Paul Krugman and Elizabeth Warren Endorse Trump on Taxes

By Hunter Wallace

Donald Trump’s rumblings about “comprehensive tax reform” has won applause from Paul Krugman and Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Predictably, “the brains of the Right” are already howling with outrage over Trump’s economic agenda which at this point – no firm details have been released yet, although the tax plan should be out soon – seems to include raising taxes on the wealthy, raising tariffs on China and Mexico, and disavowing cuts to Social Security and Medicare. Without the albatross of libertarian economics holding him down, Trump will be able to campaign across the Northern states and force the Democratic nominee to campaign exclusively on the popularity of the Left’s social agenda.

If Trump wins the Republican nomination, the 2016 presidential election could become an up-or-down vote on open borders and social liberalism. For all the talk about how Trump’s tough rhetoric could “alienate Hispanics,” the flip side of that which is never discussed is how libertarian economics is the wedge issue used by the Democrats to alienate Whites, especially those outside the South, from the Republican Party.

Mitt Romney couldn’t get 70 percent of the White vote – and lost the 2012 election – because he was cozy with Wall Street, wanted to cut taxes on the rich, reminded millions of Whites of their boss, and dismissed millions of more White voters as “takers.” He campaigned in places like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Ohio on “free trade” and “optimism.” He wanted to cut granny’s Social Security check.

For the the first time in my lifetime, it could be different. Trump could succeed in pinning Democrats to the mat on the popularity of open borders with White voters.

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  1. And also what Trump is proving is that the RINO demands for moderation were right, but they were wrong in what needed to be moderated. What needed to be moderated was libertarianism in economics, foreign trade and immigration. That’s how Trump is doing surprisingly well among NAMs.

  2. Also, from the Warren article:

    Warren clarified on Tuesday that she is not supporting Trump’s presidential bid, pointing to his positions on dealing with illegal immigration.

    Which is why liberal populism on economics is nonsense, not as long as they want to let the world flood on in. It’s also why Trump’s triangulation on taxes is politically beautiful, because it draws the social and racial treachery of liberal “populists” out in the open.

  3. Don’t you see how meaningless all of this is, Mr. W.? Here we are, not even a decade-and-a-half past the 9/11 attacks, and everything that’s been done in response to those attacks–the Iraq War, everything–has been steered so as to FURTHER the West’s dissolution, not to halt it. What are you cheering here? The Jews will finally get your people into the socialist slavery of single-payer by having Trump promise to pitch a few spics across the Rio Grande? Let’s vote for Reagan, he’ll save Europe from Communism. Right–and Europe is now being destroyed by Angela Merkel, daughter of the East Germany whose union with the West was the first big event to follow the fall of the USSR. The advance of the left has not been halted for even a single moment; it has been maintained, maybe even strengthened, as it will be by the triumph of Trump. He’s just a weakling, too. The Jews could light cigars with his money pile, whose size impresses only white bumpkins.

  4. Hitler favored universal single payer healthcare I believe. The mechanisms are not dissimilar.

    Were the Germans slaves? No.

    Then the rest of the world decimated them.

    They are now and they have abolished their own nation.

  5. Yes, insofar as Hitler imposed socialism on them, Captain John, the Germans were slaves–just as they are now.

  6. PS Do you know what, Captain John? I’m going to withdraw that word–“slave.” It’s not a word I’ve ever been naturally inclined to use for a person living under socialism; in using it above, I was parroting, I think, faulty rhetoric that is widely used by anti-leftists. I don’t know that there is a term for the condition of a person under socialism, but it’s not slavery, in which one person is forced to labor for one other person, his owner. No, in socialism–which, as I’ll now note, is itself a faulty term–every person is laboring for every other. Because there is nothing social about it, the very term “socialism” is false; its essence is forced-anti-socialness, each person’s being forced to make free with the energy of others. That’s what anti-social behavior is: making free with the energy of others. That’s why I don’t apply the term “socialism” to any of this forced anti-socialness, whether it be strict socialism, in which everything is actually owned by the government, or socialism in its multifarious loose forms, such as Medicare, Social Security, “public” schools, and so on. If you favor any of these things–if you blithely support a “Canadian system” or “UK system” of medical care, as you yourself did, here at Occidental Dissent, the other day–then you are anti-social; you are inclined to make free with the energy of others. And PS, it’s “medical care,” not “health care.” The latter term is another bit of leftist falseness.

  7. Boo hoo.

    Those great friends of ours – the Club for Growth, the Chamber of Commerce, the Business Roundtable, the Wall Street Journal – will have to get used to paying higher taxes and paying a price when jobs are shipped overseas.

  8. If Trump wins on the strength of the white vote, at least we won’t have to suffer any longer Republicans who claim that elections can only be won by appealing to everyone other than whites.

  9. It’s National Health Service, technically.

    Trump isn’t exactly against such a thing.

    Perhaps it is a collar or something like that.

    It is of course impossible to maintain in a multiracial state. Such a state is no nation.

  10. One has to assume that there is a fairly large Syrian population already in the US. I understand that New Jersey is a major hub.

  11. I hope Denise and other folks with twitter accounts tell Trump we do not want any Syrian immigrants.

    If we worry, rightly so, about criminals crossing the Southern border, how much more should we be concerned about ISIS wolves masquerading as refugees.

  12. A large percentage of the “Syrian” “refugees” attacking the EU are actually from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan and Ethiopia and coming for big-money welfare. There are no jobs for them in Europe. None for which they have skills or education. Many will also probably end up here because the poorest and most worthless are prized by Diversityland.

  13. “It’s National Health Service, technically.”

    My remark about “health care” versus “medical care” was unintentionally worded so as to give the impression I was saying you yourself had used the phrase “health care,” Captain John. Actually, I was merely referring to the general use, nowadays, of “health care,” as opposed to “medical care.” Yes, I know Trump has spoken favorably of so-called single-payer or some such thing.

  14. When Hunter talked about Billionaires paying higher taxes…well I just burst into tears. I may not be able to sleep tonight. To think that they will actually have to pay the same taxes as…normal workers. The HORROR!

    John Bonaccorsi said,”…Don’t you see how meaningless all of this is, Mr. W.?…”

    Every journey starts with a single step. It took the Jews 100 years to take over the US. The whole Jewish control sphere could fall apart in a couple of years. Always remember the Jews have been kicked out of every single country they’ve been to in any significant numbers.

    For all those opposed to to any taxes on those with money what are you going to do when there’s no jobs, and I mean none, for you. You should read Dennis M. Bushnell, chief scientist at NASA Langley Research Center, “Future Strategic Issues/Future Warfare [Circa 2025] ” he goes over the trends of technology coming up and how they may play out. His report is not some wild eyed fanaticism it’s based on reasonable trends. Link.

    From the .pdf, Page 19 shows capability of the human brain and time line for human level computation.
    Page 70 gives the computing power trend and around 2025 we get human level computation for $1000. Within three to five years from that ALL jobs that an average person can do will be done by robots. It’s coming very fast. Either we have some kind of living wage system or the vast majority of ALL Americans will be so poor they will die off or be killed by the wealthy. Of course you may be so smart that you’re not worried but if you follow the technology,”By 2030, PC has collective computing power of a town full of human minds”. What will you do then? Will you just bow down to the computers superiority and give up?

  15. “What will you do then?”

    What will I do when technology has advanced to the point at which wonderful products and services will cost even less than they do now–for you, me, and everyone else? Be delighted, I guess.

  16. The political alignment will look different in economic contraction, even now in Chicago some of the Democratic Party teat babies are being set up for a booting.

  17. I believe a President Trump may be the spark that starts the rebellion. Imagine entire cities of Obama-progs refusing to recognize him as President. Would Trump march in troops in this case? My thing is as bad as it will be and as many people that will die, I am hoping for system collapse. This entire system needs to die so we can win.

  18. If the South somehow got it’s independence, the Northern White Populations being much more diverse and chaotic now than in 1860 would likely break apart into their own regions and Washington’s entire power base would collapse. The difference between 1861 and now is this.

    In 1861 we were a country of two races, Negro and White. There were smaller numbers of Jews and others but they were miniscule. We were largely of Northern European heritage with an Anglo-Saxon power structure which made us similar.

    After 1870 the North, with much of its male Anglo Saxon population destroyed during the war replaced them with Southern and Eastern Europeans to such an extent that by 1900 it was a different nation. Fast forward to 2015 and the North is even more diverse. No unity whatsover.

    This of course benefits any effort for secession for the simple reason it means the resistence against it by the population at large will be much weaker than in 1861 as no one has anything in common.

  19. John Bonaccorsi, said,”…What will I do when technology has advanced to the point at which wonderful products and services will cost even less than they do now–for you, me, and everyone else? Be delighted, I guess…”

    I didn’t make myself clear. I agree it can be that way. It’s what I hope for. Our present trajectory of Oligarchical capitalism is against that. They will own everything and will nickel and dime you to death to live. One example. A newspaper reporter wrote a story about lady in Florida about how she lived in a small house with solar power. She had no bills. Next thing you know the public utilities sued her and a judge ruled she must hook up to public utilities and of course pay.

    If we could keep an honest government responsive to the people then the lowering cost of robot slavery would be of great benefit but we don’t own the government, yet.

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