Confederate Flags Removed From Confederate Graves In Confederate Cemetery In Clayton, AL


I heard about this in the local newspaper on Friday, but after alerting Defending The Heritage and Southern Heritage News & Views, who I had hoped would publicize the matter, I have heard nothing back from them.

In the latest edition of The Clayton Record, there is a story about how 70 Confederate Battle Flags were distributed in a private cemetery in Clayton, AL for Memorial Day. Clayton is about 35 miles southeast of Union Springs. For the second year in a row, most of the flags were stolen off the graves in the middle of the night.

Here’s the full story:

Unlike The Union Springs Herald in Bullock County, The Clayton Record in Barbour County isn’t indexed by Google News. Thus, although significantly more flags were stolen off graves in the far larger cemetery in Clayton, it hasn’t gotten nearly as much attention as the flags that were stolen in Union Springs. The story isn’t showing up on search engines which is why it isn’t being shared on Facebook.

On Friday evening, I traveled to Clayton to take a look for myself. Sure enough, the Confederate flags in the middle and the back of the Clayton Cemetery have been knocked over or removed, while the flags closest to the street and visible from the sidewalk remain in place. It looks to me like someone stole most of the flags, but didn’t want to be seen doing it by anyone walking or passing by on the street.

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  1. What a damn shame. This type of disrespect and degradation belongs to a defeated people. Congrats Rainbows, “Greatest Generation”(Not), etc. The Confederate generation – they were the best, the very best.

  2. ’bout time that red-white-blue banner of social fascism, repression, oppression & symbol of anti-white genocidal maniacs be “removed” wherever it’s found flying in formerly free states of the Confederacy.

    If you see r-b-w fluttering in it’s oppressive & genocidal Glory, pull it down

  3. The Clayton Record is by subscription only, which has a lot to do with it not being indexed by Google News. That’s a bad business model, as clicks drive advertising revenue. Thanks for bring attention to this matter.

    • Update: This situation was been resolved. The flags weren’t stolen after all. They were removed because they were in poor condition. Some new ones will be distributed soon.

  4. Hope they were arrested. It’s a crime to remove
    Things from graves!!! It’s the law. Don’tatter you think
    Offencive. You don’t have the right!! Should be a federal
    Crime. Spend year in prison learn keep your hands
    To yourself. Disrespecting the dead. Your a worthless
    Piece of crap!!!!!!!

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