Tim Wise Lecture Tour Protests

Update: We already have some people who are coming to see Uncle Tim at his next stop in Charlotte, NC on March 25.

Trad Youth protested Tim Wise in Bloomington, IN, but he is still scheduled to speak at a number of upcoming locations. We noticed that Wise has a big swing coming up through the South. He also has stops in Phoenix, Portland, and Philadelphia where he has plenty of enemies who might be interested in organizing a welcoming party:

3/25/15: Charlotte, NC Queens University of Charlotte
3/30/15: Huntsville, AL Oakwood University
4/7/15: New Orleans, LA Loyola University
4/10/15 – 4/11/15: Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
4/17/15: Fayetteville, AR University of Arkansas
4/23/15: St. Petersburg, FL YWCA of Tampa Bay
4/20/15: Bryn Mawr, PA Byrn Mayr Presbyterian Church
7/23/15: Phoenix, AZ Arizona State University
9/11/15: Huntington, WV Tri-State Conference on Diversity and Inclusion at Marshall University
10/9/15: Portland, OR Teaching With Purpose Conference

After discussing this on Facebook, we have lots of folks who have expressed interest in confronting Wise in Charlotte, New Orleans, Huntsville, St. Petersburg, and even Portland. Since he does this speaking tour every year, we could make some signs and ship them from location to location where a network of pro-White activists could reuse them to confront Wise anywhere he goes in the future.

This would be fun. It is doable. It would give a lot more people a chance to participate because of the multiple locations. Are you interested?

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  1. Please god don’t let the essayists turn Wise into “anti-racist” Sauron. He’s a frigging half wit who spews simply stupid rhetoric to other morons, a pure fraud peddling pure junk

  2. Until a few years ago, I’d never even heard of this character. I’d heard that he’s virtually unknown in most of the world outside of academe. But, then, I’d never heard of political correctness until around 1996. And even then, it had no bearing on my life whatsoever. Still doesn’t.

  3. you should let me know if you protest in Bryn Mawr / Philly, but the issue of ‘anti white rhetoric’ is far from an issue I legitimately care about (I might care about illegal immigration, pro-Israel lobbying etc.)

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