Charleston Shooting


Second Update: Just arrested him in Shelby, NC.


Update: Got him … suspect ID’d as Dylann Roof of Columbia, SC.

Last year it was Glenn Miller’s inept rampage shooting in Kansas City. Who will it be this time around?

Is it just another psycho in the mold of Jared Loughner, which looked like it was politically motivated at the time, or is it your standard vantard nut in the mold of Wade Michael Page? Place your bets.

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  1. It’s got to happen at least once every year.

    White man with an automatic rifle replicates an average week in Chicago.

  2. Could be a Breivik.

    Although he didn’t go for the narcissistic body count. Picks the oldest AME in Charleston and then appears to have phoned in bomb threats after.

    I wonder if this is a kick off?

  3. Out on a limb here, a SJW way off his rocker false flagging. Not an occam’s choice there, but I try to be different. Closer to reality the propaganda is possibly going to be epic. Prepare to be othered like no tomorrow

  4. This and all the other “race” issues that are constantly in the media can only lead to one thing: war.

    I think that is the goal.

  5. ^^^ Don’t you have sumthang even more jewsless & chickenshit & stupid to do? ^^^

    . . . Like take down your own blog without making an archive because you want to write a book? You are at best a sixth-rate Fade De Bitcher / Cunthair Walrus at Fade’s/Cunthair’s most feckless.

    The nigger has two visceral emotions regarding the White Man. One is haet. The other is fear. Take away the fear and you as a chickenshit whigger or jewboy will get to deal with the haet. I know whereof I speak. I was locked up illegally and doped up and tortured in a maximum security NutHouse wherein they tried — and failed — to soften up myself for the Railroad so that I could be convicted of child molestation and then murdered as a racist child molester.

    By being an open Aryan Nations pastor and Klansman I actually was assaulted by niggers less than a third of the time as whiggers who were nuts. And the two times I was attacked I was able to see it cummin’ because the niggers just had to give out the “baboon stare” for two or three daze before getting itz nerve up to attack. You are dealing with monkeys here.

    Even the biggest mincing whigger faggot is deemed a Klansman by even the biggest nigger, until whigger tells nigger it is safe to rob and rape and kill and eat whigger.

    This auntie-whigger is the best actor for the White Race since Joe Paul Franklin and Charles Manson. I support this so-far Unknown White Man absolutely.

    Same can be said for jews and beaners and gooks regarding the White Man. They haet and fear us. You “White Nutzionalists” and “Southron Fried Pussazoids” have done nothing but show that you sure ain’t nothing to fear. This is why I prefer to be known as a “White Supremacist” and like I did a few weeks ago on “The Movement Turd” say that I regard non-whites as mere 6th-Day Beasts of the Field, sub-huemamzeroids without souls, and thus forbidden to live in YHWH’s Servant Nation of Christian Aryan Israel.

    The only thang which could have been done better is if this Christian White Man had started, cf. Ezekiah Chapter Nine, and stated killing in the baal-temples of Skillit-Jaw Hagee, jewel Osteen, or the numerous Wandering Mamzers & jewboys of Wikipedia-Talksjew See-Eye Dentistry.

    Yes, I know my nuts. I sorta knew James von Brunn, who went to die at the Holohoax Museum and instead these stupid nigger guards show one of their fellow niggers. And TraitorGlenn Miller fled out of my office in late July 2000 from my office. Back when I was running for US Senate as a Reform Party candidate and being denounced by Patsy Buchannan just before Patsy chose a loony-tune she coon as its running primate to get $12.5 million in FEC funds and to throw the 2000 Presidential [S]Election to Dumbya, as happened in Floriduh.

    TraitorGlenn Miller went to the Old Kikes’ Home to shoot whatever whiggers and mamzers it could gun down in the parking lot. It asked “are you a jew” so as to NOT shoot any jews. Rather, as arranged before in TraitorGlenn Miller’s case, TraitorGlenn would on signal screetch “Heil Hitler” and put down itz guns — like it did when it declared War on ZOG and gave up the guns of the underground North Carolina Klan Militia and the last $50,000 of Order armored-car ZOGbux. Then TraitorGlenn Miller snitched and ZOGbotted — at Greensboro, at Ft. Smith, at the Missouri Secretary of State’s Office (I cannot run in Missouri for federal, state or county office because I’m a White Supremacist — thank jew TraitorGlenn Miller). TraitorGlenn Miller has been a drunken Lumbee Serpent-Seed Melungeon since birth and a snitch for ZOG since getting caught passing out Klan leaflets since 1976.

    TraitorGlenn Miller wanted to kill a jew? What about the sick kike with Crohns/jew ass-GAIDS running a virtual Colostomy Bag and Free-Range ZOGtard Corral (VCB&FRTCNNF / TGMNNF / VNNF)? Could have plugged the mangy sick Ayn-Randroid LibberToon jewboy between the pillar and the post of the Bagel-Bakestery in Kirksville, and everyone in ZOG/Babylon would have sent me Back to Biggs (Maximum Security NutHouse) as the primary suspect. Worthless mongrel has lived a lot longer than it would have done free-range because itz liver and lungs caught a break for the first time in years as the drunken Lumbee Melungeon rat can’t drink or smoke in a jail cell.

    That said, I’d still volunteer to be TraitorGlenn Miller’s pub[l]ic pretender Counsel of Choice like I was back from August 2000 – March 2004 as arranged with Katja and David Lane and Louis Beam in order to monitor the rat. TraitorGlenn Miller can save the Whigger Rayce by admitting that like 9-11 and OKC it was all a ZOG plot.

    What is going to save Da Whigger Race isn’t voting or carrying your silly signs or whining like whigger pussies about Whigger Genocide. Can’t vote or breed or whine your way out of dealing with the jews and race-traitor whiggers who want us dead under a mud flood.

    We can, however, win a civil war by making of this Great Tribulation an absolute total civil war of each against all divided by race, religion and class.

    My Resistance Program is called “The Ten Thousand Warlords.” When ninety percent of the ZOGling whigger herd animls die, leaving only around 10-20 million or less of ex-whiggers ruled by Ten Thousand Warlords, Whites will win this civil war since no non-whites, jews or whigger traitors will get to live once there is no other choice left in order to live. Now while I believe that Jesus Christ will return, and it will be done without a [C]Rapture, the horrific conditions to come will usher in The True Faith.

    No Resistance Soldier or Scholar or Statesman can ever whine about the “lone wolves” and “Phinehas Priests” who do the necessary work of YHWH’s Servant Nation of Aryan Christian Israel. I NEVER will denounce or deny this young White man who did what is nothing less than a milepost in Civil War II, any more than I denounced David Lane, Bruce Pierce, James von Brunn or Joe Paul Franklin. The DUTY of any Resistance intellectual or leader is to support this necessary civil race war leading up to the breakup through genocide of Civil War II. William Butler Yeats and Ezra Pound never ever denounced the IRA or Mussolini and neither should anyone who means his own propaganda, as opposed to a mongrel or whigger or jewboy “huffer.”

    I learned a lot of shit in the NutHouse. Especially about how to deal with niggers and beaners and whiggers and ZOGlings. There is no [d]Rule of [F]Law. There is only Haet and War and Taking Care of Business.

    This White Man will be hunted down and likely killed. I hope he goes “Bob Matthews.” He killed that the White Man and White Woman and White Child may live. He nobly lead. We must follow. The nigger and jew and whigger must fear and despair.

    Let the Civil War Inevitable proceed.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Doctor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt MD (Mad Dog)
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
    Director, Gustavus Adolphus Clinic of 1630 Swedish Homeopathy

  6. Drudge has an update, most likely a vanguard type, but IMO I still think a possible off his rocker SJW trying to kick it off. Anyway propaganda will go way off the scales. But never fear conservatives will write copious amounts of essays and it will all be good

  7. It usually happens once a year: Brown Herring J.T. Ready had his murder-suicide meltdown, James von Brunn attacked the Holocaust Museum, Traitor Glenn Miller bungled his attack in KC, Breivik in Norway, Wade Michael Page shot up the Sikh Temple, Joe Snuffy attempted to blow up the MLK parade in Spokane, Washington, etc.

  8. Re: Michael

    Of course.

    We’re Christians. It’s not something we would ever do. This is how vantardists make political statements though. It brings to mind Wade Michael Page in Wisconsin.

  9. ‘We’re Christians. It’s not something we would ever do’:

    What about all the White American mercenaries, many of them good ‘southern Christians’ (trusting in their Catholic baptisms or their Calvinistic eternal securities) who are out terrorising and killing off people of all colours and religions all over the world?

  10. I’m also going to go out on a limb and predict it probably wasn’t a vantardist this time. Just because the suspect doesn’t look like any vantardist rampage or spree killer that I have ever seen.

    Ever seen a vantardist with a bowl haircut wearing Timberlands?

  11. Yeah the haircut is more the uniform of a SJW than vanguard, but according to the latest scoop at Drudge it’s vanguard language if a bit archaic and not current (which leads me to ask questions).

    Off into conspiracy theory now, I would not be surprised if it were a completely off his rocker SJW, Political Correctness being a religion has its crazy zealots.

  12. So you people actually care that black people were killed, or you just care that it could possibly make you look like the monsters that you are already accused of being on a daily basis? They don’t need events like this to kill you and any idea of autonomy and separation that you might have. They are already killing you slowly and you sit back and are just content in the fact that at least it’s a slow, agonizing death instead of a quick one.

    The anti-White mechanisms of government, academia and media around the world are responsible for how many deaths and violent assaults of innocent White men, women and children? How many times will the average White person be accused of being a racist or anti-Semitic or oppressing some poor minorities for even something as trivial as looking at them funny? How many times will incompetent, unqualified and moronic black people be given opportunities and put into positions of authority simply because White people are cowed into submission because they might be called a racist? How many White women will be raped by black and brown men this year alone? How many neighborhoods and communities will be ruined? If it’s bad now, just imagine what it will be like in schools and communities your children and grandchildren will be forced to attend. That’s the legacy and reality you will leave them. Great fucking job! Thanks a lot, mom and dad.

    When you build your foundation on a known fault line or at the foot of a volcano, can you really complain about earthquakes or volcanoes? I have no sympathy for anyone believing they can live inside of a multicultural, multiracial vacuum and not suffer the consequences of their smug arrogance. I really mean that. If you voluntarily submit to the anti-White establishment in any meaningful capacity, then you get what you deserve. I don’t know who this psycho is and I really don’t care. I’m just glad it wasn’t White people being killed this time. Indifference is a powerful tool.

  13. Very sorry to hear of this terrible event.

    There are lots of decent Black Christian people in our country, they are overwhelmingly terrorized by Black gangs, Black underclass dysfunctions, Mexican drug trafficking, Tyson Foods giving away their jobs to,lowest wage third world immigrants, decent Black Christians push ally don’t have to worry about murderous White men, thought that was only in the movies.

    But in this instance it did seem to happen.

    Maybe this terrible White person was watching too many bad Hollywood movies and designed to get 15 seconds of fame by acting out a bad guy Hollywood script.

    Who knows?

    This shouldn’t effect us.

    Do right and fear no one.

  14. an anti -Christian psych op part of Jade Helm 15/civil war coming up is my bet. senseless act.

  15. The suspect does seem to have been sent from SPlC LIb Left Holywood central casting.

    Like this guy couldn’t have attended a Black bike weekend mob rally, couldn’t have attended a hip hop rap concert.


  16. wonder if it was a psycho or a vantardist.

    Well, if we are being totally honest, then I would have to say there is a lot of overlap with those two.

  17. This was NOT a White Nationalist Operation

    I knew as an acquaintance Jimmy Von Brunn. Jimmy went to the Holohoax Museum to get killed as the jews took away what he needed to live on — even Social Security. Plus D-Day put him over the bend because he felt guilty as a ZOGWAR2 hero killing his German first cousins.

    TraitorGlenn Miller I knew pretty well, as I pretended to be his friend for four years from Aug 2000 after he run out of my office until March 2004 when TraitorGlenn Miller wouldn’t do as I demanded and run for US Senate while I was running for Governor of Missouri. TraitorGlenn Miller said that itz federal witless protection oreficer wouldn’t let it run. Then WhiggerSwill or Don Doggett ratted me out and TraitorGlenn Miller set aside a month’s drinking money to buy a cumputer and start financing the Virtual Bagel-Bakestery & Colostomy Bag. TraitorGlenn Miller was working for ZOG all the way, still is, as since it got caught passing out Klan fliers while in the Army and the drunken Lumbee melungeon turned in order to get itz full 20 year pension in.

    J.T, Ready was a quarter-jew mischling who planted guns on jewff Schoeps NSM-tards. JT Ready was about to get kicked out of itz mudshark girlfriend’s home and so the jewboy kiked out and shot the mudshark girlfriend, mudshark’s beaneress daughter, 18-month beanerette mudbaby, and the whigger boyfriend of the beaneress daughter. Then it shot itz jewself. The ZOG piglice drove a truck up, loaded up most of the guns, left a few behind, and that was that. . . I’m praying that some Crohns/jew ass-GAIDS ravaged bagel-bakester living upstate will do the right thang as well.

    Joe Snuffy is the victim of above-mentioned jew & melungeon rat data-mining operation. Lie down with self-loathing jewboys whose own kike asshole can’t stand them then you wake up with 30 years to life in Florence.

    The other two mentioned above I know nothing of. That crazy jewboy who shot up the theater in Colorado reminded me of Monday Morning at Biggs, though. Seen a lot of homocidal maniac mongrel and nigger and whigger nuts in my little forced vacation for a few years. Hell, this little to-do wasn’t a pimple on Saint Louis’s or Chicago’s Niggertown Saturday Nite’s ass.

    The virtual Colostomy Bag operated by the 666 ZOGbux Bionic jewboy that Fearless Leader rehabilitated back in 2000 won’t know anything about this White Man. This is not an Ayn-Rand Libbertoon jewboy / drunken Lumbee Melungeon ZOGbot tard operation. If Rabbi Linder had had anything to do with it, thangs would have bogged down if Linder had seen another jewboy there and asked it if was a [self-loathing] jew too. Linder does that stupid shit every time.

    Of course the kosher krew will claim that jews made this White Man shoot niggers. Then they will pass out some bagels made in a hollow tree in Kirksville by jewelffs.

    Vargina the Colostomy-Bag-likkin’ Tard will wail over you allowing me to post on your blog. Maybe Rabbi Linder will bring back Hadding the Loveless Mattoid KAS-Fluffin’ Meerkkkat to take care of spinning though. WhiggerSwill gave this old skank named Susan $300 to pull her rotten teeth and to get some dentures and she only got Hadding back on Linder’s Virtual Colostomy Bag & Bagel Bakestery. Didn’t get WhiggerSwill back on. So when Susan refused to pay back $150 for not getting the full job done, WhiggerSwill shit and so Susan outed Randolf Dilloway to the $PLC. This according to phoraleaks. Anyways, last month when Dilloway figured out that he couldn’t put the over $2 million in tax evasion from 1985, after Pierce got the $400,000 in Order ZOGbux, on Shawn Walker as opposed to Erich Gliebe, Dilloway was runnt off at gunpoint and made to sign a non-disclosure agreement not worth the toilet paper it was written on by WhiggerSwill. But he did get WhiggerSwill’s pickumup truck.

    Nope. This wasn’t a “White Nationalist” operation in any way. Trust me on this. Itz not. Vantards pull TraitorGlenn Miller or JT Ready shit. They don’t buy a beetles wig, wear body armor, hide a pistol with spare magazines, wait an hour in plain sight at the crime scene to think things out patiently, not waste ammo in taking care of business and then spare a she-boon to help spread the chaos. This took nerve and planning and calculation. All of which is non-existent in “White Nationalism.” WN tards should all be claiming that the Mossad did it instead.

    Looks like I’ll have sufficient material for tonight’s The Movement Turd, though.…=111132&cmd=tc

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Doctor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt MD (Mad Dog)
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
    Director, Gustavus Adolphus Clinic of 1630 Swedish Homeopathy

  18. M’thinks this bowl haircut White guy will be used for the next Matthew Shephed Federal thought crime bill to force in Canadian, EU style restrictions on hate speech, thought crime against Blacks, Jews, Muslims, LGBT.

    Yep, this White guy looks to have been reading from and acting on a bad Hollywood script.

  19. Looked at the Facebook profile of Dylann Roof. Has a bunch of nigger friends. So this is likely not a Bowel Movement ZOGling whigger ass-clown but a whigger kid who went over the deep end. Called them niggers “black people.” Besides, not a bad looking kid. Most whigger kids who look like that are doing something useful, like getting whiggress pussy. That was what was on my mind at that age. Again, likely now a Bowel Movement tard.

    If he is on $permfart or TGMNNF/GFRTC&CBNNF/VNNF then how fast will Jack Poot or Vargina scrub THAT profile?

    That said, the kid isn’t no Vantard. TraitorGlenn Miller and JT Ready were working with ZOG all along and one should understand that.

    This kid has talent. Did everything on impulse correctly. The kid seems to have had a natural bent for this sort of thing. But he was going to get caught.

    I hope he goes Bobby Matthews because his life is over. Better it go out quick and fighting.

    By the way, the jewpreme Kort [d]ruled that Texass can refuse Confedrut license plates. Maybe faggot weddings will have to wait until tomorrow.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Doctor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt MD (Mad Dog)
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
    Director, Gustavus Adolphus Clinic of 1630 Swedish Homeopathy

  20. He probably has an anonymous identity which they will eventually find by checking his phone and computer. This tard could be anyone lurking on any site or commenting under an anonymous pseudonym.

  21. The age screams mental problems.

    He’s too young to have a record of political activity as well.

  22. My point is that this kid isn’t someone who is a “player” in the bowel Movement. Not a JT Ready or TraitorGlenn Miller. Not a James von Brunn out to get killed who gets a nigger security guard killed at the paws of itz fellow niggers.

    His Facebook Friends page is filled with High Skrewl niggers has own age.

    I’ll grant that the kid was formidable in carrying out the niggercutions. And he might have been “ate up”.

    Says that they caught the kid. Briefing soon. I doubt that this kid has much, if anything to do with the bowel Movement.

    Not an Eric Rudolph. Not a Kevin Harpham. Just a kid who snapped. A lone tard.

    They are already looking for “White Supremacist” haet groups.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Doctor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt MD (Mad Dog)
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
    Director, Gustavus Adolphus Clinic of 1630 Swedish Homeopathy

  23. We shouldn’t rush to judgement, but it does look like this young guy does actually fit the profile. Once every two years or so, there actually IS an instance of a deranged White racist guy attacking and killing innocent Blacks, Jews, gays, Muslims, transgender LGBT or something.

    These once in a blue moon racist attacks seem to be following a Hollywood script.

    What do we do?

    Avoid bad Hollywood scrips – also encourage positive lifestyles – eat good foods, exercise, have healthy hobbies, read good books, listen to good music, dance respectable dances etc.

    Never fall in to negativity. Hanging out on bad racist internet blogs and reading endless stories of criminal Blacks attacking, murdering and raping White people and:

    “no one doing ANYTHING AT ALL”..

    Then of course the negative script writers make the push to something extremely negative, counter productive, hateful etc.

    If you know anyone falling down in to this way of thinking and acting:

    A: Get yourself away

    B: Get them identified and get them some help – they are sick.

  24. Read the comments at World Star Hip Hop:

    TruthTeller187 • a minute ago
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    Black Dragon 561 • a minute ago
    Fuck the white man
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    RichieBelding2 Black Dragon 561 • a minute ago

    • a minute ago

    Just saw on the news that brah was angry that his mom was too busy worried about getting black dick instead of getting him a decent haircut. Smh

    12 minutes ago



  25. Just as Rachel Dolezal was exposing the utter illegitimacy and fraudulence of the NAACP, we have…ta da!…a new headline trumpeting the evils of those vile whitemenwhowanttolynch6millionblackmartyrs. Rachel’s impersonation of a black woman belies some basic truths about white women’s status compared to black women’s. Apparently skin color is cosmetic until compared to a chromosome, at which point the skin tone *matters* but those silly X’s and Y’s don’t, even though both dictate functions like…childbearing, etc. The whole affair was blowing up in Diversity Cult’s face, as is the diverse pool party meme that can’t be spun so easily.

    Enter evilwhitemale Dylan to save the day. This one is mere boy, as an actual white man avenging and defending his women might draw attention to the fact that white men SHOULD be defending their womenfolk, instead of the parasitism of the jews in the neo con wars. But no, it couldn’t be a black op because questioning the jews’ claims about the USS Liberty and Kennedy’s assassination is a sure sign of very ‘serious mental illness.’

    I’d rather be ‘mental’ than a moron. And doesn’t it fit beautifully into the JWO agenda that Dylan’s FB page had lots of black friends on it, almost half? ‘Racism’ is a mental illness, the good ‘doctors’ will assure us.

    White women complaining of being heinously attacked by black men are ‘mentally ill.’ White men, or here, effeminate ‘weakling’-looking white boys, twistedly defending them, are too.

    This blog doesn’t deserve intelligent, rational analysis, but the southern people do. Serving up Kool Aid chasers is what you’re doing here, Hunter Wallace.

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