Ferguson Property Values Are Plummeting, Exodus of Longtime Residents Imminent

This is what happens to your businesses, net worth, and your tax base when Al Sharpton and the Civil Rights Movement comes to town:

“The average selling price of a home in the city has been on a steady decline since the shooting of Brown last August, according to housing data compiled from MARIS, an information and statistics service for real estate agents. Prior to Brown’s death, the average home sold in 2014 was selling for $66,764. For the last three and a half months of the year, the average home sold for $36,168, a 46 percent decrease.

The trend has continued on through this year, with the average home selling for only $22,951 so far in 2015. Another negative indicator: in the eight and a half months leading up to Brown’s death, the average residential square foot in 2014 was selling for $45.82. In the eight and a half months since Brown’s passing, the average residential square foot in the city has sold for $24.11. That’s about a 47 percent downtick in one of real estate’s core indicators. …”

Ferguson is well on its way to becoming another blighted wasteland like Selma. No one wants to live there or do business there anymore. The same is true of the towns of the Mississippi Delta for the same reasons.

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  1. That’s the first thing I thought about when these two cops got shot, those white people in the surrounding suburbs waited too damn long to get out. Now their house values are shot. It’s the proverbial “There goes the neighborhood.”

  2. It’s because a soros corporation wanted to build a mall in this neighborhood. Reduce property values and go in for the kill!

  3. Price discovery had to happen sooner or later. heres hoping the older whites left there can stay safe. It is also interesting that this sort of thing isn’t causing a ripple effect throughout the property values of other similar communities. Ferguson can happen anywhere.

  4. Conner, the only real thing whites can do is to start digging in and start fighting. And start taking back everything they lost, just like the Spanish did in the Reconquestia.

  5. Conner,

    whites will turn around and declare, “you are violating the ethics of von Mises. We might be nearly extinct, but we won the moral victory. Libertarians to the end!”

    And then the whites will go extinct. That’s our future.

  6. The funniest thing is articles on how Detroit and New Orleans are trying to fight urban blight. You can buy a cheap house, but you have to spend $$ to bring it up to code by a certain deadline. There are likely squatters already there, and you have to first find the legitimate owner, who has often vanished.

    But on the bright side, these trashed houses are sometimes impressive architecturally.

    A group could probably get together to clean up sections. Neighborhoods seem to do well when they can protect inhabitants, bring the police in as well as private security patrols. I’m not referring to mob-type behavior but bringing the state into an area it has semi-abandoned. Our side tends to be too abrasive, but no one would mind a white group if it focused on winning acceptance without truly integrating.

    That might be a potential opportunity for some in our side, in the future.

    Nonwhites seem to tolerate whites so long as whites provide some needed service. Whites are exploited simply because we’re easy prey. And others are envious. Most want money more than they want white extinction.

  7. I saw a story on another blog about a woman in Ferguson who has been trying to sell her house since before the Brown thing and she bought the house in’73 for under 100k, was trying to sell it in ’13 for slightly more than 100k but now has it listed in the 80s.
    She looked about the same age as my mother so I looked up our old house in Northern Virginia on Zillow and in that neighborhood the houses are now going for the mid 700s. My parents bought that house in ’68 for under 100k and the house in Ferguson doesn’t look a whole lot different than our old house. Probably Back then these two neighborhoods were comparable, so see what happens when you choose the wrong place to live long term.

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