A Little Slavic Blood

Gary Kasparov

Last week I attended a speech, Q & A by “Russian” chess master Gary Kasparov. Gary Kasparov is now considered THE best chess player in history. He has also been heavily involved in Russian/Soviet politics, first getting on the wrong side of the Soviet establishment and now being one the leading critics, enemies of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Though Gary Kasparov presents his opposition to Putin and the Soviets as grounded in the battle between dictators and “the free world” democracies, my jew radar was always telling me that it was something different.

Jews being unhappy and causing trouble in Russia and other White countries.

Sure enough a simple Wikipedia search confirmed that Gary Kasporov’s birth name was “Garik Kimovich Weinstein’, which quickly brings to mind another anti Russian nationalist name changer Leon Trotsky/Lev Bronstein.

Kasporov’s speech was impressive – he is charming, funny. His political agenda seems pretty much standard Neo Conservative, promoting “freedom and democracy”. He had great things to say about German chancellor Merkle (figures) and claimed Israel was the only “democracy” in the Middle East. He made lots of charges that Putin was acting like other dictators including Hitler and that the Obama administration wasn’t doing enough to oppose Putin in Syria and support democracy and other foolish nonsense.

But, all in all Kasparov seemed like a very smart and likable guy – not vicious or hateful, just foolish on politics – should have stuck to chess. He’s probably a “3” instead of a “6”.

I want to share with OD readers some personal information. Though I am overwhelmingly White Midwestern British/WASP – I’m 25% Russian. The start of my Russian family was a German princess married off to a weak Russian Czar. Weak Russian leaders don’t last that long and there was a coup de tat led by a giant German leader of the court Praetorian Guard. My Great, Great, Great (maybe a few more) grandmother was made the leader of Russia and she had an affair with the German military guy who did the coup – their son was the start of my Russian family. So history had it that German royals were running Russia, same as German affiliated royals become the royals in Merry Old England. Heinrich Himmler would support having German/Nordics running Slavic Eastern Europe – but I don’t agree. German and Nordics tend to get soft and weak over time, aspire to be the GF wives of Black UN Councilor Generals or Tiger Woods Gfs. Look at Christie Brinkley – sure she’s pretty, still is. Look at who she mated and notice her/Billy Joel’s nasty skanky daughter. Slavs don’t tend to do this. Somewhere along the way my Germanic Russian family became very Slavic Russian. I spent lots of great times in Paris France with my Russian great aunt who was smoking a cigarette and drinking whiskey at the ripe old age of 92. My very slavic Russian great aunt agreed with me on virtually all things about politics and history, also tennis. She was 100% opposed to Muslims over running France and thought Jimmy Carter was a complete idiot.

What kind of proud nation has a leader named “Jimmy”.

So I’m probably about 18% Slavic. My slavic blood seems to have completely immunized me to all things Liberal/Libertarian. In the entire history of Russia there was only one “liberal” leader – the Jewish Social Democrat Kerensky, who obviously didn’t last long replaced by the murderous Trotsky/Bronstein Bolsheviks. Western Europe is now being invaded and overrun by 800,000 plus Black, 3rd world Muslim men – this is just in one year. Slavic Eastern European nations like Poland are having none of it. Right of center, zero Muslim migrant Law and Justice party has swept elections in Poland. Poland and Hungary are looking and acting great! I was once engaged to a Serbian woman from Montenegro and was trying to explain to her family and the locals why the United States bombed the hell out of the Serbs to create an Albanian Turk Muslim nation in Kosovo Serbia. And after some attempts at trying to explain Jewish Neo Conservatives behind the war, I simply admitted:

“Because most Americans are idiots.”

European Slavs are not idiots on all things that matter. My 18% Slavic blood has immunized me against all things liberal, libertarian, race denying, universalist stupid #*$(#.

If you are feeling down and depressed about deteriorating conditions in BlackRuledAmerica – search some Youtube videos of Cossacks reborn confronting PussyRiot. Also note that Russian Czar (yeah he’s the Czar) Vladimir Putin has sound, firm but fair policies to all the bad things about corrupt USA, Western Europe. Putin won the second Chetnia war – Mountain Muslims in and around Mother Russia threaten trouble, but think maybe it’s better to gate crash Sweden than &#*@(# with Vladimir Putin or the Cossacks/KGB. Arabs in Syria and elsewhere tend to respect a firm but fair White tough guy – and that’s what Vladimir Putin and most Slavic European guys are – tough guys, not pussies. The best boxers in the world are now all Slavic White guys.

Here’s one of my favorite historical photos – of the Yid oligarch of Yukos oil placed in a public cage for trying to start American style TV networks and insulting Russian nationalism. Putin put this Yid in cage then sentenced him to a few years of hard labor in Siberia. Most of the top Yid oligarch decided that it was a good time to jump ship and move to England and buy up British Premier League soccer clubs.



  1. Slavic is GOOD, but do you have an Hebe alleles?

    You must learn to not EVER question me on anything pertaining to the Zhid It’s NOT a “Question” It’s a DISASTER issues.

  2. Check out this great, sexy but not slutty music video of girls saying they want Vladimir Putin as their leader

  3. jack ryan
    ‘Putin put this Yid in cage then sentenced him to a few years of hard labor in Siberia.’

    I like that photo.

    That cage would be a fitting destination for Warspite.


  4. “You don’t need to have slavic blood to be immune to “libertardism”! ????”

    But it sure helps

    Just think how proud our Slavic brothers are tonight knowing bad ass Vladimir Putin has met with Russian/Soviet defense forces and came up with a plan to hunt down and kill all the swarthy unter mudslide scum that was involved with the bomb on the Russian plane and the slaughter in France.

  5. Putin’s not been ordained/crowned Tsar. What is his rationale, then, by allowing the Romanov’s back into the country?

  6. Putin’s not been ordained/crowned Tsar. What is his rationale, then, by allowing the Romanov’s back into the country?”

    I the direct descendant of Catherine the Great am ordaining him Czar

  7. the Jew Kasparov’s anti-Russian op-eds appear regularly in the neo-con WSJ. He’s a murderous, anti-White globalist

    and I don’t doubt for a moment that Jack is a direct descendant of Cathy the great. Only question is, did dad have 2 legs…or 4?

  8. Thanks, Jack for telling us who your ancestor is. You do realize that, to Orthodox minds, both Catherine and Peter were ‘not so great’ and actually poisoned the Orthodox Church, and set in motion much of the ‘invite the world, invade the world’ pseudo-papist mentality, that literally crippled the Holy Synod for almost two hundred years… that only under Putin, is now being rectified?

    Pseudo-Lutherans are not Russian, nor Orthodox. But, at least I can understand where your bent toward megalomania in your posts, comes from. Slava!

  9. Haxo Angmark is spreading typical same old same old Jewish lies and slurs.

    There is a reason Russians and Europeans call Czarina Catherine “the Great”.

    Because Russians thought she was great,

    When she learned about the horrors of the French Revolition she clamped down on Communists socialists anarchists and this of course included restrictions on Jewish power- same thing Putin is doing now.

    Catherine’s enemies including the worst Jews slander her as a whore.

    Her lovers were few and of extremely high quality men inuding Pushkin and Orlov.

    Understand whenever we get a strong Nationalist leader anywhere the enemy of our people will slander that leader with all sorts of lies, read the obscene sexual slander of Jesus Christ in the Talmud.

  10. 1. Bobby Fisher.
    2. Bobby Fisher despised Judaists.
    3. Bobby Fisher was the best chess player ever.
    4. Einstein was no Nicholas Tesla.
    5. Kasparov was no Bobby Fisher.
    6. Get my drift?

  11. John

    Though I think Bobby Fisher was the superstar of chess his brilliance was short lived.

    Kasparov is considered the greatest chess master of all time…

    He s smarter than you or I.

    His politics however suck.


  12. Thank you, Mr. Ryan, for your interesting report and your being forthcoming about your background. Now we know whence ye acquireth thy psychick intensity.

  13. As to Kasparov : I feel like you, and perhaps, as well, Father John : that he is brilliant, but, I do not care for his politicks.

    I follow Russia, know Russians intimately, and, as well, am a member of the Russian Orthodox Church.

    Putin has done one hell of a job – taken a nation largely broken – and made some pretty significant improvements.

    Following on Father John’s heels, I will add this tidbit :

    When Czar Nicholas II was deposed there were approximately 27,000 functioning parishes in Mother Russia. After Gorbachev fell, in 1989, there were only some 3,000 remaining, and they were largely constrained and compromised by state pressure and interference. (priests being forced to supply private confessions to the KGB is one way)

    Now, 26 years later, and most of it under Putin, the number of parishes in Russia has skyrocketed beyond even Czarist numbers – to over 30,000!

    That Russia still has a lot of broken degenerates from the Soviet era is undeniable, but, that they are enjoying a spiritual renaissance is, too, undeniable.

  14. You definitely have the traditional antisemitism down! I never heard of “Jew radar”, but understand its popular culture derivation. It’s somewhat ironic the roots are in “gaydar” in light of a substantial probability (though not certainty) that within the next decade the WN movement will have a large gay membership. Ten years after that, the leadership will be largely gay.

    You can obsess about Jews in the weirdest and crudest manner you like. There is an envy and fear of Jews I do not comprehend. Like your right wing extremist kook predecessors you will always believe Jews are smarter and more successful than you, even when faced with evidence to the contrary. There will always be hypocrisy & the need to move the goalposts in arguments. Kasparov is brilliant and Jewish= bad. Bobby Fisher was brilliant & Jewish but became a virulent antisemite=good. The fact Fisher’s condition was also part of a tragic breakdown/unraveling and waste of brilliance will be, waived?

    WN’s at their best will strive to be like Goering, and what is it he said? Oh yeah, “I decide who is a Jew”. Better get those waiver & dispensation forms out, guys.

    An interesting though not entirely accurate rendition of Russian History. The narrative seems to reference the events of Peter III or possibly Tsar Paul. Since the latter’s abilities and goals are still in controversy, I presume the reference is to the coup that brought Catherine II to power? (I hope I got the numbers right, it’s been a good while since my days of studying Russian History).

    The claims of Kerensky being Jewish are strange because they are not true. No reputable scholar would make a claim based on the circulation of false propaganda. The reference to Trotsky being Jewish is misleading, since he was a Communist and abjured his faith. Your narrative also leaves out the person who drove the Revolution & was in charge, V.I. Lenin. Def not Jewish.

    You cannot study or discuss History in a meaningful and intelligent manner when all you do is look for confirmation bias. Everything becomes just another tract or pamphlet of propaganda. I guess that is ok if it is your intent.

    Your knowledge of Putin’s relationship with Jews is sadly deficient. I will not even get into details I know from once-removed personal experience other to advise you are again cherry-picking facts to achieve confirmation bias. Putin is not the man you seem to believe when it comes to either his relationship with Jewish folk or with Israel.

  15. I apologize! Something muy importante.

    My old posting brings me to ask a question. What about Magyars? Where are they in the WeeNie universe? They are certainly not East Europeans. If you think so, try suggesting that in a Budapest bar. I will spare you any more detail from “the day”, back in the good old Cold War period- where we all knew where we stood. (Of course, the Eastern Bloc was quite a dump!)

  16. Warspite // November 19, 2015 at 7:41 am //
    “You definitely have the traditional antisemitism down!”

    A couple of days ago you said. “Israel is surrounded by murdering Muslims”. Yet Muslims are majority of Semites in the Middle East! So that makes you the biggest anti-Semite on this blog!

    I suggest you read Open Borders for Israel until you get better. They are fighting bigotry one Jew at a time!

    • Your attempt to utilize a hyper technical point is poorly conceived. In all discussions or debates parties must identify their terms. In the U.S. the definition of the term “anti-Semite” is well known and agreed upon. If you want to change the definition of the term, go ahead. But your terminology is only of use to you and a few other people whose motivation is hatred of Jews.

      If you think there is any effectiveness in arguing your “open borders for Israel” contention, go ahead. Your inability to distinguish fundamental differences in systems of government is embarrassing. The fact you adamantly oppose immigration and “open borders” in the US, a large geographic nation with over 300 million people, has been noted. You may think it’s fun to argue Israel should open its borders to everyone, but it just highlights your willingness to engage in rank hypocrisy due to hatred of Jews. This will naturally present the question of whether YOU actually have any inalterable, fundamental beliefs. It also put your character in issue.

      Finally, assuming you were since you would recognize that Israel does have open borders. Under the Law of Return any Jew from anywhere in the world can come to Israel and be a permanent citizen. A state founded on religion, Judaism, extends the Law of Return to any Jew. Is this not satisfactory as an “open border”?

      Your hate on this one seems to stem from your belief all Jews want to open the US borders to anyone who wants to enter the US for any reason. Even entering for no reason. I hate to upset your apple cart but I absolutely disagree with the concept of an open border as you describe. Further, I have NEVER met a Jewish person who advocated this position. The only exception might be someone who is Jewish and works for one of the two major political parties. Given the fact both Democrats and Republicans usually seem very soft on immigration matters, I would put nothing past a professional employee or operative of the parties. But this goes for Jew, Gentile, Sikh, Zoroaster, Wiccan, etc., etc.

      If you are going to post in response please write something thoughtful. Just because I may not agree with whatever might be your point does not mean I cannot recognize and admire a well-made argument.

  17. Warspite writes:

    “Your hate on this one seems to stem from your belief all Jews want to open the US borders to anyone who wants to enter the US for any reason. Even entering for no reason. I hate to upset your apple cart but I absolutely disagree with the concept of an open border as you describe. Further, I have NEVER met a Jewish person who advocated this position.”

    I respond:

    We’ve documented the sad, but irrefutable fact that the Jewish political, cultural, financial elite has been terrible of the live or die issue of immigration to the USA – and the American Jewish community has been terrible for a long, long time – at least as far back as that hideous Zionist Emma Lazarus carved that horrible poem on our Statue of Liberty.

    Here’s the reality of Jewish American congressmen and US Senators on immigration: all F grades from NumbersUSA


    Other documentation of the Jewish elite pushing for open borders immigration, ending of restrictions keeping out the worst terrorists, plague carriers, drug dealers, gang members include

    demanding that the Sierra Club end all discussion of limiting immigration to protect the environment.

    (Wall Street investor David Gelbaum, who stated “I did tell Carl Pope in 1994 or 1995 that if they ever came out anti-immigration, they (Sierra Club) would never get a dollar from me.”).

    • What an incredible load of crapola. You identify whatever number of liberal Democrat happen to be Jewish. Then- surprise! These liberal Democrat Jews vote like all liberal Democrats. Again, amazing!

      The only thing your research proves is that Jews in Congress (incl Senste) are all Democrats. That’s it, end of story. Trying to extrapolate from such ridiculous statistical analysis that all Jews, or all “elite” Jews, favor what you call open borders is deeply flawed and assinine. Using your method of analysis there are all sorts of “proof” or “evidence” that can be culled out to support all sorts of absurd conclusions.

      I suspect whoever comes up with this stuff knows how flawed it is. Thus, bets are hedged by being able to fall back on some undefinable (or really, definable however you want) Jewish elite. That way even when you cannot find any real, live middle class Jew who is “open borders” you can use Google to identify wealthy Jews to ascribe “elite”.

      If there are 3 million Jewish voters in the US and 2.96 million want nothing to do with open borders, WeeNies will simply say the 40k Jews are the wealthy “elite” Jews who really run the show. No matter what the numbers you will always search for the information that confirms what you want to prove.

      On the Israel borders thing, do I really have to again state how incredibly ridiculous and unintelligent your position? Hypocrisy amongst Jewish pols in the US who want tough law & order in Israel while they coddle multiculturalism at home sicken me. But the issue of Israel’s borders vs US immigration is not apples and oranges. It’s more like apples and strychnine.

      You also ignore the Law of Return as “open border”, and fall into the common kook difficulty of being unable to distinguish Jews who are American from Israeli Jews. I suppose you really can’t acknowledge the obvious since to do so undermines the weirdo, eugenic argument WeeNers love.

      I know Hunter doesn’t care for Ivy League & such, so I’ll just say that anyone from Duke, Vandy or Emory would easily see through such a flawed analysis. I think peeps from Morehouse or Howard could see the deep flaws.

      One last thing. I cannot help but notice many of the arguments you are tossing around as proof are remarkably similar to whining arguments I have heard over the decades in Ga.

      • From what I have read, the Jewish community is very proud of its long support for open borders and other causes such as gay marriage. While I am sure there are Jews who oppose open borders and lax immigration enforcement, that is very much a minority position.

        • Ha! Take a stroll through some of the Jewish areas of Brooklyn and you will see how Liberal some Jewish communities are.

          I’m guessing maybe half of Jewish people identify themselves as “Liberal”. The remainder are split moderate or conservative. (Maybe a few communists, anarchists, etc.?). The American Jewish community definitely skews heavily Liberal in orientation for reasons that are obvious. The barriers separating or discriminating against Jews were almost all knocked down by Liberals and Progressives. Don’t forget the majority of Jews trace their arrival to the US between 1880-1920, so 100-140 years is not huge in the span of time. Like all groups I’m sure in the future Jews will have changes in political orientation. Didn’t the black community used to be pretty strong in its Republican affiliation.

          Could you help me out by defining what you mean by “open borders”? I’m not sure we have the same thing in mind.

  18. @Warspite
    Calling all disagreement “hate” is childish. There is nothing “hateful” about wanting a diverse Israel, unless you are a Jewish bigot.

  19. warspite writes:
    “What an incredible load of crapola. You identify whatever number of liberal Democrat happen to be Jewish.”

    I respond.

    It ain’t just those gosh darn “Liberal Democrats” that happen to be Jewish. It’s Jewish American elite of all political, cultural persuasions. And 80% plus of American Jews vote Lib Democrat, American Jews voted for Obama in the same high 80% plus as Muslims in America.

    Supposedly “Conservative”, responsible Jewish GOP leaders like former House Majority leader Eric Cantor have the same, identical, open borders immigration views, and policies as Lib Democrat Jews. Virginia voters made the unprecedented move of kicking out Cantor for his terrible immigration views and policies. I believe this never happened in a political primary in the history or our nation.

    Also, the Neo Conservative Jews that were welcomed to come over to National Review from Commentary Magazine basically purged anyone on our side that dared mention sane views on immigration – Peter Brimelow, John O Sullivan, Pat Buchanan and latest John Derbyshire are purged by that #&*#(@ fat New York Jew John Podhorowitz, Jonah Goldberg etc.

    Here’s the true story on supposed patriot Jewish Conservative GOP House Majority leader Eric Cantor going down.


  20. I think there is something to Warspite’s sentiments about the extremely reductionist habits of the Jewish Supremacists (white-nationalist anti-semites)


    Being much more familiar with real living Jews, than, probably, all those Jewish supremacists, who have read so many ‘reports’ at Der Sturmer and other assorted sites, it is my personal experience that what Mr. Griffin said, right above, is spot on.

  21. Warspite writes:

    “Could you help me out by defining what you mean by “open borders”? I’m not sure we have the same thing in mind.”

    I respond:

    Sure, basically Open Borders immigration to the USA, what remains of White Western countries (Canada, Australia, UK, Europe) – anyone and everyone welcomed to simply move in mass to our countries and be accepted as full citizens, eligible for free k-18 education. This open borders immigration imperative includes supporting mass Muslim male immigration as apparently 800,000 third world Muslim men have invaded Germany and Western Europe in this year alone. The Jewish political, cultural, financial elite supports this mass Muslim immigration – anybody who objects is smeared as terrible evil NAZI racist who’s supposedly doing the same thing when the USA turned away some Jews fleeing the Nazis before, during World War II.

    The Jewish media in my town of Chicago is going nuts over this comparison/lie. Washington Post lying Jewesses like Jennifer Rubin are putting out some lying spin that the terrorists who slaughtered all those folks in Paris were mostly French and Belgians, only one Syrian Muslim migrant. The terrorists were of course Belgian and French in name only having been born and raised, radicalized in terrible Muslim slums in France and Belgium.

    The other lying spin by the WashPost and other lying Jew news media is that when the facts confirm these terrorists are home grown Arab Muslim terrorists radicalized in European prisons where 70% plus of the prisoners are Muslims – it’s some how all the fault of mean, racist White Europeans who weren’t nurturing and accepting to these Muslim men who grew up in Europe.

    It’s a similar spin that all the terrible murder and mayhem done in Black ares of Baltimore isn’t the fault of the actually Black criminals themselves or the Black/Lib political/education powers in Baltimore, instead it’s all our fault, evil White racists somehow made these Black people attack and murder everyone, mostly each other.

    • Ha! Double Ha! Because a few lamebrained media & usual suspects spout stupidity you really believe the Jewish community wants the borders opened for everyone? Even for unlimited number of Muslims?!? Not only is that ridiculous, if you made the statement at any Jewish Center facility in the US (except maybe Hollywood!) they would absolutely assume you were trying to be humorous. It is really, truly absurd.

      You know, I’m pretty sure most of the pols in DC who are supporting Obama are mainline Christians by birth. Therefore, all Presbyterians, Episcopalians, Congregationalists are in on this conspiracy thing you guys believe in about blacks running the govt. I knew those damn Episcopalians could not be trusted!

    • You see, Ricardo. It’s because of WeeNettes like you that Denise can tell the guys/gals not to worry too much about OD.

  22. Warspite

    The Chicago Lib Jewish media is doubling down and going postal over even modest efforts to scale down mass Muslim/Syrian refugees flooding in to Illinois. The City council just passed some bill making Chicago a “Sactuary City for all Syrian Muslim migrants”.

    One of the worst, most vicious immigration Jewish writers here is the Chicago Sun Times’ Neil Steinberg:

    Check out some of his rhetoric about evil WASPs in our country on immigration:

    “No refugee group was welcomed in this country. From the Irish in the 1840s onward, all were diseased subhumans bringing crime and strange ways who could never fit in to the American dream. Ditto for the Chinese — our first anti-immigration laws were to keep them out. Ditto the Italians. And the Eastern Europeans. In the late 1930s, 83 percent of Americans — about as close to unanimity as you can get — were against easing America’s draconian immigration laws to admit Jews frantic to get out of Germany. A Congressional bill that would have admitted 20,000 German children under the they’re-so-cute-when-they’re-young exemption died in committee.

    Why? Well, c’mon, they were Jews. Nobody wanted Jews around, for lots of reasons just as specious as the reasons the governor wants to yank away the welcome mat that isn’t there for Syrians. The Jews were also seen a threat, and if few here sincerely thought they kidnapped Christian children and drank their blood, they knew they took jobs and college berths that God intended for real Americans. In 1939, the Illinois chapter of the American Medical Association, aided by the patriots at the American Legion, pushed a bill in Springfield that would have banned immigrant doctors from practicing here until they became naturalized citizens, a process that took seven years at the time.”

    Can you just put the word out to some sane, regular Jewish people to contact this guy and let him know how hateful and vicious these views are – that White WASP Americans are not all racist devils and that just need sensible immigration policies and can’t invite the entire Islamic 3rd world to move to Chicago.

    Maybe make a make a few short e-mails leave a voice mail, encourage others.

    We are dealing with great evil here and yes extreme hatred of traditional White WASP America.

    Thanks, also understand we are not Jew haters here, don’t want the destruction of Israel, put Jews in ovens etc. We do reserve the right to defend our people/culture when we are being insulted and defamed and we are resisting the mass Muslim migration invasions. Tell the likes of Neil Steinberg to take a hike, maybe a stint in the IDF Israeli Defense Force where pampered Neil Steinberg would have to sleep in a tent and do some hard work, face real Islamic extremists – it might do him some good.

  23. Warspite // November 19, 2015 at 3:14 pm //

    “You identify whatever number of liberal Democrat happen to be Jewish. Then- surprise! These liberal Democrat Jews vote like all liberal Democrats. Again, amazing!”

    Can you believe the SPLC does not have a “hate center” in Israel?

    • What makes you think there are not SPLC equivalents in Israel? It’s a republic & has all sorts of organizations dedicated to watchdog efforts. Including watching the government!

      You have some very odd ideas about Jews. How about this, you are aware the average IQ of Jews is 10% higher than Gentiles? And about Jews commitment to democratic government, science, the humanities, medicine, etc.? I am sure you are from your various studies.

      Does the intellectual superiority of Jews bother you, or do you just take it as part of nature? That is, it’s a matter of genetics that when you require a skilled doctor, superior lawyer, talented writer, etc., you will need to depend on Jews. That causes no problems on your part?

  24. “Why? Well, c’mon, they were Jews. Nobody wanted Jews around, for lots of reasons just as specious as the reasons the governor ”

    We prefer to live in a White Christian country, just like Jews in Israel wants it to be Jewish.

    All Cuckpublicans should watch this video. No more excuse making. Just say how we want things to be. The only reason we need to give these outsiders is its better for us and we are happier that way.

  25. “Does the intellectual superiority of Jews bother you”

    Yeah that’s it. Your Supremacist mindset is repulsive. lol

    Don’t worry Spite, our civilization did just fine without you and will do so again. You can stop chasing Whites around now.

  26. That is, it’s a matter of genetics that when you require a skilled doctor, superior lawyer, talented writer, etc., you will need to depend on Jews.

    Not sure I entirely agree with that. I know some very talented non-Jewish writers, doctors and lawyers. Conversely, I know some horrible excuses for doctors, lawyers and especially writers who call themselves Jewish.

    But if I concede to you that point on the basis of genetic predisposition, do you then have the integrity to admit that when you are required to actively fight the architects of multiculturalism and the mechanisms responsible for creating many of the anti-White institutions and entities in action today, you will have to point to A LOT of Jews? If it ever came to “a matter of genetics” when handing out anti-White resumes, Jews are about as close to the perfect candidate as you can possibly get. In my opinion, you’re prodigies and probably way overqualified for that position when compared to everyone else. Seriously, Jews are really fucking good at being anti-White.

    So where does that leave us? We should pretend our culture and race isn’t under attack by a people who show a propensity for doing so, because we get some skilled doctors, lawyers and writers for burying our heads in the sand? I know you people think you are gifted negotiators, but that’s a really horrible deal any way you look at it.

    • I need not concede one iota to the silliness of Celestial’s genetic predisposition argument. Would I encounter a significant number of Jews in the leadership roles of the “go easy on illegal immigration” groups? Hell yeah, I would. That has less to do with being Jewish than it does with being a blind-a**, stupid, brainless Liberal.

      And I have to put up with Gerald Nadler (I once hit him in the arm with a tomato from about 40-50 feet) who want to shove Syrian immigrants up my butt, while simultaneously defending Israel building a state of the art wall. Are they fundamentally different sorts of nations with different problems? Sure. Except that at the present time each nations’ security concerns vis a vis terrorism courtesy Muslims overlaps.

      Further, I do not believe Jews are more intelligent than Gentiles by virtue of genetics. Jewish culture just puts a greater value on education.

  27. WarSpite said its “hate” for Israel to become Diverse, because Jews want to keep Israel Jewish. Fair enough. Yet he does not accept his own argument, when it comes to Christian Whites wanting our own countries too.

    He demands admittance and if you refuse, he uses scare words from the 1930s. Is there anything more that needs to be said?

  28. Warspite
    ‘The only thing your research proves is that Jews in Congress (incl Senste) are all Democrats. That’s it, end of story.’

    Why would that be?

    It is because most jews are liberals and run as Democrats.

    It’s not like large numbers run as Republicans but somehow get defeated.

    Eric Cantor was the lone jew GOP congressman.

    People got tired of his open borders, pro-amnesty positions and gave him the boot.

    • Uh oh. Did I see at least one Jewish congressman voting to halt the immigration of Syrians to the US?!? How is this possible under the “genetic predisposition” WeeNie law!

  29. Warspite
    Uh oh. Did I see at least one Jewish congressman voting to halt the immigration of Syrians to the US?!?

    One needle in the hay stack.

    Bernie is the norm.

    Bernie Sanders: It’s ‘Improper To Turn Our Backs’ On Syrian Refugees


    Sanders also discussed his political philosophy, “democratic socialism,” which he said is rooted in the ideas of Martin Luther King Jr. and President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

  30. Doesn’t matter if there is a well behaved Jew, Black or Chinese, or how clever or superior they are… We want a White Christian country, just like Jews want Israel for Jews.

    If your reasoning is good enough to reserve Israel for Jews, it is good enough to keep White countries for Whites. Unless you are a supremacist bigot with one standard for your group and a different one for all others… 🙂

    • Clearly, trying reason with some of the WeiNers is a waste of time. Now, Ricardo, would you take Manitoba? Maybe Montana & a piece of Wyoming? Would a country carved out of the northern half of B.C., work? We could replicate Scandanavian weather, include some of the Rockies. You could build up a capital in Prince Rupert (German Protestant, fought with English, etc.).

      If this works I could put it on the pre-Christmas agenda for the next meeting at the Denver Airport. You know, the group of Jewish Zionist Global Control Elite. For the past half decade, at least, we have had a few Christian Zionist reps as ex officio members. If you think it’s worth addressing I think I can get it on the next meeting’s agenda because the late December meeting is always the least formal.

      Now, you really need to think about this one because I have a small window of opportunity. The January & early year meetings are always so darn serious. Everyone working with New Year’s resolutions and all. Especially those South African emigree Jews. Those ZOG’s spent too much time with the Afrikaaners! (even the Rhodesian and the couple of Ugandan & Zanzibar Jews can’t take them!)

    • I am not going to engage in such a stupid “debate” motivated not by liberal humanitarianism but by hatred of Jews. It’s a stupid and flawed question.

      Where do you want your country? I suggested locations for a white homeland. The Christian is also ridiculous as any true Christian living in 2015 would never exercise such anti-Jewish sentiment and policy. I have been made aware of that by numerous devout, practicing Christans.

  31. Yeah, yeah, anyone that disagrees with you is a “hater, Nazi, KKK, anti-semite”. You are just saying that because I am White. lol

    A White homeland could be every White country, or somewhere else. It is not up to me it will be up to White people. There is no point playing SimCity with Jewish bigots like you.

  32. Let me tell you this now Spite. When Whites have had enough of the anti-White system, they are not going to be negotiating for something that was already theirs.

    • Really unfair. Even though my family came to US in 1850, seeking religious freedom & a democratic government, and I’m so white even as a kid I had to stay out of the sun, I get excluded! Well, I didn’t want to live in the Maritime Provinces anyway.

  33. Warspite

    Can you write an e-mail leave a phone message on the Chicago Sun Times columnist Neil Steinberg who’s making insane, extremely hateful comments about WASP American history and demanding that the US now welcome all Muslim migrants? I feel it’s best for different ethnic groups to police their own bad people, Italian Americans policing the Mafia, Black preachers shaming the worst Blacks.


    We live in very depressing, dark times.

  34. How is this possible under the “genetic predisposition” WeeNie law!

    Predisposition is a tendency to act in a certain manner. It’s a law of averages, not a rule of law that says 100% of people X do thing Y 100% of the time. Just like 100% of Muslims wouldn’t rape, murder and maim Jews if they were allowed to flood into Israel. A population with a predisposition to do certain things only needs to meet a certain threshold before it can be said that they have a predisposition. What’s the magic number for you? What’s the threshold in terms of a percentage where you would claim that Muslims have a propensity for destruction and violence toward Jews?

    I’m sure you know what predispositions entail. But now you want to play stupid?

  35. “Nations will gather together to bring their homage to the people of God; the whole fortune of nations will pass into the hands of the Jewish people, they will march behind the Jewish people, in chains as captives, and will prostrate before it.”

    — Isador Loeb, Le Probleme Juif.

  36. “We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent.”

    — Jewish International Banker James Warburg on February 17, 1950, as he testified before the U.S. Senate. James was the son of Paul Warburg, who represented the Rothschilds when they created the Federal Reserve act at Jekyll Island in 1910. He also later formed the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) — a major think tank for the Zionists in DC.

  37. How nice of them. Always our best interests at heart. Muh immigration.

    Ten Jewish Groups Urge Congress to Allow Syrian Refugees Into U.S.


    While Congress members consider not admitting Syrian refugees after the Paris attacks, Jewish groups argue that ‘turning our back on refugees would be to betray our nation’s core values.’

    “To turn our back on refugees would be to betray our nation’s core values,” said the letter, as Congress began considering measures that would put a stop to the Obama administration’s plans to bring in 10,000 Syrian refugees over the next year.
    “It would send a demoralizing and dangerous message to the world that the United States makes judgments about people based on the country they come from and their religion.”

    Among the Jewish groups signing are the Union for Reform Judaism, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, the National Council of Jewish Women, the Anti-Defamation League and the American Jewish Committee.

    “We call on members of Congress to oppose any effort to limit the acceptance of Syrian refugees, just as we urge public officials and figures across the U.S. to reject divisive and inflammatory statements that do not reflect our history as a nation founded by descendants of those who fled persecution in search of freedom,” said a statement by the Reform movement’s Religious Action Center.

    • If Jack & Hunter were here I’d make a comment on the situation. No sense doing it now because it requires some knowledge of history.

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