Roundtable Discussion: Sheldon Adelson, Jewish Influence, and Campaign Finance

By Hunter Wallace

I’ve just come up with a great idea.

Let’s have a roundtable discussion across the blogosphere and on Twitter under #JewishControl – nothing but the “top” racists and anti-Semites – on the recent article in New York Magazine about Sheldon Adelson and whether all the Republicans going out to Las Vegas to get down on their knees before their master is “bad optics” for the Jews.

Do you think it is “bad optics”? Some of us have believed for years that Jewish oligarchs like Sheldon Adelson and their creatures like AIPAC have usurped control over US foreign policy. As Donald Trump would say, Adelson has 100 percent total control over his puppets. Does that fuel anti-Semitism? What do you think?

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  1. Trump’s remarks were restrained compared to Cruz’s remarks.

    Cruz thinks millions of Israelis and Americans will die because of this deal, Israel and the east coast of the US will be reduced to ashes by the Iranian nuclear arsenal, and all of the profits from Iran’s expanded foreign trade will be funneled to Hezbollah and the Houthis, who are terrorists intent of spreading havoc throughout Israel, America and Europe, and therefore opposition to the Iran deal is the most important issue in the history of the world.

    Trump says Obama and Kerry should have negotiated harder and obtained the release of four US citizens currently held in Iranian prisons.

  2. The Koch brothers, major donors who are constantly being pilloried by name by the leftists, must not be Jewish.

  3. If decades of groveling before AIPAC by U.S. politicians and Isrul/Jews 24/7 on just about every media outlet of any sort hasn’t angered or opened the eyes of non-Jewish Americans to the corrosiveness of the Jewish community, I don’t know what will. Americans eagerly pay for the holocaust as if it happened on U.S. soil and call Jewish treason and hostility a central part of our culture. U.S. Christians are even willing to have their own religion destroyed in order to make nice to Jews. It looks hopeless to me.

  4. Would that Trump’s comments on Adelson would fuel anti-semitism but Americans are hopelessly jewified. It once was not this way.

  5. Well, everyday I’m more anti-semitic than the day before…
    Yes, kids: it’s never too early to start hating kikes!
    Hate them all, with a passion! 😉

    That being said, I don’t think zionists like Adelson are really the “alpha” jews.
    In fact, I think the real top jews couldn’t care the less about israel.
    Maybe they pay some lip service to zionism, but that’s it.
    Jews are really rat-like creatures, and said jewish ubergodfathers way more so.
    They don’t like homogeneous societies – not even those built by other (lesser) jews.
    Like rodents, they love to navigate through the ruins of decadent societies.
    David Duke, in his last interviews with Red Ice Radio, nailed it: the Iran deal is really smart jews i.e. cosmopolitan “alpha” jews vs dumb jews – israelis (sephardi + lesser kikes).
    They are reducing the Western World to ruins&debris… why ruin everything just to appease some stupid sephardi like netanasshole.

  6. According to the article, Adelson is holding out and hasn’t picked his horse yet, although it will probably be Rubio. He also doesn’t have any leverage over Trump who can finance his own campaign.

  7. On bad optics: no, right now it’s not.
    It’s something you can’t talk/write about when in “polite” society.
    If we were able to bring back into public discourse the idea that you can bitch about jewish behavior then yes, it’d definitely be bad optics.
    Right now, most people pretend to not notice these things.

    We must make anti-semitism cool again.
    It can be done.

  8. Thanks again, Alberto; I enjoyed listening to that. What strikes me as odd is that the clever Jews, as Duke called them, the ones who use Obama against the Zionist Jews, seem to be regarded by anti-Israel leftists–meaning white liberals–as having liberal impulses. I can’t adduce evidence in support of that; it’s just an impression I have. When white liberals condemn Israel for its fascism, or human-rights abuses, or whatever it is they say, they seem to me to be thinking that the Jews behind Obama similarly disdain Israel. They’re guileless; they don’t see that it’s all calculation on the part of the non-Zionist Jews.

  9. Alberto you are right but you must understand what these Cosmopolitan Jews want. These Jews want a Marxist-Transhumanist future where most of mankind is dead. To control humanity, the population must be very small probably 100-200 million.

    In this scenario Jews will have cyborgs, androids, supercomputers and everything to serve them. They will keep alive some goyim as technicians until they no longer need them. Eventually when artificial intelligence arises there will be little need for goyim technicians and tinkerers as you will have robots who can do everything.

    The Jews have two main parts to the plan. PART ONE-WHITE GENOCIDE and the elimination of Christianity. PART TWO-The extermination of most of the human race using race-specific biological weapons, low grade nuclear weapons, chemicals, everything and anything you can think of up to and including The Terminator. This was all game planned years ago. Issac Asimov a Jew began writing I ROBOT in 1940 and finished it in 1950. Huxley’s Brave New World was in 1931 and look close at it, every major criminal has a Jewish name.

    Coincidence? Nope

  10. The Jews hate Christ and anything they can do to destroy Christianity they will do. What fun would they have if they reduced the world to mere robots? The Jews need the Gentiles, it’s the only way they get to be Jews. Any Jew whether liberal or conservative is one thing only a Jew. In the final analysis they stick together. This is how they succeed. Some Jews here don’t like israel’s policies but they are Jews who have to get ahead of any gentile who might criticize Israel. They run every racket every side of every racket and the extent of their stranglehold is too much for the average person to understand.

  11. Billy Ray Jenkins is correct. The Jews bought the company that makes all these robots. The one that worries me is at 5:40.

    The question is with the Jews track record on killing others and committing genocide is it safe to let them control any such power?

  12. Here’s another quick one. Remember computer power doubles about every two years so it will go twice as fast two years from now.

  13. I know I’ll sound stupid, but isn’t there a way, in the US, to start a popular petition/law proposal on certain issues?
    I think one the first screws to tighten is the nationality/citizenship things: it shouldn’t be possible to have 2+ citizenships.
    That would piss off jews badly, I think.
    You could sell it to the public in a number of way: patriotic foaming; to fight terrorism; etc.
    I doubt anything would be accomplished, but at least the foreign elite would expose herself on this issue, too.
    Some Le American Bear might actually connect the dots and start questioning the loyalty of his neighbor: “Oh, he is such a kind jew!”
    No, you dumbass: it’s a fucking kike!

  14. In fact, just to make it spicier, the proposal should require that those whit 2+ citizenships, not only to keep only the American one (or leave), but to serve for a number of years in the military, ready for action on the front.
    Again: it would never pass, but if done properly as a troll storm on the web, it’d open some pairs of eyes.

  15. Such a troll campaign would need some powerful slogan.
    Learning from the cuckservative sensation, I guess it should be pretty vulgar.
    Something like: “America is not a slut: Give her your undivided loyalty or leave!”
    “Either you’re American or you’re something else. Something-elses have to go elsewhere.”

  16. Alberto – SCREW “polite society”. The Polite Crowd has allowed the Jew Kikenvermin Devils from HELL to destroy everything. Name the Kike out loud.

  17. @ Sam. The jews own all the companies in everything which is why everything is trashed and ruined. Of course they would own the robots. My point to BRJenkins who writes great comments is a larger one. The Jew is a Jew but needs the gentiles of the world to define him as such. They need the gentile so I can’t get to the idea that they would just want a few scattered people around and the rest robots. All of their qualities of cunning, intrigue, trickery, deviousness etc etc., all that defines them, they would miss their own selves and want gentiles back to screw with their heads. These people are not stupid. If there were just jews and robots the jews would start killing each other.

  18. For ye, brethren, became followers of the churches of God which in Judea are in Christ Jesus: for ye also have suffered like things of your own countrymen, even as they have of the Jews:
    Who both killed the Lord Jesus, and their own prophets, and have persecuted us; and they please not God, and are contrary to all men:
    Forbidding us to speak to the Gentiles that they might be saved, to fill up their sins alway: for the wrath has come upon them to the uttermost.

    Thessalonians 2:14-16

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