Starbucks #RaceTogether

Yesterday, when I first heard about Starbucks’ new #RaceTogether initiative, I thought to myself: I hope RamZPaul goes up there, starts “a conversation about race,” and makes a video about this, and sure enough, he did:

Note: I’ve been mulling over the idea of going up there myself all evening. There are any number of things I would like to talk about.

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  1. A bit off topic, Hunter. I saw your tweet about Arizona secession. I went there and read the comments thread. Ninety nine percent of the comments were Dixie bashing, with little to nothing about Arizona or the Article at hand. Which brings us to the Starbucks situation. The Left have a huge advantage over us in terms of propagating their message. They run these meme campaigns on a continual basis, night and day. The comments on Arizona prove the effectiveness of the Yankee propaganda mill. The big problem for us is that Southerners are not an ideologically driven people. Slogans and buzzwords have little resonance with people who prefer dealing with reality over useless abstractions. Counter campaigns are going to be harder because most people here regard the Left as ridiculous to start with. Arguing with distant strangers with funny ascents over ( to Southerners) abstract nonsense, gets in the way of work, family, friends, the garden, hunting, fishing, going to the lake, etc.. The discussion about race is a monologue by Whites who exploit Blacks as political weapons against other Whites they hate and want to dominate and destroy. Black people themselves, are not party to the conversation, and couldn’t care less about it. I’ve been thinking about ways to sever the connection between Black people and their White, Leftist handlers. I think that it’s important for Southern Nationalists to take the enemy’s best weapon out of his hands.

  2. #talk race? What’s next for the libduds at Starcrossed ? #talk gay? #talk Islam? Their drinks and pastries are overpriced IMHO. If you want coffee and pastries, go to a locally owned shop or Einstein Bros. You will get the same thing without the higher prices and pretensions.

  3. The best way to talk about race is to bring up the fact that racism only exist where there is race mixing. They should notice that homogenous countries don’t have racial/ethnic problems. Racial/ethnic strife occurs only when there is mixing of different races or ethnicities. Someone should mention to the baristas that the solution to Americas racial problem is to separate the races.

  4. Interesting that Ramzpaul states that he is Jewish in this video. I wonder if he was being sarcastic?

  5. RamZPaul did the genetic test a few months ago and he came back 1% Jewish. I just looked over his channel on YouTube but couldn’t find that video.

  6. Here is my suggestions for the talk on race that Starbucks desires.

    Pants up! Don’t Loot!
    Or since the owner of Starbucks is an admitted Jewish nationalist committed to keeping Israel a Jewish state ask how he feels about the rights of Palestinians who live in Israel. Why is it Ok for Jews to have a Jewish State but not for Palestinians to have Palestinian state?

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