Sheldon Adelson Is Ready To Buy The Presidency

By Hunter Wallace

Read the whole thing:

“As such, he is unaccustomed to being ignored. Among the 17 candidates currently vying for the Republican presidential nomination, most are also competing in the “Adelson primary”: the hotly contested race for the donor’s heart, which runs through Israel. Adelson’s support for the Jewish state is so intense that he opposes American efforts to broker a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, arguing that the Palestinians are “an invented people” whose “purpose … is to destroy Israel”; rather than negotiate with Iran, Adelson has called for a preemptive nuclear strike against the Islamic Republic. The stakes of getting on his good side are enormous. In 2012, Adelson spent $20 million supporting Newt Gingrich, single-handedly keeping him afloat during the primaries and doing great damage to Mitt Romney in the process; then, after Gingrich finally fell, Adelson shelled out $30 million to plump up Romney. All told, Adelson reportedly spent $100 million against Obama in 2012. In 2016, says one prominent ­Republican operative, “every candidate thinks, I can either be the Gingrich of the cycle, meaning Sheldon could give me oxygen, or I don’t want to be on the opposite side of who his Gingrich is this ­cycle. They want to benefit from Sheldon’s largesse or make sure no one else benefits from it.” …

Netanyahu’s congressional speech, which was arranged by House Speaker John Boehner and boycotted by some 60 Democratic members, was a watershed moment in the partisanization of Israel — a development that, along with the Zionification of the GOP, may prove to be one of the most enduring foreign-policy legacies of the Obama years. Even if the GOP never wins the Jewish vote or the most money from Jewish donors, Jewish Republicans have already seized control of their party’s foreign-policy platform for the foreseeable future. Under the next Republican president, one neoconservative foreign-policy thinker predicts, the American Embassy in Israel will be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. American military aid to Israel, already substantial, will become even more substantial. “They’ll get whatever they want. They’ll get shit they don’t want. We’ll arm them to the teeth.” And it won’t just be Israel. On other national-security issues, ranging from domestic surveillance to Iranian nukes, the priorities of Adelson and his fellow Jewish Republicans are now the priorities of the GOP. “Now, when the GOP ultimately does succeed and takes back the White House,” this neocon says, “the hawks will have their way.”

Is it a “Jewish conspiracy” or just how the system works?

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  1. These same “Jewish Republicans” will be at their wits end trying to figure our where anti-Semitism comes from.

  2. And I thought it strange when at least two candidates for the Republican nomination– Huckabee and Paul– campaigned in Israel.

  3. John Bonaccorsi, Philadelphia
    ‘Off topic, but interesting piece here re blacks as group with an anti-immigration history, exploitable by Trump’

    This video ishigly representative of the anti-immigrant sentiment of blacks.

  4. Sheldon Adelson doesn’t need to buy politicians to be pro-Israel, because that’s like buying the cow when you’re getting the milk for free. And as far as Democrats that vote for the Iran deal, it’s not that they’re “anti-Semitic,” it’s that they are reacting to political party loyalty.

    Adelson’s reason for buying politicians is to keep the borders open to keep his casino labor costs low. That’s where his money actually has substantial influence.

    Stepping back for a moment and looking at the big picture, the fundamental problem here isn’t over why for for what reason Adelson is buying politicians, it’s the fact that he has the ability to buy politicians at all. A problem that won’t truly be solved until we repudiate democratic republicanism. And no, voting Trump or repealing Citizens United won’t cut the mustard.

  5. That was a wild video, Sam. I got kind of a kick out of that black woman, the way she said, with pride, something like, “We”–meaning blacks–“put the pipes in the ground.”

  6. John Bonaccorsi,
    I got kind of a kick out of that black woman, the way she said, with pride, something like, “We”–meaning blacks–“put the pipes in the ground.”

    I laughed at that.

    Yea, everything here was built by industrious blacks. And the pyramids in Egypt too, if you’d ask her.

    Thank goodness for negro ingenuity. We’d all be living in huts if we hadn’t stolen their technology.

  7. ” A problem that won’t truly be solved until we repudiate democratic republicanism.”

    Wow, Countenance. I thought you were a bureaucrat but you’re a wise man.

  8. That Israeli is just blowing hot air. The jews aren’t as cohesive as people believe. They are waiting for a messiah to be the King of the jews. Which means right now they don’t have a leader. There are several blocks the jews are currently separated into. The Israelis and the domestic hebes have had a falling out recently. The jews in Europe seem to believe they made a deal with Islam. I bet they didn’t. Islam has not been the same since the Palestinian Occupation. If they think they can go back to being friends like in Spain before the muslims were kicked out, its because they’re stupid. The domestic jews seem to feel they no longer need Israel, or maybe they just need a new Hollowcost story, because the other one is getting too old.

  9. Marc Bahn

    Yes, I just might be a greasy lobbyist and PR hack by day and by evening, but the rest of the time, I’m an okay dood.

    I’ve actually made my dark enlightenment sympathies pretty well known on my blog, which I know you read.

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