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  1. Breivik’s scheme was years in the making. This has triggered some Breiviks who will hatch within a few years, but the immediate responses will be of the more impulsive arsonist and football hooligan variety.

  2. The heck with Europe, I see this coming to the South at some point. Look, no state in Dixie voted for Gay Marriage, it was imposed by the courts. The first time US Marshals show up at a Baptist Church with two Gay men and a court order or even before this, I think you may see little Reichstag fires springing up all over the place.The Negroes may set it off before that so either way, ITS COMING! Deo Vindice.

    Hunter Wallace For President. BTW Hunter, I think you’d be a dang fine candidate not saying that to kiss ass but being real.

  3. “I think the invasion going on in Europe is bound to ignite a greater reaction than the one here.”

    “Mr. Scott, you may have just penned our epitaph.”

    H, after listening to El Rushbo, Hannity, etc, watching Jones, all my sources and a shillim’s worth of CNN, you may be penning the next chapter of Terran history: The Decline and Fall of The EU.

    And yes, a replay of the Balkans may well be at hand. And may God damn the idiot who coined the term “multiculturalism”!

  4. This may be what was needed to push a few nationalist parties over the hump. The anti-immigration Sweden Democrats, polling at 6% a couple years ago, are now polling at 25%. I could see nationalists mop up at the polls now.

  5. I think that is more likely that whites will get organized. Europeans in Europe are tribal. Much more tribal than any white American.

    However another Breivik type is inevitable in these circumstances.

    It’s a shame because what needs to happen instead is political organization. A few massacres here and there just backfire.

  6. “Hunter Wallace For President. BTW Hunter, I think you’d be a dang fine candidate not saying that to kiss ass but being real.”

    Billy Ray Jenkins I have greatly admired your comments, this is the first one I take issue with.

    It’s a very common mistake our people repeatedly make – we don’t participate in state and local politics where we can be effective, win, build power bases. Instead we waste all our time and money, hopes and dreams that some White savior will somehow come out of somewhere be elected President of the United States and then reverse everything bad that happened in our country since 1963.

    Usually it’s some hope for some well like folksy guy like “NASCAR driver RICHARD PETTY FOR PRESIDENT”, or 28 years and counting of the Ron Paul, now Rand Paul for President campaigns. There are White Americans who’ve been hoping on these Ron Paul for President campaigns for most of their entire lives.

    We should encourage Hunter Wallace to run for some office he can compete to win and win. David Duke won his State legislative campaign. Hunter should do that, build up to win county board president.

  7. You avoid Breivik type situations and still manage to be a staunch racialist by being hyperactive in this kind of environment, not by hiding or toning down rhetoric as some milquetoast racialists would have you believe. Breivik types are created out of desperation and a lack of practical applications in the real world.

    Believe it or not, silence and stagnation are what push people over the edge. It’s the frustration and isolation and the feeling that nobody is listening to them or can relate to them. Scratch the surface and you’ll find someone who is lonely and in a state of limbo or atrophy as far as professional and personal relationships are concerned. Some are truly insane or self-centered zealots of some type who just can’t be helped. But that’s not the case for the vast majority.

    If you are an American pro-White group, how do you benefit in this kind of obvious anti-White world where people are going to become more desperate and outraged? You organize and push outreach programs at warp speed. You can either watch people self-destruct with empty, counterproductive forms of activism, or you can take their growing resentment and potential negative energy and channel it into something that will not only benefit them, but you and other pro-Whites as well.

  8. Jack Ryan I meant for the future President of the Restored Confederate States of America when the day comes. Yes we need to concentrate on state and local building our power bases I agree. My understanding of law is that legally the Confederacy still exists. All that needs to happen is for County Commissioners in each Southern county to begin electing the new officials for a new state government under each states pre-1860 Constitution, these new state governments likely use the present districts to set Representative elections and the state legislature would staff the Senate. From there it’s the matter of appointing a Provisional President and Vice President by Congress until the election for these officials could be held. The legal framework is there, each of the 13 states has their old State Constitutions, we have the Confederate Constitution.

    The United States died on 12-20-1860. We have had two governments since, the Lincoln-Johnson war government and the Present 14th Amendment Government which has been in power since 1868. The 14th Amendment Government can be divided into three Periods, Reconstruction 1868-77, Southern Redemption and a Southern Power Base in Congress 1877-1933 and Roosevelt’s New World Order 1933-Present.

    The point is here, while we can point to good times, the period from 1877-1933 was obviously good times for Dixie and her influence overall, it was still a facade. Everything since 4/9/65 has been bayonet rule and every state elected government since 1868 has been illegal as well.

    If the CSA still exists it should be as straightforward as by using the 1860 Constitutions of each state as a guide, re-establishing local governments and then the national government. Another thing, this time the Capital never leaves Alabama.

  9. Hunter as for which country starts the rebellion, I think it could start rather simultaneously but I would pick France or Germany.

  10. same here Billy Ray, if Europe doesn’t do something radically soon, then I don’t know what to think, I wish more here in the states would.

  11. I hate to rain on everyone’s parade, but this will result in nothing more than the take over of Europe by hostile forces. Some may very well end up here with the help of Obama as well as the majority of our Christian churches. Sorry to be so pessimistic, but I lived through the integration of our schools in Alabama in the late 60’s early 70’s. Except for seeing my Uncle and one of his friends beat the hell out of a negroe at Southaide High School outside Selma for setting in their bus seat, I saw no two whites ever take up the fight together. Every time I had to fight blacks, the rest of the whites ran away. I see nothing but isolated resistance when lone individuals simply refuse to take it. There are far too many Glenn Beck types. Even many of my friends believe the hope of our nation and kind lie with a black ,an named Ben Carson.

  12. You must understand the end goal of the Jews is mass human depopulation. White populations must be destroyed first. Artificial intelligence and robotics is going to allow them to do 90% of the jobs men do right now. The simple fact is they cannot control a population of billions of humans very well, however if mankind was killed off to say 100 million or less, then its done.

    We are living in a world where AI and Robots are about to be used to take everything over. These human migrations and White Genocide are merely a part of it. They have to kill the resistance before it is born

  13. Billy Ray’s suggestion of the South starting to elect its own government reminds me of the analagous situation when I was in Afghanistan. The executives, mayors, governors, and police chiefs of every sub-district, district, and province in the official government had a counterpart in the Taliban’s shadow government. Suprisingly, the offical representive and the shadow representitive were often the same person. When the central government withdraws from an area, the shadow government is ready to assume full control. This may just work for the South.

  14. France or Germany… Maybe. The UK is out of the equation? Well. They’re too pro-multiculturalism I guess. Another Breivik… For now I see more Islamic Terrorism targetting these countries and other in Europe. A Breivik 2.0 might happen but he would have to be underground for years… Have no links to any pro-white groups. Remember Varg Virkenes was arrested in an isolated French village with quite some rifles, guns and ammos. Alledgely the judge thought he was ‘preparing’ something and since that couldnt be proved. He was eventually freed in the following days…

  15. “Which country is your candidate?”

    Somewhere in Scandinavia would be my guess – the reason they were so pussified (national hivemind) will switch to being an advantage when they hit a tipping point.

    Either that or East Europeans living in Western Europe.

  16. The video Lew provided is horrific.

    This is an unbelievable disaster for white men, women and children. The Brits and Germans have endured so much from the immigrants already, still their traitorous governments are bringing in even more parasites.

    How is it possible to recover from such a tsunami? Like locusts consuming and destroying everything in sight.

    Once they arrive it is impossible to remove them.

    Europe is being transformed before our eyes.

    Conquered without a shot fired. Overrun by savages.

    Despoiled not by war but cunning treachery.

  17. It won’t be amerikwa. The prisons are torturous, overpopulated black, draconian rules vs white, endless solitary sentences and death penalties. Most likely Eastern Europe if they let it get that far. But, the Europeans/ Germans, Irish or whoever need to move soon. The prisons are easy and sentences short Plus no death penalty.

  18. Anders Breivik is the John Brown of the upcoming European civil war. And if Europe’s elites find the mobs at their mansion doors with pitchforks and pikes, then they deserve nothing less for having sold out their own people. My question is this: just how long before “tipping point” is reached? The reservoir of anger among indigenous Europeans is huge. So far they have been good little hobbits, while Sharkey and his squint-eyed brutes plunder the Shire.

  19. We definitely need to be organizing and channeling the anger rather than letting more Dylan Roofs to keep cropping up one by one and ruining their lives. We need a way to attract and use people for our collective good before they take the lone wolf approach.

    I’m not a member at this time, but it looks to me like League of the South and Southern National Congress have done more in this direction than anybody.

    SNC claims to have been working on a constitution and I’d like to see it published. Once public it can serve as a unifying vision for people to unite under. Of course the proposed constitution would have to be appealing. I think it would be best to model after the original US Constitution , including the Bill of Rights, then make corrections from there to fix the “chinks in the armor” such as:

    1)limiting the freedom of religion to Christianity, Deism, Agnosticism, Atheism. It’s antithetical to Christianity to make it compulsory, so you have to give people some alternative and I think these options have a history of playing well in the West.

    2)Constitutionally restrict voting to white men, over the age of 30, and who are not in prisons, insane asylums, or nursing homes.

    3) Constitutionally protect freedom of association.

    4) Constitutionally restrict immigration to Western European whites and require them to sit before a randomly selected jury who may accept or reject aspirants for any reason they choose.

    5) I’d go ahead and keep the 13th amendment just because slavery of other peoples invariably leads to race mixing, and because we already have enough nonwhites in the country. We don’t need to import more. This amendment as written also protects the right to use prison labor.

    These are just 5 changes to the US constitution that would make a night and day difference. It shouldn’t be that hard for good ol’ boy types to understand and accept these few changes. It would be a much harder sale to try to convince people of something radically different from the Constitution that they already know.

    I know some people on here may have an anti-American sentiment, but you have to admit that the Constitution including the first 10 amendments was one of the greatest achievements of Western man. It just wasn’t bulletproof. Libtards have chipped away at it with creative interpretations and with new amendments that were almost always for the worse. These 5 amendments would fix 99% of our political problems today and in practice would be almost identical to the government we had prior to the Civil War, except for the constitutional ban on slavery.

  20. It would probably be a good idea to constitutionally ban income and property taxes too–At least at the federal level.

  21. 1776is1984
    ‘if Europe doesn’t do something radically soon, then I don’t know what to think, I wish more here in the states would.’

    Europe will shortly become a footnote in history books. The process of Islamification is well under way and cannot be reversed.

    I watched a very depressing video that was made a few years ago. Since that time the numbers have worsened and Europe is being flooded with even more Muslim refugees.

    It is far too late to turn back the tide. Eye-opening scary!

    We are next.

    The beginning deals with Europe’s declining population and from 2:00 on it shows the increasing numbers of Muzzies in Europe and what it portends.


    The most shocking VIDEO you will every watch!

  22. Putin is correct!

    Putin: Do you realize what you have done?


    Russian President Vladimir Putin told the U.N. on Monday that those who supported democratic revolutions in the Middle East are to blame for the rise of a globally ambitious Islamic State.

    “Instead of the triumph of democracy and progress, we got violence, poverty and social disaster — and nobody cares a bit about human rights, including the right to life,” Putin said through a translator. “I cannot help asking those who have forced that situation: Do you realize what you have done?”

    The Russian president added that the power vacuum following these revolutions led to the rise of terrorist groups in the region — including the Islamic State group.

    He told the United Nations General Assembly it would be an “enormous mistake” not to cooperate with the Syrian government to combat the extremist group.

    “No one but President (Bashar) Assad’s armed forces and Kurdish militia are truly fighting the Islamic State and other terrorist organizations in Syria,” he said.’

  23. Hey, New York jews! Why not petition your brothers in Israel to take Syrian refugees? Why ship them all over the world when Israel is next door?

    NYC Council Jewish Caucus Wants Obama to Admit More Syrian Refugees


    A caucus of the New York City Council’s 13 Jewish lawmakers is calling on the United States government to admit more Syrian refugees than currently allowed.

    “We believe that the United States has the opportunity and obligation to do much more to help relieve this crisis,” the caucus, chaired by Councilman Mark Levine, a Manhattan Democrat, said in a joint statement. “We therefore call on President Obama to accelerate the pace at which our nation is providing refuge to Syrian migrants, beyond the current modest target of only 10,000 over the next year.”

    They said that the migrant crisis has particularly poignancy for them. “Many of us grew up with or have family members who were forced to flee persecution. All of us are keenly aware of the countless times in history in which Jews have been refugees.”

  24. Breivik was a pro-Israel, radical zionist. Naturally the Jewish media tries to downplay this, but his manifesto definitely shows he was influenced by his zionism.

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