1. The Muslim is probably thinking the same thing as the jock, he just won’t own up to it. I had a friend who spent time in Saudi Arabia.. The Saudi Men, as they call themselves, have an almost juvenile obsession with the female body and sex. They’re worse than Western teenage boys. And these are grown men, well into the twenties and thirties and failing to develop a healthy, natural and mature interest in women. They’re permanently fifteen.

  2. Hate to blow my own horn, but this is one of my very best.

    There isn’t a straight male on planet earth that wants to put up with preachy, PC, feminist , no fun, womyn college students .

    Please pass this one on.

  3. That is true, James. I was coerced by some colleagues in going to a Moroccan restaurant a few months back. It was about 50% Arab there, very small place decorated like the inside of a tent. When the belly dancer came out they reverted into little children. The non Arab crowd was clearly surprised and quite frankly embarrassed for these men.

  4. Jack Ryan, you actually drew the above comic? I have dozens of solid comic ideas I’d draw up. I might even become tolerable online if I got my little arguments out in that form.

    Was it difficult to learn? Are you for hire?

    I have a book on how to draw manga, but I’m terrible at it. I’ve wanted to draw for… years. It’s an ideal way to communicate ideas and infect a people with memes. You can crush opponents with it, in theory.

    I don’t know about others, but I grow bored of reading article after article, often repeating the same points. Cartoons are much more enjoyable, and many of us do enough boring reading in our day to day as is.

  5. Cartoons also match my concentration span. I try to make politics so complicated, that I’m rarely thinking of all my own points… Easier to focus on one point at time than to cram a book into every post. And “my points” of course aren’t anything new. Almost nothing is new politically/philosophically except what technology changes and what has been forgotten.

  6. Jack Ryan,

    sorry if that was rude of me to reply that.

    Anyway, I’m very impressed – and jealous. I believe the internet is in part a battle of memes, and cartoons are an excellent way of spreading memes.

  7. OD. Readers can take this great cartoon, make very high quality, inexpensive post cards from places like Instaprint, overnight prints.

    Sell them, collect them.

    We need to take this off the internet and in to the real world.

  8. “There isn’t a straight male on planet earth that wants to put up with preachy, PC, feminist , no fun, womyn college students .”

    This is undoubtedly true but you make a critical error. Not a single one of those “preachy, PC, feminist , no fun, womyn college students ” looks like the chick in the cartoon. Not a single one.

    You know what they do look like. Problem Glasses, dyed blue/purple hair, boy’s haircuts, piercings–and last but not least (heh), overweight, ranging from chubby to hamplanet.

    Hence the critical error of the cartoon. I’d listen to that chick babble (for a limited time) if I could bang her. There is no SJW/feminist fatty in the world I’ll listen to for a single minute.

  9. I can’t believe we only have 13 comments.

    I thought this cartoon would change the course of world history.


  10. Jack Ryan,

    your cartoon is as good as one of Baloo’s, imo: http://baloocartoons.com/

    It’s edgier than one of his though.

    Regarding Muslims being perverts though, in the US we used to pay for movies that showed female anatomy. And some Americans, I’ve never understood the appeal, like strip clubs.

    Muslims have no porn, no prostitutes, not even skimpy outfits. I’d say their belly dancing outlet might in some way be quite civilised.

    While I agree with Muslims that Western women dress too revealingly, I tend to think of Victorian dress as closer to the ideal. Muslims go much too far, obviously.

    Genetically though, Jews seem to be incredible perverts. So perhaps Arabs are as well.

    There are some weird negatives to our porn-addled society. American boys supposedly come to view real women as less attractive as a result of porn, whereas Muslims it seems come to view everything female as attractive.

    And separately while in some ways exposure to the female body makes one less sensitive to it, some Americans seem to have become incredible perverts as a result of pornography. So, I do not believe it a healthy thing.

  11. Even pretty women can be caught up in feminism.

    What amuses me about feminists is when one does become a single mother, she acts like the father isn’t needed, as if she’s won a victory. The father has managed to produce a child, likely at some point will meet the child, and he doesn’t have to pay for or otherwise bother with its raising

    Marriage really benefits the mother much more than the father… It ties the father to his family. Feminism is so nutty: It seems to expect the state to fill the role of the father.

  12. In our culture of casual sex, it’s the females who get stuck with the children. I realise they sometimes make the father pay support, but a father is supposed to support his child. It’s so bizarre how feminists view themselves as winners in the death of marriage.

  13. Yes Anton, I agree. That only thing I would have the artist do differently.

    I wanted the gal to be dressed in a dumpy sweatshirt, the uniform of Lib Left Marxists.

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