Meet The “Trans Liberation Front”

The “Trans Liberation Front” are certainly the most bizarre group of people we have ever encountered through our activism:

Note: In Tallahassee, the opposition is literally a bunch of campus communists and men who are convinced they are women. We also saw the “Tennessee Transgender Coalition” in 2013 who counterprotested our immigration protest in Murfreesboro.

At the Amren conference, Daryle Lamont Jenkins of One People’s Project led the same group of about 17 or so bored leftist dirtbags for the third year in a row. At the vast majority of our events, there’s no opposition. Even in big cities like Richmond, the worst flak we have run into in two years was a lesbian “anti-fa” gyrating on a sidewalk while banging on a tambourine.

Here’s a simple truth about pro-White activism: unless you are the Klan or NSM and dress up in some kind of stereotypical outfit that people have a knee jerk reaction to, which they have seen in some Hollywood movie, you aren’t going to arouse much opposition. In fact, your opponents will have to mislead people into believing you are the Klan or Neo-Nazis to scratch up more than a handful of people to oppose you.

There’s no American version of, say, Golden Dawn or the National Front because pro-Whites in the United States are unwilling to build it. No one is willing to take the initiative. The vast majority of American pro-Whites are also consumed by the e-movement and for that reason are too intimidated to join such a movement.

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    The link above is all about how white women’s suffering is really them oppressing black women. I’m not saying that all white women should be believed about their claims of victimhood, or that none use tears as a weapon (ditto for black women). But the article sheds some light on how white women’s oppression is being reconfigured and essentially denied by non-white women. It was written in 2007, when transsexuality had only just pierced into the mainstream with its specific role to play in negating the reality of white women’s mass rape and in pathologizing white femininity; first we were told our white privilege offset our gender oppression, and eventually even our victim rights as females were stripped from us via the establishment of ‘cis’ privilege.

    I am in full agreement about white women’s tears. The time for them is long past. Only 48 calibers can take really get the job done.

    It is not coincidental that the rise of transsexualism occurred precisely at the same time that black and ‘of color’ supremacy achieved critical mass in the mainstream, both in the US and abroad:

    The jews will do anything to justify the mass rape of white women and girls. As the white working class fell into poverty and near total powerlessness, trans ‘oppression’ magically appeared.

    Yet there are some on the scene – many, in fact – who want to jump on the white women gang bang wagon and minimize the gravity of the sexual violence white women endure everywhere. It’s appalling.

  2. “Transgender” = A man who couldn’t quite hack it as a man, so he pretends to be a woman in order to be the most prominent “woman” around.

    Martin Rothblatt wasn’t quite up to snuff, in his mind. So he has his schlong cut off and he added an “e” to his first name, and now, presto chango, he’s the highest paid “woman” CEO in the country.

    For much the same reason the dumbest nerd in school wants to ride the short bus, because he’s the dumbest nerd but the smartest retard.

  3. There’s no American version of, say, Golden Dawn or the National Front because pro-Whites in the United States are unwilling to build it. No one is willing to take the initiative.

    I’ve become more convinced over the years that it’s not the initiative that’s lacking, but rather the lack of genuine core support of those who do put themselves out there and take the initiative. Not that there’s really that much difference in looking at it that way. I just think the stumbling block is that most of the time people tend to try to build more on the negatives than they do the positives. You build upon a negative, you end up with a lot of bitter, angry and negative people who always see the glass as half empty.

    Do you have anything in mind that you’d like to establish or help establish that doesn’t hinge on being a negative or divisive building block? Food & Clothing drive? Skill building and job placement? I have an endless flow of ideas if you are ever inclined to branch out beyond the circle you are currently involved with.

  4. It’s more that the white middle class doesn’t really dig the initiatives being taken, in my view.

  5. And don’t expect the wealthy to engine a revolution. At best a middle class-led movement could forge a coalition, at some point, with certain elements of the well off and/or rich. But until someone articulates a platform that brings relief to the white middle class, there will be no Golden Dawn or Front National in America.

  6. We’ve had several people bring up food drives, which I am sure the Klan group who distributed the fliers in Tallahassee are already doing, but there is nothing we could do that could compete with the social services provided by the welfare state.

    In my experience, WNs are rarely in dire material need of things like food and clothing. 99% of the problem is that they are afraid to be identified with their own beliefs. That’s the real reason why they don’t build organizations, political parties, or hold mass demonstrations like they do in Europe. A corollary of this is that they spend all their time fighting with each other online, posting on the internet, and publishing abstract essays because they have no other outlet for their energies.

    Anyway, it is useless to bring the subject up because there is nothing anyone could do to change that. Time is better spent focusing on people who haven’t been exposed to the e-movement.

  7. What do you mean there’s nothing that you could do that would compete with the social services provided by the welfare state? You are White, holding pro-White views, and would be specifically looking for other White people to help. Is that something that is provided by the welfare state? The “Klan” is basically a non-starter when it comes to public outreach. It will go nowhere. You bring up Golden Dawn, so how on Earth can you make a statement like that?

    I don’t want to assume too much about your upbringing, so I will just say that for you to say there aren’t many WNs or pro-White people that are in dire need of things like food and clothing is sheer ignorance and speaks volumes about your inability to empathize with people not directly in your circle. If that’s your experience, then you might need to get out a little more. There are tons of White people who could use some type of help. Maybe you lived a “privileged” life, so you wouldn’t understand what it’s like to actually have to work your ass off and still struggle. Struggling to make it on a paycheck-to-paycheck basis is hard enough. Trying to make ends meet at the end of every month while also holding pro-White views is pretty much the pinnacle of Mt. Strugglemore. White people are pushed to the back of the line when the “handouts” come from the welfare state. I know it’s true, you know it’s true, they know it’s true……..

    Yeah, 99% of the problem is that White people don’t want to be identified with their own beliefs. And 99% of the reason for that is that there is practically no safety net or support network for them. You want some guy and gal making minimum wage to plug themselves into your “outlet” and stand out on a street corner, play the role of a sign-waving revolutionary for the day and pretty much paint a target on themselves; but you offer them absolutely nothing should they face the slander, personal attacks, and even very real threat of losing their job. ZERO! Even the self-employed, self-made entrepreneur has very little reason to support you when he/she knows that their entire revenue stream and hard work goes down the drain the second they have to rely on the organizational structure of the pro-White crowd.

    Unwittingly, you just exposed the reason for the proliferation of the e-movement crowd.

    Hopefully your views will continue to evolve.

  8. 1.) I’m saying that there is no type of social service that any pro-White organization can provide that can compete for the allegiance of White low income families with existing government programs such as EBT, TANF, Medicaid, WIC, etc.

    2.) As I said above, the Klan has already been doing this sort of thing for years now. I’ve even seen them doing it in a documentary on The Discovery Channel.

    3.) Golden Dawn’s tactics can’t be adapted to American conditions because of the welfare state. No one is going to rely on the Klan to feed their families when the government will give them $500 in EBT benefits a month which they can use at any Wal-Mart.

    4.) There are plenty of White people on EBT, Medicaid, TANF, WIC, etc. In any case, the overwhelming majority of WNs are not in dire need of clothes on their backs, or food in their bellies. That has nothing to do with spending 15 years arguing with people on the internet.

    5.) Simply put, WNs aren’t willing to take any risk or make any sacrifice, no matter how small, even if it is just being yelled at by a bunch of trannies or criticized by homosexual internet bloggers, to advance their own movement. It probably would be easier and cheaper to hire substitutes for a day. No amount of “education” will ever move those people to do anything.

    6.) I don’t believe in wasting my time on them. It’s far easier to get people who aren’t involved in the e-movement to participate in events like this one.

  9. How are pro-White organizations supposed to create a “safety net” when so few WNs 1.) join organizations or 2.) contribute beyond paying dues to their upkeep)?

  10. You also can’t compete with the billions of dollars the media has at its disposal when it comes to indoctrinating White minds. I don’t think that stops you from believing an alternative source — no matter infinitesimal it is compared to mainstream media — of news and education is necessary.

    If your argument is that Golden Dawn’s tactics can’t be replicated here or lessons learned from their approach, then why even bring them up as an example? That makes no sense.

    You are delusional if you believe that there aren’t plenty of WNs or pro-White people who struggle. Not that I give much credence to things on the website, but I’m sure you’ve been to Stormfront more than a few times in the last 10 years. Comments and threads are littered with people talking about not having a spare $5 to give, or not being able to find jobs, or living in negro-infested hellholes because they can’t afford to move. For some odd reason you are conflating “dire” and specific types of outreach programs like they are, or should be, synonymous. You think someone has to be starving to death and about to kneel over and die before White people should help them? You really can’t empathize with others. I can see it clearly now.

    • 1.) I never said that WNs can’t use the internet to discuss the news. They’ve been doing that for 15 years now. It’s just that increasingly all they will do is discuss how much the world sucks.

      2.) Golden Dawn has street demonstrations. There’s no reason why we can’t do that here. In fact, it is far easier to do it here than it is in Greece. There’s less opposition and fewer legal obstacles.

      As for their specific tactic of supporting Greeks with things like food drives, that just doesn’t translate to American conditions. Again, when HHS can provide you with Medicaid and EBT, you are not going to bother with the Klan.

      3.) I’ve met plenty of WNs over the years. I don’t believe that lack of food or clothing has anything to do with their offline vs. online behavior. It has nothing at all to do with empathy or poverty or unemployment.

      4.) Why would anyone have to pay WNs to show up at their own events? The only reason that anyone would do that is because these people, deep down, really just don’t believe in their own cause and aren’t going to make any sacrifice or take any risk to advance their own cause.

      5.) It’s a waste of time to discuss this any further.

  11. This is the crux of the issue as to why pro-white fails. If the aim is not about creating a more politically and economically just society for white people, then what exactly is the point? HW’s take on the status of many whites doesn’t seem accurate to me, and worse, it doesn’t take into account that the bulk of middle class whites need to see that pro-white actually cares about the whole group, a sentiment which could easily be demonstrated by specific pro-white charity drives.

    Where I’m from, the plight of many middle class whites is far more dire than HW seems to realize. Lots of folks are just hanging on. They could use not just even a little help, but also the psychological boost that comes from being validated that their perilous status is directly resulting from anti-white discrimination, and that accepting such help isn’t so bad when the playing field was purposely rigged against them.

    Section 8 has been closed since at least 2010 or early 2011. Changes have been made to the entire benefits system that are specifically designed to funnel funds away from whites. The huge segment of boomers are retiring but no housing that addresses their needs are being built. Games get played to chase europeans out of rent controlled buildings, like maintaining 85+ heat that even the tropical residents don’t need, but can tolerate easily. Food stamps are being distributed based on earned and unearned income allotments, which means that those receiving ‘unearned’ income, often disability which is more of a white benefit since you have to pay into the system to get it, get practically none, while hispanics, for eg, get tons of them, since they have the option of reporting however much of the under the table income they receive. Many apartment buildings are built for lower income brackets that minorities fall into, so that whites who get laid off can’t afford to even stay in the state anymore. Hence jobs go to the minorities. In-state college tuition is available to hispanics even though they aren’t even citizens; single black women can get whole trips paid for to private colleges for their kids. Medical insurance reimbursement is easier to obtain for medicaid recipients than for the retirees or disabled whites on medicare.

    It just goes on and on and on. The government is doing everything it possibly can to loot the white middle class and give to the blacks and browns, especially those invading.

    Whites don’t like to accept charity the way other races do, but holding drives to give back what’s being robbed from them accomplishes both goals of providing relief and building group self esteem and cohesion.

  12. I attended FSU from 03-06 and I don’t recall ever seeing this genre of buffoonery on or off campus.

    It is amazing how fast things can degenerate.

  13. I want to add Celestial’s comment about groid-infested hellholes. Whites can’t live in these types of areas and that’s another hardship imposed on them which has a ripple effect. They then are forced to move to out of the way areas where there are no jobs or training resources so their situations can’t improve, while ‘coloreds’ can exist in lower rent urban areas without such physical danger, and then benefit from everything I named above as well as a less competitive job market which is already directly discriminating against them.

    Basically, the white middle class is being herded inland and into rural sections where they have less or no access to power. They’re being dispossessed and brought under ‘control.’ Some will be interned via the expansion of ‘mental health’ into institutions.

  14. We need something like the Golden Dawn, National Front, British National Party, or something organized. However with American “individualism” it’s impossible in modern times. Some have tried to organize White Nationalists together like the American Freedom Party but many want to remain secretive. However organizations can work together and public rally together on common issues. That’s very possible in modern times and has the same positive results for our people. Deo Vindice

  15. What makes a white ethnostate better than what there is now?

    As I’ve said before, without a program that seeks to redress white middle class displacement and dispossession, such a concept means nothing to most white people. Golden Dawn’s food and clothing drives aren’t the end goal of their party, which has concrete political goals aimed at re-installing greek people as the majority and core beneficiaries of a greek state.

  16. Re: Take Me Liberty

    1.) As I point out here all the time, Jewish oligarchs control American foreign policy and their fellow plutocrats, Jewish and Gentile, are setting trade policy, monetary policy and immigration policy.

    2.) The implosion of the middle class is just a symptom of this. Because of Washington, millions of illegal aliens and legal immigrants flood across the border and compete for jobs here, and there is nothing we can do about it at the state and local level. Entire cities have to be abandoned because of the civil rights laws. The trade laws are set up to export manufacturing jobs overseas.

    3.) The common thread in all of this – throw “gay marriage” or abortion in for good measure – is a consolidated system of government where power is based at the very top of the pyramid in Washington.

  17. Brian,

    You know the score. It all boils down to extreme individualism, fear, apathy, conformity and negativity. That’s what is really blocking the path forward.

  18. 6) You’ve pigeonholed yourself and reduced your position to being a very small and isolated group who bemoans and chides those who use Internet activism, pretending that “street activism” is getting you somewhere; all while saying that there aren’t really that many White people(you keep directing everything to WNs for some reason) who would benefit from having pro-White groups establish outreach programs. Maybe your point is that it wouldn’t benefit you. Whatever the case may be, why does it matter what the federal government can do more of right now when you’ve been propping Southern Nationalism up as being something that can do everything better than what those meddlesome Yankees can do?

    Without a directed outreach program that establishes a model of your help vs their help, your “street activism” is tantamount to the same “Street Theater” that you’ve pointed to before as being wholly ineffective. You’re basically doing it all for attention and just so you can say that you are doing it differently and better than someone else, not to actually help any White people. The costume clowns don’t really help the average White person. You neither position yourself or your group to help the average White person, nor can you even empathize with the average White person. Besides you not dressing in costumes, what’s really the difference?

  19. Re: Celestial Time

    1.) I was making a small throwaway point, one that I have made here many times in the past, that the reason there aren’t large organizations and street demonstrations in the US has more to do with internal failings than any significant external cause.

    2.) There’s nothing to be gained from chastising WNs about this. It’s not like they are ever going to change. Thirty years from now, they will be posting on online forums about how terrible the world has become.

    3.) Generally speaking, we don’t have this problem because of the lack of an anonymous forum culture. I’ve also never said that the League, for example, is a better dispenser of social welfare benefits than the federal government. It just strikes me as a non-starter because a.) there’s no money and b.) what money There is doesn’t hold a candle to the existing federal social programs.

    4.) Quit pretending that most WNs are in dire economic circumstances. They’re not any worse off than average. It also has nothing whatsoever to do with their behavior on or off the internet. It is fear, not any need for food or clothing, that has closeted them.

    5.) If that’s your way of thinking, it shouldn’t surprise you that WN organizations are so weak or that so few WNs engage in activism in the United States. I don’t know of any other social movement where people would expect to take no risks, to make no sacrifice, and to get paid to publicly advocate on behalf of their own cause.

    It would be easier and far less expensive for WNs to hire people to participate in street protests

  20. Has anyone in the South ever wondered if your region has been somehow sort of saved for last, in that it seems there’s been some protectionism that’s defended against the invading hordes? A southerner told me that southerners had found some ways to block some of the invaders from encroaching on their area. Could this be because it would actually cause more conflict between the blacks and hispanics, which TPTB fear? Or could it be that the only region that really has a defiant and potentially cohesive White Identity (save for maybe small pockets in other areas of the country) is being kept in the dark, so to speak, until it’s too late?

    Or both?

  21. Mr. Wallace, your negativity as it relates to “WNs” and “internet activism” begs the question: why do you operate this site? Couldn’t any time you spent on this site– either posting articles or posting comments– be better used handing out flyers at malls, or “evangelizing” at public universities, or visiting churches/social clubs/retirement homes and telling them about the “cause”? I mean, you don’t sound too optimistic about the future of this “movement” that seems to mean a great deal to you, and you don’t seem to have much fondness for the majority of your readership.

    I have attended pro-South and pro-white events. Each time I have left my real name and real contact info. I have donated money.

    Your schtick about how you street-corner protesters are so brave and the rest of us are spineless race traitors is getting a bit tiresome. Maybe the years of activism is beginning to wear you down, I’m sure there are elements of it that are quite stressful. However, Celestial Time is exactly right when he talks about your lack of ability to empathize, or see things from another’s perspective. You derisively rant about how whites won’t risk their “middle-class” lifestyle for a cause that you yourself seem to believe is doomed to fail… does it ever occur to you that some whites do a little better than “middle class”? If you don’t understand that some people have more to risk than others– more than you, maybe– and that a white man’s first priority is always his family (as it should be), then your “activist” years will continue to be filled with pessimism and negativity.

    I think what you do with this site is important. I enjoy the content you put up here and agree with most of your positions. If you maintain the defeatist attitude about the “movement” and the contemptuous attitude toward your readership, though, then you’ll always be just like the rest of us “cowards”– waiting on the sidelines for the real leaders to emerge.

  22. We need a good list of Southern owned businesses in areas likely very sympathetic to our cause. Getting just a few intelligent Southerners who are good at pitching and fundraising could do a lot of work very quickly. There’s obviously more to it than this but raising money to buy up land in the South where it’s still relatively cheap would be a great starting point for many things in the future of the Southern people.

    There is certainly a difference between “Southern” companies like Coke and actual mid level companies with local control and good cash flow.

  23. 1.) I still enjoy writing. I also enjoy communicating with people who I already know in real life.

    2.) You don’t seem to understand my position. Obviously, the internet is a great tool for distributing information. I never said otherwise. What are people going to do with that information though?

    3.) I don’t recall saying anyone is a spineless race traitor.

    4.) There’s nothing really stressful about our activism.

    5.) It’s true.

    Americans value their middle class lifestyle far more than their ideological beliefs. That’s why they set aside their beliefs and closet themselves out of fear of the opposition.

    Everything they believe about race, culture and other topics takes a backseat to that imperative. So they come on to the internet where they can safely and anonymously, year after year, vent their frustrations about everything that is wrong with the world.

    6.) This isn’t really complicated.

    WNs who are afraid of the opposition closet themselves, conform to social norms, and vent on the internet. Those who are not afraid, don’t.

    7.) I don’t see myself as being involved in the WN movement.

  24. There’s nothing brave about getting yelled at by a bunch of campus communists and trannies. That’s no Shiloh or Gettysburg. Its just extremely cowardly that so many people won’t even do that.

  25. Come on guys. It’s amusing and somewhat ironic that you say we don’t have a party and don’t want to start one. Kevin MacDonald’s own American Freedom Party is legit. I am a member even though I oppose the federal apparatus altogether. It’s a step in the right direction and I encourage everyone to get on board.

  26. I am quite possibly one of the more extreme “individualists” out there, and I believe in localism and the militia. I do not believe in the state. I also happen to believe in organization and support and promote the American Freedom Party. This party needs a Southern arm or branch. Individualism as almost nothing to do with it, it’s ignorance and the power of the taboo and incentive system to frighten support away.

  27. TJ, American Freedom Party is fine and dandy as far as I am concerned. But as with all entities in the pro-White sphere, they lack a really effective recruitment and outreach plan. Pro-White groups and orgs generally fall into two categories:

    1) Short-sighted reactionaries. They tend to be overly restrictive, judgmental, myopic and centered around negative building blocks, which creates eventual stagnation by hinging success on pessimists and natural misanthropes. The true architects and entrepreneurs are usually repelled by this crowd. What you end up with is a group of malcontents pushing their broken vehicle to the starting line, dumping fuel into the gas tank and pretending that the world will change around the vehicle. They refuse to accept the fact that the vehicle just isn’t going to move.

    2) Big picture planners. A little more selectively and strategically ambiguous, which many times creates an atmosphere where people aren’t sure if they are being accepted out of true love for race or just as fodder and cover to mask ulterior motives. You will get more refined and educated people, as well as the self-starters and individualists who end up making good leaders; but the pool of people willing to help those “leaders” tends to be small because of the ambiguity and sometimes conflicting messages and sentiments emanating from the group. The vehicle for change is there, but just not the right amount of fuel.

    I’m using very general terms, but I would say that AFP would fall into the latter category, even though I wouldn’t say they lack the right initiative.

    TJ, you say you are a member, so can you tell me what state your are in and whether or not you have been given the proper tools to network with others in your area?

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