Ain’t That America: Boy Scouts Get Adult Homosexual Leaders, US Military Gets Fighting Transsexuals

The US military is the latest arena for social justice experiments

By Hunter Wallace

Yesterday, we reported that the NAACP wants to go full Taliban and demolish the Confederate generals on Stone Mountain, that self-identified vampires are “coming out of the coffin” as a legitimate identity group, and that SJWs are engaged in a “full bore” assault on gender binaries in men’s fashion.

This morning we have two important updates on SJW campaigns that we have been tracking for several years now:

Boy Scouts Get Adult Homosexual Leaders

First, the Boy Scouts of America have voted to end their longstanding ban on adult homosexuals serving as Scout leaders, which is a follow up from its 2013 decision to end its ban on accepting homosexual Boy Scouts as members:

“The move comes months after Robert Gates, the president of the Boy Scouts of America, called on the organization to reassess its ban on gay adults, saying, “We must deal with the world as it is, not as we might wish it to be.”

The former CIA director, who previously served as defense secretary, warned officials in the organization in May that failure to make changes quickly could spell “the end of us as a national movement.” He also told NPR “gays would be permitted in units that want to have them,” but churches that sponsor Scout units would be allowed to exercise their religious freedom and ensure leaders in troops they sponsor, or units that they sponsor, reflect the faith of the sponsoring institution.

Some 70 percent of Scout units are sponsored by churches. …”

Basically, what happened here is that the US federal courts pushed the LGBT agenda onto the Boy Scouts of America, and the group capitulated and abandoned its traditions out of fear of exposure to lawsuits. Henceforth, the Boy Scouts as an institution will be just another arena for “social justice” experiments.

Pentagon Moves To End Ban on Fighting Transsexuals

Second, the Pentagon is repealing its ban on fighting transsexuals, which is a follow up from the 2012 repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and the 2013 repeal on the ban of women serving in active combat roles:

“Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter has taken an important step toward repealing the Pentagon’s ban on open service by transgender troops, a discriminatory policy that has cut short the careers of talented service members and forced thousands to serve in silence.

The Pentagon is making this move nearly four years after it began allowing gay and lesbian service members to serve openly. Critics had long warned that changing that policy would weaken the armed forces and hurt morale. In fact, it has strengthened the military, just as integrating openly transgender troops will expand the talent pool of those willing to serve.

Mr. Carter announced on Monday that he has asked a group of senior Pentagon officials, led by Brad Carson, the Defense Department’s acting under secretary for personnel and readiness, to study the type of guidelines and regulations needed to carry out the new policy. Once that work is completed over the next six months, officials expect that transgender people will no longer be barred from joining the military. …”

In other words, the US military will henceforth welcome fighting transsexuals like Chelsea Manning to serve alongside fighting women in combat, but spurns recruits with, say, Confederate flag tattoos. The US military is already enlisting illegal aliens since Obama announced his DACA executive amnesty in 2014.

Perhaps in the future all US Army recruits will be forced to parade around in scarlet red high heels to raise awareness of “rape culture” in the military. American soldiers are already sitting through lectures on “white privilege.” We noted here in 2011 that SJW activists in the USDA want to extend their sensitivity training programs on the perils of “heterosexism” to the military.

Ulysses S. Grant and William T. Sherman must be spinning in their graves.

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  1. It is what happens when Jews take power.

    Jews believe that getting us accustomed to the New Normal of homo-dominance will also make us used to the reality of Jewish minority elite rule.

    Homo minority elite rule complements Jewish minority elite rule.

  2. Just out of curiosity I did some research to see what the medical profession had to say about gay sexuality.

    The CDC states that gays make up 2% of the population and gay males account for more than 70% of hiv aids cases.

    Another site lists gay sex as extremely risky sexual behavior causing serious damage to the anal sphincter muscle which results in incontinence. In addition the lining of the large intestine can be damaged causing secondary infections.

    Prison doctors have dealt with these issues for years. Despite how these LGBT and
    progressive activists try making gay sexuality as normal, gays are a public health risk and as such have no place in the military or serving as role models for impressionable youth.

  3. The Chinese and Russians must be laughing their heads off…I’m sure their militaries don’t have this crap,which is why they would run through the joke that has become the US military in no time flat.

  4. Hell, not only Sherman and Grant, but George S. Patton and the great Chesty Puller, both who were sons of Dixie.

  5. When I was in basic combat training the drill sergeants frequently insulted the recruits by calling them ladies and fairies. I never imagined that some would take it as a compliment.

  6. There is also their tendency to pederasty. Not to mention outright pedophiles often hiding behind the affiliation of homosexuality.

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