 3/5th’s compromise in my answer to Weaver but didn’t for the sake of brevity.

    • Before his assassination, Lincoln recognized “Parson” Brownlow’s puppet government in Tennessee, and he also sent Sherman on his legendary rip through Georgia. What a magnanimous, great friend of the South who only wanted to “bind up the nation’s wounds.”

  15. Is it me, or are our people and people in our movement and movements very close to ours been acting all around batty and bat shit crazy lately?

    You are not alone.

  16. I don’t doubt that Johnson was more sympathetic, but he was politically disliked and distrusted and essentially powerless. He was impeached on pretty much trumped up charges. Plus, the assassination increased Northern outrage. A strong, although debatable, historical case can be made that the South would have fared better under Lincoln. That case does not require diminishing the fact that Lincoln acted unjustly by invading us.

  17. I don’t see how we would have fared any differently.

    1.) Johnson carried out Lincoln’s plan of installing “loyal” governments in the Confederate states. He hated slavery and was content that the “Union had been saved.” He reconciled with his former enemies and was flattered when they tried to curry favor with him. Reconstruction would have gone much smoother if Johnson hadn’t been impeached by the Radicals.

    2.) “Civil rights” would have emerged as a major issue regardless of whether Lincoln, Johnson, or Grant was president because something would have had to be done about the political status of blacks after the demise of the 3/5th clause.

    3.) Unlike Johnson, Lincoln clearly would have chosen to go along with the Radical agenda and give voting rights to blacks which is why Booth shot him, and the response in the South to negro equality would have been the same.

    4.) Lincoln had no problem installing “Parson” Brownlow as governor of Tennessee who was the worst of all the Reconstruction governors.

    5.) Would Lincoln have stood up to the Radicals like Johnson? He ultimately gave the Radicals everything they wanted and repeatedly lied to get his way. He was a better liar and a better politician and would have probably used his political capital to deliver their agenda.

  18. Hunter, “fared better” is relative and this is essentially a historical question, not an ideological one. I concede the history is debatable.

  19. If Lincoln had lived, I wonder if he would have followed through with his desire to colonise the freed slaves? Some folks feel that when JWB killed Lincoln, he stole the chance of colonisation from America, and we all know the outcome. We should curse the day JWB shot that old bastard in the head.

  20. I agree with Jack Ryan on this one. This celebration is very low brow. It speaks to the core of the members of the LOS. You won’t attract people to our cause by celebrating death, big mistake here folks. If it’s not too late to call this off, I strongly advise scrapping this one. Negative attention is negative. Very bad PR move.

  21. If the South had won, instead of worrying about 10 million illegals you would be worrying about 150 million ‘guest workers’.


  22. “Is it me, or are our people and people in our movement and movements very close to ours been acting all around batty and bat shit crazy lately?”


    I put this down to a lot of Southerners are obsessed with hating Lincoln, same way too many Irish people, Irish are obsessed with hating English people or hard core Leftists, Marxist Jews are obsessed with hating White Conservative people.

    Even when the facts obviously prove that certain Blacks, Muslim immigrants are completely responsible for some horrible crimes (Pakies sexually grooming, raping poor English girls in Yorkshire, ISIS be heading Coptic Christians etc) these Leftist , cultural Marxists instinctively blame White people for creating a “climate of hate”.

    The historical record is pretty clear that Lincoln was a pro White, race realist, wanted North America reserved for free White labor. Lincoln got in to personal physical fights with Black criminals in southern Illinois and advocated colonizing free Blacks to Liberia and Central and South America.

    But it is just something our people do – they personify their frustrations and hatreds on the leader of the nation that is at war with their country. Our enemies (the Jews) know this and constantly stroke this with deceptive propaganda. During the first two US wars against secular Iraq, the Jewish (Neo Con) media fed Red State White America constant propaganda that

    “We must get Saddam Hussein who was another Hitler and Saddam was the one man standing in the way of American freedom and democracy for the entire world”

    What rubbish.

    Sorry to see us promoting a celebration of the assassination of President Lincoln. This goes over about as well with middle America as White Americans dressing up in Nazi costumes with signs saying “gas 6 million more Jews”.

    • Just as American politicians do today, Lincoln said all kinds of things to win the war.

      He didn’t believe in any of it. His comments about deporting blacks to Africa (like his comments promising he wouldn’t interfere with slavery where it existed) were calculated to quell fears in the North that abolition would lead to social equality and a tsunami of black immigration to Northern cities. It was White Northern Democrats, Lincoln’s political enemies, who believed in deporting blacks to Africa. He was also determined to divide the border states from the Confederacy by misleading them on his racial policies until it was too late.

      John Wilkes Booth shot Lincoln because in his last speech he advocated making black war veterans in Louisiana into voters. No serious effort was ever made by Lincoln to deport blacks to Panama, Haiti, or Liberia. By the end of the war, Lincoln had changed his tune on deporting blacks to Africa and preserving slavery in the border states. Lincoln was someone who pretended to be a lot more moderate than he really was.

  23. This rather bizarre publicity stunt might be designed to run off some of us Midwestern and Northeastern supporters of Southern Nationalism, I wouldn’t take things too personally, but instead take the hint.


    • What exactly was “pro-White” about Abraham Lincoln? Not in his words, but in his actions?

      Was it unilaterally abolishing slavery and arming hundreds of thousands of blacks to invade the Confederacy? Was it implementing the agenda of Radicals like Thaddeus Stevens and Charles Sumner? If I was “pro-White,” I know that I wouldn’t have been a political ally of Thaddeus Stevens. There were “pro-White” people in the North and Lincoln said what he needed to say to quell their fears and keep them on board with his political party.

      Obama himself opposed “gay marriage” a few years ago. Did he really oppose gay marriage or did he just say that for political reasons?

  24. “Free men, free soil, free labor”

    It was good then, it’s good now.

    We were all united in taking to the streets to out Tyson Foods CEO Donny Smith who earns $8 million a year by exploiting Neo slave wage Muslim Somalian Bantu workers in Middle Tennessee. We were united in taking down the Onion King of Georgia who became wealthy and the mayor of some Georgia town with his love for 80 hour a week sub minimum wage Mestizo Neo slaves.

    But this week, our side is choosing to embrace revolutionary fantasies, living in the past, stoking foolish White vs White hatreds.

    Please re-read my article False Nationalists, false Christs. Our side does this all the time – falls back on White vs White historical grudges to escape in to a fantasy world to avoid having to face the grim realities of the here and now.

    I can understand the desire to live in fantasy worlds, just think the jRR Tolkien fantasy world is better. Renaissance Fairest are also good.

    • If you can identify some redeeming quality to Abraham Lincoln, feel free to point it out. He launched a devastating war that used black troops to kill hundreds of thousands of people in the South.

      As George Fitzhugh pointed out at the time, “free men, free soil, free labor” effectively meant free love, free women, and free churches. Everything that Lincoln’s critics predicted would happen eventually came to pass. After vowing that he had no intention to interfere with slavery where it existed, he unilaterally abolished slavery there on his own authority. After promising that hordes of free blacks wouldn’t move to the Northern states, it was his political allies who dismantled the North’s black codes, and then demonized the South for copying those same laws, which were used to justify Military Reconstruction.

      Lincoln never made any serious attempt to deport blacks to Haiti or Africa. By the end of the war, he was talking about black citizenship and voting rights. In their famous debates, Stephen Douglas had accused him of trying to elevate blacks to civil, social, and political equality – he denied the charge at the time, but Douglas was right about him. That’s exactly what he was doing.

      The fantasy here is that there was anything “pro-White” at all about Abraham Lincoln that wasn’t one of his deceptions. American politicians like John McCain, Barack Obama, and Rand Paul lie all the time. Their rhetoric says one thing, but their actions tell a different story. Is there a single action taken by Lincoln that can be unambiguously construed as “pro-White”?

  25. “Sam Francis opposed secession and bet the farm on his plan to cultivate “Middle American Radicals” who never materialized.”

    We see in the UK Celts and English fighting while foreigners flood in. And the US North has long supported policies, like busing, that would only apply to the South, out of regional bigotry. It’s understandable where Francis was coming from. At Trad Right, like elsewhere, the folks there tend to like “Imperium” (for unity) even now…

    As I said on Scotland, it might be the Scots have a better chance at opposing foreign invasion by seceding. Similarly, it might be that the US South has a better chance with secession. But I want the Scots to also be united with the English to some extent. And we US Southerners of course are always united with Western Civilisation to some extent.

    With oil’s crash, I doubt secession will happen in Scotland, ever. 97% white though would make for a pleasant polity, another Finland, even if many were in poverty for a time. I realise the Scottish socialists want to dump foreigners in, but the liberals in London want the same.

    I’d like to believe we Southern Americans could secede without being divided into outright enmity, but it’s understandable where Francis was coming from. I’m with you on secession, but Francis, especially considering his peers at the time, remains a giant. If he was a giant among midgets, then so be it. Most every other WASP at the time was jawing about the Constitution and tax cuts or championing capitalism versus socialism. Francis it can be said was a rare creature: A conservative with a working brain.

  26. Why is the LotS now doing stupid, counter productive butt showing that might as well have been scripted by the SPLC?

    All of the prior LotS events I was at, I have read about were well organized, well led, activists were well dressed and interacted very well with the public, didn’t respond to Antifa efforts to incite our side to do counter productive acts of violence or say hateful things like wanting kill political opponents, assassinate US Presidents etc.

    I am 98% certain that Liberal, Leftists, SPLC , Obamanation will use this protest as proof positive that League of the South is terrorist Hate organization. The lying lib media will chime in :

    “See, we knew it all along , the Neo Confederates are celebrating the assassination of President Lincoln, and they are now plotting to assassinate President Barack Obama”

    The SPLC probably has a plant that will make death threats against Obama, or else they’ll make the threats themselves. The NAACP is going to have a field day with this one.

    Dr. Hill, Hunter – I can understand why you feel this way, but why break a winning record of intelligent, productive activism to say and do something really stupid and counter productive.

    If you support terrorism and assassinations keep these views a secret.

    John Wilkes Booth wouldn’t have been successful in the bold action he did if he had been holding public rallies with drunk fools making threatening speeches supporting murder, assignations !

    Wow! I can’t believe this is happening.

    The name “Lincoln” seems to have the same effect of waving a red flag in front of a bull – causes too many Southerners to go bat s$&@ crazy!

    What is next, vocal support for armed Southern suicide attacks on Holocaust Museums, Jewish retirement homes?

    Is Glen Miller running the Maryland LotS chapter?

    Wow, this is really bad!

    For the Record:

    I strongly oppose assassination attempts, plots against USA Presidents past, president and future.

    I strongly oppose all illegal, counterproductive acts of violence and know that most of these “plots” , talk of revolutionary fantasies are done by the government, Leftist, anti White groups like the SPLC, ADL, NAACP, George Soros etc.

    • Jack,

      Like an hour ago, I just had to delete your comment about Lindsey Graham and Lamar Alexander for reasons which I will not go into here. I can’t even publish your last article about “Southern Honor” for the same reason. In your last post, you included a video in which that Archbishop in Latin America who was gunned down, and in the post before that I believe it was something about the methods used in the French occupation of Algeria. What’s more, you have a long history of praising Harold Covington’s novels here, which is all about engaging in fantasy revolutionary violence in the future, not historical discussions about the past.

      Lincoln started a war that used black troops to kill hundreds of thousands of our people. He is honored with a federal holiday. In contrast, John Wilkes Booth saw himself as a modern Brutus and assassinated one tyrant. No, we don’t believe that Lincoln was a great guy, and you can’t come up with one thing that was “pro-White” with which he can be credited that wasn’t a case of him lying and misleading the public for political reasons.

  27. http://teachinghistory.org/history-content/ask-a-historian/24242

    On the evening of April 11, the president stood on the White House balcony and delivered a speech to a small group gathered on the lawn. Two days earlier, Robert E. Lee had surrendered the Army of Northern Virginia at Appomattox Court House, and after four long years of struggle it had become clear that the Union cause would emerge from the war victorious. Lincoln’s speech that evening outlined some of his ideas about reconstructing the nation and bringing the defeated Confederate states back into the Union. Lincoln also indicated a wish to extend the franchise to some African-Americans—at the very least, those who had fought in the Union ranks during the war—and expressed a desire that the southern states would extend the vote to literate blacks, as well. Booth stood in the audience for the speech, and this notion seems to have amplified his rage at Lincoln. “That means nigger citizenship,” he told Lewis Powell, one of his band of conspirators. “Now, by God, I’ll put him through. That is the last speech he will ever make.”

  28. I never made death threats or suggested illegal acts of violence against Lindsey Graham or anyone else. But, if any of my comments crossed such a line, thank you for deleting them.

    Yes, I am not perfect , I have said things that that can and are used against me – hence SPLC making me “hate guy of the month”.


    We need to watch out for each other, help each other in times of danger.

    You helped me. Now I am helping you, Dr. Hill – LotS.

    Just don’t do this.

    Cancel the public celebrations, put out PR that you don not support violent illegal acts, assassinations etc. It’s the truth.

    This is just loose talk in a time of frustration.

    I always advise effective, legal activism such as publishing the names and addresses of Leftist news reporters that published the home address of Officer Wilson. But, I also include strict recommendations to avoid making personal threats, doing illegal actions.

    And it is OK to read a well written fantasy book, with (just) violence by JRR Tolkien or H Covington. It’s a free country.. Well, it used to be.

    And, yeah if Southern people want to celebrate the death of a tyrant, Ok – just do it in private. It’s like healthy sex.

    Do it in private!

    I’m sorry, this crosses a line… It’s butt showing, public, irresponsible and counter productive.

    Hopefully, it will blow over and the LotS will go back to doing positive, successful activism.

    • I’m not going to comment further on your Lindsey Graham/Lamar Alexander comment. That speaks for itself.

      But anyway, the point here is that at least three out of your last four posts have been about violence: the Archbishop who was assassinated in Latin America, the unpublished “Southern Honor” post about how ISIS makes its enemies face consequences, and the celebration of torture during the Algerian War. I just find it strange that you are now suddenly taking a completely different tack after repeatedly telling me that Harold Covington was a great writer.

      Abraham Lincoln had no problem using black troops in his army in which he killed hundreds of thousands of our people. I find it a bit rich that the one person who has more of our blood on his hands than anyone else in history should be exempt from the whirlwind of violence that he unleashed. How many foreign leaders has the US assassinated now? Saddam Hussein, for example, was publicly hanged just a few years ago.

      How many times has the CIA backed foreign coups and assassins? That’s a long, long, long list. In the Congo alone, the CIA supported the abduction and murder of Patrice Lumbumba who was shot, dismembered and dissolved in a vat of acid. Now that’s a truly horrible way to go.

        • http://www.theguardian.com/world/2006/aug/03/cuba.duncancampbell2

          The most spectacular of the plots against Castro will be examined in a Channel 4 documentary entitled 638 Ways to Kill Castro, as well as in a companion book of the same name written by the now-retired Escalante – a man who, while in his post as head of the Cuban secret service, played a personal part in heading off a number of the plots. While the exploding cigar that was intended to blow up in Castro’s face is perhaps the best-known of the attempts on his life, others have been equally bizarre.

          Knowing his fascination for scuba-diving off the coast of Cuba, the CIA at one time invested in a large volume of Caribbean molluscs. The idea was to find a shell big enough to contain a lethal quantity of explosives, which would then be painted in colours lurid and bright enough to attract Castro’s attention when he was underwater. Documents released under the Clinton administration confirm that this plan was considered but, like many others, did not make it far from the drawing-board. Another aborted plot related to Castro’s underwater activities was for a diving-suit to be prepared for him that would be infected with a fungus that would cause a chronic and debilitating skin disease.

  29. Well let’s move on – agree to disagree.

    The name “Lincoln ” seems to make many Southerns go crazy.

    The term “free markets” also seems to make a similar % of White American “patriots” go crazy, waste their lives supporting Libertarian loon pols like Ron Paul and Rand Paul who push F immigration policies.

    I got to got with Brit expat John Derbyshire “We’re Doomed”…. But, we should at least go down with the ship with a smile on our lips.

    Never give up your sense of humor, never hang out with anyone from Feminists to Islamic Jihadists, to White folks fighting lost wars who don’t have a sense of humor.

  30. PS.

    Hunter if it is any consolation , Harold Covington turned viciously against me, almost as bad as he did to you (making you the Lindsey Graham clone , queer, Neo Conservative , anti White President in his last Northwest novel) – he made me the worst enemy:

    “The Chicago guy”

    Who supposedly just hangs out in my posh suburban mansion , swimming in $ and enjoying a young, blonde mail order bride.

    The reality is I am stuck in a Lib University urban area, where the likes of Barack Hussein Obama was my Illinois state rep and the women are all mostly sexless, no fun law students. Why do they insist on sending Northern women to law school to teach them to argue, most of me know how to argue just fine on their own!


    Some dying Confederate soldier must have put a curse on “my people” up here in the cold, North.

    Covington is a very hateful, vindictive guy, spreads all kinds of lying gossip, personal smears at solid White guys like you and I.

    I will say in my defense that anyone who is hated and smeared by both the SPLC and H Covington must be doing something right.

    Well, I hope we can some day get over this and I will endeavor to work hard not to say anything positive about Abe Lincoln in the presence of true Sons of the South.

  31. “The League doesn’t have any predator drones to use to assassinate our political enemies. ”

    Jack responds:

    I am somewhat comforted to hear this as I am getting the feeling some Southern good ol boys are going to be gunnin for me if I say anything more positive about Lincoln, plus they are lookin’ to fight me as I am lookin’ to court Southern women.

    I am pretty much like that guy “Mr Sawyer” from Upstate New York who comes down to Mayberry and was botherin’ Miss Lucy in…

    “The Stranger” best Andy Griffith Show ever.

    • There’s nothing positive to say about Lincoln that wasn’t an elaborate lie. It is like praising John McCain for building the border fence. He was addressing a political weakness.

      Go back and read what Douglas said about him. Then judge him on the basis of his actions.

  32. If you celebrate Lincoln’s assassination, I wouldn’t focus on Booth’s reasons. Lincoln should make everyone go crazy. He was a monster. But I think Jack Ryan is correct that this event seems almost SPLC scripted.

    I like how the LoS has changed over the years, but I believe this goes too far. We (Southerners) should develop a curriculum for children; a positive, family-oriented culture; and develop good relations with other groups without sacrificing our values. We, like the Japanese, are known today for our hospitality, good manners, friendliness to strangers; solid work ethic; manly virtues; and so forth. We have many positive traits we’re known for despite the negative mass media, and we can build on this.

    I’ve taken up hope from reading your recent posts. You’ve demonstrated an impressive historical knowledge, but I fear this event will lead to negative press.

  33. I should add, we’re known for hospitality to visitors, not immigrants. We’re known to exclude recent immigrants. I expect the Japanese and other conservative societies to be the same.

  34. How about this as a compromise:

    Celebrate the “death” of the tyrant Lincoln, but not the act of the assassination.

    Maybe even include some spin that LotS suspects that the Southern patriot John Wilkes Booth was framed and the whole thing was probably an…

    Inside job to push through Radical Reconstruction.

    People in Southern/Red States love this conspiracy theory loon stuff and this way the LotS doesn’t get bad PR of promoting assassinating US Presidents.

    • Well, I still disagree.

      The US had no problem putting Henry Wirz on trial and executing him as a war criminal. Among other officials of the Confederate government, Jefferson Davis and Alexander Stephens were arrested, charged with treason, and thrown in prison. If it is immoral to assassinate leaders of foreign governments, then it is the US federal government which should stop doing it. The CIA has sponsored coups, revolutions, and countless assassination attempts of foreign heads of state. In just the last few years, Saddam Hussein was publicly executed, and Qaddafi was gruesomely murdered on YouTube in a US backed “regime change.” Those two are only the most notable incidents. Foreign leaders like Patrice Lumumba have been murdered in much more gruesome ways.

      As I pointed out above, the CIA attempted to assassinate Fidel Castro eight times. The US military uses predator drones to target and kill foreigners on a routine basis. The US government has backed countless dictators across the world that have used torture. Also, let’s not forgot that Hollywood routinely makes movies that celebrates the assassination of foreign leaders: Tom Cruise played real world assasin Claus von Stauffenberg in “Valkyrie,” Kim Jong Un was killed in “The Interview,” Hitler was killed again in “Inglourious Basterds.” There are at least a half a dozen other movies in which Hitler was assassinated including at least one which was released before the US even entered WW2.

      And what’s the most popular movie in the United States right now? It’s Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle in “American Sniper,” right? Middle America is lapping up Chris Kyle’s war story because when ‘Murika is killing evil doers its fine.

  35. I must say that while Jack Ryan makes some excellent points, I can’t agree with him. If the election of a Republican majority along with protests in the streets resulted in a climate of emboldened action on the part of conservatives, he would be correct. However, that is most definitely not the case. Instead of calling for Obama’s impeachment, Republicans are engaged in mock opposition to the executive actions granting amnesty to illegals. Meanwhile, despite his state voting overwhelmingly to oppose marriage for homosexuals, Alabama’s governor is vowing that he would never do anything to disobey a federal court ruling. Evidently, no matter what we do, the current political arrangement guarantees our failure. Appeals to decency, the Constitution, liberal democracy, etc. will not save us. The best outcome now would be America’s demise. Any actions that promote discord and hasten the downfall are warranted.

  36. Hunter and Jack, I think what you should be discussing is whether it works, rather than if it is right. There is a big difference.

    I’m pretty sure that celebrating an assassin, is not the right way to get people on your side. And calling Lincoln pro white is utterly ridiculous, since he slaughtered so many whites.

    I personally would ignore the assassin that says “nigger” and focus on Linclon’s record. Lincoln spent his entire presidency killing his fellow Americans. That is where the moral high-ground lies.

    The fact that Americans celebrate the butcher Lincoln, reminds of that group who’s holidays celebrate ancient genocides. Its down right creepy.

    • I’m going to point out here again that Chris Kyle was an assassin. His story is now a Hollywood blockbuster movie. Americans don’t have any problem with assassins per se as long as it is ‘Murika taking out the “bad guys.”

  37. Well, please be careful.

    Matt Hale is serving basically life in prison for being in a room with a government informer who said:

    “Let’s take out this certain judge”.

    Matt Hale said words to the effect – “woe, do what you think you have to do but I can’t support that.”

    in other words, he didn’t object strongly enough.

    At this event celebrating the assassination of a US President in the past, some plant or just some drunk guy might say:

    “Aw wish we aught to do a sniper take out on that …. so and so” and if you are in the room and don’t object loudly enough, you can be facing the same fate as Matt Hale.

    The Obamanation Admin, SPLC, NAACP, ADL have been desperately trying to fight some Right Wing, Conservative White racialist folks to use all of their new powers agains “The war on Terror”.

  38. Jack,

    Let’s review your last two posts here about torture and assassinations of historical figures that happened much more recently:


    “While we are on the subject of Muslim terrorists, The Battle of the Casbah is the memoir of the French General Paul Aussaresses. Yes, he proudly used torture against FLN terrorists in French Algeria in the 1950s and he would do it again.”


    “One positive point to remember is that lots of Hispanic Catholics have fought on our side in the past in Spain and elsewhere. Just because communists have tried to rebrand themselves as Sandinista Catholic priests, well, check out what happened to Liberation Theology Archbishop Romero in El Salvador”

  39. No,

    These are not the same.

    One/mine is to just note history where Western people were firm but fair with the worst Communist terrorists, Muslims terrorists – fighting fire with fire, terror with terror. that is just noting history.

    But, doing an open, organized official LotS event celebrating an assassination of a US President – that’s bad PR, playing from an SPLC script.

    You have written an article noting that the death of Lincoln was similar to other deaths, that is just noting history, fine, good, 1st Amendment protected.

    I am not in real danger of being persecuted or arrested for just noting history. I did get in to some trouble expressing a desire to spank a woman. OK, I admit that was a mistake and I said:

    Mea Culpa (my bad)

    Now, the subject is White LotS guys having organized meetings with White guys and guns, talk of “assassinations” then and maybe now. It’s just something I would be careful about and it’s just not good PR – sounds like it’s reading from a SPLC/Hollywood script as something Evil White Racists would do.

    Why do they do it?


    So just please be careful, don’t allow any drinking before or during the event. Be careful of guns, agent provocateurs, media taping things for greatest negativity.

    Dr. Hill is usually very media savvy. But, maybe a local Maryland LotS guy would really like to get on (taped) TV and say something really stupid, like:

    “Everybody likes that movie about the American Sniper, we like the Southern Sniper that took out the Lincoln tyrant and now we got another tyrant, name …….”

    anyway, this comments have gone on too long.

    Everyone knows we’re on the same team and try to cover each other’s back.

    Hunter has always had my back….

    Just think it’s OK to feature some (wholesome) photos, articles about attractive women on OD every once in a while.

    Speaking of attractive women, Brigette Bardot (And God Made Woman) is back in the news, French government persecuting her for saying negative things about Muslims.

  40. Hunter Wallace says:
    February 23, 2015 at 7:58 pm

    “I’m going to point out here again that Chris Kyle was an assassin. His story is now a Hollywood blockbuster movie. Americans don’t have any problem with assassins per se as long as it is ‘Murika taking out the “bad guys.””

    But you are not ‘Murika and you do not own ‘Murikas billion dollar tools of propaganda, which is Hollyweird. You are the League of the South and all you can do is put up billboards. You guerrilla fighter to ‘Murikas Roman Empire.

    What you need to do is forget your history training and learn propaganda. The art of propaganda is making yourself look good and the enemy look bad. Moralize your side, demoralize the enemy. Take the moral high ground and bombard the enemy above. Rinse and repeat.

    What you’re doing with that nigger quote, is holding your shotgun backwards, while directing your enemies to the top of the hill.

    Here is the moral high ground:
    “Lincoln killed the equivalent of 25 million, of his fellow Americans.”

    Repeat it until their sacred cow is dead.

  41. I have always thought that Lincoln’s plan to send the blacks back to Africa was nothing more than campaign promise for his 1864 election. He knew the northern working classes were worried about massive lowering of wages and unemployment if there was black migration to the north after the war.

  42. Saw your 5:00 p.m. post (Feb. 23), which is a response to my post of 8:55 p.m. (Feb. 22).

  43. Terrific ! I once watched a play entitled “These Honorable Men” about the assassination plot from their point of view – and it would be appropriate for this occasion.

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