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  1. As illustrated by the linked article, the press carefully controls the message when reporting on these stories by usually doing the following:

    1) Shutting down any social commentary on the story web page, anonymous or otherwise (I’ve noticed a trend that whites are becoming increasingly vocal and less prone to PC control).
    2) Reporters/news anchor adopt a thinly veiled questioning, concerned tone while at the same time, and paradoxically, exaggerating their mannerisms to give the impression that they are merely reporting from a neutral, detached position instead of message/agenda reporting which they are really engaged in.
    3) the first segment of the story references “controversial” (if local news; typically “supremacist” if more leftwing national news) in describing the behavior.
    4) In conjunction with 2 above, approaching “average jane and joe” (white soccer moms are the best such dupes, as this case illustrates with white lady with the BMW), to parrot out their PC indoctrinated responses; it is by this method that the press teaches through “average people”, to establish conformity and normalize diversity, while attemping to show that the other side is some fringe group. In other words, the press wants you to believe that it is not them (and others) setting the diversity agenda, but rather BMW Lady and Barbie Doll Ken who are baffled that anyone would question their “diverse” community and how wonderful it is.
    5) Never examining the message in any detailed fashion. Never getting to the underlying message. Never using any statistics. This is coopted with the message being that people are “confused” and that the message is “confusing.” Compare this with when the Presidential candidates mention blacks and welfare or Ferguson and black arrest statistics. In those cases, we are bombarded with statistics (albeit never fully explained, often misconstrued, and only for the underlying premise of white racial persecution).
    6) Carefully edited, controlled brief display of the “opposition”, usually attempting to limit the message, sow confusion, and display the position and its proponents as fringe.
    7) If it is large budget national news, you would have seen a panel of “experts” “debunking” the claim, praising the joys of diversity, evoking the usual platitudes (“nation of immigrants”) and an appropriate consensus culminated with the news anchor agreeing with them.

  2. Instead of saying Anti-racism equals white genocide which does confuse people tweak the message. For instance, instead of saying diversity equal white extinction say instead Multiracial diversity equals white extinction via assimilation. You could even us UN definitions of genocide with that.

  3. @ PP

    Agreed, great activism but I would abandon the White Genocide meme for two reasons.

    1. It’s important to speak the same language as your audience. Although you and I technically understand what genocide is (according to the UN definition,) most people’s idea of genocide is along the lines of the holocaust, Rawanda or other places where people have been subjected to mass murder and ethnic cleansing. For this reason people may dismiss claims of genocide against Whites.

    2. The term White Genocide has an element of victimhood associated with it. Although blacks, Hispanics, jews actively seek out victimhood status, I think this turns away Whites.

    For these reason, I think War on Whites is a better meme.

  4. @LiberalismFailed

    Great analysis. Asheville, unfortunately, has become a Yankee enclave. It wouldn’t surprise me if the people in the story were Northeastern Transplants (NEPs)

    Although the people discuss their love of diversity, Asheville NC is roughly 76% White – non Hispanic, wich is far Whiter than the state average 65%. And I guarantee you that within White Asheville, they live in even Whiter communities (prob ~100% White.) Diversity lovers don’t choose to live in dindu (ie Black) communities. The diversity they like are the few blacks they encounter at the local university, those on the university basketball team, severs at a restaurant, those on a local band etc. They wouldn’t appreciate if their neighborhood were diversified and enriched with single mother households and ‘youths’ through government subsidized housing loans and/or Section 8 rent subsidies.

  5. “I don’t know what it is about but I think it’s terrible someone would put up a sign like that”

    Example #5357421 why letting women vote is a bad idea.

  6. That woman is indeed a liberal airhead. But I’ll give credit to the female reporter for balanced reporting.

    Genocide is appropriate to use in essays where the term can be defined. But for reaching the general public, I agree that something like “war on whites” is better.

  7. I am encouraged by the white-genocide activism,but wonder if the meme should be tweaked or given more detail.Many people are more likely to be baffled by the signs rather than inclined to find out more about it.And,of course,residents are often put off with the word “white”,as they have been well conditioned to respond negatively to anything pro-white by the controlled media.The word genocide attached to the word white may also be off-putting.The cause is a good one,but we must remember who controls the media and how they are averse to anything pro-white and how they have trained the general population to be equally averse,and adjust the message accordingly.With due respect to bob whitaker,i`m also starting to question the effectiveness of “the mantra” and his attitude,in general,although i understand that it comes from his weariness of the idiocy displayed by the anti-white crowd.Nevertheless,this and even his slow-talking southerness may put off many whites.

  8. Hunter: One of the slickest commercial sign campaigns I’ve ever seen used signs about a quarter of the size of the average lawn sign, only they were placed everywhere with tape, staples or tacks. A #hashtag would work as the message, or one word and a #hashtag. The commercial sign campaign used one word and an abbreviated web address.

  9. These signs are identical copies of the last billboard of that nature in Alabama.
    The reason for using the hash tag is to drive people, especially younger people, onto the internet where Whites are not nearly as confined and pro-Whites have control of comments sections in toto.
    The reason for using the term “White genocide” is to hammer that into the national discourse. People may not understand now but that is not really relevant. After all, when racist, bigot, homophobe were starting to be used they were met with confusion and outright derision. Now those terms are used to set policy and shut down opposition.

  10. They were provided by one man in Alabama and distributed to anyone that was willing to use them.

  11. I like “war on white” but they should keep doing “white genocide” too. You don’t have to just use one or the other. Some campaigns can use white genocide, some can use war on whites, and anything else people can come up with. Eventually one will become dominate just because it resonates better with the public.

    For a secessionist campaign I think some good slogans might be:

    If we cannot secede then we are not free.
    Free Dixie!
    Free Dixie now!
    Secede to Survive.
    This is OUR country!
    Let my people go.
    We are forcibly occupied by USA.
    Welcome to [state], a forcibly occupied US territory.
    Secede to ban Islam.
    Secede to ban abortion.
    Secede to stop immigration.
    Secede to ditch Obamacare.
    Secede to [whatever].
    Secession is manifest destiny.
    Ready to secede? (mocks Ready for Hilary}

  12. I didn’t remember much about Asheville, I just remembered going through there on the way back from South Carolina as a kid. I had to look it up and I remember why the town is so famous. George Washington Vanderbilt’s home The Biltmore is there, he made it a popular retreat for the wealthy in the 1800’s the air around Asheville was so known for being healthful, Tuberculosis sanatariums were established there. The famous Country Singer of the 1930s Jimmy Rodgers lived there in fact.

    Judging by those facts it looks as if Non-Southerners have been coming and living there for 120 yrs plus. Obviously it took 100 years for the town to affect North Carolina as a whole.

    The Asheville effect was much larger in Florida where the Yankees colonized most of South Florida in the 1890s brought there by Standard Oil’s executive Henry Flagler and his railroad. Later Jews and all sorts of immigrants followed. Now you see the results in Florida. The undertow population grew so large it in effect overthrew the Southern Power structure in the 1950s.

    • My uncle has lived in the Asheville area for decades. He says the city itself is a cesspool now. He says the gays and New Agers have taken over downtown to the point that normal people just avoid the place. He says New Agers have some kind of belief that the mountain formations in the area give them more “power” than anywhere else, so they have been flocking there for years.

      Wikipedia lists Asheville as one of the New Age communities in the US.

      I haven’t found any Internet references that Asheville is especially gay, but most any city is “gay city” nowadays.

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