Charleston Shooting


Second Update: Just arrested him in Shelby, NC.


Update: Got him … suspect ID’d as Dylann Roof of Columbia, SC.

Last year it was Glenn Miller’s inept rampage shooting in Kansas City. Who will it be this time around?

Is it just another psycho in the mold of Jared Loughner, which looked like it was politically motivated at the time, or is it your standard vantard nut in the mold of Wade Michael Page? Place your bets.

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  1. Hunter Wallace you need help. You self loathe as a white man.

    CNN pits a ‘lived’ black woman against a ‘blondewhitebitch’ in the Rachel Dolezal disaster (remember that the Charleston story broke just as Dolezal’s hate crime hoaxing was being exposed on many sites):

    Black woman’s only valid point was that her experience is wholly separate from a white woman’s.

    Note that one main photo op from Charleston has a ring of black men holding hands in solemn prayer. Where are the women in that one? It’s very curious. Black men are so holy and innocent, vulnerable. Placing black women in it might remind the continuing-to-awaken of the true victims in the larger drama. Hint: they’re neither black, nor male.

    Also note the success of the recent South Africans Right To Return petition, and Dylan’s jacket patches. I very recently had a diehard white liberal, who has at times publicly called me a ‘race hater,’ admit that the Boers are facing genocide. And that certain white women are the official scapegoats of America.

    Whoever expected this to be easy?

  2. Also noteworthy is how much Ann Coulter highlights in her latest salvo (the only one that is fairly – not wholly – honest) the plight of women in diverse societies.

    The jews just cannot suppress the truth of the black on white gynocide. Their only hope is to fabricate and spin around it.

  3. I have only parsed some of the particulars of this latest ‘incident.’ I have no certainty as of now, but it’s already sounding tailor made for the JWO agenda, which makes it extremely suspicious.

  4. “Johnson also claimed that one of the people inside the church tried to convince the gunman to stop shooting, and that he responded, “‘I have to do it. You rape our women and you’re taking over our country, and you have to go.”

    Sounds like lies. Remember Omar Thornton, the black employee who got caught stealing beer, said his white coworkers and employers were racist, and then went on a killing spree. He shot and killed eight people, and a lot of black people celebrated him as a hero.

  5. Pastor L rants:

    “This auntie-whigger is the best actor for the White Race since Joe Paul Franklin and Charles Manson. I support this so-far Unknown White Man absolutely.”


    I thought this loon got banned from OD?

    I don’t think he is an ADL, SPLC plant promoting Whites invade Black Christian churches and massacre the Black Christians while they are praying and singing church hymns, I think he/it really is promoting this, encouraging this , celebrating this and so how this “read fom the Hollywood bad guy, Evil RACIST mass murder of little Christian children and puppies” is being packaged as some type of Identity true Christianity!

    Hunter I thought we had an effective system to keep out these loons fm the comment section.

  6. Who thinks this kid has even lost his virginity yet? What ‘women’ is he referring to? Doesn’t he have some prom to go to?!

  7. Black people’s reactions (comments on World Star Hip Hop) after Omar Thornton murdered eight white people: LOL to all the dead honkies

    kill all them crakkas hate it or love it but but “niggas” runnin the country now lmao

    kill al them racist mother f***ers

  8. Reading World Star Hip Hop comments, it occurs to me that this young man just killed nine people who wanted me (and all white people) dead. When people who want me dead die, that’s not something I wring my hands over.

    Guest • 5 years ago
    HELL YEAH!! die whitey die!!
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    Guest • 5 years ago
    f*** racial slurs.BLACK POWER!!!!!
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    Guest • 5 years ago
    f*** white people
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    Guest • 5 years ago
    Thats what being a racist gets you . all racist burn in hell !!!!!!!
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    Guest • 5 years ago
    thats takin care of business right there, my n*gga!!R.i.p u did what you had to do
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    Guest • 5 years ago
    honkys are such p*ssys

  9. Obama chimes in to further eviscerate the 2nd Amendment:

    Yup, a crazedwhitemalegunboy isn’t even really racist (while slaughtering what’s being photo-op’d as nine black men to avenge white women), as he has so many black FB friends. He’s ‘mentally ill.’ The closer white America gets to countenancing the truth about our fate at the hands of the jews’ black henchmen, the more intensely but obliquely the jews spin that ‘racism’ is a mental illness.

  10. Agreed about that. I doubt these blacks would shed a tear over any white getting killed.

  11. The suspected gunman who massacred nine people inside a historic black South Carolina church Wednesday got a gun for his 21st birthday in April and bragged last week about his plans to “kill a bunch of people,” one of his friends said.

    Police reportedly caught Dylann Storm Roof in North Carolina Thursday, a day after the Bible study rampage at Charleston’s Mother Emanuel AME Church.

    The 21-year-old suspected gunman told his trailer park friends last week that he wanted to kill people at a local college — but no one took him seriously because of his deadpan sense of humor, neighbor Christon Scriven told the Daily News.

  12. Last Wednesday — exactly one week before the Charleston church massacre — Roof told his friends and neighbors “he was looking to kill a bunch of people on Wednesday” at the College of Charleston, Scriven said.

  13. can anyone please tell me exactly what this church in south carolina believes? i just heard obunghole say earlier, that he personally knew the pastor and his wife, and immediately my spidey sense went off the charts. what haven’t we yet been told about the people this lunatic shot, as to what his motivation, however delusional, REALLY was? i mean, i hear obama say he is personally aquainted with the pastor at that church, and immediately, i am thinking of jeremiah wright, though i am certainly not condoning what the psychopath did. any answers?

  14. Keep in mind that even if some core event did ‘happen,’ the spin on it might not have.

  15. One of the founders of the church was Denmark Vesey, who tried to start a slave revolt in which numerous white people would have been murdered. Similarly, Nat Turner was a preacher who became convinced God wanted him to murder white people.

    Black churches are not peaceful places of nice people. They are centers for fomenting rage, hatred and resentment of white people. All in the name of Christianity…I think it’s time to shut off the media for the next few weeks, because it will be nothing but this story. Well, until the black retaliation attacks happen, at which point there will still be nothing but this story.

    If this kid is lucky he’ll get killed in a shoot out with the cops. He really, really, really doesn’t want to go to jail.

  16. A comment from someone on Conservative Treehouse:

    “So, in addition to all of the coincidentals noted yesterday (plus Ryan Julison’s involvement, which I forgot to mention), we have a shooter who is exactly the age he was “estimated” to be; the only two pics available of him are of his racial jacket and license plate; the pic with the jacket (and possibly of the license plate) are the only photos available on his FB; the FB wasn’t started until 2015, at a time when every 21 year old in America had an FB account when they were 15-16 and haven’t used it on a regular basis, if at all, for at least 2-3 years in favor of twitter, snapchat and instagram; and his uncle has, within hours, gone to the media with the story that he got a gun for his bday two months ago. wowza.”

    The license plate was pro-confederacy.

  17. My immediate reaction was, “Is this yet another False Flag”?

    That TPA End American sovereignty treason bill JUT PASSED.

    Is this a distraction?

    Bammy is calling for Gun Control AKA DISARM WHITES.

    Black lives only matter when a White is involved.

    Is it a False Flag?


    I don’t CARE about dead Nigras. At all.

    This is already being used to kill Whitey – and they ARE killing us off.

  18. ‘Black churches are not peaceful places of nice people. They are centers for fomenting rage, hatred and resentment of white people’:

    On ‘their invisible religion’: ‘The generation before the Civil War represented the one moment in southern religious life when blacks and whites shared the same ritual and spatial setting, listened to the same sermons, partook of communion together, and shared church disciplinary procedures. The interaction within biracial churches represented a foundation for later spiritual commonalities among blacks and whites in the South. Slaves also worshipped in secret praise services in the slave quarters—THEIR “INVISIBLE RELIGION” (Raboteau, 1978). Here, God stood in judgment of the Christianity of the slaveowners, and slave preachers applied the biblical story of Exodus to their own people, with ultimate liberation a hope. Slave spirituals became the creative group expression of these aspirations. The ring shout was the most distinctive expression of religious worship in the praise service, with African-derived dancing and body movement emphasized. The invisible religion of the slave quarters also included conjure, a system of spiritual influence that combined herbal medicine with magic and sometimes gave surprising authority to slave practitioners who believed they could affect whites as well as blacks’:

  19. ‘I see our resident conspiracy theorist has chimed in (…) It’s the JEWS!!! (…) sarc’:

    It’s the Yankee (north-of-the-Line Anglo-Protestant) WHITES!!! QUAKER ones.

  20. If black lives matter, we should send them all back to Africa to safety from evil Whitey America.

  21. ‘send them all back to Africa’:

    None of this would have happened if it wasn’t for the Yankees. Send the Yankees home, and build a BIG wall along the Line. Southrons could manage their obsolete farm equipment perfectly well if Yankees didn’t interfere. Good solid southern Jews and Papists also get along fine. Ban the Quakers, Puritans and Anabaptists, not Jews or Catholics, from the glorious future Kingdom of Dixie.

  22. Sometimes FBI agents encourage young men toward violent expression, and this case could have progressed too quickly, gotten out of control.

    A true Christian conversion experience, church and family background would have almost certainly prevented him from doing anything like this.

  23. Does caring about black people being gunned down keep you from being accused of being a racist? Does it reverse the anti-White trends and tides? Does it save you and your progeny from the daily verbal and physical assaults caused by The Black Plague? Blacks and other non-Whites are pretty much given carte blanche to be as violent, hypocritical and idiotic as humanly possible, so long as that violence, hypocrisy and idiocy is directed at White people and directed at tearing down any semblance of reason and civility that Whites have created.

    You will surely know how many black people might have been killed or supposedly attacked by White people today or this week. You’ll even be kept abreast of the nuanced “racism” black people supposedly have to endure in every facet of society. The anti-White media and all of the little social justice warriors will make sure to keep you updated. You will hear about it 24/7. But you will NEVER be told about the true brutality and astronomical number of Whites being killed and attacked by non-Whites every single day. They will NEVER be blunt and straightforward enough to show you just how sick and depraved society has to become in order for large numbers of blacks to move freely in a society. Frankly, there is just so much crime and chaos they commit that it would be hard to cover it all, and they just don’t fucking care if Whites are being targeted. Not even a little.

    There’s a very fine line between having true empathy and compassion for others, and feigning sympathy, empathy and compassion out of a selfish agenda and pure self-preservation. I have no respect for the latter; but the string-pullers have made the former an impossible position to take without sacrificing yourself and your DNA to the fantasy of living in a multiracial utopian society. There is no middle ground. You either do care or you don’t care. If you do care about blacks being ruthlessly sanitized — an obvious byproduct of the anti-White establishment — by a system that is designed to wipe you out of existence, then you are every bit as anti-White as all of the social justice warriors.

    • It’s a simple moral issue.

      Thou shalt not kill. This kid is a fanatic and a murderer and probably has underlying drug or mental problems. His actions were evil. He went into a church, sat there, and then murdered some old women who were studying the Bible.

      I don’t know why WNs struggle so much with this. If he had done something like this in the past, our ancestors would have been just as horrified. The other news story said his initial target was the College of Charleston.

      He’s just a psychopath who wanted to hurt someone and become famous for it.

  24. Denise says: ‘I don’t CARE about dead Nigras. At all.’

    Same here.

    Denise says: ‘ Black lives only matter when a White is involved.’

    Nigs killing fellow nigs is a common occurrance. Nig predators killing Whites is nothing out of the ordinary. Not a big deal.

    When Whites kill groids?

    Oh, the horror!

    Obammy and black churches never shed tears when Whites are slaughtered, raped, robbed or victimized.

    They encourage such behavior and fan the flames.

    Questions for those Christians of every stripe suffering from cognitive dissonance ?

    Where was Jesus?

    Did he leave the prayer meeting early? Previous commitment?

    ‘No weapon formed against us shall prosper.’

    Is that so?

  25. From another commenter on Treehouse:

    “Roof is too young to know about Rhodesia or apartheid in South Africa. Yet he apparently obtains a couple of flags that he attaches to his jacket? Those flag patches look new and you just can’t find them at Walmart. Here is the only sources I found so far for the Rhodesian flag patch.

    Here is a source for the old South African flag patch.

    The UK site does not have the Rhodesian flag patch. If that photo is not photo shopped, then someone went to a lot of trouble to obtain those flag patches. The photo of Roof sporting the flag patches and the photo of the Confederate flag plate are some of the only photos floating around for him.

    Something doesn’t feel right about this. According to a Dailey Mail article.

    “Speaking in the NBC interview, Pinckney’s cousin said Roof had specifically asked for the reverend before sitting beside him throughout the meeting.”

    How does he even know Rev. Pinckney? The similarities with Bracken’s Professor Rauol X article and this incident is making me very uncomfortable.”

  26. I don’t know why Hunter Wallace struggles with the *reality* that a small group of jews own 96% of the media, or that their Talmud tells them to lie to the gentiles whenever necessary.

    One of the links in my above post awaiting approval is from the Dailymail. It begins with points about Roof, one being “In the months leading up to the shooting, roof worked in the landscaping business and lived near a Lexington-area trailer park, friends said
    Between 4th and 9th grade he attended six schools, and repeated 9th grade.”

    First, Roof’s hair doesn’t look like he’d been working in the landscaping business for the past few months. I’ve seen darker brown hair on whites bleach out more quickly and noticeably in less time, up here in the NYC area. Springtime sun in South Carolina has to be way more powerful. Roof would appear blond if he’d been landscaping for months.

    Second, it’s very common for the protagonists in psy ops to have moved around a lot during some earlier period. I think it makes it easier to prevent investigation into them.

  27. He’s just a psychopath who wanted to hurt someone and become famous for it.

    Did he kill any White people? No? Okay, on to more important matters — what’s for dinner tonight?

  28. Hunter think maybe you/we should do an official OD policy statement on this terrible, cowardly mass murder of regular Black people in a Christian church.

    There are some idiots who managed to get through our comments screening who are making excuses for this terrible, cowardly crime.

    • Some of the comments are instructive.

      If you look at the comments at sites like Daily Stormer and VNN Forum, you will find people simultaneously asserting that black life has no value whatsoever, but this must be a false flag or a black op or a psyop.

  29. These individuals have serious mental health problem, drug problems, and motivated by Violence in making a name for themselves. This climate was created by the media focused on these stories and making these idiots celebrities in our World. Any political activist understands peaceful activism is key for our survival. Those who act out in violence are only giving the enemy more tools against our people. We should denounce these ignorant acts of violence and support Open Carry of Firearms in preventing this from happening again and again in our Society. Deo Vindice !

  30. 1 poor target. Church.

    2 he’s also ruined his sister’s big day.

    What a freak.

  31. If he lives till his trial, it might well be a fiasco and flushed down the memory hole since he might take the stand and testify for days. But I doubt that since even intellectual conservatives cannot for the life of them flip the script/narrative.

    Drudge to his credit has headlined the prescription drug angle. And my prediction stands while this is nothing to cheer about the anti-white propaganda will start to be greeted with hostility not shame.

  32. Jack, you really shouldn’t try so hard to pretend you are some beacon of sensibility and civility. It looks contrived and a lot like you are trying manipulate sincere dialogue. I can’t imagine anyone putting too much trust or faith in you, but I can’t comprehend how people can believe a lot of things that reek of lies, contradictions, hypocrisies, distortions and obvious manipulations, so I guess anything is possible. If you want to hold a prayer vigil with black people, then just go do it in your private life and come back and share the results with everyone.

    you will find people simultaneously asserting that black life has no value whatsoever

    So what you are saying is that BlackLivesMatter?

  33. Why do these types of “racist killers” always do attacks that make whites look bad. They always attack sympathetic and unimportant targets. I think mental illness has something to do with the nature of these attacks.

    If a militant white racialist were to attack an anti-white politician, anti-white activist or some non-white who had hurt whites, they would get a lot of sympathy from ordinary white people.

    If a white man just walked around a city late at night and shot blacks who tried to rob him like Charles Bronson in Death Wish, he would be a hero to ordinary whites.

  34. Black lives matter to Blacks (when they can get something from Whites).

    White lives matter to ME.

    My immediate thoughts, when I heard of this shooting, were for Brad Heyka, Heather Muller, Aaron Sander, Jason Befort, Kitty Genovese, Autumn Pasquale, Channon Christian, Christopher Newsome, Anne Pressley,
    Jonathan Foster (the little boy tortured and BURNED to death, on Christmas), Lee Rigby, Kelly Hunnewell, James Syvertson …..just a few names sprang into MY head.

    • WN has settled into a routine. It goes something like this:

      1.) First, no one except the NSM ever does anything in the real world, so on a normal day when WN has made the news, it takes the form of Hollywood Nazis conforming to the prevailing stereotypes.

      2.) Second, aside from public appearances by the NSM, WN is only in the news when a vantard has a meltdown and a shooting spree like this happens. See Glenn Miller, James von Brunn, Wade Michael Page, J.T. Ready, Joe Snuffy, etc.

      3.) Third, when ordinary people hear about WN in the context of the occasional shooting spree, traffic will surge across all websites and they will peer into the WN bubble world on the internet, and they will see callous, bone chilling comments which confirm their negative view of the movement.


    Racism is a ‘mental illness,’ the government wants us to believe.

    The US Constitution protects against total tyranny. The jews’ way of getting around that is through extra-Constitutional means, i.e., the psych system. Crash through the 2nd Amendment and every other enshrined individual right because some authority that has no transparency (medical doctors who can’t produce one iota of scientific medical evidence) says so – because it’s ‘good’ for us.

  36. Of course.

    I don’t believe in murdering innocent people. Do you?

    I don’t believe in a lot of things. You’re going to have to be more specific when you talk about murder and which people truly are considered innocent. The anti-White establishment gives itself an extremely wide berth when it factors in the collateral damage caused by its policies and rhetoric. To them, most of us [White people] are expendable. Were Spartans deterred from defending their families and territories because the Persian army consisted of many slaves, mercenaries and those forced to fight? You’d have to be batshit crazy to lose sleep over people losing their lives while playing at least some kind of role in your demise. Not that I condone that type of killing, I just don’t give a shit about the lives of those who don’t give a shit about me.

    I would also assume you don’t believe in handing over the keys to your survival and the survival of your family to a growing number of brown and black people who have an insatiable desire to “murder” White society. How confident are you that you are doing something adequate enough to counter their agendas? What if they are “Christian” black people? Are you okey dokey with them spreading their social experiments into your neck of the woods then? You sure as hell can’t vote your way out of this predicament, so what’s left?

  37. Ok.

    Specifically, a group of random people sitting around in a church studying the Bible who haven’t murdered or raped anyone are innocent. Do you agree that such people should not be executed by a cold blooded murderer?

  38. I’ve spent my entire life interacting with black people, and while it is true there are racial differences in violent crime, and it is true that the media censors the news, the vast majority of black people are not rapists or murderers.

  39. Should 30,000+ white women be raped by black men annually?

    What does it say about the black community as a whole that it produces such depravity? Etc. etc. The stats are endless. Trying to assert that there is no such thing as Black Responsibility or at least Agency is absurd.

    Whites fought and DIED in this country freeing black people from slavery. We’ve died again and again for them, feeding and housing them, giving up our jobs…everything including the shirt off our backs has gone to support black people.

    Yet they repay this magnanimity with genocide. All blacks participate in Black Agency.

    They need to OWN it.

  40. Sure, I can think of many other people more deserving of a little lead therapy, but it still doesn’t change the fact that I just don’t care about people that sure in the hell don’t care about me. I’d be willing to bet none of those people killed would have shed a tear or had any kind of sympathy had “the racist” been killed in an unprovoked attack.

    Hunter, while you might have “interacted” with black people while being insulated in suburbia or smalltown USA, I’ve actually lived around them. Lived in mostly black areas, went to majority black schools, been “the White boy” in the crowd. You ever been jumped in, Hunter? I’ve actually been in projects(not just driving by them), have you? You have absolutely nothing to tell me about “the vast majority of black people” that I don’t already know first hand.

  41. Let it be known that Jared Jewlover Taylor’s mods are immediately censoring any comments questioning the authenticity of the Charleston shooting, no matter how cautiously. Even Conservative Treehouse has lots of comments expressing skepticism; pro-white sites abound with them.

  42. If you agree that they shouldn’t be murdered, why then do you not think that they should not be allowed to reside in the same Country as you? You just said they have done harm to no one, yet you want to make them live separate from you. For what reason?

    • If you agree that they shouldn’t be murdered, why then do you not think that they should not be allowed to reside in the same Country as you?

      We’ve been over this before.

      Murder is immoral. Racism, however, is a made up sin that was popularized in America in the 1930s. Among other things, I don’t believe “racism” or “discrimination” or “sexism” or “nativism” or “homophobia” or “transphobia,” etc., etc., the whole laundry list of made up sins against modern liberalism, to be moral failings. I don’t believe in equality. Therefore, I am not troubled by inequality.

      Because I don’t believe in equality, I don’t support integration which I think is both unfeasible and destructive to civilization. I have no objection to segregation or Whites creating racially exclusive communities. What’s wrong with White people wanting to live as White people among other White people?

      You just said they have done harm to no one, yet you want to make them live separate from you. For what reason?

      Because, I would prefer to live among other White Southerners, and not in a place like present day Montgomery, Birmingham, or Selma, where civilization is perpetually fleeing from the encroaching dysfunction of the black community. In the Jim Crow era, black dysfunction was contained to black neighborhoods, but now it is encouraged by the federal government and allowed to wreck entire metro areas like Baltimore and Detroit.

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