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  1. Bob Whitaker is running. Pretty much the perfect move at this stage of the game. GOP is moribund, Rand is a false dawn. The real battle is the battle against white genocide. If we go down swinging in America, we will save Russia and Europe, and perhaps even chunks of America in a partition scenario.

  2. The reason these people will never save us is the problem is the Federal Government and the yankee corporate entity known as the “United States”. Proper allocation of sovereignty requires States Rights, and this will never be recognized under the billionaires, plutocrats and bureaucrats that thrive on the system (and our backs) like ticks. Mike Tuggle (league of the south btw) is right:


    Government is not the answer. It is the problem.

    Death by Government
    Our rulers and their outsourced PR departments (the media, the SPLC, academia) would have you believe we need more powerful, more centralized government to protect us from our own personal bogeyman, whether it’s a bomb-making jihadist or (gasp!) a White Supremacist.

    But facts are facts — the record proves that the deadliest threat to humanity is big government. Don’t believe it? Read the record for yourself and decide, provided compliments of the bionic mosquito:

    According to one estimate, some 231 million people died in the 20th century due to “human decision.” Some of the lowlights of the century include:
    · World War I: between 13 and 15 million
    · The Armenian Genocide (1915): 1 million
    · The Russian Civil War and subsequent Polish-Soviet conflict (1918-1922): 12.5 million
    · The Mexican Revolution (1909-1916): 1 million
    · The Spanish Civil War (1936-1939): 600 thousand
    · Various colonial and other pre-1914 wars: 1.5 million
    · World War 2: between 65 and 75 million (including German and Japanese concentration camps)
    · Wars and conflicts between 1945 and 2000: 41 million
    · USSR forced starvations, labor and concentration camps: 35 million
    · North Korea: 2.4 million
    · Various campaigns in China (1949-1975): 47 million
    · Forcible enslavement in Congo (1900-1908): 4 million

    These deaths are attributable to the decisions made by humans sitting in seats of government authority.

    So the next time someone hyperventilates that we must yield more of our tax dollars or liberties to government bureaucracy so it can shield us from some threat, remind them of what the REAL threat to human life and liberty is.

  3. Go for County level politics.

    There was a great story about a White Flight from Detroit County Board president who bragged about safe, prosperous his county was and contrasted to Detroit where it isn’t safe to do pretty much anything.

    American states are big, there is lots of room to spread out. The new trend is to reclaim urban areas and push the welfare underclass out to places like Ferguson MO.

    The Money power and the anti White media power (now apparently includes Fox TV) have things all but controlled in the Presidential elections, many US Senate, but lower down we have lots of freedoms.

    I’m still looking for a populist, bad ass, Putin style Southern to get elected governor of at least 1 Southern state and then have this governor start doing Putin power grabs – things like all media talking heads appearing on the state TV have to have residency in the State.

  4. Ted Cruz wife is a major honcho-ette of a warm cuddly little family run biz called goldman-sachs, which already rules us through its pay to play us congress.

  5. I think we must reject both the Retarded Right and the Lunatic Left in American politics. It is indeed funny to see all the people who questioned whether Obama was really born in the U.S. now backtrack and claim that Cruz is eligible to be President even if he was born in Canada. I am enough of a Neo-Traditionalist to believe nations have lifespans and America has reached old age and soon will be beset with dementia. To the incurable one should not be a physician. So while the conservatives run up with mortar and trowel every time a crack appears in the system to try to repair it shouldn’t our job be to make the cracks even wider, if necessary even to smash it with a crowbar? You know it is terminal and is going to fall. Isn’t it better it collapse now while we are still a majority instead of decades to come when we are 45%, 30%, or 20% of the population of the United States? After all can one really save both the United States and the white population in North America at the same time? Do most of the white population even deserve to be saved? Are they not part of the problem? If both nation and race cannot be saved then which one do we chose? And that, kinsmen, is the essence of hard politics, the politics of preservation! Spengler wrote about nations of a new order about to be born, nations of a Faustian nature. Therefore I vote for the Ethno-State resolution. We can be that Faustian nation!

  6. Cruz used the term “Shining City Upon a Hill,” which is a disqualification in my eyes. The New England Moral-Political Paradigm is at complete odds with the Southern Political Tradition. It’s certainly not a view I’d expect from a supposed representative of Texas.

  7. Cruz is another traitor who puts Israels interests first. He can’t give a speech without mentioning Israel and the Jews. None of these so called conservatives has the guts to mention the daily black on white crimes and the genocide of the white race.

    Voting for Cruz is voting for Israeli interests and more of the same. Voting for Cruz is going to cause the deaths of more innocent whites who will be fighting wars around the globe for Israel. Don’t be fooled again like you were when you voted the Republicans into both houses last November. nothing has changed since then and nothing will with Cruz as President.

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