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  1. Please cite and produce your evidence, Mr. Honor. As well as evidence you have enforced your guidelines.

    Honestly, Brad, you’re being such a weenie. It’s your blog, your rules. You own it & can do what you want. A kangaroo court or fixed referendum does have historical precedents amongst your recent intellectual and ethical forebears, but stop looking to ODers to provide you with a fig leaf to cover your cowardice. Indeed, cowardice even with regard to hearing the assessment of your commentaries.

    You know as much about due process as I do Markovian equilibrium. Further, I’m not even all that smart yet make you insecure. What would you do if faced with a Mensa member.

    Thus sayeth the accused!

  2. The best way to deal with this troll is to ignore him. He’s an attention hound and commenters here keep giving him the attention he wants.

    Don’t feed him and he’ll go away.

  3. Remember that six year old kid butchered a few days ago? That’s what the leftist/non-white coalition produces – death. Never forget what these people actually stand for and do: at least 75,000 innocent whites mass-murdered by black criminals since the Revolution of Hate in the 1960s, acting in their behalf and under their protection. At least a million plus mass-raped. Tens of millions ethnically cleansed, tens of millions assaulted, millions maimed. A sexual trade in white girls a la Rotherham that has flourished for decades, i.e. the racist mass-rape of children. And the mass-murder of children too, since many of these girls end up dying. And according to a recent report at least 500,000 whites driven to suicidal behavior because of the all-pervasive white-hating racism of the political left. City after city destroyed and converted to no-go zones for the people whose ancestors built them. In short, genocide. They’re basically trying to convince you to jump into the gas chamber. What makes a cuck a cuck is that they continue to act as if these war-criminals have a legitimate argument.

    So boot him, these bastards don’t allow any criticism of their murder producing white-hating racism in any organ they control.

    [E]mphatically defiant rather than deferential. As one leading Irish historian has remarked, ‘the real importance of Fenianism lay less in its ideas than in its attitude (with a capital A, as it were): it embodied an inspirational sense of character-building, a posture of self-respect, and the repudiation of servility. The Fenian, even without an actual rebellion, was a mental revolutionary.’

    Richard English. Armed Struggle: The History of the IRA

  4. I commenter earlier that he was exhibiting troll behavior instead of honest differing opinion and dialogue. It was easy to see from his comments asking you to condemn someone that he wasn’t really interested in discussing differing opinion but instead bickering, badgering and wasting your time and that of your audience.

    I highly recommend you read Vox Day’s book “SJW Always Lie.” You probably already have a good grasp of the material, but it helps pull everything together and helps direct the fight not only for white rights but all rights and freedoms opposed by the social justice warriors.

    If you do ban him expect him to return under a different name. It happened to Vox to the point where he had to track him and press charges in the real world.

    By the way, there is a good article on his sight today discussing tracking down the actual name of a person leaving fake reviews on Amazon. They don’t reveal the person’s identity as this would be highly inappropriate, but they discuss the technique in the comments.

  5. Your Honour, Ladies & Gentlemen of the Jury :

    I cannot be a part of prosecuting Warspite, because he has my daddy’s blood, and the latter, as well as my dear uncle, would ask me not to abandon the accused.

    Thus, for reasons of honour, I abstain from voting the convictions I suspect I share with most of my fellow Occidental Dissenters.

    Further, Your Honour : in the interest of protecting Occidental Dissent, and by implication The League of The South, from any inklings of totalitarian and tyrannically unconstitutional Yankee governmentalisms, I believe a general policy towards leftist visitors and debate decorum ought be formed, adopted, and consistently enforcet, by Mr. Griffin, without any hints of favouritism.

    In light of that, I recommend to the jury that, if Warspite be found guilty, he be shown precisely that of which he is guilty, and then, as it is his first conviction – if it is – he be given a light sentence of perhaps a week ban, that, however, to be increaset, should he return and continue unreformed.

    At that I thank Your Honour, the Ladies & Gentlemen of the jury, and conclude.

  6. JohntheSecond
    ‘So boot him, these bastards don’t allow any criticism of their murder producing white-hating racism in any organ they control.’

    I agree.

    Send him adrift in a leaky row boat in shark infested waters.

    Wishing you a not so Happy Hanukkah, Warjerk.

  7. I’m probably the most benign and non-confrontational “anti-Semite” in the pro-White world. My natural inclinations always tend to make me the arbitrator and compromiser in most social situations. But I’m no fool; that good nature is only extended so far. Once I reach my tolerance threshold, I’m a really, really big asshole. I don’t want to be an asshole. Where’s the fun in that? Please don’t make me be an asshole.

    Warspite’s persona here really does seem like a tortured soul who hinges his supposed superiority on a steady stream of contemptuous anecdotes, derision and ad hominem. I really hope he has some kind of shut-off valve when he steps away from this website. It’s just not healthy.

    Now, I said step away, but I think he can no more show restraint and walk the straight and narrow here than could any common junkie who thinks he’s found a free and endless supply of drugs. I really don’t think he can help himself. He’s come full circle and has nothing left to offer. I voted to help him help himself. That means remove the pestilence once and for all.

  8. To all of you stating “one post per topic” – why?

    What’s the point? Why do you need an insulting, slandering subversive around?

    And More of the Same – It will not EVER go away. It’s repeatedly stated It will – but it NEVER does

  9. When Warspite first started posting,I liked him. But I voted him off the island. His constant belittling, ad hominem remarks and his constant dragging the holocaust into our discussions are tiresome. So, aloha Warspite!

  10. Junius – I appeal to your WHITE blood. Jews like the spiteful one do infinitely more harm to Jews like you than ANY of us ever could.

    True blood Whites do NOT stand by White criminals, “right or wrong”. Weknow that criminals hurt the decent honest folk; the folk that keeps Civilization civil. Sticking by blood alone, no matter how horrid the transgressions are, destroys the community. The family, town, city, and Nation. This is the fundamental Tragic Flaw of NEGROES.

    Jews have pretty much gotten everything Jews have gotten by monomaniacal ethnocentrism. Jews are not Civilization Builders. Jews have existed as parasites ON Host Nations for centuries – and this is FACT. Jews, as a Race, have developed survival stratagems in which to function AS parasites, until the Host invariably inevitably gives them the BOOT.

    Now, Jess have their hands on the levers of power all over the West. Their centuries of cultural imperatives are slowly, painfully being laid bare for the world to finally see, no matter how much the Goyim don’t WANT to see – and nothing’s WORKING.

    The blind loyalty is a detriment to every-one, and WILL cause the inevitable tragedy of hatred and persecution for honest gentlemen like yourself.

    Your “vote” is a tacit admission that the Spiteful One if a Jew Behaving Badly. Don’t let him. Make him deal with his evil behavior. Cut him loose. Help begin the process that Jewry desperately needs; to turn the Culture of Critique right where it belongs – a long hard cold clear look in the Existential Mirror.

  11. I can’t say that I’m surprised. Although there have been other violations of Brad’s guidelines for comments by his Flying Monkeys, I’ll limit my complaint to one in this posted comment by Q, er, Brad here:



    “LOL, yeah. So says legal scholar Warspite of Wikipedia University.”

    Charge: Brad Griffin, “solely” responsible for editing comments on OD, did violate repeatedly Guideline #7:

    “LOLs – I’m tired of seeing LOLs and the like in the comments. This detracts from the comments. Don’t use them.”

    Acknowledge the case rises to be at the very least prima facie, schedule your trial or your lack of attention to this transgression shall not go unnoted elsewhere. Which way will Brad’s Flying Monkeys vote?

    Ain’t due process a bitch?

  12. As a guest on your website,I think you should moderate his individual comments on a case by case basis.

  13. @Miss Denise…

    ‘Junius – I appeal to your WHITE blood. Jews like the spiteful one do infinitely more harm to Jews like you than ANY of us ever could.’

    Yes, M’am, as I have stated to Warspite, that the latter part of your statement, quoted, is absolutely true, though, I would point out, his presence, and the manner of it, serve positive functions if albeit nauseating ones : – first, that what Mr. Griffin has so oft documented, it namely being where the majority of the culture of those with my daddy’s blood is today, vis-a-vis The South, – and, second : this discourse protects the site host from having no way to defend himself against hypothetical future reprisals, (should the government grow yet more totalitarian in it’s Bolshevik path) succumbing to possible reprisals – as Warspite is the living proof that Mr. Griffin, as well as those here, is not inventing things on the fly.

    Still, I am compelled by not just my blood and forebears, but, by my Southern culture to try to exhibit faithfulness and loyalty to balance my regard and obligations to all my kin, neighbours, and countrymen.

    Unfortunately, M’am, I do agree that Jewish culture has a history of being ungracious guests – not everywhere, not everyone, but, still, too much of the time, and too grievous the case, as an example like Warspite gives.

    Still, I do not think it would be well to expediently dispatch Warspite off, in order to reduce the damage he does to those with my blood – though, I without question, there is the merit in what you say.

    There is another concern, too, M’am, and that is : we do not want to fall into the trap of behaving exactly as those we decry, and, thus, confirming our critick’s worst fears about us – which, as we agree, is what Warspite has done, over and over.

    Yet, even if I shared not a drop of blood with Warspite, my white Christian blood would still present me this concern : that we ought demonstrate to Warspite, and for all to see, that traditional white Southron society can not only be decisive in pursuing a viable course of survival, but, in doing so, that course will be rooted firmly in our legal & religious traditions; – that such a path has an element of mercy and the possibility of redemption to it.

    I am not, by any means, advocating that Warspite be allowed to continue unfettered or unreproven.

    I am merely saying that there ought be a process in which he is involved, and, if he cannot reform himself, then he ought be, oh, let’s say : on a 3rd conviction, permanently removed.

    It is my perhaps my flawed human view that this process would offer him the most incentive to, as you say, ‘deal with his evil behavior.’, and, perhaps, commence the process of correcting it.

    Further, I remind everyone here that Don, has exhibited the same dis-
    respectful behaviors as Warspite, time after time, and he, too, ought not be overlookt.

    I hope in taking this stance, M’am, that you will neither convict me in your heart of ‘blind loyalty’, callousness towards the concerns of my fellow whites, nor wish to persecute me for it.

    I would stand up for you, too, if someone were to accuse you, because I am bound to you by a certain affection and respect for your courage.

    As to Glacier’s suggestion that Warspite be limited to just one post per topick, I agree with the spirit of that, though, I suspect, he would write 6 page epistles of more of the same – if, albeit, it were only one comment, and thus, in lieu of periodick bannings, would not be optimum.

    As to the ‘tacit admission’ of my position on this issue, of course, this is correct, as I have civilly, in plain view, reproacht Warspite, on and off for more than two weeks.

    M’am, as I have posited : it may just be that Warspite’s comportement (or the lack of it) has vext me more than anyone else, not just because his blood is running in my veins, but, because we are both Southerners, and, as well, that I deeply respect traditional ‘white society’ as I do – for having created the greatest civilization in human history, and, as well, for it’s many generosities it has long exhibited towards myself and mine.

    At any rate, I abide the finding of the judge and jury.

    My best to you, M’am. The day is beautiful and I must go for a walk, before the sun sets.

  14. Denises:

    This, er, process is, by your contribution, taking on the stench of a lynching. Appropriate for this site, no?

  15. Extending courtesy to those who would gladly ban you is stupid. When these goblins allow you and yours to freely comment on their Lamebrain media sites then perhaps it might be worth considering, but they don’t do they. Reciprocation is the fundamental expectation in any good relationship. Extending courtesy to those who do not is not beneficial.

  16. Brad: This is getting really hard (down, Denises!). Do any of your Flying Monkeys know of the content of a real trial? One offered to have Warspite informed of what he was being convicted of after the verdict. Now one comes to ask that contrary ideas be banned unless LBM sites accommodate you. Hell, you were just on Politico fer crissakes!

    BG, if I had a website I’d want you there everyday. Honest.

  17. Kids, this is not a court of law. This is Hunter’s place, and by that, He Maketh The Rules Of Commentary Behavior. Warspite has violated such.

    Dismissed with prejudice.

  18. ‘This, er, process is, by your contribution, taking on the stench of a lynching. Appropriate for this site, no?’

    No, that is entirely fallacious.

    A lynching, in modern electronick terms is a site owner who consults no one and undergoes no process but his momentary whim he, without warning or explanation, banning someone.

    This is a process, and, by the standards of the internet, extremely judicious, restrained, & thoughtful.

  19. Yes, Your Honour : I second Miss Denise’s motion to try Don, on the same counts as Warspite, next.

    Thank you.

  20. Regretfully vote off , but in a nicer way. He should hang out somewhere else. Try to get decent Jewish people to less hostile to White Southerners, try to get Jewish people in the media and in politics to stop supporting mass Muslim immigration to the USA, to Europe.

  21. I suspect this Warspite to be a paid troll. He spends way too much time here making long counters to everyone to be just a regular troll. Your enemies in Government and the Eye of Soros pays thousands of these guys to go troll together everywhere. On FEDGOV supporting Corporate whore sites the web managers delete your side and these trolls keep posting and agreeing without your opinions which are America’s opinions. Its called false consensus.

  22. Brad:

    Even the proles are going to start recognizing your lack of courage. If you feel you are being embarrassed and humiliated man up and pull the trigger. Your waffling is worse than a 9th grade girl on her first date.

    You have proven an abject failure when engaging either Don or myself on any subject in which we have a passing familiarity. You have also displayed an inconsistency of purpose and fear of genuine debate.

    The above covers most of your positive contributions. Delving deeper the situation becomes darker. You are unable to admit error, ignorance or to engage in a debate without reliance upon logical fallacies or moving goalposts. You also fail to recognize ironies that highlight your shortcomings. You’re genuinely afraid to ask what a real economist thought of your musings. If you did muster up the courage to ask the responses might further show you up. One cannot be sure.

    The fact you post a pic from TNG is rather rich. Is this a situation where you are genuinely unaware of Trek being not just the progeny of a political philosophy you abhor, it is also the product of the “Jewish mind”.

    Despite your lunacies regarding Jews, you refuse to acknowledge the control and primacy of International Jewry. When in response to all your prying I reveal to you and your comrades that you’re right on International Jewry you seem befuddled and adrift. You know why that eye is at the top of the pyramid, and yet you don’t. It’s as if you can’t handle the truth about the control of nearly 300,000,000 by a mere 30,000,000 or so.

    The fact one Jew, in fact one mostly Jew of above average but hardly genius intellect time and again makes you look silly ought to be of most concern to BG. What would happen if you attempted to engage a Jew of clearly superior intelligence? Your attempts to wrestle with Justice Harlan’s legacy showed you as intellectually vapid. Your understanding of Southern ideas on honor, people like Lee and a host of other subjects demonstrate knowledge a mile wide, yet a few millimeters deep.

    The cowardice of trying to hide behind your Junior High level understanding of jurisprudence is pathetic. If I cared to I could slice up your trial in the manner Davis’ defense counsel might have treason charges. And while I could do this, why bother? You refuse to ever engage in any intellectual venture you know you will lose.

    As a penultimate note, I cannot tell you how sad and small you are regularly rendered by the Denises. One in particular. I almost feel sorry as your are pummeled about again & again in subtext and arcane references far above your head or outside your experience.

    Lastly, you seem entirely unaware the extent to which the poisoned goods you peddle lie within the absurd. Whether arguing about Constitutions Amendments that “are not fair”, engaging in shallow analysis of historical figures to try and convert them into racists or declining to ever accept responsibility for sin and wrongdoing, you seem intent on acting what I believe you might call, “the Magic Racist”.

    Don is far more pithy and biting than I, and I expect he might write something about the neo Nazi, etc., movement being in good hands. For my own part I again express my faith in the power of education. If you packed it in for maybe two years of grad study, three years tops, your intellectual wrinkles would almost certainly begin to smooth out considerably. However, the problem is that education and worldliness would also almost certainly serve to cleave you from the intellectual, moral and unethical dungeon dwellers around you. Simply put, you are far from representing the positive legacy of the South.

    • Awww, Cap. You’re just saying that ’cause of Ollie & da Hebrews. Not to mention his enlightened policies in Ireland.

      Oddly enough for those of you troubled with semantics, in mid 17th century England your floating crapgame definition of “white” would sometimes not take in Irish Catholics.

      I’m curious. What’s with Brad’s discomfort about having sexual relations with black women? And does this also apply to Hispanic and Latin women? I want to be completely candid in noting surprise at the attitude. It has been my impression from raising kids in ATL these things were in the past.

  23. Don:

    You and I are well-aware Brad could never prevail in a fair fight. Any sort of intellectual contest (his trial) using a level playing field is anathema to his sort. There’s always an excuse. Blacks are too athletic; Jews too smart; Asians too industrious; Hispanics too willing to persevere; normal folks too normal. Only affirmative action intended to assist those proud of their ignorance can save the day!

    It must be a sad existence when a white Southerner has to reject Faulkner or Brandeis or Atticus Finch (per Gregory Peck) to create artificial self-worth

  24. Warspite…

    Support Israel – the homeland of the Jews…

    Maybe it s time to go home.

    There s no place like home.

    • What is the value of such a stupid comment other than to kiss Brad’s butt? You know, you claim to have graduated Vanderbilt & given my connections with the school as an active alum, etc., it doesn’t thrill me that someone willing to kowtow to racists and neo Nazis has any connection to the Commodores. But I let it go for three reasons.

      First off all, no one seems particularly up in arms when some screwball lefty, Black nationalist or whatever is a school’s alumni. I’m reminded of when the Illinois Bar wouldn’t let some neo Nazi sit for the bar exam. Somehow I doubt a black person with identical ideology but directed against whites would be denied permission to sit for the bar.

      Second, I do not care for petty squealers. Circumstances do not present a First Amendment situation unless it involves state action, but I still think free speech is a noble guiding principle.

      Third, you’re not breaking the law. It’s really just a hobby, and if this is what you want to do with your spare time who am I to try and punish you for the activities.

      The OD is filled with disaffected teens, bitter PBR guzzlers, and phony purveyors of honor. There are a few exceptions, and only a few, and I rate you amongst them. As well as Junius and despite his protestations Celestial. I’m not saying any of you are brilliant, but neither am I. For the most part the three of you, me, Don, we’re just trying to make a living, support a family, etc. I apologize for giving short shrift to a few others. Afterthought comes to mind, and I again apologize to any others I am failing to reference.

      You are well aware there are more than a few persons in your movement with IQ’s in the 80-90 level. Just look at the inability of so many to reason out simple problems. Why would you choose to join them? Israel is the Jewish homeland? Sure, hard to argue that one. But I was born, raised & educated south of the Mason Dixon line. My family fled to America in 1849/50. I’ve never even been to Israel. It was just an asinine statement on your part better left to the dregs oozing from the Southern bilge pumps.

      Brad is pathetic 90% of the time. A generally gutless coward wearing presidential knee pads. But could he change? Sure. Denises are a totally diff story. That anyone could believe “someone” alternately referencing kathoeys, Melville, Yiddish, OT theology, Star Trek, etc., while juggling diff syntax and writing styles, all depending on times of day, the whole thing is just hysterical. I do understand why Brad and some of the other Brownshirts are enamored, but you have no excuse. Unlike 97% of your compadres, you’ve actually slept with more than one woman.

  25. Ban him for the crime of being anti-White. Ban him as they ban and persecute us from their main stream media, the education system, the government institutions and corporations they control.

    In politics you do to your enemies exactly as they do to you. No mercy for the wicked.

  26. Dr. Doom // December 10, 2015 at 11:08 pm //

    I suspect this Warspite to be a paid troll. He spends way too much time here making long counters to everyone to be just a regular troll. Your enemies in Government and the Eye of Soros pays thousands of these guys to go troll together everywhere. On FEDGOV supporting Corporate whore sites the web managers delete your side and these trolls keep posting and agreeing without your opinions which are America’s opinions. Its called false consensus.”

    Its possible he is in the business of prole control. If he is they are not getting their money’s worth. He is terrible at it.

  27. Whenever I see Warspite comment, this image is the only thing that I see:


    Don is a close second. A very close second. Can we just go ahead and get a 2-for-1 deal on this banning? No quarter, no reprieve, no long and drawn out appeals process. Just a swift and decisive knock out.

    Or we could always have the two of them square off against each other to see who’s the more crafty anti-White. Kind of a loser-leave-town cage match. Don vs Warspite. The winner lives to fight another day.

    My money is on Warspite. He seems like a dirty fighter that will do anything.

  28. Brad, you are the ultimate Judge of what to do with Warped-by Spite. My major concern is that Warped-by-Spite has derailed and dominated any number of discussions that could have been profitable for all of us.

    As we know, I’m not one to shy away from a hot topic. My concerns with the Roman Catholic Church, it’s hierarchy, and Roman Catholic politicians are all too familiar in light of past discussions on immigration, illegal aliens, foreign & domestic policy and the Catholic & Jew political alliance in Congress that cuts across even party lines. Not all topics are pleasant, or politically correct.

    Personally, if you give Warped-by-Spite a rest, it will make reading the comments section easier for me. That’s my selfish reason. Larger reasons are for you to determine.

  29. Nah, so long as he doesn’t paste pages of tripe (real spam), either argue with him, play with him or ignore him. It’s his side that’s losing the war and certainly any and all intellectual arguments. Staying on topic should be required though.

  30. A Jackson,

    If you want “counter-intelligence” watch ANY MSNBC “news” show. It’s all pure Marxist agit-prop, and you can turn it off when you become bored.

    The Jew Infestation simply wastes a lot of bandwidth.

  31. Warspite
    ‘Don: You and I are well-aware Brad could never prevail in a fair fight.’


    Wardreidel is the over matched, punch drunk, club fighter, who had his shot at the belt.

    After losing every round, sporting two shiners, broken cheek bones, a flattened nose, spitting up blood and teeth, and stitched up the gazoo, he sez he wuz robbed, then passes out.

    • Soon to be banned Sodomy Sam. You’re actually closer to a certain degree of historical context than you realize. Def never fought for any title, though I was knocked (TKO 3) out by a #4 contender. A small consolation was he later served 10 yrs for some felony. I would say it hurt, but I honestly never even saw the punch.

      Mind you, this was before you were even found at the Home!

    • Sam,


      Wardreidel is the over matched, punch drunk, club fighter, who had his shot at the belt.”

      He can’t figure out why so many people conclude we’re better off without ’em. Is it any wonder that they have been kicked out of dozens of nations? I’ve kept him around for two months partially out of disbelief that someone who fulfills every negative stereotype about Jews had landed on our doorstep.

      While I think the commentators here often exaggerate, there is no use in denying that these kikes are ferocious creatures. Just observe this one thrashing about in the comments, hurling insults, insulting his host! What chutzpah!

  32. I’m not sure if he’s a paid troll like Dr. Doom said, but he sure does spend A LOT of time posting on this site. I mean.. doesn’t this guy have anything to do?? Is his life really so joyless that he chooses to spend dozens of hours per week posting lengthy comments on a semi-obscure (but excellent!!) website frequented by people he ostensibly disagrees with??

    I mean, who could possibly be so SELF-HATING??

    Watching Warspite in action is the equivalent of watching a Negro go to work on a bucket of KFC. Stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason.

    I vote PERMANENT BAN. He contributes nothing of value.

    • Once again, I must deal with the dumb questions.

      Brad has detailed info about why I was assigned here. Have I been secretive? Nope. Am I being paid? Nope. Paid? That’s actually funny. You people demand answers, you get them, and then it’s like your brains are wiped clean. Did I not relate in detail my conversation with Simon Baker about all this!!

  33. “Just observe this one thrashing about in the comments, hurling insults, insulting his host! What chutzpah!”

    Remind you of anyone?

  34. I asked for this very thing a few weeks back. Thanks HW. I stopped short of asking you to invite this big talker to the next event so I could see if he put his money where his mouth was in person, but I didn’t out of respect for you & your place Hunter.

    There is a time coming soon when there won’t be anymore talk, internet or otherwise. I can hardly wait. I salivate at the opportunities that await.

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