Bourgeois Morality and Public Opinion

Greg Johnson has penned an article at Counter Currents that gets dangerously close to the truth:

“In this area, the main stumbling block of the Right is bourgeois morality. As I define it, the bourgeois ethic holds that the highest good is a long, comfortable, secure life. This is in contradistinction to the aristocratic ethos that holds honor as the highest value, to which the aristocrat is willing to sacrifice both his life and his wealth. (Bourgeois man, by contrast, is all too willing to sacrifice his honor to pursue wealth and extend his life.) The bourgeois ethic is also opposed to the willingness of idealists to die for principles, whether religious, political, or philosophical.

Unfortunately, the American White Nationalist movement is thoroughly bourgeois. We have a culture of excuse-making and failure, a “Can’t do” attitude …

Even American White Nationalists who reject conservatism still think in entirely bourgeois psychological terms and cannot fathom motives other than greed and fear. But they can’t beat our enemies if they can’t understand them or ourselves. …”

Think about it: 65 million people live in the Midwest, 56 million people live in the Northeast, and out of 121 million people in the Northern states, Matt Parrott and Matt Heimbach are about the only White Nationalists in that entire region who will publicly stand up for what they believe to be true. With only a handful of exceptions, the rest are either too afraid or ashamed of what they believe in to do so.

Most White Nationalists in the Northern states are no more willing than mainstream conservatives to buck their master, Public Opinion, which lords over them more despotically than any tyrant. Almost no one except Heimbach and Parrott are willing to advance a contrary position on racial issues. No one is willing to bluntly say, “You’re right. I don’t believe in freedom and equality.”

I’ve been to conferences where White Nationalists have panicked at the thought of being seen on Facebook in a photo enjoying a beer at a dive bar, where they have demanded to have their faces redacted or blurred out of videos, and where I have wondered whether to address someone, whose name I won’t use here, as John, Harry, or Steve, because he was juggling at least three different identities. No joke, I have seen people train their bodies like they are Roman gladiators, but who would literally rather die on a foreign battlefield than cross Public Opinion in the United States.

Just the other day, I tuned into an episode of Harold Covington’s Radio Free Northwest podcast for the first time in years. I noticed his co-host, Andy Donner, was using some kind of voice anonymizer. It was hilarious … listening to a proud White man, so closeted he was using some kind of robot to disguise his voice. Have you ever heard of a revolutionary movement that was risk free, completely safe, where no one was expected to make any kind of sacrifice or endure any kind of hardship?

That’s the sort of revolutionary movement that most White Nationalists seem to be waiting on. Unfortunately, I expect they will be waiting a long time. Until White Nationalists are willing to take on Public Opinion, SJWs will have the upper hand.

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  1. Elias Canetti

    The Power of the Crowd.

    The nigger mob wins most of the time.

  2. Most pro-white paleo-conservatives, pro-white libertarians actually do believe in freedom. White slave wannabes are sawing a huge divide amongst people who otherwise agree on Equality. Equality is total B.S. but I won’t stand for fascism. I’d choose what we have over a white despot state. In fact, I’d take up arms opposing it just like my ancestors did.

  3. Are there any limits to freedom?

    I would say that a certain degree of individual freedom is a good thing. At the same time, I would strongly disagree that individual freedom is the ONLY good thing.

  4. Also, paleoconservatives and libertarians are usually at odds over freedom. See abortion, open borders, and gay marriage. Most paleocons oppose these things while most libertarians support them.

  5. And this is why the internet is both a blessing, and a curse. While information dissemination is now easier than ever before, online forums offer the escape and venting outlet that has crippled the standard “White Nationalist” in more ways than one.

    At least before this technology became huge, WN enjoyed its peak of popularity and organization in the actual real-life world.

    I know this has been said more times than can be counted, but it’s the sad and brutal truth.

  6. Both paleo-conservatives and libertarians believe in limited-government. The only difference is the extent.

    Limits to freedom are common sense. When you’re violating someone else’s freedom you’re exceeding the reasonable limits. In a free society though, the violated party also has the freedom to do something about it. That’s what’s great about it. Nature, and self-interest have the punishments and corrective mechanisms built-in. If you break-in and steal from people, eventually you’re going to get caught, and beat up or killed. The free-market corrects everything. Nature is racist. People self-segregate. Get rid of the barriers and you will see strongly identified white communities explode like kudzu.

    If 10% of women were packing a .357 revolver, rape would drop to about nothing. When you raped/killed someone in the South, you got mobbed and they decorated a tree with your corpse. The only difference today is that the government steps in to prevent it and spews shame propaganda at us.

  7. If you’re not hurting anyone else, what business does anyone else have to say you can’t do something? That’s classic American liberty theory.

  8. No, that’s libertarian doctrine.

    American law has limited individual freedom in all kinds of ways. Take anti-miscegenation laws for example. We used to ban interracial marriage for the sake of preserving racial integrity.

  9. No kidding. That’s because it became progressively totalitarian, a process which has accelerated since the early 20th century.

  10. I’m not sure I get your point. Sure, it expanded black freedom at our expense. And integration was a government project, and it’s the government that props up their numbers. If it wasn’t for the welfare system, I’d expect the number of useless, jobless, criminal Africans would also collapse.

    I wonder how those families felt when they had national guard bayonets pushing them into those integrated classrooms. Do you recall the shootout with US Marshals at Ole Miss:

    That’s government in action.

  11. better a White dictatorship than the multi-racial “free” society we have now. Better to have the Russkies or the chinks take over America any foreign occupation would help to de-faggotize the White American male. Race culture civilization is more important than freedom which is usually no more than making money no matter the societal costs or f**king whoever you want to, no high minded principles.

  12. You’ll learn to think different when your residence gets stormed by the secret police for failing to mow the grass.

  13. well America is the best police state ever devised you don’t get sent to a concentration camp for opposing the government you just lose your job. The desire for small government that won’t bother them is the attitude of losers who only want to be left alone cause they know they don’t have any power but just want to limit the power of their enemies thru “small government”. When White Americans don’t want to limit power but to wield power to have the jew the homo the corporate White traitor come before them trembling and then you give him orders on what to do and say when that is the highest desire of your heart then you will be winners instead of losers ……reject freedom embrace power.

  14. “Prussiancroat says:

    May 9, 2015 at 1:04 am

    When White Americans don’t want to limit power but to wield power to have the jew the homo the corporate White traitor come before them trembling and then you give him orders on what to do and say when that is the highest desire of your heart then you will be winners instead of losers ……reject freedom embrace power.”


  15. Government is for pussies like you actually. That think they can’t take care of themselves.

  16. TJ, I’m perfectly sure Prussiancroat could take care of himself need be, as could you. No one here is necessarily saying directly that without the government we’d all die, but without a doubt government ensures better stability and more chances to grow old in the long run. If we’d really like to see how everyone would do without government we could simply isolate them in cells like their prisoners and then we could witness them go mad, or we could understand that government is necessary and not necessarily evil. So actually I AM saying that government is necessary, for the survival and propagation of not only us Southerner’s, but also all whites. What we require is good government. If you’re actually interested in the topic I’d suggest Jean Jacques Rosseau’s “Social Contract”, even though he is for liberty and equality, he’s infinitely better than John Locke, if you consider yourself a Christian and ready to take a big leap try out Sir Filmer’s “Patriarcha”. John Locke’s first Treatise on Government was about “Patriarcha” and in my opinion he did a pretty bad job, and most of Sir Filmer’s arguments still stand upright for me.

  17. Actually, I am Christian and I don’t need any man to try and tell me how to live. The founders did well starting with the constitution and the bill of rights. But the only law I respect is God’s law. And he made it real simple.

  18. Johnson was clear on what makes an outlook honorable, less clear on specifics. What specifically are people supposed to be doing that they’re not doing? Johnson does not say. Jimmy Marr gets out on the street by himself, or used to. Is that what everyone is supposed to be doing? To do something in the real world requires something to actually do that is productive.

    America can’t be compared to Europe in any reasonable way. I’ve seen people draw that comparison. America is huge. European countries are not. The nearest pegida rally is probably within a 3 – 4 hour drive for most Germans. England and Greece are tiny. It’s easier for sympathetic people to come together in those places than here. It’s just a valid comparison.

    I’m not writing off the problem of the bourgeois mentality, but other things are definitely a problem too. Internet versus real world is a false alternative. They’re different sectors of operation, and for different things like marketing versus operations. They’re both necessary; neither is sufficient. And just as no serious company has ever said all we need is marketing, no serious nationalist has ever said online communication alone will ever accomplish anything. Far as I know, no one has ever said it, though I’m open to being proven wrong.

    Certainly the amount of energy this culture spends trying to censor, repress, distort and troll subversive online speech tells everyone all they need to know about whether subversive podcasts, videos, education and information sharing have value. It’s a proven fact the highest levels of US intelligence work hard to distort online communications, not to mention the various Jewish troll groups, sometimes collectively called JIDF, who do it, too. That’s what suppressing hate speech is all about, removing information from the public square that might influence someone to act.

    There is no question a lot of powerful people see information sharing as a major threat because it allows people to bypass centralized media which is reason enough for people to do it as opposed to doing nothing.

    It’s also a fact that in-fighting and conflict plague radical groups in the real world. That is definitely not a trend limited to online interactions. It’s one reason real-world radical groups often splinter into factions, as we see with the different strains of Al Qaeda or the weather underground versus SDS. Small, intimate groups getting along with each other and avoiding toxic interaction might not have anything to teach us about the possibility of in-fighting developing among larger groups.

    So unless these criticisms come compete with actionable, specific real-acts that are also feasible given the geography of the United States, the people who complain about the bourgeois mentality and character defects ought to be careful not to fall into that which they criticize, complaining online to no specific end.

    William Pierce counseled better to do nothing than something unproductive. It still looks like very applicable advice.

  19. Libertarians don’t support abortion funding, only keeping it legal. It was an important (and logical) distinction when I looked at their platform.

  20. “[T]he main stumbling block of the Right is bourgeois morality [which] holds that the highest good is a long, comfortable, secure life. This is in contradistinction to the aristocratic ethos that holds honor as the highest value.”

    And both are unlike the Jewish mentality, in which intellect is prized over all else. Let the goyim spend five years getting shot to death in North Africa, Italy, Normandy, and the Pacific; the Jews’ll be safe and sound in America, where they’ll be building the atomic bomb that actually wins the war. Let the goyim argue whether the AK-47 is superior to the AR-15; a Jew’ll be giving his nephew a copy of Euclid (as, if I recall correctly, Albert Einstein’s uncle gave him).

    Honor, courage, valor, loyalty: the great white values–if you’re living in a comic book.

  21. Are writers needed, and can they be the impetus that inspires the masses to action? Yes
    Are writers always the impetus and inspiration to move the masses? No

    Are public faces and real-world activities needed? Yes
    Does every activist need to be part of that public face? No

    Are behind-the-scenes activists and a healthy online presence needed in order to compete with mainstream media? Yes
    Can a websites and thousands of anonymous screen names alone compete with mainstream media indoctrination? No

    Is a protest on a street corner generally a better outlet than simply preaching to the choir on the Internet? Yes
    Is a protest on a street corner going to evoke a great awakening of pro-White consciousness? No

    Does a pro-White movement need a good balance of voices and views that cover a wide spectrum? Yes
    Do the individuals within that pro-White movement have to sacrifice their integrity and beliefs to any great degree? No

    Would somewhat apolitical events like weekly and weekend get-togethers be a force multiplier? Yes
    Are any groups currently stepping down from their pulpits, out of their comfort zones and emphasizing simple outreach programs? No

  22. TJ is a Right-liberal and part of the problem. Classical liberalism may work (and only for the wealthy class…anyone else didn’t quite enjoy 19th Century laissez-faire dogma to the same degree while slaving away in coal mines sixteen hours a day) in a homogenous nation-state, but is extremely harmful in today’s heterogenous West. It’s a maladaptive ideology. His view of “fascism” seems to mainly come from watching too much History Channel propaganda and other lefty sources of disinformation and political correctness.

    Didn’t Greg beg you at some point to delete his photograph from your Web site? Why is he bemoaning cowardice while being a coward himself?

  23. Can some point to a more meaningless word in the dictionary than “freedom”? If you’re still spouting it as the center of your worldview after the age of twelve, your politics haven’t evolved enough to be of any use to our predicament.

  24. I am still of the opinion that online activism is far more productive then small groups in public. To be clear I think it is commendable to be out in public spreading the message, I just don’t think it is effective at this point.

  25. TJ, “Actually, I am Christian and I don’t need any man to try and tell me how to live. The founders did well starting with the constitution and the bill of rights. But the only law I respect is God’s law. And he made it real simple. ” God never gave man any rights, and yet some say he does, others say God says different things. Therefore it is one thing to be mistaken on accident like I may very well be, it’s another thing to spit in the face of other men just trying to grasp what God truly wants and tell them that he makes it explicitly clear when there is so much disinformation and lies out there, to really come into contact with his divine will is something all men should try to do and very few accomplish entirely. Your utter unwillingness to listen to other men that may or may not be your better because they don’t know the will of God, when you and I do not either, is fairly hypocritical.

  26. I don’t believe online activism is effective at all. I don’t see any difference between e-activism and playing World of Warcraft. It is just another type of time wasting that soaks up time, energy, and resources into a fantasy world which has no impact on reality.

    Gaming and White Nationalism have lots of similarities. I see the same sort of social awkwardness/inability to communicate effectively in both groups. If anything is true, the gamers aren’t as socially repressed and at least have large conventions, although they exhibit some of the same problems due to spending so much time online interacting with anonymous people.

  27. I’m not in favor of yet another social experiment in liberalism. We all know what the end result will be… liberty and equality will crowd out all other values and goods, eviscerate the social fabric, and unleash perpetual bouts of social revolution.

  28. I’d like to point out a few things, for any of those of you who have shown your faces on various “Social Media” sites, and even more so, for those who have done it, almost as if it were a ‘You talkin’ to me? YOU talking to ME?’ sort of taunt.

    The Revolutionary Era men that gave us the Declaration, didn’t have:
    Digital cameras with resolution able to give every facial detail available= hell, they didn’t even have CAMERAS!

    Police with full body armor, rather than an EQUAL fight- one man, one gun.

    Machine guns and ballistics, and com systems that appear to be from a Star Wars movie, ready to use against civilians- in short, vastly superior DECIMATORY firepower, that is only kept in check because of the millions of ‘hidden’ individuals out there, who have not yet ‘gone public’ with their sentiments.

    Even the nig-nogs in the Inner City now have tech that will enable the next ‘chimpout’ to be one that is as far from Lexington and Concord, as that of Hiroshima was from Agincourt.

    So, forgive us, HW, if we don’t all jump on the bandwagon. As an elder gent, I’ve seen a HUGE sea change happen in just the last five years. More and more Whites are awakening from their comas. They aren’t awake yet, nor are they ‘mad as hell, and not going to take it anymore.’ But give them time. They may not ‘march in the streets’ with you young whippersnappers… yet. They just need more time for the FEDGOV to hang itself with its own multicultural rope. I can only hope that TIME, is the one thing we still have enough of….

    • 1.) I’m standing outside in my yard right now. I don’t see any predator drones coming to get me.

      2.) This blog is over five years old. Nothing has changed since I started this blog.

      3.) I’m sure there are plenty of people who have awakened in the last five years. They are closeted though. They are not going to challenge the status quo.

  29. Hunter,

    My prediction is that a renegade officer in either the US or the UK will start something. A reverse John Brown.

    It’ll have to be a uniformed officer doing it.

    There’s no solution at the ballot box and if you can’t crash a tank through the residence of the executive etc etc it’s not going to close to the target.

    Raise your boys and girls as best you can. The revolution is not going to happen. A putsch might.

  30. 1.) I’m standing outside in my yard right now. I don’t see any predator drones coming to get me.

    Just because they aren’t there now, doesn’t mean FEDGOV can’t use them later.

    2.) This blog is over five years old. Nothing has changed since I started this blog.

    HW, you exemplify the folly of youth- I’m talking about the last fifteen-twenty years. LOL

    3.) I’m sure there are plenty of people who have awakened in the last five years. They are closeted though. They are not going to challenge the status quo.

    Neither did the Lutheran Pastor during the 1770’s, until the day he doffed his clericals, to show his uniform for the fight.

    “Once to every man and nation, comes the moment to decide,…” as the old hymn says.
    You cannot know everyone’s mind. I’m hearing former liberals in my area starting to sound like White Nationalists of twenty years ago. That’s huge… but you can’t see it, because you don’t have the perspective yet. Just sayin’…

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